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Guide to the Annina Nosei Gallery Archive

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Collection processed by Lawrence Giffin, 2011.

This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on May 17, 2017
Description is in English.

Scope and Content

The Annina Nosei Gallery Archive comprises the records produced by the Annina Nosei Gallery in the day-to-day course of its business functions. The archive also includes records of Annina Nosei's private acquisitions and sales, as well as her work as a curator/dealer before and after the Annina Nosei Gallery. Materials include invoices and receipts for works bought and sold by the gallery or by Annina Nosei personally; administrative records for the Annina Nosei Gallery; photographic prints, transparancies, slides, and negatives; correspondence with artists, dealers, collectors, critics, curators, and other art institutions; promotional and exhibition materials (artist bios, magazine advertisements, exhibition announcements), and periodicals and clippings that feature artists represented by the gallery.

 Series Description The Annina Nosei Gallery Archive is divided into nine series.

 Series I: Transaction Records comprises files created in the gallery's process of buying artworks, taking artworks on consignment, and selling artworks. The series is divided into ten subseries.

Subseries A: Consignment Files
Subseries B: Inventory Cards: Works Sold
Subseries C: Inventory Cards: Returned to Artist
Subseries D: Inventory Books
Subseries E: Collector's Books
Subseries F: Artist Books
Subseries G: Acquisitions Receipts
Subseries H: Invoices
Subseries I: Shipment Records
Subseries J: Accounting

 Series II: Correspondence comprises correspondence sent and received by the Annina Nosei Gallery. The series is divided into five subseries.
Subseries A: Collectors
Subseries B: Dealers
Subseries C: Museum and Universities
Subseries D: Art Fairs/Auction Houses
Subseries E: Magazines, Critics, and Curators

 Series III: Artist Files comprises paper documents (including artists' bios, price lists, clippings, correspondence, exhibition announcements) and photographic materials relating to artists represented by the gallery and shows held at the gallery. The series is divided into six subseries.

Subseries A: General Artist Files
Subseries B: Master Slides Binders
Subseries C: Visuals Binders
Subseries D: Material Separated from Master Slides Binders
Subseries E: Material Separated from Visuals Binders
Subseries F: Polaroids

 Series IV: Jean-Michel Basquiat Artist File comprises artist biographies and other promotional material, price lists, invoices, correspondence, phone bills, bank account records, photographic material, and periodicals and clipping relating to Jean-Michel Basquiat, his work, and his relationship with the Annina Nosei Gallery. The series is divided into ten subseries.

Subseries A: Artist Files
Subseries B: Correspondence
Subseries C: Accounting
Subseries D: Invoices
Subseries E: Slides Binder
Subseries F: Visuals Binders
Subseries G: Material Separated from Visuals Binders
Subseries H: Polaroids
Subseries I: Catalogs
Subseries J: Periodicals, Clippings

 Series V: Exhibition Records comprises materials related to each show held at the Annina Nosei Gallery. Materials include installation photographs, price lists, artist bios, exhibition cards, press clippings. The series is divided into nine subseries.

Subseries A: Annina Nosei Gallery Shows; 1982-1983, 1983-1984
Subseries B: Annina Nosei Gallery Shows; September 1984 - August 1986
Subseries C: Annina Nosei Gallery Shows; October 1986 to December 1989 (included [sic]
Subseries D: Annina Nosei Gallery Shows; January 1990 - July 1992
Subseries E: Exhibitions; October 1992 - Jan 1993 - 94 - 96
Subseries F: Exhibitions Record; Jan 1997 - Dec 1999
Subseries G: Exhibition Records Jan. 2000 -
Subseries H: Catalogs
Subseries I: Guest Books

 Series VI: Other Administrative Files comprises material related to the general day-to-day administration of the gallery itself and the gallery space. The series is divided into three subseries.

Subseries A: Planners
Subseries B: Memos
Subseries C: Gallery Space

 Series VII: Pre-gallery Curating comprises material drawn from exhibitions curated by Nosei prior to opening her gallery.

 Series VIII: Misc. Artist Publications, Periodicals, Clippings comprises some monographs of artists represented by the gallery, some periodicals that include artists represented by the gallery, and various clippings, all accumulated and stored by the gallery.


Series were created by the archivist based on discussions with Annina Nosei and on a careful appraisal of the material. Each series reflects an explicit function of the Annina Nosei Gallery in its daily activities of taking artworks on consignment; of buying, selling, and shipping artworks; of planning and executing exhibitions in its gallery space as well as at museums, art fairs, and other galleries; and of managing, promoting, and paying represented artists. Every effort was made to retain the original order of the files. The subseries reflect the titles and organization of records by the gallery.

Almost all subseries titles were originated by the gallery as it created and maintained its records (and were printed on hanging files in labeled file cabinet drawers or on labeled boxes). The following four subseries were created and named by the archivist in an effort to simplify access, protect materials, and organize miscellany:

Series III, Subseries D
Series III, Subseries E
Series IV, Subseries G
Series VII, Subseries C

 Folders: Original folders were replaced with acid-free folders. Unless in brackets, all folder titles are taken from the original folder. A folder label in brackets is a label supplied by the archivist, either because the material was not foldered or because the original folder was unlabeled. The archivist has striven to replicate the gallery's naming conventions where they could be discerned.

Each folder in the archive holds the entire contents of an original folder. If there was more material in an original folder than would fit in a new folder, that material is divided between two or more folders, each folder bearing the original folder's name followed by the convention "[1/4]," "[2/4]," etc. If two different folders share the same name, each will be followed by a number in brackets denoting its position in a series/subseries (e.g., "[1]," "[2]," etc.).

 Binders: Unless in brackets, all binder labels are taken from the original binders. All materials separated from binders are foldered according to their original grouping in a single binder sleeve (most of which contained several items).

 Photocopies: All thermal paper has been replaced with a photocopied surrogate. Original folders bearing writing have been photocopied, and the photocopy has been placed at the end of the new folder. Items bearing sticky notes were photocopied, the sticky notes were removed, and the photocopies refiled with the originals (usually attached to it with a plastic clip).

 Dates: All dates are approximate and provided by the archivist based on a cursory glance at the contents of each folder.