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Guide to the Keppler Family Papers
1840 - 1957
  MS 346

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Keppler Family Papers
Dates: 1840-1957
Abstract: The Keppler Family Papers, 1840-1956, contain the miscellaneous personal papers of Joseph Keppler, cartoonist and founder of Puck Magazine and of his son, Udo J. Keppler, later known as Joseph Keppler, Jr. They consist of correspondence in English and German, dealing with Puck, cartoons, personal and family matters, and a wide range of other papers and printed ephemera.
Quantity: 1.3 Linear feet (3 boxes)
Location note: Manuscript cage
Call Phrase: MS 346

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Biographical Note

1838 Joseph Keppler born in Vienna, Austria.
1867 Joseph Keppler emigrates to United States.
1871 Joseph Keppler and Adolph Schwarzmann create Puck Magazine in St. Louis; it fails.
1872 Udo J. Keppler born.
1876 Joseph Keppler and Adolph Schwarzmann resurrect Puck Magazine in New York.
1877 English version of Puck Magazine begins publication.
1891 Udo Keppler joins the staff of Puck Magazine.
1894 Joseph Keppler dies; Udo Keppler changes his name to Joseph Keppler, Jr. in honor of his father.
1899 Udo Keppler elected honorary chief of Seneca Indians.
1917 Puck Magazine sold to William Randolph Hearst.
1918 Puck Magazine closes.
1956 Udo Keppler dies in La Jolla, California.

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Scope and Content Note

This collection documents the personal and professional lives of Joseph F. Keppler and his son, Udo J. Keppler. The papers give insight into life in New York City in the late nineteenth to twentieth centuries, as well as describing the creation, management and eventual sale and demise of Puck Magazine.

Joseph Keppler was born in Vienna in 1838. Although he studied art, publishing his earliest political cartoons in the Austrian magazine Kikeriki, his initial goal was to become an actor. He performed in various plays in Austria, but his acting career was never particularly successful. He emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, in 1867, where he became active in the German-American community, and fell in with a group of journalists, writers, and artists. With fellow émigré Adolph Schwarzmann, he tried his hand at publishing satirical magazines, an enterprise which culminated with the creation of  Puck Magazine.

Joseph Keppler's papers include both his personal and legal papers, from a smallpox vaccination certificate dated from his infancy, to his fiscal records of his work at Puck Magazine. School papers, correspondence, theatrical contracts, passports and naturalization certificate are included, as are books and plays in German. Letters to his wife Pauline, from various correspondents, are also contained in the collection.

The collection also contains many materials dealing with the history and operation of Puck Magazine, one of America's first political satire and humor magazines. Initially published with Adolph Schwarzmann as a German-language weekly in St. Louis in 1871,  Puck faired badly and quickly folded. The duo successfully reprised the magazine in New York City in 1876, with an English-language version first appearing in 1877. At first, the English-language version fared poorly and its publication was supported almost entirely by the German-language version, but later years saw the subscription rate of the English version soar as the magazine took on such controversial local topics as Tammany Hall corruption, and national issues like Ulysses S. Grant's attempt to win a third term as President. Joseph Keppler served as co-publisher and chief cartoonist for the magazine until his death from heart disease in 1894. His political cartoons were notoriously biting, garnering much attention for  Puck, and he was one of the first artists to use color lithography for caricature. Son Udo, born in 1872, joined the staff of Puck in 1891 as a political cartoonist, and assumed control of the magazine after his father's death.  Puck was ultimately sold to William Randolph Hearst in 1917, who ceased publication of the magazine in 1918. Materials in the collection relating to  Puck Magazine consist of business, legal, and financial papers. Included are accounts, cancelled checks, legal contracts, and correspondence. Ephemera relating to  Puck Magazine, such as broadsheets, advertisements, original magazine issues and  Puck stationery is also included.

Joseph Keppler's son Udo is more thoroughly represented in this collection, and the bulk of the materials contained in the collection deal with his personal and professional life. Materials relating to Udo Keppler's involvement with Puck include correspondence, memos, accounts, land assessments and a closing statement for the sale of the Puck Building, all of which can be found in Box 1, folder 5.

Udo became active in Indian affairs around the turn of the century, and remained an activist for Native Americans until his death. In 1899, he was made an honorary Chief of the Seneca tribe and given the name Gy-ant-wa-ka. The collection contains material dealing with his Indian activism, including news clippings, personal correspondence, and letters acknowledging bequests of Indian artifacts from Udo Keppler to various museums.

