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Guide to the McKim Mead and White Architectural Records
circa 1875-1950
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Container List

Series V: Scrapbooks and photograph albums

Scope and Contents

This series includes 30 blank-paged leather-bound volumes with photographs, maps, sketches, and/or floor plans pasted in. Some of the albums have been disbound and re-housed in folders due to their deteriorating condition. Most albums depict MMW projects and are devoted to either a particular project or a general category of work. There are also a few albums of non-MMW work which probably served as sourcebooks for the firm's architects to draw ideas from.

Detailed inventories for some of the scrapbooks are available on-site.

Container 1     Title Date
Volume: SB-1 Photograph scrapbook, New York University

Scope and Contents

Scrapbook contains maps, sketches, and photographs of building exteriors, fields, barns, dormitories, the library, Havemeyer Chemical Laboratory, staircases, general construction, and the Hall of Languages in University Heights. 1898.

Volume: SB-2 Clippings scrapbook (mainly non-MM&W Beaux-Arts competitions)

Scope and Contents

This album does not appear to contain the work of MM&W. Instead, the majority of photographs and sketches concern themselves with various Beaux-Arts Architects and competitions. There are several decorative elements at the beginning of the book.

Volume: SB-3.1 Scrapbook of MM&W Commissions, 1870-1888

Existence and Location of Copies

The original is restricted due to condition issues. A photocopied version (Volume SB-3.2) is available for researchers.

Scope and Contents

Comprehensive collection of plans, photographs, designs and articles relating to McKim, Mead and White commissions. There are several unidentified buildings. Articles pertain to the building, construction, and controversy (such as the trustees of the Boston Public Library choosing McKim, Mead and White over the Boston city architect).

Volume: SB-3.2 Scrapbook of MM&W Commissions, 1870-1888 (facsimile)
Volume: SB-4.1 Record Work

Scope and Contents

Disbound scrapbook of MM&W works-in-progress.

Folder 1 includes images of ceiling details, doors under construction, columns waiting to be installed, and crude sculptures. The only dated photograph is from 1894, for the Power House in Niagara Falls, NY. Majority of pictures are unlabeled.

Folder 2 includes interiors, tombstones, cemeteries, unidentified houses, Shinnecock Hills, the Ascension Church, and sculptures of lions and children.

Folder 3 includes an urn, the construction of Staatsburgh, Ophir Farm, the rotunda at the University of Virginia, 110 Bleecker Street, Joseph's Pulitzer's door, a storehouse, sculptures, and unidentified buildings. Several photographs include workmen and pedestrians.

Folder 4 includes the Chandler, Whitney, and Williams houses under construction, along with the unveiling of the Peter Cooper Memorial. Scenes from what appear to be the World's Fair, and decorative elements belonging to unidentified residences also appear in the folder.

Folder 5 includes the George Williams house, the Vanderbilt residence, the Duseen (?) building, and a mausoleum. Several sites and buildings are unidentifiable.

Folder 6 includes Ferncliff Casino, the Hecker Mausoleum site, the Twombley plot, the Philadelphia Art Museum, Whitelaw Reid residence, and the Paulist Fathers Church.

Folder 7 includes Beacon Rock, the Pierpont Morgan Library, Harvard Gates, and the Knickerbocker Trust Company. There are multiple street scenes that include the Hotel Manhattan, Grand Central Station, the Astor, and the Old Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Folder 8 includes the Ochre Point home of Robert Goelet, and at least two non-MM&W projects: the improvement of Copley Square, and a Roman School. There are also several unidentified houses and churches.

Folder 9 includes projects that were not designed by MM&W, including the Roman School, Mr. Treat Campbell at 298 Broadway, Fort Greene Park, Holt Monument, and what appears to be a triumphal arch. There are also several photographs highlighting construction workers, cows, landscapes, and a man standing between a column and a lightpost.

Volume: SB-4.2 Record Work

Scope and Contents

The majority of designs are by the firm of McKim, Mead and White. Other architects are J.H. Duncan, Seth Greer, and U.H. Mullins. There are photographs of proposed sites, additions, interiors, and even an analysis of capitals. Grant's Tomb, by J.H. Duncan, is also included.

Volume: SB-5.1 Scrapbook of architectural details

Scope and Contents

Original drawings of architectural details such as columns and arches

Volume: SB-5.2 Scrapbook of architectural details

Scope and Contents

Original drawings of architectural details such as columns and arches

Volume: SB-6.1 Photo Album A-Z (folders 1-6)

Scope and Contents

Folder 1 includes what appear to be mausoleums, and decorative elements for the exterior.

Folder 2 includes exterior photographs of residences and buildings, several photographs show the stages of construction. Some pictures are closeups of entryways. Also shows crowds of men outside the New York Herald, and the statue being placedon top of the building.

Folder 3 includes buildings in various states of construction and finish, and exterior renovations. There are also street scenes, and several pastoral scenes in photographs. One interesting photograph in folder 3 features only a man in a field of cows. Folder 4 includes exteriors and interiors of buildings, along with street scenes. Photographs show construction, workers, pedestrians, and several photographs are of architectural models for the Girard Trust Company. Clubs, a high school, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art also feature.

