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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Greene, Gael
Title: Gael Greene Magazine Collection
Dates [inclusive]: 1968-2014
Abstract: Gael Greene is an American restaurant critic, author and novelist. Ms. Greene is a graduate of the University of Michigan and became New York magazine's restaurant critic in fall 1968. This collection contains copies of magazines, primarily New York Magazine, in which articles by Gael Greene appear.
Quantity: 12.09 Linear Feet (31 boxes)
Call Phrase: MSS.392

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Biographical Note

Gael Greene (born December 22, 1933) is an American restaurant critic, author and novelist. Greene is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and became New York magazine's restaurant critic in 1968. The American edition of The Foodie Handbook credits Greene with being the first person to use the word "foodie".

Greene famously went to great lengths to conceal her identity from restaurateurs, reserving and using credit cards under other names, and wearing hats that covered her eyes in photographs, on television, and in public appearances. Her writing inspired and documented the city's growing interest in food and dining out.

For more than 30 years, she served as New York magazine's "Insatiable Critic" and then continued as a columnist until 2008, the magazine's 40th anniversary as well as her own. She was then fired. The coverage surrounding her dismissal seemingly sparked a revival of interest in Greene, leading to appearances as a judge on the TV show Top Chef Masters and international requests for interviews focused on her web site, Insatiable Critic.com.

In 1981 she co-founded Citymeals-on-Wheels, along with the teacher and food writer James Beard, to help fund weekend and holiday meals for homebound elderly people in New York City. She remains an active chair of the company's board, hosting an annual Power Lunch for Women. Greene has received numerous awards for her work with Citymeals and in 1992 was honored as Humanitarian of the Year by the James Beard Foundation. She is the winner of the International Association of Cooking Professionals' magazine writing award (2000) and a Silver Spoon from Food Arts magazine.

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Scope and Content

This collection contains copies of New York Magazine, Manhattan, and other magazines in which articles by Gael Greene appear. The magazines have been kept in their original housing and order.


This collection is arranged chronologically, and numbered at the box level. Scope and Content notes for each box of magazines list the articles by Greene that appear in each magazine within that box. This list was compiled by Greene herself.

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  • Greene, Gael

Subject Topics

  • Food writing.
  • Food |v Periodicals.


  • Food writers.

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The collection was donated to NYU's Fales Library and Special Collections in 2014.

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Container List

Series I: Magazines

Scope and Content

This series contains magazines, arranged chronologically, in which articles by Gael Greene appear.

Container 1     Title Date
Box: 1 November 11, 1968 - November 30, 1970

Scope and Content

-11/11/68. NYM, Vol 1 # 32 (The Ground Floor). "Paley's Preserve." P.62-63

-11/25/68. NYM, Vol 1 #34 (La Cote Basque). "The Quintessential Soule Food." P.56-57

-1/6/69. NYM, Vol 2 #1 "The Menu Rap and How To Beat It." (Quo Vadis; 21; The Colony; Le Pavillon; The Four Season; The forum of the 12 caesars) P.60-61

-2/17/69. NYM, vol. 2 # 7(Gaugin Room, MOMA). "Currying Favor at Columbus Circle." P.64

-3/3/69. NYM, vol 2 # 9 (La Galerie). "A Taste for Culture." P.60-61

-4/7/69. NYM,vol. 2 #14 (Luna, Lombardi, Vincent's Clam Bar, Paolucci, Vesuvio, La Stella). “The Mafia Guide to Dining Out." P.59-61

-5/5/69. NYM, vol. 2 # 18 "And Not A Drop to Drink." P.62

-5/19/69. NYM, vol. 2 # 20 (La Caravelle). "Insult a la Carte." P.58-69

-6/2/69. NYM, vol. 2 #22 (Piraeus My Love, Mykonos, Jimmy's Greek-American Restaurant, Molfeta, Paradise Inn, Bacchus) "Champions a la Grecque." P 62-63

-7/14/69. NYM, vol 2 #28 (Peter Luger's Steak House, Gage & Tollner, Lundy's, Michel's Restaurant, Pete's, Bonaparte, Otero, Monte's) "Brooklyn: Come Hungry." P.60-61

-7/21/69. NYM, vol. 2 #29 (La Seine). "The Risen Phoenix Builds Her Nest." P.62-63

-8/11/69. NYM, vol 2 # 32 (Fountain Cafe, Tavern-on-the-Green, Zoo Cafeteria, Chauveron's, Brasserie). "Do Feed the Animals." P.62-63

-8/25/69. NYM, vol 2 # 34 (Monblason, La Rive) "Two for the Road." P.64-65

-9/22/69.NYM vol 2 # 34 (Cafe Chauveron). "Cafe Chauveron as Love Object." P.60-61

-10/6/69. NYM vol 2 #40 (Chun Cha Fu) "Far East Banquet on the Upper West." P.66-67

-10/27/69. NYM, vol 2 # 43 (Steak & Brew, Steak Pub). "Permissive Gluttony." P.79-80

-11/10/69.NYM, vol 2 #45 (La Grenouille). "Playing the Celebrity Lunch Game." P.84-88

-12/1/69. NYM, vol 2 #50 (The Library, The Cellar Restaurant). "Not So Quiet on the Western Front." P.79-80

-12/22/69. NYM, vol 2 # 51 (Cafe Chauveron, Four Seasons) "Haute-Meal for Pamela." P.78-81

-1/12/70. NYM, Vol 3 # 2 (Four Seasons). "Can Spring be Far Behind?" P.63-65 (2)

-1/26/70. NYM, vol 3 # 4 (Christ Cella, Pietro's, Sam's) "Carnivore's Carnival."P/65-66

-2/9/70. NYM, vol 3 # 6 "A Beatitude of Brunch." P.58-61

-2/16/70. NYM, vol 3 # 7 (Chez Vito, Executive Hotel, Charles') "The Food of Love --- Or Is It the Love of Food?" P.70-72

-3/9/70. NYM, vol 3 # 10 (Burgers, etc.). (White Castle, McDonald's, Carrol's) "Grind House Glories.", P.64-65

-3/23/70.NYM, vol 3 #12 (Lafayette) "Lafayette, We Are Leaving!" P.64-65

-4/13/70. NYM, vol 3 #15 (La Madrigal, Lutece, Le Pavillon, La Seine, 21, La Grenouille, La Cote Basque, Colony, La Caravelle, LaFayette, Pearl's Chinese, Orsini's) "How Not To Be Humiliated in Snob Restaurants." P.33-35

-4/27/70. NYM, vol 3 #17 (Lutece). "Miracle on 50th Street." P.72-73

-5/11/70.NYM, vol 3 #19 (La Cremaillere, Coventry Forge Inn) "Two More for the Road." P.65-66

-5/25/70. NYM, vol 3 # 21 (The Russian Tea Room). "An Indulgence of Sour Cream." P.72-73

-7/6/70. NYM, vol 3 #27 "Resuscitation at a Price: Don't-Do-It-Yourself Picnic and Other Therapeutic Indulgences." P.42-47

-7/20/70. NYM, vol 3 #29 (Sayat Nova, Cafe Europa, La Cocotte). "In-Town Alfresco." P.64-65

-8/3/70. NYM, vol 3 #31 (Baskin-Robbins, Haagen-Dazs, Good Humor, Carvel, Yum Yum, Camel's Hump, The Ice Cream Connection, Health E Snack, Wil Wright's, The Flick, Hicks, Old-Fashioned Mr. Jennings, Trattoria, Rumpelmayer's, Ferrara's, Schrafft's, Capri Pizza, Serendipity's, Blum's, Jahn's, Mr. Waffles, Acropolis) "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ice Cream But Were Too Fat To Ask." P.42-47

-8/17/70.NYM, vol 3 #33 (Le Madrigal). "Luncheon for Lovers." P56-57

-8/31/70. NYM, vol 3 #35 (Adam's Rib, The Duck Joint). "The One-Track Mind." P.64-65

-9/21/70.NYM vol 3 # 38 (Le Pavillion). "Excorcising the Ghost at Le Pavillion." P.64-65

-10/5/70. NYM, vol 3 #40 (Bottled water) "How to Avid the Tap Trap." P.62-64

-10/19/70. NYM, vol 3 #42 (Trader Vic's, Hawaii Kai, South Pacific Ports). "The Tiki Track." P.70-73

-11/2/70. NYM, vol 3 #44 (The Forum, Charley O's, The Four Season, Zum Zum, The Tower Suite) "Twilight of the Gods." P.43-51

-11/16/70. NYM, vol 3 #46 (Barbetta). "No Mere Truffle." P.78-80

-11/30/70. NYM, vol 3 #48 "Ma Vie Avec Le Grape Nut." P.63

Box: 2 December 14, 1970 - November 20, 1972

Scope and Content

-12/14/70. NYM vol 3 #50 (Osini's). "The Princedom of Pasta." P.86-89

-1/4/71. NYM, Vol 4, issue 1 (The Colony). "Colony Waxworks." P.61-63

-1/18/71. NYM, Vol 4 issue3 (21). "The Graying of '21'”. P.62-65

-3/1/71. NYM,Vol.4 issue 9 (The bear) "The Bear of Woodstock" P.64-65

-3/29/71. NYM, Vol. 4, issue 13, (Elaine's, Lou G. Siegel's). "It Must Be Calf's Foot Jelly Cause Canneloni Don't Shake Like That." (2) P.63-65

-4/12/71. NYM, Vol 4, issue 15 (The Palm, Wally's, Old Homestead, Frankie & Johnnie's, Joe & Rose). "The Unabashed Carnivore." (2) 66-73

-4/26/71. NYM Vol 4, issue 17, (Al Mounia). "The Couscous Complaint." P.80-81

-5/10/71. NYM Vol 4, issue 19 (The GF and La Ferme). "Thaw at the Ground Floor, Chill at La Ferme." 79-81

-5/17/71. NYM , Vol4, issue 20 "Confessions of a Sensualist." P.64-67

-5/31/71. NYM Vol 4, issue 22, (Quo Vadis). " Quo Vadis, Edible Feelgood." P.63-64

-6/21/71. NYM, Vol 4, issue 25, (Howard Johnson's, Luchow's, Riverboat, Patricia Murphy's Candlelight Restaurants, Trattoria, Top of the Sixes, Laurent, Hyde Park, Manero's, Nathan's, Steer Palace, Mamma Leone's Hawaii Kai, La Fonda del Sol, Red Coach Grill, The Autopub) "Into the Mouths of Babes." P.70-73

-7/5/71. NYM, Vol 4, issue 27 (Eating for Lovers--Grant's Promenade Cafe, Barbetta, Rainbow Room, Under the Stairs, Victor's, Les Pyrenees, The Plaza, Orsini, Elaine's, 21, Waldorf, Commodore, Motel On the Mountain, Chateau Henri IV, Four Seasons, Ground Floor) "Where to Feed Summer Appetites." P.32-33

-7/26/71. NYM Vol 4, issue 30 (Pearl's). "The Scrutable Ouch." P.57-58

-8/16/71. NYM, Vol 4, issue 33 (Nicole Paone's, Mama Leone's). "Gluttony With Grandeur" P.64-65

-9/13/71. NYM Vol4, issue 37 (Cooking Instruction). "The Haute Stove." P.75-77

-9/20/71, NYM , Vol 4, issue 38, “The Haute Stove, Part Two” P.68-73

-9/27/71. NYM Vol4, issue 39 (The House of Chan, Flower Drum, The Gourmet Chinese Kitchen Cooking School, Grace Chu, Shun Lee Dynasty). "High-Rent Chinese." P.66-70

-10/25/71. NYM Vol 4, issue 43 (Miss Grimble). "A Cast of Torte." P.70

-10/25/71.NYM, Vol.4 issue 43 (Stonehenge). "Shadows at Stonehenge." (2) p.76-78

-11/22/71. NYM, Vol 4, issue 47 (The Spanish Pavillion, Toledo, Marbella Restaurant, Fornos). "The Paella Perplex." P.86-90

-12/6/71. NYM, Vol4, issue 49 (Cookbook Reviews). "To Browse, Perchance to Baste." P.81-86

-1/24/72. NYM Vol 5, issue 4 (Le Perigord Park, Cafe Argenteuil). "Comfort Me With Mousse Pralinee." P.70-71

-3/20/72. NYM, Vol 5, issue 12 (Romeo Salta, Nanni's, La Trattoria del Pappagallo, San Marco, Aperitivo, Giambelli-50th, Trattoria da Alfredo, San Marino, Italian Pavilion, Giambelli, Casa Mario, Giovanni's, Nick & Guido's, Trattoria, Lino's U.N. Restaurant, Ballato). "Honor Thy Pasta." (2) P.36-44

-4/17/72. NYM, Vol. 5, issue 16 (Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Bonwit, Bloomingdale, Altman, Alexander, Korvette, Gimbels East, Gimbels, Macy's, Abraham & Straus). "Fuel for the Passionate Shopper." P.90-94

-5/15/72. NYM Vol 5, issue 20 (Le Cynge). "The Swanpond." (2) p.78-79

-6/12/72. NYM, Vol 5, issue 24 (France: Le Pot au Feu, Hostellerie Moulin de Mougins, Aux Lyonnais, Au Pactole, Tour d'Argent, Chez Garin, Au Petit Montmorency, Lameloise, Pyramide, Oustau de Baumaniere, Hostellerie Moulin de Mougins). "Status Reports on La Grande Cuisine." (2) P.49-56

-6/26/72. NYM, Vol. 5, issue 26 (France: Troisgros). "A Gourmanical Detour." P.59-61

-7/31/72. NYM, Vol 5, issue 31 (S.S. France). "The S.S. France: Haute Afloat." P.56-59

-9/25/72. NYM, Vol 5, issue 39, "The Kitchen as Errogenous Zone." P.35-39

-10/23/72. NYM Vol. 5, issue 43 (Box). "Bacchic Bon Mots." P.72

-10/30/72. NYM, Vol 5, issue (Le Pavillon) "The Inevitable Adieu." P.81-85

-11/20/72. NYM, Vol 5, issue 47 (Jimmy's) "Recipe for a Political Restaurant." (2) P.94-96

Box: 3 December 18, 1972 - December 23, 1974

Scope and Content

-12/18/72. NYM, Vol 5, issue 51, "The Contentment of Cookbooks." P.120-126

-1/22/73. NYM,Vol 6, issue 4 (Rainbow Room). "The High and the Flighty." P.66-69

-2/5/73.NYM, Vol6, issue 6 Paul Bocuse Cooks the Dinner of the Century "Trial by Pig's Bladder." P.76-81

-4/2/73.NYM, Vol, 6, issue 14 (Brussels, Caliban). "Two Grapey Obessions." P.73-76

-4/30/73.NYM, Vol6, issue 18 "The Decadent Delights of Breakfast in Bed." P.59-63

-5/28/73.NYM, Vol.6, issue 22 (France: Chez La Mere, Restaurant Bourgeois ). "A Mouthful of Stars."P.78-83

-6/11/73.NYM, vol 6, issue 24 (Italy: Al Cantunzein, Ristorante Fini, 12 Apostoli, Trattoria Cantarelli, Locanda dell' Isola Comacina, Antico Albergo e Ristorante Rocca). "Honor Thy Pasta...In Italy." P.86-88

-7/9/73.NYM, Vol 6, issue 28, (Tik Tak). "The Paprika Persuasion." P.72-73

-9/17/73. NYM, vol 6, issue 38 (Lutece, Romeo Salta, Russian Tea Room, Cafe Argenteuil, Hunam, Carnegie Deli, The Coach House) "Greatest Dishes in Town." (2) p.54-56

-10/1/73. NYM, Vol 6, issue 40 (Hunam, Uncle Tai's Hunan Yuan, David Keh's Chinese Seafood House, Shun Lee Palace, Szechuan East). "Star Struck at Hunan. " p.85-90

-10/22/73.. NYM Vol.6, issue 43, "The Care and Feeding of Friends: How New Yorkers Entertain."P.49-52

-11/l2/73.NYM, Vol.6, issue46 (France:Les Freres Troisgros, Pot-au-Feu, Restaurant Barrier, Cafe de Paris, Hostellerie du Moulin de Mougins, Restaurant Le Duc, Reginskaia). "Nodody Knows the Truffles I've Seen." p.94-103

-1/21/74. NYM, Vol 7 , issue 3, (European Spas). "They Also Serve Who Only Watch Your Weight." (2) P.65-67

-1/28/74. NYM, Vol.7, issue 4, "More Confessions of a Sensulist."p. 70-72

-2/18/74. NYM, Vol. 7, issue 7 (The Coach House). "The Coach House is Bullish on America." P.84