The bulk of the material relating to Udo Keppler in this collection takes the form of personal correspondence. Letters from other artists and cartoonists like Joe Scheuerle and Art Young are included, many containing original drawings, as well as a number of letters from miscellaneous authors. The correspondence spans the late 19th century through Udo's death in 1956, and contains an extensive collection of sympathy letters written to Keppler's wife Vera upon his death, as well as other memorial materials and obituaries. A group of letters to Vera Keppler from Draper Hill describes the development and writing process of his dissertation on the life and career of Udo Keppler in 1957.

After his father's death, Udo legally changed his name to Joseph Keppler, Jr. and many of the items in the collection are addressed in this fashion. In personal correspondence, he is often referred to by a variety of nicknames, including "Kep" and "Chief." There are also items addressed to his Indian name, Gy-ant-wa-ka.

Miscellaneous materials belonging to Udo Keppler filed at the end of the collection include a commonplace book and a large quantity of newspaper clippings relating to Puck Magazine, obituaries of family members and fellow cartoonists, and an assortment of prose and poetry.


The collection is organized into the following seven series:

  1. I. Joseph Keppler: Business and Legal Papers
  2. II. Puck Magazine: Business and Legal Papers
  3. III. Joseph Keppler: Miscellaneous Materials
  4. IV. Udo J. Keppler: Papers
  5. V. Udo J. Keppler: Correspondence
  6. VI. Udo J. Keppler: Memorial Materials
  7. VII. Udo J. Keppler: Miscellaneous Materials

Material is arranged by family member and type of material. Items within the folders are chronological, with undated material at the end.

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Access Points

Subject Names

  • Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925.
  • Dana, Charles A. (Charles Anderson), 1819-1897.
  • Hamilton, Grant E.
  • Hill, Draper.
  • iller, E. Jennie.
  • Keppler, Joseph Ferdinand, 1838-1894.
  • Keppler, Joseph, Jr., Mrs.
  • Keppler, Udo J., 1872-1956.
  • Lambert, Samuel W. (Samuel Waldron), 1859-1942.
  • Miller, E. Jennie.
  • Pulitzer, Joseph, 1847-1911.
  • Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
  • Scheuerle, Joe, 1873-1948.
  • Urban, Hermann, 1866-
  • Young, Art, 1866-1943.

Document Type

  • Accounts
  • Autograph albums
  • Broadsides
  • Certificates
  • Christmas cards
  • Clippings
  • Correspondence.
  • Ephemera
  • Legal documents.
  • Playbills
  • Prompt cooks
  • Stock certificates
  • Sympathy cards
  • Tintypes

Subject Organizations

  • Puck Magazine

Subject Topics

  • German American periodicals.
  • New York (N.Y.) -- Social life and customs.
  • Seneca Nation.

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Preferred Citation

This collection should be cited as The Keppler Family Papers, The New-York Historical Society.

Related Material at The New-York Historical Society

The Department of Paintings, Sculpture, and Decorative Arts of the New-York Historical Society has non-cartoon drawings and paintings by both men, the elder Keppler's death mask, and other material. Secondary sources on the works of Joseph and Udo Keppler are held in the collections of the New-York Historical Society Library.

Keppler, Joseph. [ca. 1860]-1950. Joseph Keppler cartoon collection. Dept. of Prints, Photographs, and Architectural Collections, The New-York Historical Society.

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Container List

Series I: Joseph Keppler: Business and Legal Papers

Scope and Contents note

Series 1 consists of the personal, business, and legal papers of Joseph Keppler, 1840-1894. Includes school papers, correspondence, legal documents and contracts, passports, naturalization certificate, books and ephemera.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 1 Folder : 1 Joseph Keppler: Miscellaneous Papers
1838 - 1894
Box: 1 Folder : 2 Joseph Keppler: Letters received
1856 - 1894
Box: 1 Folder : 3 Mrs. Joseph Keppler: Letters received
Box: 1 Folder : 4 Joseph Keppler: Obituaries

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Series II: Puck Magazine

Scope and Contents note

Consists of business, legal, and financial recordss related to Puck Magazine and its operations. Includes accounts, cancelled checks, legal contracts, and correspondence. Ephemera relating to Puck Magazine, such as broadsheets, advertisements, magazine issues and Puck stationery is also included.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 1 Folder : 5 Puck Magazine: Business records
1876 - 1847
Box: 1 Folder : 6 Puck Magazine: Ephemera
1877 - 1910, ND.

