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Guide to the Jaime Davidovich Collection

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Collection processed by Jessica Shimmin, 2007; videotapes processed by Brent Phillips, 2006-2007

This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on August 25, 2017
Description is in English.

 Updated by Jacqueline Rider to reflect incorporation of video preservation master and sub-master files Updated by Megan O'Shea to prepare artwork being sent to offsite art storage in September 2017  , March 2017 , August 2017

Scope and Content Note

The Jaime Davidovich Collection contains materials pertaining to his career as a visual artist, public access television producer, activist, and non-profit organizer. Materials include: correspondence, clippings, drawings and sketches, exhibition catalogs, videotapes, and objects and artifacts such as Fluxus multiples, television-shaped objects, and a Sony color Portapak. Materials are in English and Spanish. The collection is organized into seven series in 26 boxes. Series and subseries reflect Davidovich's areas of interest. Materials are in English and in Spanish.


Series I: Jaime Davidovich Artist Files This series contains materials related to Jaime Davidovich's professional art career. The series is divided into eleven subseries.

 Subseries A: Project Proposals includes descriptions, abstracts, and proposals for artworks.
 Subseries B: Production Materials contains notes, preliminary research on sites, photo-documentation of finished projects.
 Subseries C: Works on Paper incorporates completed works on paper by Jaime Davidovich.
 Subseries D: Exhibition catalogues and Press includes catalogues, press releases, publicity, and press for exhibitions featuring Jaime Davidovich's work.
 Subseries E: Correspondence consists of letters, faxes, emails, and telegrams from and to Jaime Davidovich.
 Subseries F: Publications written by Jaime Davidovich includes essays as well as published visual works.
 Subseries G: Publications designed by Jaime Davidovich contains mockups and design proofs for magazines, books, and publicity materials.
 Subseries H: Teaching and Presentations includes photographs, notes, and other materials connected to teaching, conferences, and other public presentations.
 Subseries I: Photographs of Jaime Davidovich includes artist portraits, video stills, and candid photography.
 Subseries J: Press, Interviews, and Essays about Jaime Davidovich contains writing that is not connected to a particular exhibit.

Series II: Artists' TV Network contains materials realting to the organization and programming of the network and is divided into five subseries.

 Subseries A: ATN publicity includes promotional materials such as posters and brochures, and press.
 Subseries B: Documentation of Organizational Activity includes materials such as photographs, distribution catalogues, and conference proceedings.
 Subseries C: TV Magazine includes materials related to the production of the magazine such as mock-ups.
 Subseries D: Correspondence includes collected correspondence organized alphabetically by organization, event, or recipient.
 Subseries E: Organizational Materials includes contracts, grant materials, and other documents relevant to the organization's functioning.
 Subseries F: Financial Materials includes bank statements, ledgers, and tax information concerning the Artists Television Network.

Series III: The Live! Show includes materials relating to the production, promotion, and exhibition of The Live! Show. It is divided into six subseries.

 Subseries A: Production Materials includes notes, sketches and other materials connected to the production of the Live! Show.
 Subseries B: Design includes promotional materials for the Live! Show designed by Jaime Davidovich.
 Subseries C: Photographs contains photographic documentation of The Live! Show.
 Subseries D: Press and Publicity contains posters, invitations, and press materials related to The Live! Show.
 Subseries E: Exhibition and Distribution Catalogs includes materials connected to museum exhibitions and commercial distribution of The Live! Show.
 Subseries F: Correspondence includes letters and written inquries.

Series IV: Video recordings includes DVD access copies of the original videorecordings acquired as part of the collection.

Series V: Artifacts and Objectsincludes material artifacts collected by Jaime Davidovich. It is divided into four subseries.

 Subseries A: Fluxus contains a number of artifacts designed by Fluxus artists including boxes, wall paper, and stationery.
 Subseries B: Television Collection includes television shaped or themed artifacts including clothing, children's toys, and novelty items.
 Subseries C: ATN and The Live! Show includes objects connected to the production or administration of these media projects including Dr. Videovich's lab coat, an ATN seal paper embosser.
 Subseries D: Portapak includes Jaime Davidovich's Sony color portapak camera, deck, battery charger, and operating manual.

Series VI: Administrative Materials includes administrative materials such as grant information and resumes that relate to Jaime Davidovich's professional career. The series is divided into six subseries.

 Subseries A: Resumes includes drafts and updated resumes and CVs.
 Subseries B: Contacts includes addressbooks, mailing lists and other contact information.
 Subseries C: Professional Organizations and Opportunities includes publicity information and membership information regarding professional art organizations and professional opportunities including grants and residencies.
 Subseries D: Grants contains grant applications and supporting materials.
 Subseries E: Loans consists of loan requests, agreements, contracts, and receipts.
 Subseries F: Equipment and Manuals contains directions and owner's manuals for appliances, tools, and audio-visiual equipment.

Series VII: Other Artists contains works, exhibition information, and press pertaining to other artists. It is divided into two subseries.

 Series A: Mail Art Album includes items including postcards removed from a binder. Items are organized to reflect the binder's organization.
 Subseries B: Announcements and Works includes materials organized by artist name.

Whenever possible, the Jaime Davidovich collection is organized chronologically.

Missing Title

  1. Series I: Jaime Davidovich Art Files
  2. Series II: Artists TV Network
  3. Series III: The Live! Show
  4. Series IV: Video Recordings
  5. Series V: Artifacts and Objects
  6. Series VI: Administrative Materials
  7. Series VII: Other Artists
  8. Series VII: Source Material
  9. Series IX: Family Related
  10. Oversize Materials