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Guide to the Records of Peter A. Frasse & Co.
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Historical Note

1816 Henri Frasse opens his shop at 95 Fair Street
1849 Henri Frasse dies. Peter A Frasse, Henri's son, takes over and renames his father's business.
1868 J.M. Montgomery joins Peter A. Frasse's operation as a partner, and the company becomes known as "Peter A. Frasse & Co." The company produces tools such as twist drills, machine screws and files
1876 J.M. Montgomery leaves the Frasse business and founds "J.M. Montgomery & Co."
1878 Peter A. Frasse & Co. produces vises, forges, lathes and other blacksmith's and moves into a new building at 95 Fulton Street
1891 Peter A. Frasse and Peter A. Frasse & Co. is incorporated
1897 Peter A. Frasse & Co. produces bicycles, bicycle supplies, steel tubing, and tubing parts
1898 The company moves to #94 Fulton Street
1900 Peter A. Frasse & Co. becomes the sole eastern distributor for Shelby Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes, a product used for bicycle frames
1901 The company focuses on producing automobile parts, and discontinues the manufacture of bicycles and bicycle parts
c. 1901-1903 Peter A. Frasse & Co. establishes a business connection with Poldi Steel Works of Austria
1906 The Tube and Steel departments move to 142 and 144 Worth Street
1909 The Tool and Supply departments moved to 130 and 132 Worth Street and Branch offices open in Philadelphia at 407 Commerce Street, and in Buffalo at 50-52 Exchange Street
1910 Peter A Frasse and Co. builds new home office quarters at the northwest corner of Canal and Sullivan Streets
c.1910-1914 Peter A. Frasse & Co. establishes business connection with Hans Renold, Ltd., of Manchester, England, the oldest and largest manufacturers of driving and transmission chains. The company also established business relationships with Duetsche Waffen-und Munitions fabriken of Berlin, makers of steel balls; the Union Gesellshaft fur Metallindustrie, Frondenberg-Ruhr, Germany, makers of bicycles chains; William N. Brunton & Sons, Musselberg, Scotland, makers of music wire and drill rods
c.1914 The Frasse company begins shipping steel to aircraft industry
1914 First World War begins. Commerce between United States and Austria ceases, and Peter A. Frasse & Co. discontinues agency of Poldi Steel Works
1916 Frasse Steel Works is built in Hartford, Connecticut
1920 The company disposes of remnants of its hardware and tool business and commits entirely to the distribution of metals
1925 Frasse Steel Works sold to Union Drawn Steel Company and Peter A. Frasse & Co. becomes a distributor of their cold drawn carbon bars in New York and Philadelphia
1927 Peter A. Frasse & Co. begins carrying stainless steel products
1935 Peter A. Frasse & Co. begins carrying stainless steel bars produced by the Rustless Iron and Steel Corporation. Frasse begins close association with Superior Tube Company
1938 Peter A. Frasse & Co. installs its first IBM equipment
Late 1930's-1945 Peter A. Frasse & Co. focuses on meeting defense industry demand
1946 Peter A. Frasse & Co. opens plant at Syracuse, New York
1951 New plant built at Syracuse, Peter A. Frasse & Co. consolidates four smaller plants into one custom-designed center at Lyndhurst, New Jersey
1953 Peter A. Frasse & Co. builds larger plants in Buffalo and Hartford
1954 Frasse becomes a distributor of aluminum for Reynolds Metals Company
1964 At the Philadelphia branch, Peter A Frasse & Co. installs state-of-the-art materials-handling system, a completely automated master control system. The company constructs new office building in Lyndhurst, New Jersey and purchases Cambridge, Massachusetts facilities of Ward Steel Company, adds stainless steel and aluminum products to product line produced there.
1965 The Peter A. Frasse & Co. plant in Hartford is enlarged

Citation: The information on the history of the Peter A. Frasse & Co. was derived chiefly from "One Century in Business, 1816-1916" and "Frasse: The story of Peter A. Frasse & Company, Inc." Both documents written and published by Peter A. Frasse & Co.