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Guide to The Boys' Club of New York Records
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Container List

Series VIII: Scrapbooks and Ephemera

Scope and Contents Note

This series consists of scrapbooks and loose ephemera which provide a colorful glimpse of historical activities at BCNY.

Scrapbooks include publicity scrapbooks (containing news clippings and advertisements relating to various benefit events); golf scrapbooks (containing news clippings relating to golf benefits); other scrapbooks of news clippings (containing clippings regarding BCNY activities and people associated with the organization); an Education Program scrapbook (containing photographic portraits of scholarship recipients and related materials); and scrapbooks from trips made by BCNY athletic teams to China (in 1999) and Cuba (in 2001).

Loose ephemera includes postcards, programs and invitations (including many from BCNY theatrical productions), fliers, stationary, certificates, and various other "throwaway" or souvenir items. There are also objects such as athletic medals, printing blocks of BCNY logos, t-shirts, and two vinyl records. In addition, there are items created by the boys (essays and a few pieces of artwork). Items of particular interest are highlighted in the box and folder list.

Also included in this series are information cards identifying early "club leaders" and volunteers, and early membership registers and guest books.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 124 Publicity scrapbooks
Box: 125 Publicity scrapbooks
Box: 126 (tall box) Golf scrapbooks
Box: 127 (tall box) Golf scrapbooks
1956, 1958
Volume: 39 Scrapbook of news clippings
Volume: 40 Scrapbook of news clippings
Volume: 41 Scrapbook of news clippings
Volume: 42 Scrapbook of news clippings
Volume: 43 Scrapbook of news clippings
Volume: 44 Scrapbook of news clippings
Volume: 45 Scrapbook of assorted materials (includes photographs)
1940's - 1980's
Volume: 46 Education Program scrapbook
1960's - 1980's
Volume: 47 Scrapbook, 1999 China Tour (includes photographs)

Separated Materials Note

Loose scorecards from this scrapbook have been housed with Miscellaneous ephemera in Box 129, Folder 4.

Volume: 48 Scrapbook, 2001 Cuba Tour (includes photographs)
Box: 128 Folder : 1 Early ephemera

Scope and Contents Note

Includes early schedules of events during the tenure of Francis H. Tabor, the club's first paid professional; several programs for Gilbert & Sullivan performances by the boys; the Constitution of the Senior Club (which limits membership to "male white persons" between the ages of 18 and 24); and other early invitations and programs.

1905-1910, undated
Box: 128 Folder : 2 Letters from politicians/celebrities
1960's - 1970's, 2005, 2007
Box: 128 Folder : 2 Bequest forms/stock offering
Box: 128 Folder : 3 Sports ephemera
Oversize: Medium Folder : BCNY OS 1 Sports ephemera: Posters for London boxing match

Related Archival Materials Note

There is additional ephemera relating to the boxing matches with the London Federation of Boys in Series II, Programs and Operations, Box 26.

Box: 128 Folder : 4-6 Camp ephemera
Box: 128 Folder : 7 Invitations and programs
1920's - 1990's
Box: 128 Folder : 8 Certificates and awards
1950's - 2000's
Box: 128 Folder : 10 Human interest stories and boys' testimonials
Box: 128 Folder : 11 Fliers
1990's, undated
Box: 128 Folder : 12 Logos, mock-ups and patches
Box: 128 Folder : 13 Stationary and postcards
Box: 129 Folder : 1 Artwork by BCNY members
Box: 129 Folder : 2 Winning essays by BCNY members
Box: 129 Folder : 3 Boys' Club song by John Motley (sheet music)
Box: 129 Folder : 4 Miscellaneous ephemera

Scope and Contents Note

Includes itinerary of BCNY "ambassadors" for 1935 maiden voyage of French liner "Normandie" to New York, pamphlet entitled "Suggestions for Leaders," menu for Leshko's Coffee House on lower east side, BCNY business cards, and assorted other ephemera. Also includes loose scorecards of BCNY basketball games during the club's 1999 China Tour.

1930's - 2000's
Oversize: Small Folder : BCNY OS 3 Miscellaneous ephemera (oversize)

Scope and Contents Note

Includes promotional poster for BCNY, 80th anniversary commemoration in Spanish newspaper La Prensa, seating chart for event at the Plaza hotel, BCNY Alumni preamble, poster for benefit performance of Tosca featuring Maria Jeritza, and certificates from the Mayor and Governor of New York

1956, 2001, undated
Box: 129 Folder : 5 Miscellaneous theatrical ephemera
Box: 130 Folder : 1 Theatrical programs, Tompkins Square Playhouse productions
Box: 130 Folder : 2 Playbills, BCNY theatrical productions
Box: 130 Folder : 3 Playbills, BCNY theatrical productions
Box: 130 Folder : 4 Playbills, BCNY theatrical productions
Box: 130 Folder : 5 Playbills, BCNY theatrical productions
Box: 130 Folder : 6 Playbills, BCNY theatrical productions
Box: 130 Folder : 7 Playbills, BCNY theatrical productions
Box: 130 Folder : 8 Tickets, BCNY theatrical productions
1950's - 1980's
Oversize: Large Oversize : BCNY OS 5 Posters
Box: 131 Information cards, BCNY Leaders

Scope and Contents Note

Cards identify name and address of boy and club of which he is a leader

1920's - 1950's
Box: 132 Information cards, BCNY Volunteers
1950's - 1990's
Box: 133 Folder : Membership register (3 volumes)
1896- 1904
Box: 134 Folder : Membership register (1 volume)
Box: 43A (flat box) Folder : 9 Loose pages, Membership register
Box: 134 Folder : Guest book (1 volume)
Box: 135 Folder : 1-2 Printing blocs, BCNY logos
Box: 135 Folder : 2 "I AM BCNY" bracelets
Box: 135 Folder : 3 Athletic and other award medals
1930's - 1940's
Box: 135 Folder : 4 William Hale Harkness medals
Box: 135 Folder : 5 Championship medals, wrestling
Box: 136 (tall box) Folder : 1 T-shirts, Camp Northover (2)
circa 1970's - 1980's
Box: 136 (tall box) Folder : Vinyl records (2): "Marching Song for BCNY" and "A Christmas Eve Reading to the Children of America"

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