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Guide to the Architect & Engineer Collection
circa 1790-1989
  PR 3

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Container List

Unidentified Creators (80 projects)

Scope and Contents Note

These files include drawings made by unidentified architects, engineers, etc. The following is a partial inventory, which is still in process.

Container 1     Title Date
Box: PR 3-27 Hamilton Grange, 10 items (PR 3-27)
Box: PR 3-91 [Unidentified 2 story estate house with cupola], 1 item (PR 3-91)
Folder: PR 3-93 [Plans for J. Wm.Beekman] (PR 3-93)
Folder: PR 3-94 [Unidentified building] Main Office (PR 3-94)
Folder: PR 3-95 [Unidentified Machinery Part] (PR 3-95)
Folder: PR 3-99 West Street Proposal for Improvement (PR 3-99)
Folder: PR 3-103 New York City Depressed Railway, perspective view (PR 3-103)
Folder: PR 3-105 Wyckoff House, Brooklyn, NY (PR 3-105)

Scope and Contents

a measure drawing of the Pieter Claesen Wyckoff residence.

Folder: PR 3-106 English Patent No. 11625 (PR 3-106)
Folder: PR 3-107 Audience Chamber (PR 3-107)
Folder: PR 3-110 Weight Distribution Specifications of Railroad Cars (PR 3-110)
Folder: PR 3-112 Windows on Fifth Avenue front (PR 3-112)
Folder: PR 3-113 Sketch of Lot at Greenwich and Cortlandt Streets, plus plans for a four story building. (PR 3-113)
Folder: PR 3-114 Landscape Design Plan (PR 3-114)
Folder: PR 3-115 Unidentified Building, Front Elevation (PR 3-115)
Folder: PR 3-117 Three Frame Designs with floral motifs (PR 3-117)
Folder: PR 3-118 Elevations for a Two Story House (PR 3-118)
Folder: PR 3-120 Waste Weir (PR 3-120)
Folder: PR 3-121 Farm Bridges (PR 3-121)
Folder: PR 3-122 Bridge at New London (PR 3-122)
Folder: PR 3-123 Gates for Lock No. 1 (PR 3-123)
Folder: PR 3-124 Schoharie Creek Bridge (PR 3-124)
Folder: PR 3-126 Trestle Bridge at O. Sherman's (PR 3-126)
Folder: PR 3-127 Dam across the Mohawk, at Rome (PR 3-127)
Folder: PR 3-128 Deck Bridge over the Mohawk River (PR 3-128)
Folder: PR 3-129 Unidentified Bridge/Dam, Plan of Bulkhead and Feeder (PR 3-129)
Folder: PR 3-130 Bridge over Erie Canal at Rome (PR 3-130)
Folder: PR 3-131 Unidentified Bridge, Plan of Docking (PR 3-131)
Folder: PR 3-133 Unidentified Trestle Bridge (PR 3-133)
Folder: PR 3-134 Unidentified Railroad Bridge (PR 3-134)
Folder: PR 3-135 Unidentified Culvert Drawings (PR 3-135)
Folder: PR 3-137 Unidentified Tramway Drawings (PR 3-137)
Folder: PR 3-138 Elevation of a Dredge (PR 3-138)
Folder: PR 3-140 House on Madison Avenue between 39th and 40th Streets (PR 3-140)
Folder: PR 3-143 New York Post Office (PR 3-143)
Folder: PR 3-145 St. John's Chapel (PR 3-145)
Folder: PR 3-146 Woolworth House, Elevations and Floor Plans (PR 3-146)
Folder: PR 3-147 Bell House, Perspective Views (PR 3-147)
Folder: PR 3-148 Building on Corner of Madison Avenue and 82nd Street, Floor Plans (PR 3-148)
Folder: PR 3-149 49 East 76th Street, Elevations and Floor Plans (PR 3-149)
Folder: PR 3-150 Hunter House (PR 3-150)
Folder: PR 3-151 F. Kurtz Building, 90th Street and Fifth Avenue (PR 3-151)
Folder: PR 3-152 Springler Institute, Front Elevation (PR 3-152)
Folder: PR 3-153 Park Building (PR 3-153)
Folder: PR 3-154 House for Dr. Robinson, Flue Section of Walls Nos. 1-6 (PR 3-154)
Folder: PR 3-155 House for John Rogers, Esq., Elevations and Floor Plans (PR 3-155)
Folder: PR 3-156 House on Grand Street, Elevations and Floor Plans (PR 3-156)
Folder: PR 3-157 Houses on 95th Street and 8th Avenue, Elevations and Sections (PR 3-157)
Folder: PR 3-158 Commercial Building on 24th Street, Elevations (PR 3-158)
Folder: PR 3-159 Commercial Building at Broadway and 47th Street, Elevations (PR 3-159)
Folder: PR 3-160 Unidentified House, Elevations (PR 3-160)
Folder: PR 3-161 Commercial Building on Cedar Street (PR 3-161)
Folder: PR 3-162 Henry C. Sturges Residence, 56 West 34th Street, Proposed Alterations (PR 3-162)
Folder: PR 3-163 Unidentified House, Floor Plans, Elevations, and Perspective Views (PR 3-163)
Folder: PR 3-164 Unidentified House, Floor Plans and Elevations (PR 3-164)
Folder: PR 3-165 New York Sewers, Sections and Plans (PR 3-165)
Folder: PR 3-166 Prints of Illustrations of Fortification Plans (PR 3-166)
Folder: PR 3-167 Marshall O. Roberts Estate, Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections (PR 3-167)
Folder: PR 3-168 Commercial Building at Broadway and Fifth Avenue, Elevations (PR 3-168)
Folder: PR 3-169 Unidentified Public Building [Possibly Hospital or Orphanage], Elevations (PR 3-169)
Folder: PR 3-170 Morris-Jumel Mansion, Floor Plans (PR 3-170)
Folder: PR 3-175 West Side Improvement, Plans for Highway at Riverside Drive (PR 3-175)
Folder: PR 3-176 Harlem River Bridge and Aqueduct Drawings (PR 3-176)
Folder: PR 3-181 Church in Massachusetts, Plans (PR 3-181)
Folder: PR 3-186 Water Main Section Drawing (PR 3-186)
Folder: PR 3-187 Washington Square Reformed Dutch Church, Alterations to Basement (PR 3-187)
Folder: PR 3-188 Peter Hetzog Theological Hall, Floor Plans, (PR 3-188)
Folder: PR 3-189 Unidentified Floor Plan (PR 3-189)
Folder: PR 3-190 New York Tunnels and Aqueduct, Excavation Drawings (PR 3-190)
Folder: PR 3-192 Cour de Bergeries (PR 3-192)
Folder: PR 3-197 Various Unidentified Churches, Elevations, Sections, and Floor Plans (PR 3-197)
Folder: PR 3-199 Village of Larchmont Sewer Plans (PR 3-199)
Folder: PR 3-200 Unidentified Roof Framing Plans (PR 3-200)
Folder: PR 3-201 Unidentified Building, Elevation and Plan (PR 3-201)
Folder: PR 3-203 Abercrombie and Fitch, Floor Plans (PR 3-203)
Folder: PR 3-211 Plans for Piers on River Front, 151 Street to 158 Street (PR 3-211)
Folder: PR 3-220 Gracie Mansion, Front Elevation (PR 3-220)
Folder: PR 3-227 25 Sutton Place, Floor Plans (PR 3-227)
Folder: PR 3-229 Bank Street Row House, Floor Plan (PR 3-229)
Folder: PR 3-231 President's Square, Connecting Building Between War and Navy Offices (PR 3-231)

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