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Guide to the Issachar Cozzens Portfolio Print Collection
1800 - [1865]
  PR 145

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Collection processed by Jenny Gotwals

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Issachar Cozzens Portfolio Print Collection
Dates: 1800-[1865]
Abstract: Collection of early nineteenth century natural history and miscellaneous prints collected by Issachar Cozzens.
Quantity: 0.3 Linear feet (72 prints)
Location note: Department of Prints, Photographs, and Architectural Drawings
Call Phrase: PR 145

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Biographical Note

Issachar Cozzens Jr. (1780-1865) was a New York distiller. He also had an interest in natural history and political history, and collected maps, manuscripts, and prints relating to these fields. It is thought that he obtained a sizeable number of Dr. Samuel L. Mitchill's papers from the cellar of the Almshouse in City Hall Park before it was destroyed by fire in 1854. Mitchill (1764-1831) was a noted professor of Natural History and print collector. Cozzens pasted these prints and maps, along with others of alternate provenance, in a large scrapbook.

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Scope and Content Note

The Issachar Cozzens Portfolio Print Collection spans the period from 1860 to ca. 1865 and primarily contains early prints related to natural history and New York topics. Cozzens assembled a scrapbook with engravings, certificates, caricatures, lithographs, drawings, and maps of the New York area, natural history specimens, buildings, portraits, and landmarks. Many of the prints in the scrapbook bear the initials "SLM," as Samuel L. Mitchill owned many of these prints before Cozzens acquired them. Cozzens pasted most of the documents onto a pink paper in the scrapbook and added his handwritten notes.

The collection includes early lithography by Arthur J. Stansbury, some of the first known lithographs to have been produced in New York City. Other lithographs are by Imbert and included engravings are by Alexander Anderson, Peter Maverick, and Francis Davignon. An early engraving by Alexander Anderson, a "Wheel of Fortune," is the only known impression of this print. Many natural history pages include drawings of fish, several made by Cozzens himself. The collection includes a copy of the Declaration of Independence and several learning charts, including a toxicological table, illustrations of the eye, and an outline of the Linnean system of classification. Portraits and geographical prints round out the collection.

After its acquisition by the New-York Historical Society, Cozzens' scrapbook was disbound and its components were distributed among several different departments. The following container list includes prints held by the Department of Prints, Photographs, and Architectural Collections. A transcription of Cozzens' original list of prints (the original is held by the Society's Manuscript Department), with call numbers for those items now located in the General Library Collections, can be consulted in the repository.

For more in-depth information about the collection, its provenance, and some of its prints, see the article "Portfolio of a Curious Mind: The Issachar Cozzens Collection" by Jenny Gotwals in the New-York Journal of American History, Volume 65, Number 4, Fall 2004, pages 48-57


Print numbers were assigned by Cozzens

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Access Points

Subject Names

  • Anderson, Alexander, 1775-1870, engraver
  • D'Avignon, Francis, b. 1813, engraver
  • Imbert, Anthony, lithographer
  • Maverick, Peter, 1780-1831, engraver
  • Mitchill, Samuel L. (Samuel Latham), 1764-1831, collector
  • Stansbury, Arthur J. (Arthur Joseph), 1781-1865, lithographer

Document Type

  • Charts
  • Drawings
  • Engravings
  • Lithographs
  • Prints

Subject Topics

  • Biology -- Classification -- Charts, diagrams, etc.
  • Natural history -- Pictorial works
  • Toxicology -- Charts, diagrams, etc.]

Subject Places

  • New York (N.Y.) -- Pictorial works

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Administrative Information


Purchase, 1866.

Access Restrictions

Open to qualified researchers.

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Preferred Citation

This collection should be cited as Issachar Cozzens Portfolio Print Collection, PR 145, Department of Prints, Photographs, and Architectural Collections, The New-York Historical Society.