-5/20/74. NYM, Vol.7 issue 20, (Gertrude's). "Chic to Chic At Gertrude's." (2) P.106-108

-6/10/74. NYM, Vol 7, issue 23, (Paris: Chez Rene, L'Orangerie). "Gael Among the Bries." P.82-83

-6/17/74. NYM, Vol7, issue 24 (Paris: Restaurant Cartet, Lous Landes). "Losing My Head at Marie-Antoinette's." p.90-93

-6/24/74. NYM, Vol 7, isue 25 (Paris: Le Duc, Le Pactole). "Paris is My Oyster." P.70-72

-7/8/74. NYM, Vol 7, issue 27 (France: fast food). "Le Big Mac Alors." P.76-78

-7/15/74. NYM, Vol 7, issue 28 (Southern France: Tetou). "La Vie en Bleu." P.54-56

-10/28/74. NYM, Vol. 7, issue 43, "Feastability Study, Five Enchanted Evenings." P.53-57

-11/4/74. NYM, Vol.7, issue 44, "Through the Cooking Class."P.80

-11/4/74. NYM, Vol. 7, issue 44 (La Rotisserie, Tre Amici, Monk's Court, Horn of Plenty, Adams Rib, Duck Joint). "Love is Hungrier the Second Time Around."P.103-108

-12/2/74. NYM, Vol 7, issue 48 (Les Pres et les Source d'Eugenie, l'Hotel-Residence du Bois). "I Lost it At the Baths."P.93-99

-12/23/74. NYM, Vol. 7 (Shopping). "Christmas Excess." P.53-55

Box: 4 Februaury 10, 1975 - June 6, 1977

Scope and Content

-2/10/75. NYM, Vol 8, issue 6, (Akron; Sloans, Bonte Patisserie, Marcella, Rosedale, Trentacosta, Bazaar) "The $10 Challenge: Feasting on the Cheap." P.30-37

-3/3/75 NYM. Vol. 8 issue 9. Vol 8 (Lutece, La Caravelle, Cafe Argenteuil, La Cote Basque, La Grenouille, Le Cygne, Le Madrigal, Quo Vadis, Le Mistral, Lafayette, La Petite Ferme, La Goulue, Le Cirque, Le Veau d'Or, Laurent, Le Perigord Park). "Re-evaluating Manhattan's Top Ten Restaurants."P.38-50

-4/28/75. NYM, Vol 8, issue 17 (The Palace). "How They Ate in Pompeii Before the Lava Flowed." P.111-113

-5/26/75. NYM, vol.8, issue 21 (The Box Tree, Gavroche, Il Valletto). "Please Don't Eat the Calla Lillies." P.79-82

-7/7/75. NYM, Vol8, No.27 (Shun Lee Palace, EAT, Loaves & Fishes, Alfredo, The Oyster Bar, Mr. Babbington & Friend, La Rotisserie, Francaise) "Splendor on the Grass: My Dream Picnics."P.54-57

-7/14/75. NYM, Vol 8, No. 28 (Squires, Moveable Feast, Shazam, The Hedges, Spring Close House, Lobster Inn, American Hotel, Fat Flounder). " Hamptons Dining: A Pluperfect Day for Bananafish."P.54-59

-7/21/75. NYM, Vol 8, No. 29 "Kitchen Bouquet."P.61

-7/21/75. NYM, Vol 8, No. 29(The Pizza Place Next to Jackie Rogers, Gosman's, Silver's Cigar Store, Lobster Roll, Loaves and Fishes, The Store in Amagansett). "Fast Food for the Summer Sloth."P.66-67

-5/28/75 NYM

-8/18/75. NYM, Vol 8, No. 33 (Elaine's, Nicola's). "It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Kaufman."P.53-55

-11/3/75. NYM, Vol 8, No. 44 (Le Colisee The Four Seasons). Le Colisee Thrown to the Lions." P.101-105

-11/17/75. NYM, Vol.8, No.46 (Special Section on Connoisseurship). "Gael Greene Entertains With Diet Recipes of France's Most Creative Chef."P.84-89

-1/19/76. NYM, Vol 9, No. 3 (Cafe des Artistes). "The Cafe des Artistes: If It's Good Enough for George."P.70-74

-4/5/76. NYM, Vol. 9, No. 14 (The Palace). "Splendour in the Foie Gras."P.86

-5/3/76. NYM, Vol.9, No.18 (Ernie's, La Bourgogne, L'Etoile). "California Sweet." P 83-91

-5/10/76. NYM, Vol. 9, No. 19 (Regine's). "Full House for the Queen of Clubs." P.36-39

-5/10/76 NYM. New West. “California Sweet,” Pg. 101.

-6/21/76. NYM, Vo.9, No. 25 (The Belmore). "Meter and Potatoes." P.42

-7/19/76. NYM, Vol.9, No.29 "Party Fare."P.44-45

-9/20/76.NYM, Vol.9, No.38 (Les Pits). "Amateur Night at Les Pits." 100-101

-9/27/76NYM, Vol.9, No.39 "The Sensuous Hors d'Oeuvre."( Evan/Judith Jones, Stanley Landsman, Cecilia Yen Woo, The Batterberrys. P.49-52

-10/11/76.NYM (New West), Vol. 1, No. 13 "The Happy Cooking School In Napa."P.149-150

-12/13/76. NYM, Vol.9, No.50 "British Chefs Take Over Maxims...But How Could They Presume.?” P.119-120

-1/31/77. NYM, Vol.10, No.5 Vol 10 (Le Cirque). "I Love Le Cirque, But Can I Be Trusted?"P62-65

-4/25/77. NYM, Vol10, No.17(The Cellar in the Sky). "1 Rm, No Riv Vu."P68

-5/9/77. NYM, Vol.10, No.19 (The Palace). "In Praise of the High-Wire Act at The Palace. P.64

-5/16/77. NYM, Vol10, No.20 (Box Tree Inn). "Wonderfully Preposterous Luxury at the Box Tree Inn."P75-77

-5/23/77. NYM, Vol.10, No.21, Special Food & Wine Issue: "Ceremony of Indolence: The Haute Covered-Dish Supper." p.37-39

-6/6/77.NYM, Vol10, issue 23, Speacial 12-Page Handbook (Victor’s café; The red Baron; Museum Café; Genghiz’s Bicycle; Taco Villa; Café du Centre; Ruskay’s Restaurant; Parentheses; Dobson’s; Monastery): Columbus Avenue--Rebirth of a Vibrant Street. Dining Out" P.50-53.

Box: 5 July 18, 1977 - April 14, 1980

Scope and Content

-7/18/77. NYM, Vol 10, issue 29, Insatiable Critic (The Quilted Girafe, New Paltz) "A Celebration of Amateurs."p.64-65 1975 in new paltz. 79

-10/3/77.NYM, Vol.10, issue 40 (Regine's). "Feeding the Night Crawler."p.60-62

-10/17/77. NYM, Vol 10, issue 42 (France: Alain Chapel, Les Freres Troisgros, Paul Bocuse, L'Auberge de l'Ill, Le Relais a Mougins, L'Amandier de Mougins, Le Duc, L'Archestrate, Tailevent, Jacques Cagna, Gerard Pangaud). "Stalking the Moveable Feast."p.47-57

-1/30/78.NYM,Vol 11,no.5 "Murder In The Kitchen”. P46-48

-6/5/78. NYM, Vol 11, no 23, Special: Food-Wine: "Breaking the Rules." P.44-48

-7/24/78. NYM, Vol 11, no 30 "Pie in the Sky."(TWA) P.52-53

-7/24/78. NYM, Vol 11, no 30 "Best Bite Better Than a Cookie."p.60

-9/25/78. NYM, Vol11, no.39 "Gael Greene on Wonderous Market” P.120

-10/9/78.NYM, Vol11, no.41 (Restaurant Raphael, Le Lavandou, Le Chantilly, La Folie). "Some Like it Haute." p.76-81

-12/18/78.NYM, Vol.11, issue 51 (The Palm, Peter Luger, Sparks, Christ Cella, Gallagher's, Pietro's, U.S. Steakhouse, Pen & Pencil, Broadway Joe, Smith & Wolensky). "Prime Time: The Best Steak in Town."P.67-77

-1/22/79. NYM, Vol.12, no.4 (Claude's). "Claude Reigns." P.68-72

-3/12/79. NYM, VOL 12, ISSUE 11 (Sylvia's). "Harlem on My Mind."P.62-63

-4/2/79. NYM, VOL 12, ISSUE 14, (Shun Lee Palace, Fortune Garden, HSF, David K's, Uncle Tai's Hunan Yuan, Hunam, Pearl's, Gold Coin, Peking Park, Flower Drum, Peng’s, House of Chan, The Dumpling House, Tung, Sing, Hee Seung Fung, Canton, Hop Shing, Hoolok Corporation, Phoenix Garden, Say Eng Look, Szechuan Taste, Lam Kee, China Royal, No. 1 Chinese Restaurant, Hunan Garden, Foo Joy). "A Scrutable Guide to New York's Chinese Restaurants." P.43 -58 (3)

-5/28/79.NYM,VOL.12, ISSUE 22 Food & Wine: "Sunday, Delicious Sunday; the Abundant Joys of Sunday at Home."P.58-66

-7/9-16/79. NYM, Vol.12, issue 28, Summer Pleasures: "Noodlecraft." P.47 "The Long Haute Summer." P.56 " Salad Days." P.57

-7/9-16/79. NYM, Vol.12, issue 28 (Le Plaisir). "Pure Plaisir." P.81

-8/13-20/79. NYM, Vol.12. no32, Tales of New York: "Conditions, Conditions." P.41-43

-9/10/79. NYM, Vol. 12, issue 35 (Dodin-Bouffant). "Cuisine From a Marriage." P.62-64

-9/24/79. NYM,Vol,12, issue 37 (Take Zushi). "The Joy of Sushi." P.84-86

-12/17/79. NYM, Vol.12, no 49, (Claude's). "Claude's, the Second Time Around." P.103

-12/31/79. NYM, Vol. 13, issue 1 "From Here To Eternity (Ten Years After)." P.58-59

-12/31/79 NYM, Vol.13, issue 1, Year-End Issue. (Chanterelle). "The Daring Young Man on Grand Street." P.66-68 (2)

-2/25/80. NYM, Vol13, issue 8 (Manhattan Market, Quilted Girafe). "Nouvelle Notions and Naivete." P.44-47

-3/10/80.NYM, Vol.13, issue 10 (Dodin-Bouffant, The Palace, Lutece, Le Plaisir, The Four Seasons, Shun Lee Palace, Trattoria Da Alfredo, The Palm). "Eight Wondeful Dinners: The Sensualist at Table."P.39-42

-3/24/80. NYM, Vol. 13, issue 12, "Jam Session; Rating the Strawberry Preserve." P.60-64

-4/14/80. NYM, Vol13, issue 15 (La Cote Basque). "That Old Cote Basque Music."P64-68

Box: 6 May 12, 1980 - December 20, 1982

Scope and Content

-5/12/80.NYM, Vol 13, No.19 (La Gauloise). "An Almost Perfect Bistro."P.55

-5/12/80, NYM, Vol 13, No.19, (The Palace) ”Eat Drink and Be Mommy” P.56

-5/19/80. NYM, Vol.13, No.20 ( La Tulipe). "La Tulipe in Bloom."P.66-87

-6/2/80. NYM, Vol.13, No.22(Restaurant d'Olympe, Le Bernadin, Gerard Pangaud, Prunier-Madeleine, Le Duc, Le Marcande, Le Trou, Gascon, Hotel de France, Restaurant Vahel, La Table des Cordeliers, L'Aubergade, Restaurant Girardet, Clavel, La Tupina) "What's Nouvelle? La Cuisine Bourgeoise." P.32-40

-6/23/80. NYM, Vol.13, No.25(Restaurant, Lesile, Uzies, Cafe 58, La Ripaille, Sammy's, Janice's Fish Place, San Martin, Le Veau d'Or, Adams Rib, Soom Thai, Madras Woodlands, Chateau Bahia, Bistro 79 West, Elaine's, Le Petit Robert, La Folie, Le Steak, Hunan Manor, Andree's Mediterranean Cuisine). "Eating Smart:Great Dinners for Two for $50." P.34-48

-6/23/80. “Cod Comfort”

-7/7-14/80.NYM, Vol13, No.27 (The Little Bear, La Rive, Bird & Bottle Inn, Culinary Institute of America, Wilford's) Summer Pleasures: "Country Dinners Worth the Drive."P.45-53

-8/11/80. (NO) NYM, Vol. 13, No.31 (Crawdaddy, Duck Joint, La Rotisserie, Britany du Soir, Piro's, Hisae's, House of Taiwan, Captain's Table, El Sombrero, Raga). "Eat, Drink, and Be Wary."P.30-33

-11/3/80. NYM, Vol.13.No.43 (Food & Wine Special Section). "Good For You!" "Dinner After the fact." "The Bachelor Improvises." (2) P.31-42

-11/17/80. NYM, Vol.13.No.45 (Kurumazushi, Shalom Japan). "The Seaweed Factor." P.77-79

-12/29/80-1/15/81.NYM, Vol. 14, No.1 "Hey, Good Lookin', What Ya Got Cookin'?" P.43-44

-12/29/80-1/15/81 “Food Glorious Food”

-1/12/81. NYM, Vol14, No.2 Winter Pleasures: "Swee'pea: Super to Go." Dinner on Your Doorstep; Sublime Sunday, by Phone"P.23

-1/12/81. NYM. Vol14, No.2 (Le Plaisir, Dodin-Bouffant, Palace, Lutece, Quilted Giraffe, Chanterelle). Winter Pleasures: "Great Chefs, Inspired Feasts."18-20

-1/81 NYM. Best of New York. “Eating Smart,” p. 1-10.

-2/23/81. NYM, Vol 14, No.8 (Helmsley Palace, Le Trianon, The Gold Room, Grand Hyatt, Sweet Trumpet's). "Delusion and Delight: The New Haute Hotels." P.32-35

-4/13/81. NYM, Vol.14, No.15 (River Cafe). "Of Food and The River." P.60-61

-5/18/81.NYM, Vol14, No.20, (Gurney's and Spa at Palm-Aire) "Taking It Off at the Super-Spas." P.34-38 (2)

-5/18/81. NYM,Vol.14, No.20 "Truffles and Flourishes." P.61

-6/22/81. NYM, Vol.14, No.25. (Little Afganistan, Pamir Restaurant). "An Afghan Detour." P.53-54

-7/20/81.NYM , Vol.14, No.28, (Shun Lee West, Home Village Restaurant). "Chinese-Haute or Home-Style." (2) P.50-53

-7/20/81. (NO)NYM, "Best Bites." P.57

-8/3/81. NYM, 14, No.30, (Odeon, Joanna, Nuccio). "Eat And Be Seen." P.43-46

-10/12/81. NYM, Vol.14, No.40 (Rangoon Burmese Kitchen). "Road to Rangoon." P.89

-10/26/81. NYM, Vol.14, No.42 (Holiday Entertaining: Beatiful Meals). "Dinner by Design," Lofty Ideas." P.48-53

-11/30/81. NYM, Vol.14, No.47 (Meadowlands). "Racetrack Dining All Day Long, Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah." P.56-57

-2/1/82. NYM, Vol.15, No.5 (Chatfield's, The Seafood Room at David K's, John, Clancy's, Devon House, Elmer's, Sparks, Franky and Johnny's, Cincinnati, Trader Vic's). "The Good, the Bad and the So-So."P.32-35

-3/8/82. NYM, Vol.15, No.10 (Le Perigord). "Nouvelle Bounce at Le Perigord." P.48-49

-4/12/82. NYM, Vol.15, No.15 (Helmsley Palace, Waldorf-Astoria, Grand Hyatt, Regency, Carlyle, Mayfair Regent, Parker Meridien, Hotel Inter-Continental, Berkshire Place, Plaza, Park Lane, La Cote Basque, Fraunces Travern, Sylvia's, Cupping Room Cafe, Market Diner, Kiev, Famous Dairy Restaurant, Cornelia Street Cafe, Brasserie, McDonalds, White Wave, Richoux of London, Eclair Bakery and Restaurant, Hao Shih Chieh, Hee Seung Fung). "Breakfasts of Champions."P.42-54

-5/3/82.NYM, Vol.15, No.18 (Vanessa's, Shun Lee West, One Fifth, Frank's, Texarkana, Four Seasons, Szechuan House, La Camelia, Ristorante Primavera, Cafe Un Deux Trois, Fiorella, Chin-Ya, Capsuto Freres, J.S.Vandam, Greenery Cafe, La Coupole, La Gamelle, Evelyn's Kitchen, Cafe 58, Carnegie Deli, El Gaucho, Elaine's, Elmer's, Home Village Restaurant, Il Monello, Joanna, La Gauloise, Marylou's, Maxwell's Plum, Nanni al Valletto, Nicola's, Odeon, Russian Tea Room, 21, Uzie's). "Late-Late New York: Where Should We Eat."P.32-51

-10/25/82. NYM, Vol.15, No.42 (Hoilday Entertaining). "Great Parties Around the Clock."P.39-48

-11/22/82. NYM, Vol.15, No.46 (Meals on Wheels). "Food for Thought."P.24-25

-12/20/82. NYM, Vol.15, No.50, (DDL Foodshow). "Dino's Foodshow." P.68-70

Box: 7 December 27, 1982 - November 7, 1983

Scope and Content

-2/7/83. NYM Vol.16, No.6, (Le Perigord Park, La Cote Basque, Maurice, Le Recolte, Le Perigord, Claude's, La Folie, Le Cygne, La Grenouille, REgine's, Le Lavandou, Le Chantilly, Cafe Argenteuil, Le Madrigal). "Gael Greene Ranks the Great French Restaurants of New York."P.28-41

-2/14/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.7 (Le Plasir). "Plaisir By Any Other Name."P.75

-2/21/83. NYM, Vol. 16, No.8 (The Polo Restaurant). "Shooting for the Stars at the Polo." (2) P.60-61

-2/28/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.9 (The Water Club). "Barge It." P.72-74

-4/11/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.15 (Castellano). "Venetian Vanities."P.66-68

-4/18/1983. NYM. 15th Anniversary Issue.

