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Guide to the Heather Lewis Papers
1965-2002 (Bulk 1980-1999)
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Collection processed by Processed by Alex Caamano, 2003, and Jessica Shimmin, 2005.

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Scope and Content Note

The Heather Lewis Papers include materials relating to Heather Lewis's career as an author. The materials include journals, photographs and correspondence as well as manuscripts and research. In addition the collection contains financial documents and materials related to the publishing of her novels. The materials span 1965-2002, however the bulk of the materials are from the 1980s and 1990s.

Series I: Journals contains Heather Lewis's personal journals. These materials are arranged chronologically.

Series II: Author Files is divided into two subseries.  Subseries A includes Heather Lewis's author information such as literary press and event information. This series only includes information not associated with her books. For publicity about Heather Lewis's novels please see Series II, III and IV.  Subseries B contains information on other authors and artists including event publicity as well as art and literary pieces. These materials are arranged alphabetically by the author or artist's last name.

Series III: House Rules is divided into five subseries.  Subseries A includes manuscripts for  Gambler's Choice, which was an early draft form of  House Rules.  Subseries B contains manuscripts for  Sixty-Forty, another early title for  House Rules. Subseries C includes  House Rules manuscripts and drafts.  Subseries C holds publishing information for the novel  House Rules. Finally,  Subseries E includes publicity information. Materials are arranged alphabetically.

Series IV: The Second Suspect contains materials related to the writing and publication of Heather Lewis's second novel. The series is divided into three subseries.  Subseries A includes manuscripts and drafts.  Subseries B contains publication materials. Subseries C includes publicity materials such as reviews and advertisements. Materials are arranged alphabetically.

Series V: Notice contains manuscript materials related to Heather Lewis's novel  Notice. Lewis wrote this book after  House Rules but could not find a publisher.  Notice was published posthumously by Serpent's Tail in 2004.

Series VI: Other Writing includes Heather Lewis's other writing projects and is broken into five subseries.  Subseries A contains short stories.  Subseries B includes Lewis's writing from Sarah Lawrence College, particularly research papers.  Subseries C contains poetry. Subseries D includes essays Lewis wrote as an adult and public letters.  Subseries E: Miscellaneous includes a short paper on Martin Luther King Jr. from an unknown time period and chapters from a possible fourth novel featuring Detective Reese. These materials are in chronological order where possible. Remaining materials are in alphabetical order.

Series VII: Personal Correspondence and Biographical Materials is broken into four subseries.  Subseries A contains letters from Heather Lewis organized alphabetically by the last name of the addressee.  Subseries B contains letters to Heather Lewis where the first and last name of the sender is known. These materials are in alphabetical order by the sender's last name.  Subseries C contains letters to Heather Lewis from senders who only included their first name. Materials are in alphabetical order.  Subseries D includes letters to other people from other people, for example a letter to Allen Gurganus from Malaga Baldi. Finally,  Subseries E includes biographical materials related to Heather Lewis's life. Again, these materials are in alphabetical order by recipient's last name.

Series VIII: Administrative Materials is broken into eleven subseries.  Subseries A contains contracts for books and contributions arranged in chronological order.  Subseries B includes royalty statements arranged in chronological order.  Subseries C includes author photographs, some of Heather Lewis and some of other authors arranged alphabetically.  Subseries D contains tax information arranged chronologically.  Subseries E includes accounting, bills, and statements from credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions. These materials are arranged chronolocially.  Subseries F holds administrative correspondence including letters from publishers, agents, and fans. These materials are arranged alphabetically.  Subseries G incorporates calendars and contacts such as day planners, business cards and phone lists. The subseries is arranged in chronological order.  Subseries H includes resumes, applications, and calls for papers arranged in alphabetical order.  Subseries I holds materials related to Lewis's work instructing writing workshops. Materials are arranged chronologically.  Subseries J includes promotional and journalistic materials on publishers arranged alphabetically.  Suberies K holds miscellaneous items.

Series IX: Research includes two subseries.  Subseries A contains notes.  Subseries B contains subject files organized in alphabetical order.

Series X: Images includes three subseries.  Subseries A: photographs, some with matching negatives includes candid, personal photographs of family, events, landscapes and friends. Where possible, the photographs and negatives are matched. These materials are arranged chronologically where possible, remaining materials are organized alphabetically.  Subseries B: Unmatched Negatives holds negatives for which we have no prints. These materials are arranged alphabetically by content.  Subseries C: Other Images contains an unsigned drawing.

Series XI: Juvenilia contains materials from Heather Lewis's childhood including yearbooks, school writing journals and children's literature. Materials are arranged chronologically where possible.

Series XII: Printed Material includes printed materials such as film posters, tourism pamphlets, maps and owner's manuals. Materials are arranged alphabetically.

Series XIII: Objects and Artifacts includes objects such as a trophy, library card, and pen. All of these items are located in Box 13 except the red leather datebook

Series XIV: Media contains two subseries.  Subseries A includes 3.5 inch floppy disks.   Subseries B includes all other media including 5.25 inch floppy disks, compact disks and Heather Lewis's laptop computer.

Oversize: there is one box of oversize materials at the end of the collection containing oversize materials from each of the series.


The collection consists of fourteen series.

The material is arranged both chronologically and alphabetically.

  1. Series I: Journals
  2. Series II: Author and Artist Files
  3. Series III: House Rules
  4. Series IV: Second Suspect
  5. Series V: Notice
  6. Series VI: Other Writing
  7. Series VII: Personal Correspondence and Biographical Material
  8. Series VIII: Administrative Materials
  9. Series IX: Research
  10. Series X: Images
  11. Series XI: Juvenilia
  12. Series XII: Printed Materials
  13. Series XIII: Objects and Artifacts
  14. Series IV: Media
  15. Oversize - Series I: Journals
  16. Oversize - Series III.E: House Rules - Publicity Materials
  17. Oversize - Series IV.A: Second Suspect - Manuscripts
  18. Oversize - Series VI.D: Other Writing - Essays, Letters
  19. Oversize - Series VIII.F: Administrative Materials - Administrative Correspondence
  20. Oversize - Series IX.B: Research - Subject Files
  21. Oversize - Series X.A: Images - Photographs
  22. Oversize - Series X.C: Images - Other Images
  23. Oversize - Series XII: Printed Materials