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Container List

Container 1     Title Date
Folder: 1 1. Masonic Certificate by L. Jackson, engraved by R. C. Bruen
Folder: 1 4.1 Lithograph of Samuel L. Mitchell by Imbert
Folder: 1 4.2 Copy plate print of Archibald Bruce, professor of minerology, drawn by Brown, engraved by Hoagland
Folder: 1 5.1 Lithographic print of John Endicott, first governor of Massachusetts, drawn by F. Davignon, published by George and William Endicott
Folder: 1 5.3 Certificate of the Society of Agriculture Arts and Manufacturing
Folder: 1 5.4 Certificate of the Royal Humane Society of London
Folder: 1 6.2 Diploma from American Institute for 'the best geological cabinet'
Folder: 1 8. Caricature of the sailing of the U.S. Ship the Peacock on a voyage of discovery to the South Pole under the Command of Commodore Wilkes by H.R. Robinson
Folder: 1 9. Wheel of Fortune, a caricature by Alexander Anderson
Folder: 1 15. Richard Wilcox's Patent tubular Boiler and Economical Engine for Propelling Vessels by Steam or other fluids
Folder: 1 33. A plan of the great picture of the Crucifixion exhibited in New York about 1842 -- Key to H. Sebrons' Diorama of the Crucifixion
Folder: 1 42. A Toxicological Table, shewing the symptoms, treatment, and methods of detecting the various mineral, vegetable, and animal poisons. By Hay Stevinson
Folder: 1 44. Outline of the Linnean System, arranged for the use of the Students of Rutgers Medical College, by Dr. David Hosack, printed by J. Seymour.
Folder: 1 45. Illustrations of the Eye: Original and Selected, by W.C. Wallace, Oculist.
Folder: 1 48. Comparative View of the Heights of the principal mountains in the world, drawn by H. Morse, published by R. P. and C. Williams.
Folder: 1 49. Drawing of a fossil skull supposed to be a gigantic bear from a cave in Sandwich, England.
Folder: 1 50. "Duria Antiquior," lithograph of a restoration of antidiluvial animals, drawn by H. T. de la Beche, lithographed by G. Scharf
Folder: 1 51. "Coal-Mine of Treuil, near St. Etienne," lithograph, drawn by Jacques Milbert, printed by Barnet and Doolittle
Folder: 1 52. Six curious ink blotches made by Dr. Taylor and sent to Dr. Mitchell as curiosities
Folder: 1 53. The boiling fountain of Iceland, hand colored lithograph
Folder: 1 56. Geological profile extending from the Atlantic to lake Erie, engraved by Rawdon, Clark and Co.
Folder: 1 57. Geological profile showing the western edge of lake Erie, engraved by Rawdon, Clark and Co.
Folder: 1 59. Advertisement for Benjamin Trembley's building services with a lithograph by Imbert
Folder: 1 60. American Zoological Museum: Two noble living lions Pompey and Bonaparte now exhibiting in W. J. Hanington's Museum corner of Broadway and Canal St., lithograph by A. D. Hollosy
Folder: 1 61.1 Six pairs of beggars, lithograph by A. J. Stansbury
Folder: 1 61.2 Two cherries on leafy branch, lithograph by A. J. Stansbury
Folder: 1 61.3 Restaurant near Sybil's Cave
Folder: 1 61.3 Fishing houses near the Elysian Fields
Folder: 1 61.3 Farmhouse on Hoboken Road
Folder: 1 61.3 Cottage in the Elysian Fields
Folder: 1 61.3 Indian Huts near Hoboken
Folder: 1 61.3 Sybil's Cave on the Hudson
Folder: 1 61.3A West Point Foundery and Boring mill, engraved by P. Maverick, Durand and Co.
Folder: 1 61.3B Map of Madison's Cave
Folder: 1 61.3D Sketch of rock archway
Folder: 1 61.3E Redwood Library of Newport, RI, drawn by James Stevens, engraved by W.D. Terry
Folder: 1 61.3F Colossal statue
Folder: 1 62. Colored seashells