-5/16/83.NYM, Vol. 16, No.20 (Teuscher Chocolates', Michel Guerard, Manon, La Violette, Peyrano, Godiva, Li-lac Chocolates, Inc, Paron, Chocolates by "M", Brommer, Neuchatels, Papillon's, Lindt, Lenotre, Maison du Chocolat, Perugina, Kron, Neuhaus, Corne Toison d'Or, Davies Candies, Stork's Pastry Shop, Mondel Chocolates, Ellens, Elk Candy Company, Bartons', Balducci's, Bloomingdale's, DDL Foodshow). "The Chocolate Elite." P.40-53

-5/30/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.22, (Orso). "Don't Ask For the Moon --- Orso Has the Stars." 66-67

-6/20/83. NYM, Vol.17, No.25 (Vecchia Roma, Ambasciata d'Abruzzo, Checchino dal 1887, Papa Giovanni, Ristorante GB Trattoria Toscano al Girarrosto, Pizzeria Moroni, Antica Porchetta, Giolitti, Gelateria Della Palma, Sant'Eustachio, Tre Scalini, Coco Lezzone, Tredicigobbi, Rivoire, San Domenico, Gambrinus, Scaletta, Savini, Gualtiero Marchesi, Peek). "Italy: The Real Stuff."P.36-47

-7/18/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.28, (Auntie Yuan). "A Theatre of Taste." P.65-66

-7/25/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.29 (Erminia). "I'll Take Romance." P.59-61

-9/12/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.36 (Godiva, New York Ice, Ben and Jerry's Homemade, Alpen Zauber, Angelica, Gelato Modo, Sant Ambroeus, Steve's Ice Cream, David,'s Ice Cream, Flavor Factory). "The Ice-Cream Renaissance." (2) P.62-77

-10/3/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.39, (Cafe Luxembourg). "A Breakthrough on the Western Front." P.72-73

-11/7/83. NYM, Vol.16, No.44 (Michel Rostang, Le Bernardin, L’Archestrate, La Mere Blanc, Restaurant Girardet, Chantecler, L’Amandier de Mougins, Relais a Mougins,) "Gael Greene with the Latest From France."P.34-45

Box: 8 December 26, 1983 - December 31, 1984

Scope and Content

-12/26/83-1/4/84. NYM, Vol.17, No.1 (Cafe L:uxembourg, Orso, Ernie's Le Zine, Peonie's, Xenia, New Deal, Pari Passu, Mister Chow) "Cruising." P.88-92

-2/13/84. NYM, Vol17, No.7 (Fine & Schapiro's, Carnegie, 2nd Ave. Deli, Pastrami Factory, Stage Delicatessen, Kaplan's at the Delmonico, Wolf's). "Pot Luck."P.42-44

-2/27/84. NYM, Vol17, No.9 (Aunti Yuan, Cafe Luxembourg, Chanterelle, Elaine's, Four Seasons, Greene Street, Jasmin's Era, La Recolte, La Tablita, Le Cirque, Maurice, Nathan's, Famous, Odeon, Oyster Bar, Quilted Giraffe, River Cafe, Russian Tea Room, Sparks Steak House, Shun Lee West, Slyvia's Restaurant, Tavern on the Green, Terrace Restaurant, Windows on the World, Wylie's Ribs & Co). Ask Gael: "Personal favorites."P.49-52

-3/5/84. NYM, Vol.17, No.10, (Regent Air). "Gilt Trip."P.72-73

-3/26/84. NYM, Vol.17, No.13 (Roxanne's). "Applause, Applause."P.74-76

-4/16/84. NYM, Vol.17, No.16 (Hard Rock Cafe, Jezebel). "Southern Nights." P.94-98

-7/2-7/9/84. NYM, (Gianni's, Roebling's, North Star Pub, Sweets, Coho, Futlon Street Cafe, Sloppy Louie's, David's Cookies, PIzza del Ponte, South Street Sausage Comapnay, Ming's Bau, Jimbay, Fulton Market Raw Bar, Acropolis, Beekman Street Bakery, Burger Boys of Brooklyn, Ice Cream Extravaganza, Sweet Stuff, New York Egg Cream, Gaylord's Saffron, New York Fries, Everything Yogurt, New York Pastrami Factory, Bon Pain, D.J. Garrett & Company, Pasta & Cheese 1-2-3, Larmen Dosanko, Great Manhattan Chicken & Rib Company, Empanadas). "South Street: Sampling the Seaport."P.42-68

-7/30/84. NYM (Sea Grill, American Festival Cafe, Savories). "Rockefeller Center Renaissance."P.34-39

-9/24/84. NYM, (Jams, La Colonna, Jean Lafitte, The Manhattan Ocean Club, Manhattan Cafe, Roxanne's, Gotham Bar & Grill). "What's Hot What's Not." (2)P.80-88

-10/8/84. NYM (Mezzaluna). "Half-Moon Over Manhattan." P72-74

-10/22/84.NYM (Hotel Plaza Athenee). "There's a Small Hotel."P.128-132

-10/29/84. NYM, (Cafe 43). "Blessing on Broadway."P.70-71

-11/12/84. NYM (El Internacional). "The Tapa-Dance Kid." P.115-116

-11/19/84. NYM (World Yacht Enterprises). "A Floatable Feast."P.67-68

-11/19/84. NYM (Stuffed Prunes, Dean, & DeLuca). "The Phases of Prune." P.51

-12/3/84. NYM (Jerry's Bar & Mesquite Grill). "Mesquite on the Hudson."P.145-146

-12/24-31/84. NYM (photos). The Ultimate New York. P. 69-70

Box: 9 January 28, 1985 - December 30, 1985

Scope and Content

-1/28/85. NYM (Parioli Romanissimo, Felidia, Bravo Gianni, Barbetta, Primavera, La Camelia, Il Nido, Girafe, Nanni al Valletto, L'Hostaria del Bongustaio, Giambelli 50th, Romeo Salta, Italian Pavilion, Prima Donna, Positano, Elaines's, Mezzaluna, Ecco, Elio's, Il Cantinori, Gino, Orso, La Colonna, Uzies, Castellano, Georgine Carmella, Sistina, Gordon's, De Marco, Scarlatti, Paola's, La Sirena, Lattanzi, Dal Barone). "That's Italian." (2) P.36-57

-2/25/85. NYM (Memphis). "I Know Why the Cajun Sings." (2) P.64-65

-3/18/85. NYM (Arcadia). "Falling in Like."P.82-83

-4/8/85. NYM (Il Mulino, Cent'Anni, Erminia, Contrapunto, Zinno, Trastevere, Rao's, Trattoria da Alfredo, Il Monello, Salta in Boca, Tre Scalini, Divino, Da Silvano, Nicola Paone, Lusardi's, Campagnola, Cavaliere, Nanni, Ennio & Michael, Parma, Lello, Pinocchio, Joe's Restaurant, Patsy's, Alfredo). "That's Italian, Part II." P.45-67

-4/29/85. NYM (Sandro's). "The Real Thing."P.85-86

-6/8/85. NYM (James Beard). "The Father of Us All."P.68-69

-6/17/85. (America, Positano, Canastel's, Montrachet, Azzurro, Safari Grill, Memphis, Cajun, Gulf Coast) What's Going On...Food: "Where's Today's Hot Grazing Spot."

-6/24/85. NYM (Gotham Bar & Grill, Montrachet). "American Dreams."P.70-71

-7/1-8/85. NYM (Fiorello, Fiorella, John's, Hoexter's Cafe, Soho Kitchen and Bar, Orso, Patsy's, Pizza Joint, David's Cookies, Prima Donna, Ray's Pizza, Totonno, Arturo's, Fifth Avenue Grill, Petaluna, Paradise Pizza Cafe, Ernie's, Tom's Pizzeria, Famous Ray's Pizza in the Village, Mezzaluna, Zipz's Pizza, John's, V & T, La Focacceria, Canastel's, America, Ancora, Original Ray's, Pizzapiazza, Cafe Mortimer, Rugantino's Pizza, Aiello's Pizza Emporium, Peppino's Pizza, Century Cafe, American Pie, Pizzeria Uno, Vinnie's, Mama's Famous Pan Pizza, Pizza Box, Rocky Lee Chu-cho Bianco, Goldberg's Pizzeria, Godfather's Pizza, Bella Pizza, Ray Bari, Bar Lui, Trattoria Pino, Ray Bari's, Ray's of Greenwich Village). "The Joy of Pizza."P.40-50

-9/30/85. NYM (Fifth Avenue Grill, Soho Kitchen and Bar, Petaluma, America, Bar Lui). "Gael Grazes." P50-59

-11/25/85. NYM (Arizona 206, Pizzico). "Westward, Haute!"P.100-104

-12/23-30/85. NYM (Windows on the World, Le Cirque, Zabar's, EAT, Policastro, D&G, Papaya King, Carnegie Deli, Utica Joe's, Hoexter's, SoHo Kitchen, John's PIzza, Fiorello, Maxwell's Plum, Caramba!, El Parador, Gotham Bar & Grill, Santa Fe, Cafe Marimba, Rosa Mexicana, John Clancy, Dallas BBQ, Fischer Brothers & Leslie, Petak, Chirping Chicken, Fine & Schapiro, Regency Hotel, Keh's Auntie Yuan, Shun Lee Palace, Petrossian, Jams, Chanterelle, Quilted Giraffe, An American Place, Palm, Peter Luger, Lutece, Maurice, Le Perigord, La Cote Basque, The Odeon, Cafe Luxembourg, Cafe des Artistes, Restaurant Florent, River Cafe) The Best of New York.P. 71-109

Box: 10 January 6, 1986 - June 1, 1987

Scope and Content

-1/6/86, NYM, Vol.19, Issue 1. (Aurora). "Joe Baum Goes for the 'Whoosh'." P.59 (TX-4-826-616) through 12-1-86

-1/20/86, NYM, Vol.19, issue 2 (Harry's Bar). "Twice in Love With Harry's." P.49

-2/17/86, NYM, Vol.19, issue 7 (Buona Tavola). "A FIne Madness." (2) P.122-123

-2/24/86, NYM, Vol 19, issue 8 (Le Bernardin) "Le Bernardin Beguiles our Crocodile." P.72

-3/17/86, NYM Vol 19, issue 11 (Hasaki). "My Pet Jackfish." P.81

-4/14/86, NYM, Vol 19, issue 15 (Palio). "Galloping Consumption." P.96

-5/26/86.NYM, Vol 19, issue 21 (Caffe Roma). "Torrid Zone." P.72

-6/16/86, NYM, Vol.19, issue 24 (Canyon Ranch) "Gael Takes it Off: Calorie Counting at Canyon Ranch." P.48-50

-7/14/86., NYM, Vol 19, issue 27 (Chez Louis, Hulot's, La Boheme, Chapiteau, Sel & Poivre, Tapis Rouge). "Beaucoup de Bistros." P.44

-12/1/86. (Shun Lee Cafe, Sign of the Dove, Blake's Grill, Silverbird, Fandango, Lafayette). "Cruising." P. 104

-12/22-29/86, NYM, Vol.19, issue, “The Power that will be:Food: Gilbert Le Coze” .76

-1/5/87, NYM, Vol, 20, issue 1 Ask Gael (Gotham Bar and Grill, Le Bernardin, Arizona 206, Le Cirque, Sandro, Felidia, Primavera, Barbetta's, Il Mulino, Barocco, La Tulipe, HSF, Silver Palace, Maxwell's Plum, Tavern on the Greene, Pig Heaven, Serendipity 3, Soho Kitchen and Bar, American Festival Cafe, Chez Louis, Sparks, Palm, Hard Rock Cafe, Grotta Azzurra, Auntie Yuan, Edwardian Room, Cafe des Artistes, Adam Rib, Takesushi, Mitsukoshi, Hasaki, Sushizen, Ballroom, Lutece, Sylvia, John Clancy, Janice's, Fish Place, Oyster Bar, Bravo Gianni, Contrapunto, Georgine Carmella, Trastevere, Trastevere 84, Jams, Cote Basque, Windows on the world, America, Palio, Elaine's, Peter Luger, 4Seasons, Batons, Ciaobella, Le Perigord, Maurice, Georgine Carmella, Il Cortile, Fiorello's, Fiorella's, John's, La Boheme, Freddy and Pepe's, Famous Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse, Maurice, Marie-Michelle, Nathan's Famous, Carnegie Deli, Carolina, Nells, Quatorze, TJ Tucker, Indochine, Mezzaluna, Jim McMullen, Mary Lou's, Sam's, Canastel's, Acme, Cafe Sphinx, Ecco, Key Cafe, Madam Rosa's, Mortimer's, River Cafe, Brive, Ermina, Wylie's, Bobby Rubino's, Fine and Schapiro, Second Ave Kosher Deli, Texarkana, Petrossian, Cafe Marimba, Benito I, Rao's, Provence, Tablita, Shun Lee, CAfe Luxembourg, Bud's, Odeon, Montrachet, Greene Street. Chanterelle (cover story). (TX-4-713-811) through 12-28-87 (2 copies)

-1/12/87, NYM, Vol.20, issue 2 (Cityside: Citymeals). "Old Friends." P.10

-1/26/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 4 (Provence, Barocco). "A Couple of Swells." P.60

-3/9/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 10 (Safari Grill, Border Café, Cinco de Mayo, Buds) "Four for the Money." P.102-105

-3/23/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 12 (Le Cirque, Le Regence, Le Chantilly, Le Festival). "The French Evolution." P.50-55 (2 copies)

-4/27/87, NYM Vol 20 , issue 17 (Albero d'Oro, The Cafe at Arizona 206). "Branching Out." P.130-132

-5/11/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 19, (Restaurant Sofi). "Sofi's Choice." p. 80

-6/1/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 22 ('21') "Adding Up the New '21'." P.40-47

Box: 11 June 8, 1987 - April 18, 1988

Scope and Content

-6/8/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 23 (Coastal)"Coastal Discoveries." P.70-71

-6/22/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 25 (Anatolia). "Turkey on a Roll." P.76-77

-7/27/87, NYM, Vol.20, issue 29, Aspen. (Gordon's, Grill on the Park, Lauretta's, Takah, Little Annie's, Primavera, Abetone, Steak Pit, Smuggler Land Office Ltd, Cooper Street Pier, Bentley's, La Cocina, Cantina, Mama Maria's, Pizza-on-Wheels, Shlomo's, Poppycocks, Brand Building, Hotel Lenado, Hotel Jerome, St. Moritz Lodge). "True West." 44-50

-8/10/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 31 (Le Palmier, Bellini by Cipriani, American Festival Cafe). "Such Good Fronds."P.52-53

-9/14/87, NYM, Vol, 20 issue 36 (Extra! Extra! Extra!, Cameos, Vico, Manhattan Island). "In the Nabes." P.63-65

-10/5/87, NYM, Vol 20 issue 39 (Bouley) "Vaulting Ambition." P75-76

-10/19/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 41 (St Peterbourg, Odessa, Kavkasian). "Borscht Belt." P.116-118

