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Guide to the Tim Dlugos Papers
ca. 1950-1998
(Bulk 1970-1997)

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Collection processed by Matthew Barton (February - July 1997), Media Material updated by Luke Martin and Brent Phillips, July, 2008

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Scope and Content Note

The Tim Dlugos Papers are a part of the Downtown Collectionat the Fales Library, New York University. The Fales Library is the primary special collections division of the NYU libraries, housing over 160,000 volumes of English and American literature from 1700 to the present. Strengths of the collection include the development of the English and American novel, with an emphasis on the Gothic and the Victorian novel. The Downtown Collection, of which the Dlugos Papers are a part, is a comprehensive collection of printed materials, archives, and other materials related to the Downtown New York scene from ca. 1975 to the present.

The collection includes Dlugos' books, chapbooks, correspondence, poetry, prose, periodical contributions, manuscripts (his and other writers), diaries, journals, video and audio recordings, notes on course work, and a host of biographical and miscellaneous material. The collection chronicles the life of Tim Dlugos from his early development as a poetthrough his posthumously published books and poems.  David Trinidad, a long-time friend and fellow poet, aided in the processing of the collection by sorting most of the poetry manuscripts chronologically. Printed materials were removed and catalogued in the Downtown Collection and are listed in Bobcat.

The archival portion of the Tim Dlugos Collection is the Tim Dlugos Papers. It comprises his personal correspondence with both New York and Washington writers, manuscripts, periodical contributions, reviews, interviews, fundraising projects, course work from his undergraduate years and Yale Divinity School, and other assorted biographical material. The Tim Dlugos Papers chronicle the wide range of events and the driving forces of his life. The collection, while not entirely comprehensive, captures the literary scene he involved himself with in Washington, D.C. and New York, his early political activism at La Salle College, his plans to become a priest, and his trials with alcoholism and AIDS.


SERIES I: Correspondence

Series I contains correspondence to and from Tim Dlugos and his estate from a variety of his friends, writers, editors, church leaders, and others. It is arranged alphabetically and chronologically where possible.

Subseries A contains the correspondence from others to Tim Dlugos. Separate folders were created for Steve Abbott, Dennis Cooper, and Bernard Welt. The poetry of Bernard Welt has been kept in with his correspondence as much of his correspondence took a poetical form. Other poetry kept with correspondence has been cross referenced in the box and folder list.

Subseries B contains the correspondence from Tim Dlugos to others with a separate folder for business correspondence which includes such items as requests for credit checks.

Subseries C contains all the correspondence to and from the estate of Tim Dlugos.

SERIES II: Manuscripts

Series II contains the manuscripts of Tim Dlugos and other writers such as Bernard Welt and Dennis Cooper.

Subseries A contains the book projects which were seen to publication. These are arranged alphabetically.

Subseries B contains the poetry manuscripts of Tim Dlugos. These are arranged chronologically with the unfinished manuscripts being interfiled chronologically as well. The poems printed from Dlugos' computer files have been processed at the end of this subseries by the address printed on the top of the poem when available.

Subseries C contains the prose manuscripts of Tim Dlugos which were never or never known to be published in magazines or periodicals as well as the initial stages of several planned novels. These are arranged alphabetically.

Subseries D contains interviews conducted by Tim Dlugos.

Subseries E contains the manuscripts by other people, which have been subdivided between poems and manuscripts. The poems in this section may have been submitted for a small press and magazine, Lucy & Ethel, which Dlugos ran in Washington D.C. Two folders have also been created for the manuscripts of Dennis Cooper and the articles either written by him or about him.

SERIES III: Biographical material

Series III contains three subseries which fill one entire box.

Subseries A contains all general biographical material arranged chronologically when possible. In addition to general biographical material such as rm mailing lists, a list of books from his library, a working bibliography of Tim's works compiled by David Trinidad, obituaries, memorial tributes, journals, diaries, photographs, a desk calendar, party invitations, course work from his undergraduate education, and miscellaneous material.

Subseries B contains all information pertaining to the Yale Divinity School. It begins with reflective information, which includes biographical statements, applications, reflection papers, and pastoral interviews. It then moves into the papers Dlugos wrote for Yale. Most of this information was printed off of the computer files in Series V.

Subseries C contains the projects from Dlugos' career as a fundraiser exempting those he did for the church which are in Series III, subseries B and those he did for the St. Mark's Poetry Project which are in Series IV, subseries E.

SERIES IV: Readings, reviews, periodical contributions

Series IV contains five subseries and fills one entire box.

Subseries A contains information on readings and press information with separate folders for Dlugos, Some of Us Press, Little Caesar, Beyond Baroque, and other writers. Some of this material appears in the Oversize section of the collection.

Subseries B contains reviews of the books Dlugos wrote and the anthologies in which he appeared as well as an interview with Dlugos. The reviews are alphabetized by the work they cite.

Subseries C contains blurbs he provided other books and reviews he did of other books, both those published and possibly unpublished. The reviews are alphabetized by the author's name.

Subseries D contains Dlugos' prose and poetry contribution to periodicals, magazines, and anthologies. Contributions which appeared in the Christopher Street Magazine or The Poetry Project Newsletter have been placed in subseries E. All other contributions have been alphabetized in this subseries by the title of the periodical, magazine, or anthology.

Subseries E contains the magazines which Dlugos either published or edited. All information regarding these magazines has not been sorted -- elsewhere with the exception of poems that may have been submitted for Lucy & Ethel magazine, which are among other people's poetry manuscripts (Series II, subseries E).

SERIES V: Video, audio, and electronic files

Series V contains audio and video recordings of Tim's readings and lectures. The computer disks transferred from Tim's computer have all been printed and interfiled into the appropriate series and folders. Note: Series has been divided between researcher access copies and original material. Research copies may not be available for all material yet. Please check with the Fales Archivist.


Series VI contains the ephemeral objects of the Dlugos collection.


A flat oversize box at the end of the collection contains oversize materials from Series IV, subseries A.


An accretion consisting of two boxes (Boxes 6 and 7) was added in 1998 containing material belonging to Miscellaneous Correspondence (Series I); Manuscript Material (Series II); Biographical Material (Series III); and Readings, reviews and periodical contributions (Series IV). Material is arranged alphabetically and organized under the appropriate subseries.


Folders are arranged alphabetically by subject/author heading or chronologically.

The files are grouped into six series and elements of his writing material are subdivided into subseries:

  1. Series I: Correspondence
  2. Series II: Manuscripts
  3. Series III: Biographical Information
  4. Series IV: Readings, Reviews, Periodical Contributions
  5. Series V: Video, Audio, and Electronic Files
  6. Series VI: Realia
  7. Oversize - Series IV: Readings, Reviews, Periodical Contributions
  8. Accretion 1998 - Series I: Correspondence
  9. Accretion 1998 - Series II: Manuscripts
  10. Accretion 1998 - Series III: Biographical Information
  11. Accretion 1998 - Series IV: Readings, Reviews, Periodical Contributions