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Guide to the Burr McIntosh Photograph Collection
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Container List

Series II. 5 x 7 Prints, ca. 1900 - 1910

Scope and Contents note

Series II. 5 x 7 Inch Prints consists of prints divided into three subseries: Portraits, filed alphabetically by sitter; Subjects, filed alphabetically; and Unidentified Portraits, divided into children, groups, men, and women. The portraits represent the content of Burr McIntosh's monthly magazine, concentrating on society people and many performers, such as animal impersonator George Ali, Ethel Barrymore, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, and Enrico Caruso. This series has fewer subject prints than the others, predominantly consisting of those from horse shows and the Taft trip to the Philippines.


Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 8 Folder : 1 Abarbanell, Lina (3)
Abbott, Mrs. Austin
Adams, T. S.
Ainsley, Mrs. W. A.
Alexander, Douglas (4)
Alexander, J. H. (2)
Ali, George (3)
Allen, Rosamund (3)
Allward, Mrs. H. (2)
Anthony, C. D.
Anthony, Ethel (4)
Atherton, G. F. (2)
Atwater, E. S. (2)
Atwater, Mrs. E. S.
Atwater, F. C.
Averill, Mrs Elizabeth
Bacon, Roy (3)
Baker, Mrs. C. D.
Baldwin, William (2)
Ballentine, C. M. (3)
Ballentine, Mrs. George A. (6)
Banfield, Gerard
Barker, Major G. M. (9)
Barker, Dr. P. M. (4)
Barry, Richard
Barrymore, Ethel (23)
Barstow, Mrs. W. A.
Bell, Miss C. B. (4)
Benedict, Walter St. John
Berkeley, Arthur (5)
Berry, Charles K.
Berry, Evelyn (3)
Betts, G. W. (2)
Black, John C. (3)
Blanchard, Ethel
Blanchard, Mrs. H. E.
Blanchard, Maude (2)
Blanchard, R. L. (4)
Blanchard, W. W.
Blass, Mr.
Bond, Mr. H. L.
Bostwick, Mrs. A. C. (2)
Bowne, Miss Marjory (5)
Boyd, A. C.
Brady, Dr. C. T. (4)
Brady, E. B. (2)
Brantingham, Mrs. C. H. (2)
Brevort, W. H. (3)
Brevort, Mrs. W. H. (2)
Briggs, M.
Britton, W. (2)
Brooks Stanley
Brown, Capt. (2)
Brown, Mr. Harrison
Brown, J. J. (2)
Brown, Mrs. Vernon (2)
Browning (2)
Bull, Miss (3)
Butler, C. R. (2)
Calvert, M. P. (2)
Cameron, Alex (2)
Campanari, Mr. (2)
Campbell, Mrs. Patrick (4)
Campbell, W. H.
Carew, Mrs. C. J.
Carew, R. Borden (2)
Carnegie, F. F. (2)
Carr, Louise (3)
Carroll, G. M. (2)
Caruso, Enrico (10)
Chadwick, George B. (6)
Chalfont, Eleanor (4)
Chambers (2)
Chambers, Mrs. Robert W. (2)
Chandler, Mrs.
Chandler, Peter R.
Chapman, Mrs. J.
Chapman, F. D.
Cheatham, Kitty (3)
Cheney, Mrs. J. B.
Chester, George Randolph (6)
Clark, Mrs. F. Ambrose (2)
Clark, Mrs. G. G.
Clark, Mrs. Robert J.
Clark, W.
Clarkson, Mrs. A. C. (2)
Clayton, Mrs. A. P.
Clifford, Evelyn (2)
Clyde, Mrs. W. P.
Cochron, Gifford A.
Coddington, P. M. (2)
Coe, George V.
Cogkendall, Mrs. R. B. (2)
Cole, Mrs. V. T.
Colgate, Florence (3)
Colgate, Mabel (3)
Colgate, S. S. (3)
Colgate, Mrs. S. S. (2)
Comstock, Mr. C. A.
Comstock, Nannette (2)
Conger (2)
Cook, Robert S. (2)
Copens (4)
Corbin, Mrs. W. H.
Corgin, Lt. E. L.
Cornwell (2)
Condert, Renee
Countz, Miss B. C.
Coxcaden, J. S. (2)
Crandell, Dr. R. P.
Crane, F. G. (2)
Crosby, Mrs. Southgate
Custis, L. V.