-11/16/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 45 (Melrose, China Grill). "California Dreaming." P.102-104

-11/30/87, NYM, Vol 20, issue 47 (David K's, Zarela). "Home on Two Ranges." P.90-95

-12/21-12/87NYM, Vol 20, issue 50 (Le Pavillon). Remember This Le Pavillon. P. 86

-1/4/88. v. 21 # (Brive, Aquavit, Extra! Extra!, Arizona 206, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, Chez Louis, Gotham Bar & Grill, Oyster Bar, Manhattan Ocean Club, John Clancy's, Melrose, La Tulipe, ome on the Range, North Garden Restaurant, H.S.F., Bo Ky, Mezzogiorno, Le Chantilly, Sammy's Roumanian Steak House, Cafe des Artistes, Tavern on the Green, Petrossian, Ideal's, Le Cirque, Sofi, Arcadia, La Cote Basque, Montrachet, Four Seaons, Post House, Afghan Kebab House, Jamaican Hot Pot Restaurant, Annabelle, Remi, Giancarlo, Arizona Cafe, Cafe Society, Canal Bar, Cave Canem, China Grill, Orsini's, Shun Lee Cafe, Coastal, Cameos, Baci, Sparks, Sammy's, Dawat, Barocco, Provence, Montrachet, Rakel, Rainbow Room). "Ask Gael: Where to Go in '88." Vol. 21 Iss# 1 pp. 17-19

-2/8/88. (Rainbow Room). "Over the Rainbow Room." Vol. 21 Iss# 6 pp. 38-46

-3/21/88. (Trixie's, Tamara). "Two on the Aisle." Vol. 21 Iss# 11 pp.86-87

-3/28/88. (Eze, Mondial). "Rooms of Their Own." Vol. 21 Iss# 12 pp.105-109

-4/11/88 NYM, Vol21, issue 15,"Best Bet,"What's your Fantasy, A chocolate Phone you can nibble, while on hold" (Chocolate Indulgences)

-4/18/88. (La Cote Basque, Zabar). "Restaurants: Fast Food, The Poor: Soup Kitchen, Food: Valhalla" Vol. 21 Iss# 15 pp.72-74

Box: 12 May 9, 1988 - April 17, 1989

Scope and Content

-5/9/88. France (Maison Blanche, L'Ambroisie, Les Gourmets des Ternes, L'Ami Louis, Stresa, Chez Toutone, Le Bistrot d'a Cote, Jamin, Guy Savoy, Le Louis XV, Le Royal Gray, Hotel Gray d'Albion, Cote d' Or, Jean-Pierre Billoux, A la Cote Saint-Jacques). "Plain & Francey." (2) Vol. 21 Iss# 18 pp. 46-59

-5/30/88. (Metro). "Tracking Metro."Vol. 21 Iss# 21 pp. 72-77

-7/18/88. (Maxwell's Plum, Jerry's). "Trio con Brio." Vol. 21 Iss#27 pp. 41-43

-8/15/88. (Four Seasons, Victory Cafe, Savant, Texarkana, Shun Lee Palace, Bravo Gianni, Rakel, Lafayette, Gotham Bar & Grill, Shun Lee Palace, David K's Cafe, Le Bernardin, Evergreen Room, Lutece, Palio, Brive, Zarela, Le Cirque). "How to Eat Healthy at New York's Great Restaurants." Vol. 21 Iss#32 pp. 28-36

-8/29/88. (Rancho La Puerta). "Losing It Again." Vol. 21 Iss#34 pp. 43-46

-9/26/88. (Mondrian). "A Jewel From Jersey." Vol. 21 Iss# 38 pp. 122-123

-10/3/88. (San Domenico, Sfuzzi)."Ciao-Chow." Vol. 21 Iss#39 pp. 62-63

-10/17/88. (Huberts, Le Laurier). "Brain Food." Vol. 21 Iss#40 pp. 72-74

-10/31/88. (Star Fish Grill, Luma). "Catch A Rising Star Fish."Vol. 21 Iss#43 pp.99-100

-11/14/88. (Carnegie Deli, Golden's Restaurant & Deli, Stage Deli, Second Avenue Deli). "Tempest in a Glass Tea." Vol. 21 Iss#45 pp. 63-72

-11/21/88. (Andiamo, Poiret). "West Side Glory." Vol. 21 Iss#46 130-131

-12/12/88. (Aureole). "Charles In Charge."Vol. 21 Iss#49 pp. 93-94

-12/19-26/88. (Rainbow Room). "The Most Romantic Restaurant: Lost in the Stars." Vol. 21 Iss#50 pp. 102

-1/2/89. v. 22 # (Adam's Rib, Ambassador Grill, Andiamo, Arizona 206 Cafe, Auntie Yuan, Aurora, Baci, Ballroom, Bernard's, Bostro du Nord, Brive, Cafe Luxembourg, Caffe Dante, Cameos, Canal Bar, Chanterelle, Chez Louis, China Grill, Coastal, da Umberto, David K's Cafe, Dawat, Dean & DeLuca, Eze, Fiorello's, Four Seasons, Golden Unicorn, Gotham Bar & Grill, Greene Street Cafe, Grotta Azzurra, Jamaican Hot Pot, John's Pizza, Jonathan Waxman, La Boheme, La Caravelle, L a Caravelle, La Colombe d'Or, Lafayette, La Lunchonette, Laurent, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, Le Perigord, L'Etoile, Little Nell's Tea Room, Lola, Lutece, Maruzzella, Mayfair Regent, Metro, Mezzogiorno, Mickey Mantle's, Miracle Grill, Mondrian, Montrachet, Mortimer's, Oyster Bar & Restaurant, Popeye's Famous Fried Chicken, Positano, Positively 104th Street Cafe, Post House, Provence, Quatorze, Rainbow Promenade Bar & Rainbow Room, Rakel, River Cafe, San Domenico, Sarabeth's Kitchen, Serendipity, Sfuzzi, Shun Lee Cafe, Sign of the Dove, Sparks Steak House, Star Fish Grill, Slyvia's, Trattoria Dell'Arte, Trixies, Vico, Water Club, Windows on the World, World Yacht Cruises.) "Ask Gael: New Ideas for Places to Go in '89."

-2/20/89. (John's, Algonquin, Mayfair Regent, Cafe Pierre, Polo, Palm Court, Stanhope, American Festival Cafe, Auntie Yuan, Chin Chin, La Metairie, Time & Again, Pete's Tavern, Sidewalkers, Barbetta, Cafe Trevi, Fortune Garden Pavilion, Carlyle, Royalton, Mayfair Regent, Le Cirque, Box Tree Hotel, Brasserie, Empire Diner). "Fine Romance."

-3/6/89. (Rosolio). "Park Bistro." P. 58

-3/13/89. (Duane Park, Giorgio Cafe). "Miso Italian." P. 60

-3/27/89. (An American Place). "Larry's Home Cooking." P. 72

-4/17/89. (Tirami su, Delia's). "Dessert Song." P. 58

Box: 13 May 15, 1989 - April 9, 1990

Scope and Content

-5/15/89. NYM, Vol.22, issue 20 (Jane's Bar & Grill, Beau Geste). "Plain and Too Fancy." P. 106

-6/5/89. NYM Vol 22, issue 23 (Sette Mezzo, Bar du Theatre). "Kitchen Cousins." P. 97

-6/26/89. NYM, Vol 22, issue 26 (Malvasia, Le Madri). "The Most Happy Villa." P. 51

-7/17/89.NYM, Vol 22, issue 28 (150 Wooster). "Brian's Body Shop." P.44

-7/24/89. NYM, Vol 22, issue 29 (El Amparo, La Trainera, El Cuchi, Casa Lucio, Lhardy, Zalacain, Museo del Jamon, Casa Labra, La Trucha, La Torre del Oro, Jose Luis, Mallorca, Bocaito, La Albariza, Kiosco de las Flores, Buenaventura, El Giralda, La Dorada, Egana Oriza, La Bobadilla, Bar Pinocho, Salo de Te Mauri, Casa Tejada, Casa Leopoldo, 7 Portes, El Salmonete, Eldorado Petit.) "Sizzling Spain." P.34

-7/31/89. NYM, Vol 22, issue 30 (Adrienne). "Swiss Watch."p.58

-8/14/89.NYM, Vol 22, issue 32(Alison on Dominick Street, Flamingo East). "Tripping the Bite Fantastic." P.73

-9/18/89. NYM, Vol 22, issue 37 (Chinzan-So). "Jersey's Japanese Gem." P. 60

-10/9/89. NYM, Vol 22, issue 40 (Vucciria, Ferrier). "Mixed Blessings." P. 70

-10/16/89NYM, Vol 22, issue 41. (Le Cygne, Mon Cher Ton-Ton). "Swan's Way." P. 76

-10/30/89. NYM. Vol,22, issue 43 (150 Wooster). "Hotter Than Hot: Why They Kill to Get Into 150 Wooster." P. 44

-11/20/89. NYM, Vol 47, issue 46 (44 at the Royalton). "Royalton Flush." P. 105

-11/27/89. NYM, Vol, 22, issue 47 "The Real Thing." (Le Bistrot de 'Etoile; La Rotisserie du Beaujolais; Au Chatelet Gourmand; L'Ami Louis;La Petite Bretonniere; La Merenda; p. 50

-12/25/89-1/1/90. NYM, Vol 22, issue 51Downtown. (Union Square Cafe, Da Umberto, Periyali, Gotham Bar and Grill, Lola, Giorgio Cafe, Sofi, Le Madri, La Boheme, La Tulipe, John's Pizzeria, Il Mulino, Provence, 150 Wooster, Jerry's, Soho Kitchen, Alison on Dominick Street, Arqua, Montrachet, Chanterelle, Odeon, Canal Bar). "Eating to the Beat." P. 96

-1/8/90. v. 23 # 1 (Adrienne, Alison on Dominick Street, An American Place, Arizona 206, Arizona 206 Cafe, Arqua, Arthur's Landing, Auntie Yuan, Aureole, Ballroom, Bellevues, Bistro Du Nord, Bo Ky, Cafe Edison, Cafe Iguana, Cafe Luxembourg, Cafe Spiga, Chez Louis, Chun Cha Fu, Da Umberto, David K's, Duane Park Cafe, Ecce Panis, Extra!Extra!, Ferrier, 44, Four Seasons, Gotham Bar & Grill, Houlihan's, Hudson River Club, Isand, Jane's Bar & Grill, La Caravelle, Lafayette, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, Le Cygne, Le Madri, Living Room, Lola, Lucky Strike, Lutece, Malvasia, Michel's, Mickey Mantle, Montrachet, 150 Wooster, Orso, Out of Arcadia, Palio, Paper Moon Milano, Park Bistro, Periyali, Peter Luger Steak House, Petrossian, Pig Heaven, Poiret, Provence, Rainbow Room, Rakel, Rose Cafe, San Domenico, Sandro's, Saranac, Serendipity, Sette Mezzo, Shun Lee Cafe, Shun Lee Palace, Spark's Steak House, Smphony Cafe, Tai Hong Lau, Union Square Cafe, Vico, Yellowfingers). Ask Gael: "Eating into the Nineties." P.26

-2/26/90. NYM, Vol 23, issue 23 (Cafe Rakel, Rose Cafe). "Ballad of the Glad Cafés." P.116

-3/5/90. NYM, Vol 23, issue 9 (Gérard Place, Barrow Street Bistro). "Trading Places." P.58

-3/19/90. NYM, Vol. 23. Issue 11(Lafayette). "The Drake's Progress." P.78

-3/26/90.NYM, Vol 23, issue 12 (Pierre's, Sheba). "Playing with Fire." P.60

-4/2/90.NYM, Vol23.. issue 13 (Nick & Eddie). "Spring Street Fever." P.89

-4/9/90. NYM Vol 23, issue 14 (Punsch). "Punsch Line." P.86

Box: 14 April 23, 1990 - December 3, 1990

Scope and Content

-4/23/90. (Shinwa, Thai House). "Feasts of the East."

-4/30/90. (Lucky Strike). "Feeding Frenzy."

-5/7/90. (J.J. Applebaum's Deli, Chinatown Express, Sbarro, Gyro II, Sushi King, Wendy's, Ballroom). "Garden Variety."

-6/11/90. (Hudson River Café, Le Pactole, Edward Moran Bar &Grill). “Recharging Battery.”

-6/18/90. (Coyote Grill, Quatorze Bis). "Brendan Walsh Does Summer Stock."

-6/25/90. (Laura Belle, Grolier). "Club Sandwich."

-7/23/90. A Short Tour de France. (Maison Blanche;Restaurant Yvan; Miravile; Vivarois; ; Faucher; Alain Chapel; Auberge du Grande ) p. 40

-7/30/90. (Le Bernardin and E.A.T.) "Loaves and Fishes." P.46

-8/13/90. (Alo Alo). "Alo Again."p. 66

-8/20/90. NYM: Fast Track: "Bush heads for the Mountains." P. 32

-9/17/90 NYM: Fast Track p. 22

-9/24/90. (Arcadia, Park Bistro, Park Avenue Gourmandises). "Tried and True." P. 97

-10/1/90. (Tatou). "Tatou Parlor." P. 52

-10/8/90. (Prix Fixe). "The Fixe Is In." p. 57

-10/15/90. (Le Comptoir, Café). "Paris When It Sizzles." P.64

-10/29/90. (The Chefs Cuisiners Club). " Ay, There's The Club." P. 95

-11/5/90.NYM. Vol 23, issue 43 "Of Cabbages And Kings" (Vince & Eddies) P.88

-11/12/90. (Remi, Mark's). "Venice Served." P. 76

-11/19/90. (Jour et Nuit). "Bon Jour Et Nuit." P. 74

-12/3/90. NYM, Vol. 23, issue 47 (Les Halles, Cafe Cassis). "The French Connection. P.181

Box: 15 December 10, 1990 - October 28, 1991

Scope and Content

-12/10/90. NYM, Vol23, Issue 48, “Chompin’ At Savoy” insatiiable critc (Savoy) P.62

-12/17/90. NYM, Vol.23, issue 49, “The Hungry Eye” insatiable critic (Cookbooks). P.64

-12/24-31/90. NYM, Vol.23, Issue 50, “-12/10/90. NYM, Vol23, Issue 48, “Chompin’ At Savoy” insatiiable critc (Savoy) P.62

-12/17/90. NYM, Vol.23, issue 49, “The Hungry Eye” insatiable critic (Cookbooks). P.64

-12/24-31/90. NYM, Vol.23, Issue 50, “Treasures of NY: David Bouley Magic Chef” P.65

-1/7/91. v. 24 # 1 (Abilene Cafe, Adrienne, Alison on Dominick Street, Alo Alo, Arqua, Arturo's, Auntie Yuan, Aureole, Ballroom, Bar du Theatre, Barolo, Between the Bread, Big City Diner, Bouley, Box Tree, Broadway Grill, Buckaroo's Bar & Rotisserie, Cafe Iguana, Carmine's,Chez Louis, Chin Chin Coco Pazzo, Contrapunto, Da Umberto, Edwardian Room, Eldorado, Petit, Felidia, 44, Four Seasons, Giorgio Cafe, Gotham Bar & Grill, Greene Street Cafe, Grolier, Hard Rock Cafe, Hudson River Club, John's Pizza, Jour er Nuit, Kwong and Wong, La Boheme, La Cite, Lafayette, La Grenouille, La Jumelle, La Maison du Chocolat, Laura Belle, Le Bar Bat, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, Le Comptoir, Le Madri, Le PErigord, Les Halles, Lola, Lucky Strike,Lutece, Madras Woodlands, March, Mark's, Mesa Grill, Mickey Mantle's, Mondrian, Nick & Eddie's, Orso, Palio, Paramount, Piatti Pronti, Pierre's, Planet Hollywood, Primavera, Prix Fixe, Rainbow Room, Remi, Sea Grill, Serendipity, Sette Mezzo, Shun Lee Palace, Sign of the Dove, SoHo Kitchen and Bar, Sylvia's, Tai Hong Lau, Tatou, Trattoria dell'Arte, TriBeCa Grill, Trixies, 21, Union Square Cafe, Vince & Eddie's, Vucciria, Windowa on the World, Yellowfinger's di Nuovo, Zarela). "Ask Gael New Year, New Hot Spots." p. 20

-2/18/91. v. 24 # 7 (Mesa Grill). "The Corn is Blue." p. 58

-3/4/91. v. 24 # 9 (La Colombe d'Or, '21' Club). "The Return of the Natives." p. 68 & 72

