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Guide to the Lewis L. Delafield, Eugene D. Hawkins and Affiliated Attorneys Records
circa 1856-1921 (bulk, 1880s-1910)
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Container List

Series IV. Numbered Pigeonhole Boxes, 1860s-1912 (bulk 1890s-1910)

Scope and Contents

The series holds the content of numbered pigeonhole boxes in the collection. The overall content of the series has no particular coherence as all the firms in the collection are represented to some extent in this series, though primarily Hawkins and Delafield. Various Delafield and Hawkins family legal matters are here. More documents are found for Sailors Snug Harbor and Caleb Burbank matters.


The series includes the content from 80 original boxes that were of "pigeonhole" size or slightly larger that were simply and distinctively numbered from 1 to 272, with many gaps. Many of the smaller original boxes were retained with their contents. Larger or deteriorated boxes, or boxes with few documents, were discarded and their contents transferred to plastic enclosures. Contents from the various boxes were not mixed together in any one plastic enclosure. The container list retains the sequencing of the boxes.

Container 1     Title Date
Offsite-Box: 135 Pigeonhole box #1

Scope and Contents

Appears to hold cases handled by Caleb Burbank:

* Claus H. Stelling v. John A. Schilling et al, Kings County, ca. 1894.

* Joseph C. Schrader v. John A. Schilling, Kings County, ca. 1894.

* Reon Barnes v. Morris C. Mengis, ca. 1894.

* Benjamin Cohen v. Thomas P. Kelly, Kings County, ca. 1894.

* Maude B. Taudvin v. Union Central Life Insurance Company, ca. 1895.

* Adelaide T. Willets v. Thomas Clapham and Georgia M. Clapham.

* John P. Smith v. Hetta B. Patterson, et al, Kings County, ca. 1894.

* Thomas C. Chappell v. Morris C. Mengis, ca. 1893.

* Martin Reynolds v. William R. Baker, Kings County, ca. 1893.

* Settlement of account of Valentine Loewer, executor of Anna Amalia Hosbach, ca. 1899.

* Fred W. Elliott v. John H. Duke, et al, ca. 1899.

circa 1893-1899
Offsite-Box: 135 Pigeonhole box #4

Scope and Contents

The box seems to hold both Caleb Burbank cases and those from the firm of Delafield, Gould and Longfellow:

* Annie R. Lewis v. Charles A. Ricksecker et al, ca. 1903.

* Settlement of account of Frederick L. Gilbert and Elizabeth M. Livingston as executors of Elizabeth M. Blague estate, ca. 1894.

* Settlement of account of Maturin L. Delafield and Mary C. Delafield, guardians of Edward C. Delafield (infant), ca. 1899.

* Matter of will of Lavinia A. Voris, ca. 1894.

* George Thorpe v. Mary Miller, Johanna Schouler, et al, ca. 1895.

* John P. Brooks v. Clara L. Radtke, Westchester County.

* Henry McCready v. James Blackwood and Robert Douglas, ca. 1895.

* Delia R. Ellis papers.

* Fussell Ice Cream Company v. Braciforce L. Esten, ca. 1891.

* City of Ironwood v. Thomas P. Wickes, ca. 1897.

* Settlement of account of Grace L. Stevens Cooper, executrix of Mary A. Stevens estate, ca. 1897.

* Rochester City and Brighton Rairoad Company bonds, ca. 1902.

* Julius H. Preston et al v. "William" A. White et al, ca. 1902.

* Ameen A. Shibley v. John B. Gendron, Rhode Island court, ca. 1900.

* Estate of Schuyler Skaats, ca. 1895.

* Walter T. Parker (firm of Burton & Parker) v. A. Willis Lightbourn, ca. 1893.

* And various other matters, each with few documents.

circa 1891-1903
Offsite-Box: 136 Pigeonhole box #5

Scope and Contents

Most, perhaps all, relates to Caleb Burbank cases:

* Estate matters, especially taxation, re: Thomas Backus, ca. 1905.

* Packet of railroad coupon bonds and insurance policies, ca. 1891.

* Application of Caleb Burbank for commissions as notary public and other matters concerning various Burbanks.

* Rhode Island National Bank v. Clara L. Radtke, Westchester County, ca. 1899.

* Benjamin H. Irving (executor of Mary Irving estate) v. Jane R. Irving et al, ca. 1897.

* Jones National Fence Company v. James F. Disken, ca. 1902.

* Harriet E. Price v. Edward Price, ca. 1902.

* Application of Arthur P. Quimby and Orville J. Quimby to sell real estate of Arthur, a minor, ca. 1898.

* And many other unidentified matters, generally with few documents.

circa 1891-1902
Offsite-Box: 136 Pigeonhole boxes #7, 20

Scope and Contents

Box 7 holds only one matter, that of the Ambrose B. Burbank will and possibly the later Newcomb v. Burbank dispute, ca. 1904-10.

Box 20 holds:

* Matter of Hatch, Keener, & Clute, firm dissolution, ca. 1905.

* Newcomb, et al vs. Caleb Burbank, 1906-08.

* Agreement between United Engineering and Contracting Company, Century Bank (trustee), General Electric Company, et al, ca. 1906.

circa 1904-1910
Offsite-Box: 137 Pigeonhole boxes #22, 24, 28, 29, 34, 37, 38, 40

Scope and Contents

#22) Documents related to the will of Ambrose B. Burbank and the resulting lawsuit of David B. Newcomb, Mary E. Newcomb, and Georgiana Duvernois v. Caleb A. Burbank, executor of Ambrose B. Burbank will, circa 1890s-1910.