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Series III: Keppler Family Miscellaneous Materials

Scope and Contents note

Miscellaneous materials belonging to members of the Keppler family, particularly Joseph Keppler. Includes books, plays, artifacts, a commonplace book, and the first dollar earned by Joseph Keppler in the United States, framed. Some materials are in German. Note: miscellaneous materials relating to Udo Keppler are listed separately, under series seven.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 1 Folder : 7 Keppler Family: Miscellaneous Materials
1851 - 1886, nd
Box: 1 Folder : 8 Keppler Family: Books and Ephemera
ca. 1867 - ca. 1881, nd

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Series IV: Udo J. Keppler: Papers

Scope and Contents note

The personal papers of Udo J. Keppler, son of Joseph Keppler. Includes schoolwork, certificates, passport, Inwood Improvement Association papers, and papers relating to Keppler's participation in Indian affairs and activities with the Iroquois Nation and Seneca tribe. In chronological order

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 1 Folder : 9 Udo Keppler: Papers
1880 - 1893
Box: 1 Folder : 10 Udo Keppler: Papers
1902 - 1914
Box: 1 Folder : 11 Udo Keppler: Papers Relating to Indian Relations
1899 - 1937

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Series V: Udo J. Keppler: Correspondence

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence of Udo Keppler. Correspondents with multiple letters under their name are arranged alphabetically in separate folders, followed by miscellaneous correspondence in chronological order. Note that Keppler is called variously Udo, Joseph, "Kep," "Chief," and Gy-ant-wa-ka (his Indian name after being elected Seneca Chief).

Subseries 1: Puck-related Correspondence

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 2 Folder : 1 Puck-related correspondence
1894 - 1954, nd

Subseries 2: Letters Received

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 2 Folder : 2 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Reid Carr
1894 - 1954, nd
Box: 2 Folder : 3 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Granadiscus
1948 - 1956
Box: 2 Folder : 4 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, A.H. Folwell
Box: 2 Folder : 5 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Grant E. Hamilton
1913 - 1914
Box: 2 Folder : 6 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Anna Keim
1937 - 1948
Box: 2 Folder : 7 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Irma-Joe Kiene
1947 - 1959
Box: 2 Folder : 8 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Joseph Keppler
1890 - 1891
Box: 2 Folder : 9 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Theodore Roosevelt
1903 - 1908
Box: 2 Folder : 10 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Joe Scheuerle
1945 - 1948
Box: 2 Folder : 11 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Hermann and Frau Urban
1929 - 1948
Box: 2 Folder : 12 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Frank Weitzencamp
1924 - 1956
Box: 2 Folder : 13 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Art Young
1919 - 1944
Box: 2 Folder : 14 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Miscellaneous
1888 - 1937
Box: 2 Folder : 15 Udo Keppler: Letters Received, Miscellaneous
1841 - 1957, nd

Subseries 3: Letters Regarding Museum and Library Bequests

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 2 Folder : 16 Letters Regarding Museum and Library Bequests
1921 - 1959

Subseries 4: Udo J. Keppler: Letters Sent

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 2 Folder : 17 Udo J. Keppler: Letters Sent
1943 - 1954, nd

Subseries 5: Letters to Mrs. Vera Keppler from Draper Hill

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 2 Folder : 18 Letters to Mrs. Vera Keppler from Draper Hill

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Series VI: Udo J. Keppler Memorial Materials

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 2 Folder : 19 Letters of sympathy to Mrs. Vera Keppler
1956 - 1957
Box: 2 Folder : 20 Sympathy cards
Box: 2 Folder : 21 Cards from funeral flowers, wreath banners
Box: 2 Folder : 22 Memorial records

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Series VII: Udo J. Keppler Miscellaneous Materials

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 3 Folder : 1 Commonplace Book
Ca. 1872
Box: 3 Folder : 2 Miscellaneous Ephemera
1884 - 1959, nd
Box: 3 Folder : 3 Museum periodicals and exhibition guides
1938 - 1959
Box: 3 Folder : 4 Clippings: Puck-related
1899 - 1957, nd
Box: 3 Folder : 5 Clippings: Obituaries
1927 - 1951, nd
Box: 3 Folder : 6 Clippings: Miscellaneous
Box: 3 Folder : 7 Memorial Box

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