-3/11/91. v. 24 # 10 (Ed Debevic's). "Burps on Broadway." p. 62

-3/18/91. v. 24 # 11 (Mondrian, March). "Back to the Future." p. 56-57

-4/1/91. v. 24 # 13 (Corrado). "Venice, Anyone?" p. 56-57

-4/15/91. v. 24 # 15 (Rex, Shark Bar). "The Joy of Rex." p. 60-63

-5/6/91. v. 24 # 18 (Serendipity III, Greene Street, Japanese on Hudson, Joe's Bar & Grill, La Cité, The Soho Kitchen, Tatou, Brasserie, Prix Fixe, The '21' Club, Alison on Dominick, Malvasia, Tavern on the Green, City Cafe, Cafe Luxembourg, Carmine's, Symphony Cafe, Stage Deli, Andiamo, Nick and Eddie, Petrossian, L'Omnibus, San Domenico, Aquavit, Cafe des Artistes, Cafe Crocodile, Box Tree Kitchens, Houlihan's, TGI Friday's, El Torito, Lindy's, Tequilla Willie's, Ground Round, Cavanagh, Toots Shor, Desert Rose, Water Club, Dawat, Darbar). "Eating Out: Sales & Bargains." p. 26-31

-5/27/91. v. 24 # 21 (Zen Palate, Jewel of India). "Original Zen." p. 58-60

-6/17/91. v. 24 # 23 (The Sign of the Dove). "A Dove Affair." p. 56

-7/1-8/91. v. 24 # 26 (Amazon Club, Boathouse Cafe, Water Club, Edward Moran, Steamers Landing, Liberty Cafe, Harbour Lights, World Yacht). "On the Water." p. 46-50

-7/22/91. v. 24 # 28 (Water's Edge, R.H. Tugs, Arthur's Landing, Shanghai Red's Lincoln Harbor, Paddy McGees, Coyote Grill, Lobster Box, Anna's Harbour Restaurant, River Café). "Shore Things." p. 34-38

-8/12/91. v. 24 # 31 (Barolo, Eze, Vince & Eddie's). "Gardens of Delight." p. 65-66

-8/26/91 NYM, Vol.24, issue.33, “Hangin with the Homeboys” (Mazzei) P.126-127

-9/30/91. v. 24 # 38 (Le Bar Bat, Le Pescadou). "Best Bats." p. 58-59

-10/7/91. v. 24 # 39 (Mimosa, Cucina & Co). "Grub Med." p. 82-84

-10/21/91. v. 24 # 41 (Chiam, China Grill). "The China Syndrome." p. 86-89

-10/28/91. v. 24 # 42 (Lespinasse). "The Gray Eminence." p. 77 of NY: David Bouley Magic Chef” P.65

Box: 16 November 11, 1991 - November 16, 1992

Scope and Content

-11/11/91. v. 24 # 44 (Planet Hollywood). "Planet of the Grapes." p. 110-112

-11/25/91. v. 24 # 46 (Shaliga Thai). "Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down." p. 107

-12/2/91. v. 24 # 47 (Lora, Cucina). "California Dreaming." p. 142-144

-12/23-30/91. v. 24 # 50 (The Food of New York). "Oral History." p. 57-64

-12/23-30/91. v 24 #50 (The Food of New York). "The Heavies." p, 114-115

-12/23-30/91. v. 24 #50 (The Food of New York). "The Ultimate Restaurant Guide.", p. 116-154

-1/27/92. v. 25 # 4 (Afghan Kebab House, Alison on Dominick Street, An American Place, Le Bar Bat, Beekman 1766 Tavern, Le Bernardin, Big Wong, Boogies Diner, Bouley, Brasserie, Broadway Grill, Cafe des Artistes, La Caravelle, Les Celebrities, Chefs Cuisiniers Club, Chez Josephine, Chiam, Chin Chin, China Grill, Le Cirque, Coco Pazzo, Coffee Shop, La Colombe d'Or, Le Comptoir, Da Umberto, Ed Debevic's, Elaine's, Empire Diner, Fisher & Levy, Fishin Eddie, 44, Four Seasons, Golden Unicoen, Gotham Bar & Grill, Greene Street Cafe, La Grenouille, Hudson River Club, Jean Lafitte, Jewel of India, Joe Allen, JoJo, Jour et Nuit, Lespinasse, Lucky Strike, Lutece, Le Madri, Manhattan Ocean Club, Mark's, Mazzei, Mesa Grill, La Metairie, Metropolis Cafe, Mezzanine, Mickey Mantle's, Mimosa, Mondrian, Montrachet, Mulholland Drive Cafe, Nosmo King, Ollie's, Orso, Palio, Periyali, Petrossian, Pig Heaven, Planet Hollywood, Prix Fixe, Provence, Rainbow Room, Remi, Restaurant Raphael, Rex, River Cafe, Sandro's, Scores, Sea Grill, Shaliga Thai Cuisine, Shun Lee Cafe, Shun Lee Palace, Sidewalkers', Sign of the Dove, SoHo Kitchen & Bar, Stringfellows Presents Pure Platinum, Supper Club, Sylvia's, Tang Tang, Tatou, Trattoria, Trattoria dell'Arte, TriBeCa Grill, Tropica, "21", Two Boots, Vong and Kwong, World Yacht Cruises, Zen Palate). "Ask Gael: The Tastes and Trends of Brave New '92." p. 43-49

-2/17/92. v. 25 # 7 (Quilted Giraffe, Japonica). "Japan Noshing." p. 54-55

-2/24/92. v. 25 # 8 (Park Avenue Cafe). "Little Chop Around the Corner." p. 127

-3/2/92. v. 25 # 9 (May We, Zoe). "May Oui." p. 50 & 53

-3/16/92. v. 25 # 11 (Country Club, Supper Club, B. Smith's, Rex, WunderBar). "Club Scouting." p. 65-67

-3/23/92. v. 25 # 12 (Patric). "Patric's Day." p. 64

-4/20/92. v. 25 # 16 (West Broadway, Wilson's, Cafe Tabac). "Lullaby of West Broadway." p. 86 &88

-4/27/92. v. 25 # 17 (Le Cirque, Mesa Grill, Union Square Cafe, Lespinasse, Four Seasons, Jo-Jo). "It's Easy Eating Green." p. 46-47

-5/4/92. v. 25 # 18 (Steak Frites, Rocco). "Beyond Meat and Frites." p. 74 &76

-6/1/92. v. 25 # 22 (Boom, Felix). "Boom Town." p. 54-55

-10/5/92. v. 25 # 39 (Banana Cafe). "I Can't Hear You, I've Got a Banana in my Ear." p. 88

-10/12/92. v. 25 # 40 (San Pietro, Caffe Florence). "Garlic Press." p. 62-63

-10/19/92. v. 25 # 41 (Arizona 206, Follonico). "Hot and Sweet." p. 90-91

-10/26/92. v. 25 # 42 (Brasserie des Theatres, Chop Suey Looey's Litchi Lounge). "Two for the Show." p. 80-81

-11/9/92. v. 25 # 44 (Lipstick Cafe, Au Cafe, Bar Pitti, Cafe Cinema Graphique, Cafe 400). "Small Talk." p. 64-65

-11/16/92. v. 25 # 45 (Hosteria Fiorella, Zoe). "The Most Happy Fiorella." p. 70-71

Box: 17 November 30, 1992 - June 21, 1993

Scope and Content

-11/30/92. v. 25 # 47 (Four Seasons, Chanterelle). "Out of the Pool and into the Grill." p. 106-108

-12/7/92. v. 25 # 48 (Oggi Domani, Restaurant Two Two Two). "Eminent Domani." p.62-63

-12/14/92. v. 25 # 49 (One Fifth Avenue). "One Fish Avenue." p. 84-85

-12/21-28/92. v. 25 # 50 (Le Cirque). "Sirio Maccioni: The Ringmaster of Le Cirque." p. 78-80

-1/4/93. V. 26 # 1 (Afghan Kebab House, Afghan Tea Room, Alison on Dominick Street, American Festival Cafe, Andiamo , Apple, Arizona 206, Bananna Cafe, Baraonda, Barbetta, Becco, Le Bernardin, Boom, Bouley, The Brasserie, Brasserie des Theatres, Broadway Grill, Cafe des Artistes, Cafe 400. Cafe Tabac, Caffe Florence, Cal's, Canastel's, Carmine's, Carmine's Takeout, Century Cafe, Chiam, China Grill, Le Cirque, City Cafe, Coco Pazzo, Coffee Shop, La Colombe d'Or, Il Corallo, Dakota Bar & Grill, David K's Noodle Road, Elaine's, Felix, , Fishin Eddie, Five Oaks, Follonico, 44, Four Seasons, Golden Unicoen, Gotham Bar & Grill, Gus' Place, Les Halles, Hosteria Fiorella, Isabella's, JoJo, Kin Khao, Lespinasse, Lipstick Cafe, Lolabelle, Lucky Strike, Luxe, May We, Mesa Grill, La Metairie, Nell's, Nosmo King, Odeon, Oggi Domani, One Fith Avenue, Palio, Park Bistro, Peter Luger, Petrossian, Prix Fixe, Rainbow Room, Raou;'s, Raoul's Brasserie, Restaurant Two Two Two, Sfuzzi, Shanghai 1933, Shun Lee Cafe, Shun Lee Palace, The Sign of the Dove, Silverado, SoHo Kitchen, Soleil, Sparks Steakhouse, Steak Frites, Tang Pavilion, Tenth Street Lounge, Trattoria Dell'Arte, Triangolo, Tribeca Grill, Tropica, "21', Union Square Cafe, Villa Lulu, Vince and Eddies, Vong, West Broadway, Wilson's, Zen Palate, Zoe.) "Ask Gael: More News Than You'd Think For '93." p. 22-31

-1/25/93. v.26 #4 (Vong, One Fifth Avenue). "The Vong Show." p. 52-53

-2/1/93. v. 26 #5 (Soleil, La Gauloise). "A Couple of Swells." p. 48 & 50

-2/8/93. v.26 #6 (Baraonda, Frontiere). "Go Chic and Ye Shall Find."p. 60-61

-2/15/93. v. 26 #7 (Le Chantilly, City Cafe). "Miracle on 57th Street." p. 54-55

-3/1/93. v. 26 # 9 (Cascabel, Indochine). "Lafayette, They Are There." p.108-109

-3/15/93. v. 26 # 11 (Taste of Hong Kong). "Friendly Fire." p.58

-3/29/93. v. 26 # 13 (Le Cirque). "Petit Pan." p. 75-76

-4/12/93. v. 26 # 15 Chinese Evolution (Triple Eight Palace, New Hong Kong City, Tai Hong Lau, Kam Chueh, Oriental Garden, Oriental Pearl, New Chao Chow, Chinese Country Kitchen, Goody's, Taipei Big Rice Bowls, Penang Cuisine Malaysia, Big Wong, Bo Ky, Wing Wong, China Fun, Tang Tang, Ollie's Noodle Shop & Grill, Golden Unicorn, Jing Fong, Tai Hong Lau Sun Ko Shing, Shun Lee Cafe, Harbor Seafood, Jade Palace, Shun Lee Palace, Shun Lee, Chiam, Shaghai 1933, David K's Noodle Road, Hunan Fifth Avenue, Chin Chin, Pig Heaven, Taste of Hong Kong, Empire Szechuan Gourmet). "Chinese Evolution." p. 30-41

-4/19/93. v. 26 # 16 (Paul Bocuse). "Dinner of the Century." (2) p.138 & 140

-4/26/93. v. 26 # 17 (Blue Ribbon, Hi-Life Restaurant & Lounge) "The Tao of Pu Pu." (2) p. 64-65

-5/3/93. v. 26 # 18 (Home). "Halfway Home." p. 62

-5/17/93. v. 26 #20 (Colors). "Flying Colors." p. 74-75

-5/31/93. v. 26 #22 (Luma, Nosmo King). "The Organic Verses." p. 50-53

-6/14/93. v. 26 #24 (Daniel). "The Book on Daniel." p. 63

-6/21/93 NYM

Box: 18 June 28, 1993 - January 10, 1994

Scope and Content

-6/28-7/5/93. v. 26 #26 (Baraonda, Sign of the Dove, Arcadia, May We, Jour et Nuit, New World Grill, Coffee Shop, Felix, Isabella's, Au Cafe, Time Cafe, Stanhope Terrace Cafe). "Street Food. p. 78-106

-7/12/93. v. 26 #27 (East Hampton Point, 95 School Street, Fresno). "Barbarians at the Plate." p. 47-48

-7/19/93. v. 26 #28 (Main Street, Cafe One Fifth). "The World is My Oyster." p.46-47

-8/2/93. v. 26 # 30 (Quaglino's, Le Pont de la Tour, Sea-Shell, Lanesborough Hotel, Daphne's, The Ivy, The Canteen, Christopher's, San Lorenzo, Planet Hollywood). "True Brit." (2) p. 43-47

-9/13/93 NYM

-9/20/93 v. 26 # 37 (Fiorello's, La Cité) Seconds p. 62

-9/27/93. v. 26 # 38 (Lutece). "My Dinners with Andre." p. 62-63

-10/4/93. v. 26 #39 (Sette Moma). "Moma Mia! p. 103

-10/11/93. v. 26 #40 (The Gotham Bar & Grill). "Grill Crazy." p. 72-74

-10/18/93. v. 26 #41 (Le Taxi, Symphony Cafe). "Yellow Fever." p. 118-119

-10/25/93. v. 26 #42 (Mad 61). "Dressing on the Side." p. 93

-11/8/93. v. 26 #44 (Morton's of Chicago, Eastern Seafood Company). "To Sirloin with Love." p. 72-73

-11/15/93. v. 26 # 45 (Picholine, Harley Davidson Cafe). "Olive and Kicking." p. 82-83

-11/22/93. v. 26 # 46 (Matthew's, Demi). "The Gospel According to Matthew's." p.68-70

-12/13/93. v. 26 #49 (Fresco). "Penne From Heaven." p. 78

-12/20-27/93. v. 26 # 50 (VIX Cafe, SushiHatsu, Kurumazushi, Shun Lee Palace, New Hong City, Goody's, Jerry's, Union Square Cafe, Mesa Grill, Le Madri, Mad.61, Lespinasse, Matre d'Michael, Tong, Maison du Chocolat, Remi, Alison on Dominick). "The Best of New York" p. 83, 85, 88, 94, 104, 109,112, 117, 120, 126, & 139

-1/3/94. Vol 27 no. 1 (Peter Luger, Morton's, Sparks, Smith & Wollensky, Palm Restaurant, Cité, Post House, Old Homestead, Pen & Pencil, Post House, Ruth's Chris, American Festival Cafe, Les Halles, Ben Benson's, Wally's and Joseph's, Pietro's, Christ Cella, Gallagher's, Opus II, China Grill, 21, Mesa Grill, Coco Pazzo, Kam Chueh, Isabella's, Coffee Shop). "Sizzling Steak Wars." p. 25-33

-1/10/94. v. 27 # 2 (Bolo). "Oil of Olé." p. 43

Box: 19 January 24, 1994 - December 12, 1994

Scope and Content

-1/24/94. v. 27 # 4 (Christer's). "The Seventh Salmon." p. 75-76

-1/31/94. v. 27 # 5 (Les Célèbrités). "The Sweet Smell of Excess." p. 58-59

-2/7/94. v. 27 # 6 (American Festival Cafe, Anglers & Writers, Aureole, Baluchis, James Beard Foundation, Bolo, Bouley, Buddha Bar, Christer's, Cité, Coco Pazzo, Din-Tai-Fone of Taipei, Eastern Seafood Co., Fiorello's Roman Cafe, Flowers, Fresco, Gotham Bar and Grill, William Greenberg Jr. Desserts, Home, Iridium, Isabella's, Jing Fong, John;s Pizzeria, JoJo, Kelley and Ping, Kin Khao, La Goulue, La Palette, Le Chantilly, Le Cirque, Le Colonial, Le Taxi, Lespinasse, mad.61, Main street, March, Matthew's, MercBar, Mesa grill, Mickey Mantle's Sports Restaurant, One Fifth Avene, Cafe One Fifth, Osteria al Doge, Park Avalon, Park Avenue Cafe, Picholine, Planet Hollywood, Rainbow Promenade Bar, Rainbow Room, Rainbow & Stars, Red River Grill, Restaurant Daniel, Restaurant Two Two Two, San Domenico, Serendipity, Sfuzzi, Shaliga Thai Cuisine, Shun Lee, Shun Lee Cafe, SoHo Kitchen and Bar, Symphony Cafe, Tavola, Thai Friends Restaurant, Triple Eight Palace, Vince & Eddie's, Vix Cafe, Vong, Zen Palate). "Ask Gael." p. 40-53

-2/14/94. v. 27 # 7 (Baluchi's). "Fire and Rice." p. 64

-3/14/94. v. 27 # 11 (Kwanzaa, Cafe Beulah, Soul Fixins', Birdland, Virgil's, Emily's, Shark Bar, Mr. Leo, Jezebel, The Pink Tea Cup, Zacki's, Jamaican Hot Pot, Sylvia's, Well's, Cotton Club). "Soul Food Now." p. 58-63

-3/21/94. v. 27 # 12 (Patria, Park Avalon). "Pan-Am Games." p. 68-69

-3/28/94. v. 27 # 13 (Judson Grill)."Razzmatazz on Swing Street." p. 113-114

-4/11/94. v. 27 # 15 (Cascabel, Alison on Dominick). "Shanks for the Memories." p. 62-63

-4/18/94. v. 27 # 16 (Martini's, Mustang Grill). "Blithe Spirits." p. 111-112

-4/25/94. v. 27 # 17 (River Café)."Of Thyme and the River." p. 90-91

-5/2/94. v. 27 # 18 (Virgil's Real Barbeque). Insatiable: "Amazing Grease." p. 80

-5/23/94. v. 27 # 21 (Phoenix Garden, Fu's, Lucky Cheng's). Insatiable: "Wok of Ages." P. 78

-5/30/94. v. 27 # 22 (Match). Insatiable: "Match Ado." p. 66-67

-6/6/94. v. 27 # 23 (Silk, Toast). "Silk Roots." p. 60-61

-6/20/94. v. 27 # 24 (C.T.). "Cafe un deux Troisgros." p. 80-81

-7/11/94. v. 27 # 27 (Campagna). "Ciao Down." p. 51-52

-7/25/94. v. 27 # 29 (La Mère Poulard, Gauguin, Caviateria Champagna, Caviar bar, China Fun, Shaan, Josie's, Jerry's). "Reality Bites." p. 50, 55-56

-8/22/94. v. 27 # 33 (Privé, Gilbert Le Coze). "The Restaurant The Fell to Earth." p. 48-49

-9/12/94 v. 27 # 36 (American Renaissance). "Critic's Choice." p. 121

-10/3/94. v. 27 #39 (Cub Room, Café Centro). "Jolly, Stylish Bedlam." p.

