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Guide to the Burr McIntosh Photograph Collection
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Container List

Series IV. Glass Plate Negatives, ca. 1900 - 1910

Scope and Contents note

Series IV. Glass Plate Negatives This series is divided into two subseries based on size: 5 x 7 inch plates, filed alphabetically by sitter; and 8 x 10, filed alphabetically by sitter, followed by miscellaneous subjects and unidentified portraits. These approximately 600 glass plates are the only remaining negatives from the original 1942 donation. Only a very selected few have been printed; those prints are found in Series I and II. Otherwise, the vast bulk of these images exist only in this format. The majority of this series is made up of portraits, with the only miscellaneous subjects being the Taft trip to the Philippines, hot springs in Virginia, theatrical companies, and the 1906 Yale/Princeton football game.

The glass plate negatives were once in the negative file but are now reunited intellectually with the Burr McIntosh prints. The prefix is still on the enclosures but is no longer pertinent.


Container 1     Title Date
Box: Glass Abington, W. L. (6)
Adams, Maude (5)
B-, Eleanor D.
Barrymore, Ethel (3)
Barrymore, John (2)
Bates, Blanche (10)
Bellew, Kyrle
Belmont, Frances
Bentley, Irene (6)
Bingham, Amelia
Bloodgood (2)
Bloodgood, Clara (8)
Bloodgood, Mrs.J. (3)
Brokaw, H. C.
Brokaw, Irving
Burton, T. J. (2)
Byron, Arthur
Cahill, Miss M. (2)
Campbell, Mrs Patrick (7)
Carls, Emma (2)
Caruso, Enrico (7)
Chawnor, R. (Daly's Theatre)
Cheatham, Kitty
Craigolynne, Mrs. B.
Daly, Arnold
Davis, Miss P. (3)
Davis, Richard Harding
De Angelis, Jefferson (9)
De Wolf, Miss G.
Douglass (2)
Dunne, Peter F.
Elliott, Maxine (19)
Englande, Ludwig (2)
Fahnstock, Dr. Clarence (2)
Fealy, Maude
Fernandez, Bijou (2)
Fieldruff, Harry (3)
Finlay (2)
Finlay, Mrs.
Finlay, G. (4)
Fitch, Clyde (3)
Fox, Eddie (2)
Froelich, Bianca (3)
Freustad, Mme.
Gibson, Charles Dana (2)
Gilbert, Cass (2)
Gilbert, Mrs. G. H. (2)
Gilbert, H.
Gilman, Mabelle (6)
Glaser, Lulu (4)
Glendenning, John (2)
Goodman, Thelma
Gould, Mr. (3)
Gould, F. J. (2)
Green children
Green, Charles M.
Greene, Daisy
Gregory, Heath (5)
Hackett, James K.
Haggin, Ben Ali
Haines, Mrs. G. G. (3)
Hanna, Joseph
Harper, Belle
Haworth, Joseph (8)
Heyer, Miss G. (3)
Heyer, Mrs. G. (2)
Howard, George W.
Hooper, Edna Wallace (12)
Hope, Beryl
Hohenlohe, Prince (6)
Homer, Louise (2)
Irving, H. F.
Jaimson, Mrs.
Jaygard, M.
Langtry, Lillie (15)
Lansing, R.
Lederer Jr., George W.
Lewis, Miss. J.
Lounsbury, H. R.
Loynne, Bassie
McIntosh, Burr (2)
Maginn, Bonnie (22)
Maginn, L.
Marlow, Mrs.
Marlow, Miss J.
Marlow, Julia (2)
Metcalfe, James A. (3)
Miller, Henry
Montenesque, Count
Nielson, C.
Norris, William (3)
Oatman, E. A. (3)
Parson, G. W. (3)
Power, Tyrone (3)
Rapphold, Mme. (5)
Ricardo, Amy (2)
Richman, Charles (2)
Riggs, Gen.Clinton (3)
Robson, Eleanor (25)
Rowan, Lansing
Saint Saens, Camille (3)
Sanaroff, Olga (6)
Scheff, Fritzi (7)
Schley, E. B.
Scotti, Antonio
Seygard, Mme. Camille (5)
Spong, Hilda (3)
Sullivan, John T.
Taylor, G.
Tesla, Nikola
Thom-, L. G. L.
Truax, Sarah (3)
Tynan, Mr. B (4)
Tynan, Mrs. B (3)
Vidal, Clarita (5)
Walker, Charlotte
Warner, Mr. H. B.
Westcott, Eva (6)
Whiting, Mr. M. W. (2)
Whiney, F. C. (2)
Wilson, Francis (14)
Woodruff (2)
Woodruff, Harry (3)
Woodruff, Mrs. L. (2)
Wynne, Bessie (4)
Unidentified (30)


Container 1     Title Date
Box: Glass Abbott, Bessie (4)
Allen, Viola
Barrymore, Ethel (3)
Barrymore, Jack
Barrymore, John (2)
Bloodgood, Clara
Burke, Billie (2)
Campbell (3)
Conquest, Ida
De Angelis, Jefferson (3)
Edeson, Robert (2)
Elliot, Maxine
Eustee, Mrs. J.
Franko (2)
Gould, Majorie
Hopper, Edna Wallace (3)
Huntley, G. P.
Lessing, Madge (3)
McIntosh, Burr (2)
McKim, C. F.
Miller, Henry
Morris, Dave Henner
Nadje, Mlle.
Nesbit, Evelyn (2)
Paetz, John
Power, Tyrone
Proctor, Catherine
Rapphold, Mme. (4)
Riley, Mrs.
Samaroff, Mme.
Sayers, Margaret
Schumann-Heinck, Mme. (2)
Sheldon, Suzanne
Spong, Hilda (2)
Tarkington, Booth
Tynan, B. (3)
Van Rooy, Anton
Woodruff, Harry
Hot Springs, Virginia (4)
Taft trip (33)
Theatrical companies (Three Little Girls company) (3)
Yale/Princeton game, 1906
Unidentified (19)

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