Volume: SB-6.2 Photo Album A-Z (folders 7-11)

Scope and Contents

Folder 9 includes photographs the floor test in the Amherst Laboratory, and the coffered ceiling detail of Winnipeg Bank.

Volume: SB-7 Early work of firm
Volume: SB-7 New York State College of Agriculture (Cornelius White, architect)
Volume: SB-8 Schools and Colleges
Volume: SB-9 Sculptures and Monuments

Scope and Contents

Majority of work in album not done by McKim, Mead and White. This appears to be a scrapbook of ideas, inspiration, and competition in the fields of architecture and sculpture.

One object of note in Folder 2 is a painting of Lady Charles Spencer. Folders 3 and 4 focus on expositions and exhibitions at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, including the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, NY; Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, MO; Trans-Mississippi Exhibition, Omaha, NE; World's Columbia Exposition, Chicago, IL; and the Exposition of 1900, Paris, France. Architects are noted whenever possible.

Volume: SB-10 Parks, monuments and landscape gardening
Volume: SB-11 Modern sculpture

Scope and Contents

Consists of photographs of non-MM&W sculpture. Most pages are blank.

Volume: SB-12 Office Work

Scope and Contents

Mostly exterior photographs of residences, the RI state capital building, a statue, and New York office buildings.

Volume: SB-13.1 Country work

Scope and Contents

Disbound photo album of commissioned McKim, Mead and White residences, buildings, gazebos and clubs. Interior photographs are included. Highlights include Box Hill, Stanford White's residence in St. James (Folder 1); the Orange Y.M.C.A. building (Folder 2); and a spectacular bird's eye view of Naugatuck, CT (Folder 7). Also features work commissioned by Edwin Dennison Morgan, John Jacob Astor IV, C.H. Mackay, George G. King, University of Virginia, L.C. Hanna, the Sherry Casino, and Dr. R.H. Derby.

Volume: SB-13.2 Country work

Scope and Contents

Bound album of commissioned McKim, Mead and White residence, buildings, gazebos and clubs.

Volume: SB-14.1 Foreign work (folders 1-6)

Scope and Contents

None of the work represented in the album was designed by McKim, Mead and White. This most probably served as an architectural sourcebook for the architects to draw ideas from. Photographs show architectural details, interiors, facades, tombs, monuments, and other sculptural and architectural elements. Also includes copies of floor plans for many palaces and residences.

Volume: SB-14.2 Foreign work (folders 7-14)
Volume: SB-15 Iron work

Scope and Contents

Architectural scrapbook of ideas for the firm of McKim, Mead and White. Iron-work dominates the folder. Many photographs are from the Museo Nazionale in Naples, Italy. There is one double-helix staircase that bears a strong resemblance to the double-helix staircase at Rosecliff, a mansion the firm designed and built between 1897-1902.

Volume: SB-16 Houses - Twombley, Nickerson and others

Scope and Contents

Includes work commissioned by Hamilton McKay Twombly, owner of Florham Farms in Madison, NJ, and a residence for George A. Nickerson, in Boston, MA. Also included is another unidentified residence.

Volume: SB-17 Walker O. Cain & Associates, Book of photographs by Mr. Mead

Scope and Contents

Subject matter includes buildings, plans, decorative elements, and elevations from apartment houses to the Payne Whitney House (includes many unidentified projects). There are also photographs of construction sites, alleyways, streets, and parks.

Volume: SB-18 Girard Trust
Volume: SB-19 Bellevue Hospital
Volume: SB-20.1 Bank of Montreal
Volume: SB-20.2 Bank of Montreal
Volume: SB-21 Report of the Washington Park Commission
Volume: SB-22 Henry B. Hollins Townhouse
Volume: SB-23 Stanford White residence - St. James
Volume: SB-24.1 Stanford White residence - 121 East 21st Street
Volume: SB-24.2 Stanford White residence - 121 East 21st Street
Volume: SB-24.3 Stanford White residence - 121 East 21st Street
Volume: SB-25 Clarence MacKay residence (Harbor Hill)
Volume: SB-26 Hoving residence (?)
Volume: SB-27 H.W. Poor residence
Volume: SB-28 Boston Public Library
Volume: SB-29 University of Virginia

Scope and Contents

Photographs of the construction and completion of the Rotunda, buildings in the South Lawn Complex, and Rouss Hall are featured in the album. Also included are interior photographs, and several shots of arcades.

Volume: SB-30.1 Columbia University (folders 1-6)

Scope and Contents

Several photographs show construction workers.

Photographs in the first 5 folders focus on the construction of the Columbia College Library. A few photographs from the completed building show students using the Reading Room. Folders 5 and 6 show construction on the University Building.

Volume: SB-30.2 Columbia University (folders 7-12)

Scope and Contents

Folder 7 shows the construction of and completed Physics Building. Folders 8 and 9 focus on the Natural Science Building. There are other photographs in folder 9 of the Engineering Building. The Chemistry Building is shown in folders 9 and 10. Folder 12 has a few photos of Hamilton Hall.

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