-10/10/94. v. 27 # 40 (Le Bernardin). "Starting Over." p. 44

-10/17/94. v. 27 # 41 (Monkey Bar). "Bar Time for Bonzo." p. 99-100

-10/24/94. v. 27 # 42 (Gramercy Tavern). "Hot, but Not Quite Haute."p. 76-77

-11/14/94. v. 27 # 45 (Spartina). "The Lamb Shank Redemption." p. 90-91

-11/28/94. v. 27 # 47 (Shun Lee Palace, Cafe Evergreen). "Beijing There." p. 90-91

-12/12/94. v. 27 # 49 (Aja) "Lemongrass Roots." p. 88-89

Box: 20 January 2, 1995 - September 25, 1995

Scope and Content

-1/2/95. Vol 28. #1 (Aja, American Renaissance, Aquavit, Arizona 206, Aureole, Barocco, Bar Pitti, Big Wong, Bo Ky, Bolo, owery Bar, Bureau, Café Centro and Beer Bar, Cafe Edison, Campagna, Carlyle Dining Room, Cascabel, China Fun (West), Christer's, Ciccio & Tony's, Circus, Coco Pazzo, C.T., Cucina & Company, Daniel, El Teddy's, Elaine's, Flowers, Four Seasons, Gabriel's Bar & Restaurant, Golden Unicorn, Gotham Bar & Grill, Gramercy Tavern, I Trulli, Jubilee, JUdson Grill, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, Lespinasse, Manhattan Ocean Club, Match, MercBar, Michael's, Monkey Bar, Nick and Eddie, Nobu, Odeon, Park Avalon, Patria, Regency Restaurant, Remi, San Domenico, Sea Grill, Spartina, Taqueria de Mexico, Tai Hong Lau, 21, Virgil's Real Barbeque, West 63rd Street Steakhouse, Zarela). "Interview With a Restaurant Critic." p. 43-51

-1/23/95. v. 28 #4 (Zarela, Rosa Mexicano, El Teddy's, Mi Cocina, El Rey del Sol, Rinconcito, Tacomadre, Taquería de Mexico, El Cantinero, Bright Food Shop, Pedro Páramo, Mi Tenampa, Samalita's Tortilla Factory, Plaza Garibaldi, Amanecer Ranchero, Tequilita's, Super Tacos, La China Poblana, Sombrero Cart, How Meals on Wheels, Tacos-El Parrandero, Lechon Lady's Cart, Stop One Supermarket, Mexico Lindo, Downtown Bakery, Azteca Deli, El Ranchito, Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Benny's Burritos, Fiesta Mexicana). The Whole Enchilada." p. 36-45

-1/30/95. v. 28 #5 (American Renaissance). "Allusions of Grandeur." p. 79-81

-2/20/95. v. 28 #8 (I Trulli & Filli Ponte). "Not Little Italy." p. 71-72

-3/6/95. v. 28 # 10 (Zut! & Luma) "Rabbit Redux." p. 80-81

-3/20/95. v. 28 # 12 (Aureole; Monkey Bar; Aja; Arizona 206; Le Chantilly;; Patria; Cascabel; Park Avenie Cafe) "Tall Orders." p. 52-56

-4/10/95. v. 28 # 15 (Lex) "Bring Out the Hellman's." p. 76-77

-4/17/95 NYM

-4/24/95 v. 28 #17 (Alva) "Watt's Cooking?" p. 80-81

-5/1/95 v. 28 # 18 (Bouley) "The Mania Event" p. 74 & 94

-5/15/95 v. 28 # 20 (Lenox Room) "Uptown Airs" p. 70-71

-5/29/95 v. 28 # 22 (Rain) "Nice Thai" p. 60-61

-6/5/95 v. 28 # 23 (Bryant Park Grill and BP Cafe) "Forget Paris" p. 91-92

-7/10/95 v. 28 # 27 (Ottoman Cuisine, Deniz, Turkish Kitchen) "Pita, Pita, Pita" p. 56-57

-8/7/95 v. 28 # 31 (JUdson Grill) "Hype and Glory" p. 76-77

-9/25/95 v. 28 # 38 (Bay Leaf) "Valley of the Dal" p. 118-119

Box: 21 October 2, 1995 - December 18, 1995

Scope and Content

-10/2/95,NYM v. 28 # 39 (Lutece) "The Ghost and Mr. Muller" p. 86-87

-10/9/95 ,NYM v. 28 # 40 (Kiosk, Zucca) "Eat, Media Darling, Eat" p. 96-97

-10/16/95 NYM;v. 28 # 41 (Motown Cafe, Brooklyn Diner) "A Tale of Two Cities" p. 72-73

-10/23/95 NYM,v. 28 #42 (Pomp, Duck & Circumstance) "Daffy Duck" p. 69-70

-11/6/95 NYM, v. 28 #44 (13 Barrow St., Thompson St.) "The Global Village" p. 86-87

-11/13/95 NYM, v. 28 #45 (La Côte Basque) "Côte Dependent" p. 92-94

-11/20/95 NYM, v. 28 # 46 (Tapika) "Thoroughly Modern Chilies" p. 98-99

-12/4/95NYM, v. 28 # 48 (Bouterin) "To Grand-mére's House" p. 151-152

-12/11/95, NYM, v. 28 # 49 (Bar Anise, Lobster Club) "Price Clubs" p. 85-88

-12/18/95NYM, v. 28 #50 (Layla) "Exotica" p. 60-61

Box: 22 January 8, 1996 - November 18, 1996

Scope and Content

-1/8/96 NYM, vol 29 # 1 ( Alva, Arizona 206, Bar Anise, Bolo, Bouterin, Bowery Bar, Brooklyn Diner USA, Bryant Park Grill, Café Centro and Beer Bar, Campagna, Cascabel, Chelsea Bistro & Bar, Coco Pazzo, C.T., Daniel, Da Silvano, Dava, Da Vittorio, Eat and Drink, Fiftyseven Fiftyseven, The Four Seasons, Fresco by Scotto, Gotham Bar and Grill, Harry Cipriani, Hatsuhana, Home, Jekyll and Hyde, JUdson Grill, L'Absinthe, Layla, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, The Lemon, Lenox Room, Lexpinasse, The Lobster Club, Luma, Lundy Bros. Restaurant, Mad.61, Mekong, Mesa Grill, Monkey Bar, MoTown Cafe, Nobu, Oceana, Official All-Star Cafe, Osteria del Circo, Patria, Picholine, Rain, Ratner's, Riodizio, San Domenico NY, Savann, Tapika, 13 Barrow St., Trattoria dell'Arte, Vong, Zucca, ) "Where to Eat Now" p. 28-35

-1/29/96 v. 29 # 4 ( L'Absinthe, La Caravelle, La Côte Basque, Le Quercy, La Bonne Soupe, Les Pyrénées, René Pujol, Quartorze Bis, Café Centro, Restaurant Daniel, Le Cirque, Bouterin, Lutèce, La Luncheonette) "It's Déjà Vu All Over Again" p. 34-37

-4/15/96 v. 29 # 15 Best of New York Issue (Le Bernardin) "Restaurant" p. 48 (Gotham Bar and Grill) "Eighties Throwback" p. 56

-5/6/96 v. 29 # 18 (Osterica del Circo, Downtown) "Where the Boys Are" p. 90-92 (River) "Far East on the Upper West" Ask Gael p. 110

-5/13/96 v. 29 #19 (Butterfield 81, Typhoon Brewery) "Cultural Exchange" p. 65-66 (Zeppole) "TriTrattoria" Ask Gael p. 85

-5/20/96 v. 29 #20 (Sushi Bar, Sullivan's Restaurant and Broadcast Lounge) "Passion: Fish" p. 141-143 (Blue Water Grill) "Waterworld" Ask Gael p. 172

-6/3/96 v. 29 # 22 (Marguery Grill, La Petite Rose) "The Comeback Kitchen" p. 98 & 144 (American Chef's Tribute to James Beard) "A Fair Deal" Ask Gael p. 119

-6/10/96 v. 29 #23 (Solstice) "Changing the Lox" p. 57-58 (Mezze) "Publishing Magnet" Ask Gael p. 79

-6/17/96 v. 29 #24 (Blue Water Grill, The Crab House) "Sea Change" p. 54-56 (Morton's of Chicago - Downtown) "Steak Exchange" p. 78

-7/8/96 v. 29 # 26 (Ansonia) "Trading Up" p. 57-58 (Mesa Grill) "Noises Off" Ask Gael p. 79

-7/22/96 v. 29 # 28 (Granville and E & O) "Two Darn Hot" p. 55-56 (The Boathouse Cafe) "Lakefront Property" Ask Gael p. 85

-10/21/96 v. 29 # 41 (Mesa City) F: "The Spitfire Grill" p. 82-84: Ask Gael: (Charlie Trotter's Vegetables; Red, White & Greens: The Italian Way With Vegetables by Faith Willinger; The Pasta Bible by Christian Teubner, Silvio Rizzi & Tan Lee Leng) "Booking Dinner" In Print p. 107

-10/28/96 v. 29 #42 (Mirezi) F: "Lo and Behold" p. 134-135 (Redeye Grill) "Do shrimp dance?" Ask Gael p. 161

-11/4/96 v. 29 # 43 (The Screening Room), "Two Thumbs Up" 92&142 Malayboo) "Malayboo? Are you kidding?" Ask Gael p. 115

-11/11/96 v.29 #44 (Celler in the Sky Canal House), "5 Wines, River Vu" p. 88-89 (Placido Domingo) "You don't write much about Spanish food" Ask Gael p. 112

-11/18/96 v.29 #45 (Redeye Grill), Insatiable: "Kitsch of the Day" p.120-121Angelo & Maxie's) Ask Gael "Where are all the guys and dolls?"

Box: 23 December 2, 1996 - November 24, 1997

Scope and Content

-12/2/96 v.29 #47 (Patroon/Angelo & Maxie's), Insatiable: "Let Them Eat Steak" p. 132/134/136 (Hot Tomato), "What's in a name?" Ask Gael p. 160

-12/9/96 v.29 #48 (Quilty's, Candela), "Be It Ever So Humbert" p. 91-2 (Soul Cafe), "What's new and soulful?" Ask Gael p. 109

-12/16/96 v.29 #49 (Ping's), Insatiable: "Ping Dynasty" p.68/70. (Casa La Femme), "Send us someplace romantic to nibble and neck" Ask Gael p.88

-12/23-30/96 v.29 #50 (Wall St. Kitchen and Bar), "What's bullish on Wall Street?" Ask Gael p175.

-1/6/97 V.29 #51 (Jean Georges, Jo Jo, Vong, The Independent, Balthazar, Restaurant 147, Two Rooms, Le Cirque 2000, Fresco, I Trulli, Bar Pitti, Wall Street Kitchen & Bar, Rao's, Il Mulino, Matthews, Cafe Centro, Osteria del Circo, Angelo and Maxie's, City Wine & Cigar Col, Fresco, Fred's, Virgil's Real BBQ, Maloney & Porcelli's, Bobby Van's, John's, Maloney & Porcelli, Circo, Spartina, Chat 'N Chew, Hot Tomato, Savann, Savann Est, 13 Barrow St., Circo, Luma, Indigo, Shun Lee Palace, Coco Pazzo Teatro, Firebird, Baraonda, Layla, Indochine, Pravda, Blue Water Grill, Restaurant 147, Sofia Fabulous Pizza, Marguery Grill, Mirezi, Quilty's, Ansonia, Sanzin, Mesa City, Redeye Grill, The Screening Room, Pizza Joint, Sassy's Sliders, Cellar in the Sky, Restaurant Two Two Two, Gotham Bar and Grill, Lespinasse, Daniel, Le Bernardin, Nobu, Mesa Grill, Bolo, Union Square Cafe, Aureole, Lenox Room, Patria, Picholine) F: "Dine Out On This", p.22-31

-1/6/97 v.29 #51(Churrascaria Plataforma), "Why are all those guys running around with skewers?" Ask Gael p. 78.

-4/14/97 Best of NY

-4/21/97 v.30 #15 (Salute) F: Decisions, Decisions. Ask Gael p.88

-4/28/97 v.30 #16 (Drovers Tap Room, Decade) Insatiable: Look Back in Hunger p. 113-4

-4/28/97 v.30 #16 (Clementine) What's new on your radar? Ask Gael p134/Charles and Laurel Desserts, Ltd. -Shopping p136

-5/5/97 v.30 #17 (Il Postino, Salute) Insatiable: Excess Marks the Spot. p.89-90

-5/5/97 v.30 #17 (Balthazar) What's that traffic jam at Spring and Crosby? Ask Gael p. 108 (Fat Boy Saloon) Opening p.111

-5/19/97 vol 30 #19 (Balthazar) F: A Kiss- Kiss Before Dining. p 72/96

-5/19/97 vol 30 #19 (Comedy Nation) I need a good laugh. Ask Gael p 89

-6/2/97 vol 30 #21 (Clementine, The Park), Insatiable: Many Happy Returns, pg 111-112

-6/2/97 vol30 #21(Mesa City) Ask Gael, What's the latest bulletin on the chili hotline?