Box: 9 Folder : unknown container Daggett, Mrs. J. H. (2)
Dalys, Miss Fraser (8)
Davis, Lt. A. H.
Davis, Fay (4)
Davis, John S. (3)
Day, Mrs. H. W.
Deals, Mrs. E. J. (3)
Dewart, W. F. (4)
Dewitt, John R.
Dieterich, Mrs. R. V. (3)
Dodge, William E.
Dodson, Richard (6)
Dominick, G. T. (2)
Dougherty, R. K. (2)
Douglas, Lady Shafer (6)
Donner, P. E.
Drake, Mrs. John
Draper, J. C.
Dresser, Mrs. D. L. R.
Dresser, Martin
Dressler, Marie
Duclos, R. (2)
Dumont (4)
Duryea, Mrs. T. W.
Dutton, Mrs. B. W. (3)
Eastland, J. L.
Eastland, Mrs. L. B.
Eddy, M. S. (4)
Edson, Susan D. (3)
Edwards, Col.
Elliott, J. D.
Elliott, Maxine
Emory, M. V.
Emory, Margerite (3)
Emory Jr., W. H.
Erhardt, J. (3)
Ernst, M. W. (3)
Escott (6)
Fahnstock, Dr. Clarence (2)
Faintor, Mrs. C. B.
Fargo, J. C.
Fargo, S.
Farnam (2)
Farnum, Mrs. Paulding
Farrell Jr., Franklin
Finch, E. (3)
Fish, Mrs. A. E.
Fisher, E. H. (3)
Fisher, Harry A. (5)
Fisher, Mrs. R. P. (2)
Fisher, T. R.
Flackstaff, M. H. (2)
Foote, H. A. (2)
Forster, Henry A. (2)
Frelinhuysen, J. S. (3)
Fremsted, Mme. (2)
French (2)
Frisbie, Miss R. L. (2)
Froelich, Bianca (3)
Fuller, Ann R.
Fuller, H. W.
Fuller, Mrs. J. E. (2)
Gardner, Mrs. W. B. (2)
Gates, Mrs. Charles
Gates, Miss M. A.
Gibney, Dr. (2)
Gifford, Maud (2)
Gilbert, Cass (2)
Gilbert, Mrs. George W. (4)
Gilbert, Rev. W. M.
Giles, H. W. (2)
Gillett, Mrs. Charles W.
Glendenning, E. J.
Glover, Miss A. P. (2)
Glover, August W.
Godfley, E. McM.
Gould (3)
Gould, Mrs. Howard
Graham, Mrs. R. E.
Graves, Mrs. W. L.
Greanes, Mrs. Tracy (5)
Green, Miss M. (2)
Green, Mrs. W. H.
Greenough, William (2)
Griffin, Mrs. J. A. M. (2)
Grossmith, Lawrence (4)
Grove, W. K.
Haden (3)
Hagermann, Mr. H. J. (3)
Hagerty (3)
Haggerty, George V. (2)
Hail, H. H. (2)
Hall, Blanche
Hall, Frank M.
Hall Jr., Mrs. W. M.
Hamilton, Mrs. C. W., baby (2)
Hamilton, G. T. (4)
Hamlin, Conde (3)
Hammerstein, Mrs. R. (4)
Hammett, Mrs. B. M.
Haney (3)
Harding, Mrs. E. L.
Hardy, L. B. (2)
Harriman (3)
Harris, Mrs. A. K. (4)
Harris, Katherine (7)
Harris, Mrs. S. L.
Harris, Mrs. Dwight
Hart (4)
Hartshorne, Katherine B.
Harvey, Paul S.
Hasbrouck (2)
Hatch, W. B.
Havemeyer, A. L. (2)
Hawes, Florence (3)
Hawley, Alan (2)
Hay, E. E.
Hayes, L. R. (2)
Haynes, Mrs. A. D. (2)
Hazlett, Madeleine
Hegeman, Virginia (2)
Heilner, Mrs. M. V. C. (2)
Henderson (2)