Folder: 2 63. Nineteen drawings of Natural History, twelve by Cozzens
Folder: 2 64. Eighteen drawings of the fishes of New York, sixteen by Cozzens
Folder: 2 65. Twenty-seven drawings of fishes, nineteen drawn by Cozzens
Folder: 2 66. Twenty-nine drawings of fishes, twenty drawn by Cozzens
Folder: 2 67. Twenty-three drawings of whales, some by Cozzens
Folder: 2 68. Seven outlines of fishes
Folder: 2 69. Fourteen plates and drawings of specimens in Natural History
Folder: 2 70. Forty-eight colored drawings of shells
Folder: 3 71. A Tammany Certificate, drawn by Charles Buxton, engraved by George Graham, handcolored
Folder: 3 72.2 Another View of Old Stone Mill
[before 1825]
Folder: 3 72.4 Plan of John Braggs patent bridge, lithograph
Folder: 3 72.5 Plate of the Medical College of South Carolina, engraved by J. Wood
[before 1828]
Folder: 3 72.6 Plate of the Asylum for the Insane, engraved by Rawdon, Clark and Co. for A. T. Goodrich
Folder: 3 72.7 Connecticut Retreat for the Insane at Hartford, drawn and engraved by E. Gallaudet
Folder: 3 72.8 View of the New-York Hospital, drawn by John R. Murray, engraved by Leney
Folder: 3 72.9 Elevation of the New York State Prison, drawn by Joseph Mangin engraved by Gilbert Fox
Folder: 3 72.10 The Ground Plan of State Prison at Greenwich New York, drawn by Joseph Mangin, engraved by Gilbert Fox
Folder: 3 73.3 Image of Genisa
Folder: 3 73.4 Image of Vishnu
Folder: 3 73.6 The Indian Mummy
Folder: 3 73.8 View of Scudder's American Museum, at the right is a view of the old jail now alter into the Hall of Records
[before 1830]
Folder: 3 73.9 View of Marthing House, Rockland County
Folder: 3 73.10 Caricature of Dr. Mitchell while he is arranging his apparatus for a Lecture, his flunky is just entering the door while the Dr. has sat down an artificial globe -- watercolor
Folder: 3 73.11 Anatomical figure of the Heart, Larynx, etc.
Folder: 3 74.1 Plans for the pauper and lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island, Alexander J. Davis, architect
Folder: 3 75.1 Conflagration of the U.S. Steam Frigate Missouri, Gibralter, Aug. 27, 1843, as she appeared on the morning of the 27th, drawn by George B. Souder, lithographed by Thayer & Co., Boston.
Folder: 3 75.2 Conflagration of the U.S. Steam Frigate Missouri, Gibralter, Aug. 27, 1843, at the moment the order was given to abandon ship, drawn by George B. Souder, lithographed by Thayer & Co., Boston.
Folder: 3 78. Phrenological Tree and Chart, exhibiting the Classification and Location of the Mental Facilities
Folder: 3 87. Antidiluvian monster skeleton, engraved by M. Navarro
Folder: 3 [unnumbered] Antiquities from Asia brought to New-York in Jan. 1817, by Capt. Henry Austin, and now at Dr. Mitchill's. drawn by C.H. Smith, engraved by A. Anderson for Henry Meigs, Esq.
Folder: 3 [unnumbered] Portrait of James Harper, Esq., mayor of New York, drawn and lithographed by F. Davignon
Folder: 3 [unnumbered] Copy of Declaration of Independence, engraved by Peter Maverick, published by Benjamin Owen Taylor
Folder: 3 [unnumbered] Eulogium Sacred to the Memory of the Illustrious George Washington, Columbia's Great and Successful Son, engraved by Peter Maverick, designed, written, and published by Benjamin Owen Taylor
Folder: 3 [unnumbered] Launch of the Steam Frigate Fulton the First, at New York, 29th, Octr, 1814, drawn by J. J. Barralet, engraved under and published by B. Tanner, Philadelphia.
Folder: 3 [unnumbered] [Banknote Specimen], printed by Durand & Wright

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