-6/2/97 vol30 #21 City- Meals- On-Wheels- (Happening)- Giant annual cookout Caramba-celebration of Latin cuisine 6/2/97

-6/9/97 vol 30 #22 (Aja/ Cascabel) Insatiable: Stepping Up to the Plate, pgs 86-87

-6/9/97 vol 30 #22 (Paradise & Lunch) Ask Gael, "I get hungry at the movies" pg 104

-6/16/97 vol 30 #23 (Le Cirque 2000), Insatiable: Space Odyssey, pg 57-58

-6/16/97 vol 30, #23 (Pico Roco-Wild Edibles/Balthazar/Blue Ribbon), " What's the newest taste thrill? "- Ask Gael, pg 80

-7/7/97 vol 30 #25 (PARIS - L'Ami Louis, Chez Jean, La Régalade, Casa Olympe, Au Bon Accueil, Les Olivades, Le Relais Louis XIII, Shozan, Thai Elephant, Oum El Banine, Buddha Bar, l'Hotel Costes, Taillevent, Guy Savoy) "The Haute Zone" pg 40-44

-7/7/.97 vol 30 # 25 (Restaurant Alain Ducasse, Paul Minchelli, Louis XV) "Robo-Chef" pgs. 45-46

-7/7/97 vol 30 # 25 (Monzù) "My Cuisine Vinny" Pgs 60 & 83

-7/7/97 vol 30 # 25 (Rialto) "I hear there's a baby Balthazar" Ask Gael pg. 78

-7/14/97 vol 31 # 26 (Molyvos, Pasha) Jolly Good Phyllo pg. 78-79

-7/14/97 Vol 30 # 26 (Le Mistral) "How can I score a table at Jean-Georges" Ask Gael pg. 98

-10/20/97 v.30 #40 Insatiable (Tuscan Square) "Club Medici" p.78-79 "Winter" MODE vol 1 #4 Fork Play p 88-p.90 (issue avail. 10/20/97)

-10/27/97 v. 30 #41 Insatiable (Rest. 147 & Balthazaar) "Hot Copy" p. 132-134

-10/27/97 v.30 #41 (Velvet) "Is there a cozy corner waiting to be discovered?" Ask Gael p. 152

-11/3/97 v 30 #42 Insatiable (Sofia Fabulous Grill) "Romper Room" p. 92, contd on p 94

-11/3/97 v 30 #42 (Picholine) "I want to impress my British kin" Ask Gael p. 112

-11/10/97 v30 #43 Insatiable (Asia de Cuba) "Wily Chayote" p. 71-72

-11/10/97 V30 # 43 (Bouterin) "I'm homesick for Provence". Ask Gael. p. 94

-11-17-97 V30 #44 Insatiable (Cyclo, Annam)"Miss Saigon? p.109-110

-11/17/97 V30#44 (Da Mario) "Where can I honor the Godfather?" Ask Gael, p116

-11/24/97 V30 #45 Insatiable (Moomba, Destinee) "It Takes the Village" p.94-96

-11/24/97 V30 #45 (Windows on the World) "Must I torture my palate for a drop-dead view?" Ask Gael p.118

Box: 24 December 8, 1997 - December 28, 1998

Scope and Content

-12/8/97 Vol. 30 #47 (Osteria Laguna) "Good food and a little fuss are what I need." Ask Gael p.109

-12/15/97 Vol. 30 #48 Insatiable FEATURE(Lespinasse, Spartina, Tapika, Screening Room, Lobster Club, Cascabel) Greenhouse Affect p. 82-84

-12/15/97 Vol. 30 #48 (Black Hound) "I don't have time to make dessert for the gang's potluck feast." Ask Gael p.104

-1/5/98 Vol 30 # 50 (!2-29-97) Cover Feature (Elaine's, LeCirque, NOBU, Rialto, Chez Es Saada, Balthazar, LeBernardin, Shun Lee Cafe, Cafe Fiorello, Spartina, Union Pacific, Jean Georges, Nougatine, Sofia Fabulous Grill, American Festival Cafe, Honmura An, Lobster Club, Osteria Del Circo, Official All Star Cafe, Comedy Nation, Blue Water Grill, Atlantic, Wall Street Kitchen and Bar, The Wall Street Club, Fresco By Scotto, I Trulli, Bar Pitti, Trattoria Dell'Arte, Campagna, Pierino, Aqua Grill, Clementine, Drovers Tap Room, Molyvos, Monzu, Tuscan Square, Pasha, Moomba, Second Ave Deli, Katz's Delicatessen, Payard, Les Halles, The Lenox Room, Cascabel, Bouley Bakery, The Palm, Morton's of Chicago, Maloney & Porcelli, Rest.222, Inagiku, Fresco, Gotham Bar & Grill, Churrascaria Plataforma, Rainbow Room, Decade, Bistro Latino, Estiatorio Milos, Seagrill's, Carmine's, Virgil's, Soul Cafe, Frico, John's Pizzeria, The Park, Tapika, Red Eye Grill, Christer's, First, Verbena, Bolo, Match Uptown, The Grill Room, Vong, Lespinasse)"Chow Manhattan" page 23-30

-1/5/98 Vol 30 # 50 (Le Bernardin) "Where can I take my boss the truffle hound?" ASK GAEL p.77

-1/12/98 Vol. 31 #1 Insatiable (Tennessee Mountain, The Hog Pit) "Hogs and Kisses" pp.51-52

-1/12/98 Vol, 31 #1 (Wall Street Club) "I want to thank my broker for a bountiful 1997." ASK GAEL p. 70

-3/30/98 Vol. 31 #12 (Taka) "Why are there almost no women sushi masters?"ASK GAEL p. 90

-4/6/98 Vol. 31 #13 --30th Anniversary Issue (Hunan) "'69" p. 71

-4/6/98 Vol. 31 # 13 30th Anniversary Issue (Le Cote Basque) "'73" p. 82

-4/27/98 Vol. 31 #16 Insatiable- (Joe's...Again) "The Joe of Cooking." p.65-66

-4/27/98 Vol. 31 #16 (China Club) "Name me a dish that made you whoop with joy." ASK GAEL p. 84

-5/4/98 Vol. 31 #17 Insatiable-(BONDST) "Holy Mackerel" p. 138-140

-5/4/98 Vol. 31 #17 (American Park) "I want really good food alfresco." ASK GAEL p.159

-5/11/98 Vol. 31. #18 Insatiable - (One3) "Eating by Numbers" p.77-78

-5/11/98 Vol.31 #18 (Mr. K's) "I want truckling and fawning." ASK GAEL p. 98

-5/18/98 Vol.31 #19 Insatiable: (American Park, Park View) "Trees Chic" pp. 69-70

-5/18/98 Vol.31 #19 (Merlot) "I hear the Lutece flame glows on West 63rd Street) ASK GAEL p.90

-5/25/98 Vol. 31 #20 Insatiable: (The Elephant, Mr. K's) "In the Belly of the East" pp 84-88

-5/25/98 Vol. #31 Iss #20 (Le Solex) "I'm a dealer wooing an artist in Chelsea" ASK GAEL pg 106

-6/1/98 Vol 31 #21 Insatiable- (Peacock Alley, Jean Lafitte) "Divine Oeuvre-kill" pg 101-2

-6/1/98 Vol 31 #21 (La Foret) "Is there a cozy little bistro on the Upper (far) East side?"ASK GAEL pg 123.

-6/8/98 Vol 31 #22 Insatiable (Butterfield 81, Tropica) "Next up at the Plate" pg111-112

-6/8/98 Vol 31 #22 (Well's Restaurant) "Happening Dinner Dance" pg 129 Ask Gael

-6/8/98 Vol 31 #22 (NYM Food Hall of Fame) "I want to give my chef-groupie mate a night with Alice Waters." pg 130 ASK GAEL

-6/15/98 Vol 31 #23 Insatiable (Montrachet) "Morel High Ground" pg 56-7

-6/15/98 Vol 31 #23 (Osteria del Mezzaluna) "What's new on the Tuscan front?" pg 82 ASK GAEL

-6/22/98 Vol 31 #24 Insatiable (Blue Ribbon Bakery) "Good in Bread" pg. 63-4

-6/22/98 Vol. 31 #24 ASK GAEL (An American Place, San Domenico) "What is tried and true and good?" pg 84

-7/20/98 Vol 31 #27 Insatiable (Jimmy's Bronx Cafe) "Plantain Hollywood" pg. 85-86

-7/20/98 Vol 31 #27 ASK GAEL (Cena) "I want to impress a jaded publisher at lunch" pg. 104

-10/19/98 Vol 31 #40 ASK GAEL (Mexicana Mama) "Take me back to Monterey, Mexico" pg 98

-10/19/98 Vol 31 #40 INSATIABLE (La Fourchette) "Unfinished Symphony" pg 77-78

-10/19/98 Vol 31 #40 NYM piece (VENICE) "Venice off the menu" pg 46-47

-10/26/98 Vol. 31 #41 INSATIABLE (Norma's) "The Joy of Excess" pg. 90-92

-10/26/98 Vol. 31 #41 ASK GAEL (Club Raleigh at the Oaks) "I long for the nights we had sultry songs with our dinner." pg. 114

-11/2/98 Vol. 31 #42 INSATIABLE (Sushi Rose/BondSt) "Right in Tuna" pg. 130 - 132

-11/2/98 Vol. 31 # 42 ASK GAEL (Barney Greengrass) "Is nothing sacred?" pg. 160

-11/9/98 Vol. 31 # 43 INSATIABLE (Lespinasse) "Born Again Christain" pg. 69-70

-11/9/98 Vol. 31 # 43 ASK GAEL (Yvonne's Jamaican Mobile Restaurant) "I'm in a lunchtime rut." pg. 95

-11/16/98 Vol. 31 #44 INSATIABLE (Cafe Boulud) "Dressed to Chill." pg. 81-82

-11/16/98 Vol. 31 #44 ASK GAEL (Goody's) "What's worth a trip to Chinatown these days?" pg. 102

-11/23/98 Vol. 31 # 45 INSATIABLE (Scarabee) "The Chic of Scarabee." pg. 95-96

-11/23/98 Vol. 31 # 45 ASK GAEL (Cipriani Wall Street) "Are you picking on dear Mr. Cipriani?" pg. 116

-11/30/98 Vol. 31 #46 INSATIABLE (City Hall) "We'll Meat Again." pg. 134-136

-11/30/98 Vol. 31 #46 ASK GAEL (Eleven Madison Park) "What is Danny Meyer up to now?" pg. 159

-12/7/98 Vol. 31 # 47 INSATIABLE (Rage) "All the Rage." pg. 86-88

-12/7/98 Vol. 31 # 47 ASK GAEL (Bolivar) "I ask for bread and they tell me to order arepas." pg. 106

-12/21-28/98 Vol. 31 # 49 INSATIABLE (12/21/98 Madison Park/Gramercy Tavern) "Practice Makes Perfect." pg. 158-161

-12/21-28/98 Vol. 31 # 49 ASK GAEL (Cafe Habana) "Shake me from my holiday dolor." pg. 202

Box: 25 January 4, 1999 - November 15, 1999

Scope and Content

-1-4-99 Vol 31 #50 (published 12-28-98) (Algonquin Hotel, American Park, An American Place, Aquagrill, Asia de Cuba, Aureole, Avenue, Babbo, Balthazar, Barney Greengrassa, Bar Pitti, Blue Ribbon, Blue Ribbon Bakery & Cafe, Bolivar, Bolo, BondSt, Bop, Bouterin, Brooklyn Diner, Butterfield 81, Cafe Adriana, Cafe Boulud, Cafe Habana, Calle Ocho, Campagna, Campo, Cena, Chianti, Chimichurri Grill, Chola, Churrascaria Plataforma, City Hall, Clementine, Daniel, Drovers Tap Room, Elaine's, The Elephant, Eleven Madison Park, Estiatorio Milos, Felidia, F. Illi Ponte, Four Seasons, Goody's, Gotham, Home, Il Mulino, I Trulli, Java, Jean Georges, Jimmy's Bronx Cafe, Joe's Pub, Judson Grill, Kitchenette, La Foret, La Fourchette, La Grenouille, Le Bernadin, Le Solex, Lespinasse, The Lobster Club, Lot 61, Maldney & Porcelli, Mercer Kitchen, Mesa Grill, Mexicana Mama, Michael Jordan's The Steak House, Montrachet, Moomba, New Green Bo, Next Door Nobu, Nobu, Norma's, Oceana, Ocean Grill, Osteria del Circo, Pasha, Patria, Picholine, Pizza Joint, Pongal, Rage, Rain, Remi, Ruby Foo's, San Pietro, Scarabee, The Screening Room, Sea Grill, Serendipity 3, Shanghai Cuisine, Shun Lee, Shun Lee Palace, Sonora, Sparks Steak House, Spartina, Spazzia, Surya, Sylvia's, Tabaq, Tabla, Tapika, Tenessee Mountain, Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano, Trattoria dell'Arte, Tropica, 21 Club, Two Two Two, Union Pacific, Union Square Cafe, Virgil's BBQ, Vong, Wells Restaurant) "Where to Eat in 1999" -- pgs 22 through 31

-4/26/99 Vol. 32 #16 ASK GAEL (Cibi- Cibi)"What have they done to Yellowfingers?" p. 104

-4/26/99 Vol. 32 #16 INSATIABLE "Double your Pleasure" (Daniel) p.80,82

-5/3/99 Vol. 32 #17 ASK GAEL (Brasserie Julien and Acacia) "Give me an old-fashioned French bistro sans attitude." p. 152

-5/3/99 Vol.32 #17 INSATIABLE " Worth Dining For" (The Dining Room on Columbus, Tabla's Bread Bar) p.132,134

-5/10/99 Vol.32 #18 INSATIABLE "Old Wine, New Money" (Zoë) p. 73-74

-5/10/99 Vol. 32 #18 ASK GAEL (Maison) "Is there a relapse into the eighties restaurant madness? p. 109

-5/17/99 Vol. 32 #19 "Whatever happened to American Food?" (Coach House, Wild Blue, City Hall, An American Place, Home, Drover's Tap Room, Pearl's Oyster Bar) p.48-51

-5/17/99 Vol. 32 #19 OBJECT OF DESIRE (Gotham Bar & Grill) "A Thin Skinned Couple" p. 92

-5/24/99 Vol. 32 #20 ASK GAEL (Joe's Shanghai) "Can this really be Joe's Shanghai in midtown? p.102

-5/24/99Vol. 32 #20 INSATIABLE " Have Whisk, Will Travel" (Palladin) p.77-78

-5/31/99 Vol. 32 #21 INSATIABLE "Cat's Got Her Tongue" (Red Cat) p. 105-106

-5/31/99 Vol.32 # 21 Ask GAEL "Do I smell something burning at ABC Carpet & Home?" (Colina) p. 129

-6/14/99 Vol. 32 #23 ASK GAEL "How far will I go for rumored perfection?" ? (Mela) p. 77

-6/14/99 Vol. 32 #23 INSATIABLE " Wall to Wall Italy" (Colina) p. 57

-6/21/99 Vol. 32 #24 INSATIABLE “Second Thyme Around”(Cibi-Cibi, Bolivar) p.69

-6/21/99 Vol. 32 #24 ASK GAEL “Who’s rehabbing Times Square dining” (Local) p.91

-6/28/99 Vol. 32 #25 ASK GAEL “Of all that’s new, what’s got starch and grand aspirations?” (Cello) p.179

-6/28/99 Vol. 32 #25 INSATIABLE “ Feret at Last” (Acacia, Brasserie Julien, Park Bistro, Maison ) p. 144,146

-7/12/99 Vol. 32 #26 INSATIABLE “Adagio for Fins” (Cello, Beacon) p.55-56

-7/12/99 Vol. 32 # 26 ASK GAEL ”Are you kidding? Brooklyn Cuisine?” (Fireman’s of Brooklyn) p.76

-10/25/99 Vol. 32 # 41 ASK GAEL “How do you navigate the choppy trattoria seas?” (Lupa) pg. 115

-10/25/99 Vol. 32 #41 INSATIABLE “The Empire Strikes Back” (Danube) pg. 92-94

-11/1/99 Vol. 32 #42 ASK GAEL “Do I see light and pulled pork at the end of the tunnel” (Henry’s) pg. 156

-11/1/99 Vol.32 #42 INSATIABLE “Eat to the Beat” (Hush and Oriont) pgs. 126 & 134

-11/8/99 Vol.32 #43 ASK GAEL “I’m stuck on hold at the Russian Tea Room. Should I bother?” (Russian Tea Room) pg. 111(2 copies)

-11/8/99 Vol.32 #43 INSATIABLE “Howl” (Lupa) pgs. 75-76.

-11/15/99 Vol. 32 #44 ASK GAEL “I’m courting a client who eats only fish.” (Maritime) pg. 103

-11/15/99 Vol. 32 #44 INSATIABLE “Gimme Shelter” (Swifty’s) pgs. 81-82.

Box: 26 November 29, 1999 - November 13, 2000

Scope and Content

-11/29/99 Vol. 32 #46 ASK GAEL “I need a gift for the friend who’s eaten everything” (William-Sonoma Candy) pg. 186

-11/29/99 Vol. 32 #46 INSATIABLE “Lift Off” (Atlas & Thalia) pgs. 144 and 146.