Box: 10 Folder : unknown container Hickschie, Mrs. A. A.
Hill (2)
Hilliard, Robert (6)
Hills, Miss A. M. (2)
Hinsdale, F. G. (2)
Haogland, J. A.
Hol, Cassie M.
Hoff, E. W. (3)
Hoffman, M. (5)
Holland, Mildred (2)
Hollister, Thomas
Holt, Mrs. J. S.
Holt, Mrs. L. L.
Homer, Louise (2)
Homer, Capt. C. R. (4)
Hooper, Lewis
Hopkins, Lydia (2)
Houtkock, Vander (2)
Howe, H. D.
Hoyt, E. (3)
Hoyt, F. M. (3)
Hoyt, Mrs. J. B. (2)
Hoyt, O. (2)
Hubbell, George W.
Huddlestone, M. (2)
Hudnut, Mr. R. C. (4)
Huft, Henry
Hume, Miss J. A. (3)
Huncker, (4)
Huneker (4)
Hungerford, K. F. (2)
Hurd (3)
Hurd, F. B. (3)
Hurst, Lt. Paul
Hutchinson, Mrs. Archibald and son (3)
Hyde, Mrs. W. W.
Huyler, Mrs. A. V.
Ingersoll, H. E. (2)
Irwin, Mrs. J. N.
Iselin, W. O'D. (4)
Ivins, Clinton
Jackel, Leonore (2)
Jackel, T. B.
James, Mrs. R. H.
Jay, William
Jennings, E. H.
Johnson, Mrs. Davis (3)
Johnson, E. (3)
Kane, E. (6)
Keane, James (2)
Kendall, William (2)
Kennedy, William J. (2)
Keyser, Mrs. W. B. and child (4)
Kidd, Mary Parson (4)
Knight, F. N.
Knox, P. C.
Koehler, Hugo W. (2)
Kreischer, Mrs. George F.
Lambart, Ernest
Lang, Rev. David
Lang, Mathewson (5)
Laschelle, Kirk (2)
Laughlin, James B. (3)
Lavie, Cornelia
Laws, F. B. (3)
Leary, James D. (2)
Leary, James T. (2)
Leith, Alex
L'Engle Madeleine
Levy (3)
Liggett, Mrs. T.
Livingston, B. W. (5)
Lockwood, Mrs.
Lockwood, William F.
Lonnin, Alice (3)
Lounsbury, Edith (2)
Lowell, Anne Shipley (3)
Lyon, J. Dennison
Lystix, Dr. C. T.
McAdoo (3)
McAlton, Lois
McCarty, Martin B. (2)
McClaren, Percy (2)
MacDonald, Christy
McEwan, Martin
McGann, Mrs. R. Mitchell (2)
McGrew, R. A.
McIntosh, Burr (5)
McKane, John (4)
Mackay (4)
Mackey (6)
McKim, Mrs. Smith H.
McMichael, Miss A. T.
McMichael, Miss L. C.
McMichael, Mrs. L. C. (2)
McMillan, Mrs. G. K.
Mclyn, Alice (3)
Macy, Mrs. O. C.
Magee, Mrs. Thomas (2)
Maitland, Lady
Maltby, F. (3)
Manning, J. J.
Manton, Jessie M. (2)
Marbury, Elizabeth (4)
Marks, A. M. (3)
Marchall (2)
May, Edna (3)
Mayo, John C. C. (3)
Medarro, Mrs. Henry
Mellon, Miss W. L. (2)
Mercer, Mrs. Carroll
Milliken, Dr. S. M.
Mills, Mrs Hepworth (3)
Mitchell, A. D. (2)
Mitchell, Malcolm (2)
Mittencoix, P. W. K. (2)
Mixell, B. B.
Moehlman, Mr.
Moore (6)
Moore, A. C. (5)
Moore, John W. (2)
Morgan child (2)
Morgan, W. .F. (4)
Morton, Pauline (3)
Munseyo, Frank
Munson, J. W. (2)
Murdock (2)
Murray, A. Gordon (2)
Murray, Olive (2)
Murrison, I.
Myers, Marguerite
Myles, B. (3)
Myles, Dr. Robert C. (2)

