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Guide to the Papers of Edwin Howland Blashfield
1870-1956 (bulk 1889-1936)
  MS 61

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Container List

Series II: Writings, [1870-1936], undated

Scope and Contents note

The series is divided into four subseries: Writings on Art, Travel Writings, Speeches, and Miscellaneous Writings. The subseries Writings on Art includes essays and notes on the nature of art and the lives and works of Renaissance artists. Blashfield's travel writings consist of essays and diary entries written during his travels to Europe and Egypt. The subseries Speeches includes drafts of addresses to be given at art benefits and societies concerning the direction of art in America or the nature of art. Miscellaneous writings include poetry, a biography for Blashfield and his wife, and scattered typed draft sheets that would comprise his book on mural painting.

Subseries 1: Writings on Art, undated

Scope and Contents note

The subseries covers Blashfield's thoughts on artistic technique and aesthetics. He comments on the emergence of modern art, government support for the arts during the Great Depression, the status of trends in the art world, his contemporaries' art, and the value of mural work. The series also includes writings on the historical evolution of art and detailed descriptions of Renaissance paintings. Blashfield also composed lengthy essays about the Renaissance masters. They describe the artists' paintings, explain their contributions to art, and provide analyses of their methods.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 4 Folder : 1 Thoughts on Art
Box: 4 Folder : 2 Essay fragments
Box: 4 Folder : 3 Thoughts on Italian Renaissance Art
Box: 4 Folder : 4 Essays on Titian
Box: 4 Folder : 5 Essays on Tintoretto
Box: 4 Folder : 6 Essays on Tiepolo
Box: 4 Folder : 7 Essays on Albrecht Durer
Box: 4 Folder : 8 Essays on Giorgione
Box: 4 Folder : 9 Essay on Paolo Veronese
Box: 4 Folder : 10 Essay on Carpaccio
Box: 4 Folder : 11 Essays on Giovanni Battista Cima
Box: 4 Folder : 12 Essay on Giovanni Bellini

Subseries 2: Travel Writings, [1870-1931], undated

Scope and Contents note

Blashfield resided abroad for a good deal of his lifetime, and many of his writing concerning his travels to Europe and Egypt can be found in this subseries. Aside from the usual travel narratives, Blashfield discusses the art he came across.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 5 Folder : 1 Letters from travels to American cities
Box: 5 Folder : 2 Reflections on visit to Paris
Box: 5 Folder : 3 Reflections of 1870 trip to Paris
Box: 5 Folder : 4 Essay on travels through France, Germany Belgium, and Italy
Box: 5 Folder : 5 Letters about travels to Italy
Box: 5 Folder : 6 Essays on Verona
Box: 5 Folder : 7 Travels through Venice and Austria
Box: 5 Folder : 8 Writings on travel to Austria and Germany
Box: 5 Folder : 9 Writings on travels to Egypt
Box: 5 Folder : 10 Notes and letters from travels to Egypt
Box: 5 Folder : 11 Letters written from Egypt and Greece
Box: 5 Folder : 12 Letters from Greece
Box: 5 Folder : 13 Travels to Britain
Box: 5 Folder : 14 Memoirs of early trips to Europe
Volume: 2 Folder : France 1870, Europe 1886-1907
1870, 1886-1907
Volume: 3 Folder : Italy, France art notes
Volume: 4 Folder : (Europe, Egypt)
Volume: 5 Folder : Europe

Subseries 3: Speeches, [1921-1936], undated

Scope and Contents note

This subseries contains speeches and lectures written by Blashfield on the subject of art. He would often address his colleagues regarding issues facing their professional art associations. He also lectured. There is also a speech written by R. U. Johnson about "preserving the English Language in its beauty and purity."

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 6 Folder : 1 Speeches and lectures
Box: 6 Folder : 2 "The Academy and the Language" Speech by R. U. Johnson

Subseries 4: Miscellaneous Writings, undated

Scope and Contents note

This subseries contains draft bits on Blashfield's book on mural painting, a typewritten biography on Blashfield, a long biography about Blashfield's first wife, including drafts and revisions, and some poetry written, copied, or translated by Blashfield.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 6 Folder : 3 Scattered typed sheets of Blashfield's book Mural Painting in America
Box: 6 Folder : 4 Biography of Blashfield
Box: 6 Folder : 5 Biography of Evangeline Wilbour Blashfield
Box: 6 Folder : 6 Poetry

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