-12/6/99 Vol. 32 #47 ASK GAEL “You rarely risk a bite on the Lower East Side.” (71 Clinton Fresh Food) pg. 124

-12/6/99 Vol. 32 #47 INSATIABLE “Velvet Revolution” (Russian Tea Room) pgs. 102 & 104

-12/13/99 Vol. 32 #48 ASK GAEL “Is it true “nobody goes to Le Cirque anymore?” (Le Cirque) pg. 113

-12/13/99 Vol. 32 # 48 INSATIABLE “Take the Fifth” (Jack’s Fifth, 71 Clinton Fresh Food) pgs. 80 & 88

-1/3/00 Vol.32 #50 INSATIABLE “Where to Eat in 2000” (Markt, Pastis, Isla, Guastavino, Swifty’s, La Goulue, Lupa, Danube, Russian Tea Room, Cello, Le Bernardin, Gotham Bar and Grill, Brasserie, Kitchenette, Norma’s, Fairway Café, Nicole’s, Eli’s Manhattan, New York Noodle Town, Ping’s Seafood, Golden Unicorn, Triple Eight Place, Grand Sichuan International, Rue 57, Morell Wine Bar and Café, Red Cat, Park Bistro, Jack’s Fifth, Brasserie Julien, Acacia, C3, Wild Blue, Daniel, Il Cantinori, Cello, Spazzia, Spartina, Lombardi’s, Colina, Beacon, Palm West, Sparls Steak House, Angelo and Maxie’s, Morton’s of Chicago, Maloney & Porcelli, Michael Jordan’s Steak House, Tapika, Churrascaria Plataforma, Rain, Café Fiorello’s, Ruby Foo’s, Jimmy’s Uptown, Jimmy’s Bronx Café, Pastis, Balthazar, Mercer Kitchen, Indochine, Canteen, Michael’s, Elaine’s, The Four Seasons, Da Silvano, Il Cantinori, 71 Clinton Fresh Food, Union Pacific, Lespinasse, Bar Pitti, Osteria del Circo, Lupa, Baraonda, Trattpria Dell’Arte, Campagna, Coco Pazzo, Kuruma Zushi, Sushi Zen, Taka, Sugiyama, Honmura An, Pearl Oyster Bar, Rosehil, Fireman’s of Brooklyn, Barney Greengrass, Tropica, Oceana, Aquagrill, Blue Water Grill, Daniel, Gotham Bar and Grill, Butterfield 81, Chanterelle, Danube, Sono, Mesa Grill, Christer’s, Thalia, Redeye Grill, Palm West, Local, Shun Lee Palace, Le Citque 2000, Cucina & Co., Nobu, Next Door Nobu, Aureole, Bolo, Jo Jo, Jean Georges, Picholine, Gramercy Tavern, BondSt, Shun Lee Palace, Cyclo, Babbo, Patria, Judson Grill, American Park) pg. 37-49 -1/3/00 Vol.33 #1 ASK GAEL “How do you decide which cookbook you want?” (The French Laundry Cookbook, Gluttony: More is More) pg.110

-1/10/00 Vol. 33 # 2 ASK GAEL “Help! Korean Food is a Mystery to me.” (Do Hwa) pg. 73

-1/10/00 Vol. 33 # 2 INSATIABLE “ One Man’s Frites” (Pastis) pgs. 51-52

-4/24/00 Vol. 33 #15 ASK GAEL "What can Texas possibly teach New York about steak?" (Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House) pg. 172

-4/24/00 Vol 33 # 16 "Best Food NY: Constant Craving, Picky Picky section" (Le Bernardin, Ruby Foo's, Shun Lee West) pg. 60

-5/8/00 Vol. 33 # 18 ASK GAEL: “Steer me away from yet another ooze of chocolate” (Chicama) pg. 111

-5/8/00 Vol. 33 #18 INSATIABLE: “Make a Fish” (Esca, Avra) pg. 79-80

-5/29/00 Vol. 33 #21 INSATIABLE "Vine Connoisseur" (Vine & Commune) pg. 115-16

-5/29/00 Vol.33 #21 ASK GAEL "I definitely believe chocolate is good for me." pg, 136

-6/26/00 – 7/3/00 Vol. 33 # 25 INSATIABLE: "AZ You Like it" (AZ, Revel) pgs. 154 & 190

-6/26/00 – 7/3/00 Vol. 33 # 25 ASK GAEL: "Do I have to sacrifice one newborn to get into Ducasse?" (Ducasse @ Essex House) pg. 180

-7/24/00 Vol. 33 #28 ASK GAEL "How about a meal for $15 you'd be willing to eat?" (Big Nick's Burger & Pizza Joint) Pg. 80

-7/24/00 Vol. 33 #28 INSATIABLE "Deep Knish" (Shelly's New York & Restaurant Above) Pgs. 57-58

-7/31/00 Vol.33 #29 ASK GAEL "My mom used to hide the peanut butter." (Tapika) pg. 86

-7/31/00 Vol.33 #29 ASK GAEL HAMPTON"S EDITION (Chinda's, Espresso, Maidstone Arms, Golden Pear Cafes, Babette's, Estia, Amagansett Farmer's Market, Lobster Roll, Hampton Chutney Co., Cerulean, Nick & Toni's, Palm, Conca d'Oro, Rowdy Hall, Turtle Crossing, Red Bar Brasserie, Tsunami, Della Femina, Harvest, The Independent, 95 School Street, Robert's)

-8/14/00 Vol. 33 #31 ASK GAEL "I'm seeing an orange blur as I race to Berdorf's" (Brasserie * 1/2 ) Pg. 91

-8/14/00 Vol. 33 # 31 GOLD PLATE SPECIAL (Alain Ducasse) Pgs. 31-35

-8/28/00 Vol. 33 # 33 ASK GAEL: “Who's who in the Great Hamptons Cookie Battle?" (Tate's) Pg. 188

-9/4/00 Vol. 33 #34 ASK GAEL: “Where are the chefs hanging out now?” (Il Buco) Pg. 83

-9/4/00 Vol. 33 # 34 TASTING: “And Another Thing…” (Phao, Georgica Grill, Old Stove Pub) Pg. 81

Box: 27 January 1, 2001 - December 8, 2003

Scope and Content

-1/1/01 Vol.33 #50 NEW YORK Where to eat 2001 ASK GAEL, Alain Ducasse at The Essex House; Amy Ruth’s Restaurant; An American Place; Artisanal; Atlas; AZ; Babbo; Baldoria; Balthazar; B.B. King’s Blues Club and Grill; Beacon; Beppe; Blue Hill Restaurant; Bond Street; Bouley Bakery; Brasserie 81/2; Cafee Fiorello; Cello; Chanterelle; Chazal; Chicama; Chinghalle; Chinoiserie; Commune; Craft; Daniel; Danube; Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House; District; The Dining Room; Elaine’s. Esca; F&B; First; Fluer de Sel; The Four Season’s;Funky Broome; Gotham Bar and Grill; Gramercy Tavern; Heatbeat NY;Hudson Cafeteeria; Jean Georges; Jimmy’s Uptown; La Caravelle; Le Bernardin; Le Cirque 2000; Lenox Room; Le Perigord; Lespinasse; Le Zinc; Lotus; Lupa; Mesa Grill; Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse, NYC; Mirchi; Miss Maude’s Spoonbread Too; Morton’s of Chicago; Mr. Chow; Nobu; One cp.s.;Orsay; Palm West; Park Bistro; Pastis; Peanut Butter & Co.; Pearl Oyster Bar; Picholine; Ping’s Seafood; Pipa; Ruby Foo’s Dim Sum & Sushi Palace; San Domenico NY; Sandro’s; Sea Grill; 71 Clinton Fresh Foods; Shelly’s New York; Shun Lee Palace; Spartina; Strip House; Swifty’s; Tao; Tapika; Todd English’s Olives NY; Triomphe; Tuscan Steak; Two Two Two;

-09/24/01 NYM Vol.34, issue 36, ASK GAEL;"I've got a curtain to catch on the new 42nd street" (Chef Josephine Le Madeleine)P.77

-01/07/02, NYM, Vol. 34 issue 50, ASK GAEL,"Had any cosmic thrills lately?"(Picholine)P.100

-6/24/02. NYM, Vol.35, issue 22, ASK GAEL."Has Naples become Manhattan's new Tuscany?" (Il Gattopardo) P.156

-6/24/02, NYM, Vol.35, issue 22, "The Ice Cream Cometh" feature P.53-57

-11/11/02 NYM, Vol. 35 issue 39, ASK GAEL, “Tonight was a zero, I need a major treat” (Eleven Madison Park) P.145

-11/11/02 NYM, Vol. 35 issue 39, FEATURE:“The 2002 Chefs Awards, Hail to the Chefs”, P.36-40

-11/11/02 NYM, Vol. 35 issue 39, FEATURE: “The Taste Race”, P. 42-44

-11/11/02 NYM Vol. 35 issue 39, FEATURE:“Chef Power”, P.46, P.48, P.50 contd Page 131

-12/23-30/02, NYM, Vol. 35 issue 45, ASK GAEL, “Find me a restaurant with zero decibels” (Upstairs at ’21) P.153

-1/6/03, NYM, Vol. 35, issue 46, ASK GAEL, “Our Clan is convening for a special birthday” (Trattoria Dell'Arte) P.88

-4/7-14/03, NYM,Vol.36, issue 12, ASK GAEL,”Is Capitale an illusion or delusion of grandeur?” P.190 (Capitale)

-4/7-14/03, NYM, Vol.36 issue 12, “Cooking up a storm”P.68

-4/7-14/03, NYM, Vol.36 issue 12, FEATURE: Getting Fresh” P.88

-5/12-19/03, NYM, Vol. Issue 16, ASK GAEL: “My Friend is the fussiest fish person I know” (Pelagos) P.158

-10/27/03 Vol 36 issue. Feature: "Paris Review" P. 44-45

-10/27/03 Vol 36 issue 37 ASK GAEL:: "Another Cookbook? Who Needs It? p.104.

-12/8/03, NYM.Vol.36, issue 43, ASK GAEL, “I need gifts for all my obsessed foodie pals”, (Tadaro Bros;DiPalo Fine Foods; Fairway) P.94

-12/8/03, NYM.Vol36, issue 43,FEATURE “Small Plates” 46-51

Box: 28 January 5, 2004 - September 19, 2005

Scope and Content

-1/5/04, NYM,Vol.36, issue 46,”ASK GAEL,”Will merry prankster David Burke ever growup?” (DavidBurke & Donatella) P.82

-3/22-29/04, NYM, Vol, 37, issue 10, ASK GAEL: "Tell me what's really worth a trip to Brooklyn" (Dumont) P.166

-3/22-29/04, 2004, NYM, Vol.37,issue 10 ,BEST OF NEW YORK "Sea Urchin" (Le Bernardin) P.47

-6/14/04 NYM, Vol. 37, issue 21, ASK GAEL,”What’s that exotic rhythm on Rockefeller Plaza?” (Taj Hotel’s Feast of Many Moons) P.150

-10/25/04, NYM,Vol,37 issue 37, ASK GAEL,”I see your favorite Indian guru’s on the move again” (Devi) P.58

-10/25/04, NYM,Vol, 37 issue 37, “Hanoi, Vietnam” P.72

-11/1/04 NYM, Vol.37, issue 38. “Everything Guide to Chocolate” Introduction by Gael Greene P.54

-11/1/04, NYM, Vol 37, issue 38, “Eat, Memory” (Marcella Hazan) P.53

-11/1/04, NYM, Vol 37, issue 38, ASK GAEL:“I want a little dinner. A great little dinner. Where to?” (Bar Tonno) P.52

-12/2-/27/04, NYM, Vol 37, issue 45, “Sushi Became the new luxury fetish” (Masa;Megu;Sushi of Gari; JewelBako; Bond Street; Ebiso; Tsuki;) P.80-81

-3/14/05, NYM, Vol 38, issue 9,”Dream Meals:Jean Georges; Aquavit; LeBernardin;” P.58

-3/14/05, NYM,Vol 38, issue 9,”Classics:Gotham Bar and Grill” P.62

-3/14/05 NYM vol. 38 issue 9 “The Best New Restaurant that isn’t Masa or Per Se, (Devi) P.60

-5/2/05, NYM, Vol 38, issue 15, The New Yorker’s Guide to the Universe:Sicily, Italy” P.68-69

-6/27/05, NYM. Vol 38, issue 23,”The Every-Occasion Guide to Splurge Dining” P.29

-9/19/05, NYM, Vol.38, issue 32, Ask Gael: “Am I awake? I see David Bouley Cooking.” (Bouley Bakery) P.58

Box: 29 January 9, 2006 - June 16, 2008

Scope and Content

-1/9/06 NYM

-3/6/06, NYM, Vol 39, issue 8 “Men and the Menu” (From her Memoir, a restaurant critic’s awakening (with Romatic help from Elvis, Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood, and Gilbert Le Coze) P.32-37

-6/26/06, New York MagazinemVol.39, issue 23, Insatiablegg Critic, Gael Greene, Sfoglia” P.78 P.120

-12/25/06 thru Jan 1, 2007, New York Magazine, Vol. 39 issue 46, “Insatiable Critic Gael Greene, Klee Brasserie” P.83

-12/25/06 – 1/1/07, New York Magazine, Vol 39. , issue 46 “Dark Night at the Circus” Le Cirque P. 22

-1/22-29/07, New York Magazine, Vol. 40, issue 3, “Intelligencer, Le Binge” P.10

-3/12-19/07, New York Magazine, Vol.40, issue 9, “Nothing Wimpy About Them, Brooklyn Diner, Fairway, White Castle” P.78

-3/12-19/07, New York Magazine, Vol. 40, issue 9, “Novel Thinking, Sfoglia” p.81

-4/14/09, New York Magazine, Vol. 41, issue 13, “Insatiable Critic, Gael Greene, Madaleine Mae” P.54


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Accretion 2014 - Series I: Magazines

Container 1     Title Date
Box: 30 March 1982 - October 2010

Scope and Content

-March 1982. National Lampoon, vol. 2, no. 44.

-Summer 1987. Great Escapes. “The Bite Fantastic.” Page G8, G22-G25.

-October 1997. Travel & Leisure, vol. 27, no. 10. “Eating (and enjoying it) in Beijing.” Page 190-197.

-March 1999. Food Arts, vol. 12, no. 2.

-November 1999. Travel & Leisure, vol. 29, no. 30. “Casual Dining in Venice.” Page 40-45.

-April 2000. Food Arts, vol. 13, no. 3. “Raj-Podge.” Page 90-91.

-October 2000. Food & Wine, vol. 23, no. 10. “Unspoiled Venice.” Page 202-207.

-November 2000. Food Arts, vol. 13, no. 9. “Life in the Feast Lane.” Page 176-186.

-November/December 2001. Departures, no. 74. “The Epicurean.” Page 171-177.

-March 2002. Travel & Leisure, vol. 32, no. 3. “The Best Eats in Hanoi and Saigon.” Page 83-88.

-October 2003. Food Arts, vol. 16, no.8. “Calabria: Feel the Heat.” Page 64-68.

-March/April 2004. AARP: The Magazine, vol. 47, no. 2B. “People of the Year” mention. Page 49.

-July/August 2004. Food Arts, vol. 17, no. 6. “Counter Revolution.” Page 56-60.

-October 2005. Food Arts, vol. 18, no.8. “Eating on Their Feet.” Page 51-52.

-July 2006. Food & Wine, vol. 29, no. 7. “Insatiable in Delhi.” Page 120-125.

-August/September 2010. Saveur, no. 131. “Dinners with Jaime.” Page 51-52.

-October 2010. Saveur, no. 132. “Great Expectation.” Page 52-53.

Box: 31 June 2011 - May 2014

Scope and Content

-June 2011. Plum Hamptons, vol. 1, no. 1. “An Entertaining Retort from Gael Greene.” Page 110 (page cut out of magazine).

-July 2011. Plum Hamptons, vol.1, no. 2.

-September 2012. Manhattan. “A Perfect Day for Bananafish.” Page 166-167.

-November 2012. Manhattan. “The Plaza Food Halls Get Fat and Sassy.” Page 128-130.

-December 2012. Manhattan. “The Son Also Rises. Page 131-132.

-January/February 2013. Manhattan. “Let Them Eat Steak.” Page 108-109.

-Spring 2013. Du Jour. “Bar Code.” Page 80.

-March 2013. Manhattan. “Meeting the Ancestors.” Page 140-141.

-April 2013. Manhattan. “The Road, to Salvation.” Page 110-111.

-May 2013. Manhattan. “A Stella Performance.” Page 116-117.

-June 2013. Beach: Modern Luxury. “Topping Out.” Page 92-93.

-July/August 2013. Manhattan. “One Big Italian Drama.” Page 106-107.

-August 2013. Beach: Modern Luxury. “The Aphrodisiacal Illusion.” Page 180.

-August/September 2013. Saveur, no. 158. “Golden Days.” Page 42-44.

-April 2014. Manhattan. “River Deep, River High.” Page 118-119.

-May 2014. Manhattan. “The Cat’s Meow.” Page 134-135.


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