Box: 11 Folder : unknown container Nelson, Paul (2)
Nevins, A. I.
Newman, Marion
Oakes Jr., Mrs. F. J.
Oakley, Mrs. R. F.
Odell, Estelle (2)
Ortigan, M. C. (2)
Osborn, Mrs Robert (2)
Otis (6)
Outcault, Mr. R. F. (2)
Outhwaite, Mrs. J. H. (2)
Overholt, Vinton (2)
Page, Florence
Page, Howard D.
Page, W. H.
Page, Mrs. Howard (2)
Palmer, Muriel (3)
Parker, Olive
Parnmore, Mrs. E. E. C. (2)
Parr, H. A.
Parrott, Mrs. E. F. (5)
Parvis, Mr.
Peacock, C. N.
Peacock, Roland
Pearson, E. R.
Pell (3)
Percival, W.
Perrin, Oliver (2)
Petree, Simon
Pierce, Mrs. W. K.
Pitney, Mrs. J. C. H.
Plant family, New London (60)
Platt (4)
Pomeyer, D. G.
Porter, Erskine (3)
Porter, Mrs. H. F. J.
Post, Ethel M. (2)
Potter, Clarence (2)
Potter, Helen (2)
Potter, Dr. W. W. (4)
Pratt, Henry A.
Preston, Mrs. James (2)
Pourtalis, Constance (2)
Prussing, Louise (3)
Quincy (2)
Rand, Mary (2)
Randolph, Ellen (2)
Rankin, Mrs. J. M.
Rapphold, Mme. (5)
Rauch, William
Reed, Mrs. Legrand (2)
Rees (2)
Remsen (2)
Remsen, Wagstaff (2)
Reynolds (3)
Reynolds, William H. (3)
Rhodes, Mrs. R. (2)
Rice, Rev. W. H.
Richards, Eben (2)
Richards, Dr. G. A. (3)
Riggs, R. R.
Riker, Mrs. A. P. (3)
Rinord, Tyndale
Ripley, S. D. (5)
Robertson, Mrs. J. A. (3)
Robertson, Josephine (2)
Robinson (2)
Robinson, Mrs. Anson F. (4)
Robinson, Beverly (3)
Roosevelt, Miss D. L. (3)
Roseberry, Augusta C.
Runyon, Mrs. Clarson
Samaroff, Mme. Olga (6)
Sanford, Samuel (4)
Sarg, Mrs. Paul
Schley, E. B. (2)
Schley, K. B. (2)
Schouzer, Dr. Fritz (2)
Scottie, Antonio (2)
Scoville, E.
Scoville, L.
Scoville, M. F. (2)
Scutter, Mrs. J. T. (2)
Seagrove, Katherine (2)
Sedgewick, Mr. C. S. (2)
Sharpe (6)
Sherry, D.
Sherwood, Phyllis (8)
Shevlin (2)
Shevlin, T. H. (2)
Shevlin, V. W. (3)
Shillaber, William
Sholley, Jan
Silvers, W. Russell (2)
Simler, George (2)
Simter, Freda
Sinclair, Alys (2)
Singer, Mrs. Henry W. (3)
Six, Capt. P. E.
Sizer (3)
Sloan, Mrs. A. Baldwin (2)
Smith, Charles E. (2)
Smith, F. Vinton (3)
Smith, Jewell V. (2)
Smith, Karl B. (2)
Smith, Martin W.
Smith, Proctor (2)
Smith, R. A. (2)
Smithers, Charles
Smithwick, Jones F.
Sore, Mrs. Paul O. (2)
Sperr, W. K.
Stark, Francis Raymond (2)
Sterling, Robert V. (2)
Stetson, C. M.
Stevens, R. M. (3)
Stewart, Douglas
Stewart, G. M.
Stewart, Mrs. J. A. (2)
Stillman, C. R. (2)
Stinson, Helen (3)
Storey, Adele
Stuart, Mrs. D. A.
Swann, Edward

Box: 12 Folder : unknown container Talbot, H. R.
Tallman, Mrs. A. V.
Taylor, John I.
Taylor, Mrs. William H.
Teal, Ben (2)
Terry, Mrs. T. L.
Thaw, William (3)
Theis, Josephine
Thomas, A. D.
Thomas, Mrs. Addison
Throwdy, Mrs. G. F. (2)
Tisdale, Mrs. John M.
Tod, Mrs. J. Kennedy
Todd, M. B.
Todd, R. D.
Truesdale, Mrs. W. H. (4)
Tuck, Margaret
Twomdy, Mrs M. B. (3)
Untermeyer, Mrs. (2)
Van Buren, Mrs. I. B.
Van Dusen, Mrs. A. C. (2)
Van Kleck, Mrs. William H.
Van Kloster, Karen
Van Riper, Mrs. F. V.
Van Riper, K. (4)
Van Vaar, C. A.
Van Vleck (5)
Vandergrift, J. J. (5)
Veugiere, E. R.
Viele, Francis S. (2)
Vogt, E. L. (3)
Voorhees, Fred
Voree, Virginia (2)
Vredenburgh, J. V.
Vredenburgh III, Peter
Wadsworth, Nellie
Walcott (4)
Walker, Charlotte
Walker, Edith (4)
Walker, Jay
Walsh, Mrs. (8)
Walter, Edwin (3)
Walton, E. G. (2)
Warfield, Gov.
Warfield, Florence
Warner, H. B. (4)
Warwick, Robert (3)
Washington, Mrs. G. A.
Weekes, Harold (4)
Wendell (3)
Wentworth, Mrs. J. W.
Westley, John (4)
Wheaton, John W. (3)
Whife, Nellie V. R. (2)
Whitehouse, Julie
Whiting, M. W. (2)
Whitney, A. E. (3)
Whitney, Mrs. Warren (2)
Wilcoxson (4)
Wilson, Ethel (3)
Wilson, Francis (3)
Wilson, Harry R.
Wilson, R. F. (2)
Winter, A. E. (2)
Woodruff, Harry
Woods, Allen D. (3)
Woodworth, Helen
Worth, Elsie (2)
Wyatt, Mrs. Stephen (4)
Wynant, Frances (2)
Yerkes, Mabel


Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 12 Folder : unknown container Horse shows (27)
Philippines (8)
Street scene


Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 12 Folder : unknown container Children (19)
Groups (21)

Box: 13 Folder : unknown container Men (203)
Women (423)

Box: 14 Folder : unknown container Women (con't)

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