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Biographical Note

Jaime Davidovich is known as an artist whose innovative and multi-dimensional artworks and art-making activities produced several distinct professional reputations including painter, installation artist, video artist, public access television producer, activist, and non-profit organizer. Like his artwork, Davidovich's career challenges the boundaries of any one professional identity. His professional career demonstrates a desire to expand the formal boundaries of art practice and the public forums for art exhibition.

Jaime Davidovich was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1936. Educated at the National College in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the University of Uruguay; and the School of Visual Arts in New York, Jaime Davidovich has exhibited widely at museums in New York, Ohio, and Iowa, and internationally in Iran, Spain, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Italy, France, and Germany. Jaime Davidovich currently resides in New York.

Davidovich began exhibiting his paintings professionally in 1958 in Argentina, Brazil, and the United States. Interested in space and texture, he experimented with the boundaries of visual artworks first by dissolving the structure of the painting's frame by affixing canvas to walls and then by installing works directly on walls, floors, stairways, and sidewalks. Adhesive tape came to figure prominently in Davidovich's work, initially as a means to affix canvas to walls and subsequently as an artistic medium itself.

The emergence of portable video equipment in the late 1960s dovetailed with Davidovich's existing interest in minimalism and the aesthetics of line. Davidovich's single channel video works "Road" in 1972 and "3 Mercer Street" in 1975 are some of his earliest video art explorations. These works are noteworthy because of their institutional backing; "Road" was produced with the assistance of the Akron Art Institute in Ohio and "3 Mercer Street" was made possible by a grant from the Creative Arts Public Service (CAPS) program. Davidovich then went on to create video installations, including his "Evita" works that developed between 1984-1992 and "Inside and Between" a 1996 work shown at the Museo del Barrio in New York City.

When cable television emerged in the mid-1970's, Jaime Davidovich was one of the first artists to recognize its potential for the contemporary arts. In 1976 he helped establish Cable SoHo. A year later he established the Artists Television Network, a nonprofit organization established to explore the artistic potential of broadcast television and encourage the dissemination of video art through a commercial broadcast medium. The organization produced television programming under the name SoHo Television, a Project of the Artists Television Network, and broadcast on Manhattan Public Access Cable. Programming included video art, early music videos, performances and interviews with artists including Laurie Anderson, John Cage, and Richard Foreman among many others. The organization produced programming until 1984.

Davidovich is perhaps best known for his work on The Live! Show, a weekly public access television program with a variety show format that appropriated the formal norms of television along with avant-garde performances, artwork, political satire, and social commentary. Davidovich developed the character Dr. Videovich, a psychologist and specialist in television addiction. The show also featured commercials for Videokitsch, commercially produced items and art multiples made by Davidovich and others. In 1991 the American Museum of the Moving Image presented a retrospective of The Live! Show. In 2007 the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Spain added The Live! Show to its collection of video art.

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