#24) Correspondence with Florence K. Smith (in Ireland) and her attorney re: will (copy in the file) of her grandfather, Cyrus Knapp of Hackensack, NJ, ca. 1906.

#28) Only one letter re: request of Hawkins-Delafield to collect a business claim from a London jeweler, 1905.

#29) The bulk of the documents relate to Mary E. Gilroy (administratrix of Annie B. Gilroy estate) v. Andrew Mullen, Kings County, ca. 1902-08. There are a few documents re: an assignment from Mitchell Harrison, ca. 1899; and for James C. Colgate et al v. United States Leather Company et al, New Jersey courts, ca. 1907.

#34) Retsof Mining Company matters, ca. 1907-12.

#37) Print matter only re: Big Bonanza Mining Company of Latouche Island v. Agnes Robertson (executor of Andrew Robertson estate), et al; bill of complaint, U.S. District Court, Southern Dist of New York, 1909.

#38) USA v. George W. Dally, ca. 1909. James Pereles et al v. H.A. Weil (US Marshal), Eastern District of Wisconsin. USA v. F.W. Keitl, et al, District Court for Colorado, ca. 1908. USA v. Edgar M. Biggs et al, District Court for Colorado. USA v. John I. Wells et al, District Court for Idaho, 1907. A few miscellaneous papers.

#40) Primarily holds general reference material re: governing and incorporating a Delaware corporation. Relates to Pure Milk Company incorporation, ca. 1899.

circa 1899-1912
Offsite-Box: 138 Pigeonhole boxes #50, 52, 57, 68, 76

Scope and Contents

#50) Settlement of account of Francis T. Garretson (executor of Charlotte W. Prime estate), ca. 1894. Application of Mary E. Williams (guardian of estate of Charles E. Williams (infant) for order directing county treasurer to pay certain funds, etc. Claims of Alfaro F. Perez of Frontera, Mexico (and E. Steiger) on the American Museum of Natural History, ca. 1902.

#52) Carlton Strong v. George Greer et al, ca. 1902. Warner M. Leeds matters with Ida Gibson Whitney, ca. 1909, and other Leeds matters (only a few documents).

#57) New Jersey Briquetting Company matters re: Mouquin, Offerman, & Wells Coal Company and re: Bressette & Wells, ca. 1904-06.

#68) Eugene Hawkins personal papers, especially for property matters on East 67th Street at Park Avenue, ca. 1902-03.

#76) David Newcomb et al v. Caleb Burbank et al, ca. 1909. John Wanamaker property matters, especially re: taxation of land on 4th Avenue impacted by rapid transit construction, ca. 1903.

circa 1894-1909
Offsite-Box: 139 Pigeonhole boxes #79, 80, 87, 91

Scope and Contents

#79) Settlement of account of Edwin B. Meeks (executor of Joseph W. Meeks estate), with list of personal property of JW Meeks, ca. 1892.

#80) People of the State of New York on the relation of George W. Perkins v. Edward Reardon (a peace officer) and Joseph F. Moss (a city magistrate), ca. 1906-07.

#87) Application as to solvency of the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company, ca. 1906-07.

#91) Charles Hyde will/estate matters, Plainfield, NJ, ca. 1901. D.A. Clarkson matter re: property damage/claims at 279 Washington Street, New York City, caused by the Tarrant fire, ca. 1901. John H. Dunne v. Charles Henrotin, ca. 1899-1902.

circa 1892-1907
Offsite-Box: 140 Pigeonhole boxes #95, 102, 105, 108, 109, 113

Scope and Contents

#95) Documents re: 62 East 67th Street at Park Avenue (Eugene Hawkins's mother, Sophia's, residence), including legal agreements, renovations (including correspondence with architects Snelling & Potter), etc., 1902-06.

#102) Marion Sturgis v. Fifth Avenue Coach Company, ca 1907-08.

#105) Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Committtee on Grievances complaint against attorney Henry A. Robinson, 1901. Also, a few other Bar Association-related documents, ca. 1908.

#108) Mary Penniman and Gerald Hull Gray (trustees under will of John Knower) v. Mary Penniman (administratrix of John Knower estate) et al, ca. 1903.

#109) William J. Cregan (trustee under deed by Jane A. McKenna to said William J. Cregan) v. Jane A. McKenna, Laura A. Cregan, and William Joseph Cregan, ca. 1908-10.

#113) Application to reduce tax assessment of George Crocker on property in Tarrytown, New York, ca. 1907-10. Also includes perhaps related documents re: property in Greenburgh, Westchester County (agreement between Bainbridge S. Clark and Armedia S. Clark, ca. 1907).

circa 1901-1910
Offsite-Box: 141 Pigeonhole boxes #114, 115, 116, 118

Scope and Contents

#114) Claims of Warner & Company against Anderson T. Herd and others, ca. 1908-10. Perhaps related documents re: agreement between Frederick Remsen and Henry W. Warner and Franklin M. Warner, 1909.

#115) Brighton Yarn Company corporate matters (incorporation, capitalization, dissolution), ca. 1906-09.

#116) James C. Colgate et al v. United States Leather Company et al, ca. 1907-09.

#118) William J. Cregan (trustee under deed by Jane A. McKenna to said William J. Cregan) v. Jane A. McKenna, Laura A. Cregan, and William Joseph Cregan, ca. 1908-10.

circa 1906-1910
Offsite-Box: 142 Pigeonhole boxes #121, 126, 136, 138

Scope and Contents

#121) Settlement of account of Marshall Bell, executor of Fanny Hilton estate, 1904.

#126) James C. Colgate matters re: lease etc. of property at 296-298 Madison Avenue, New York City, ca. 1907-09.

#136) Application of Eugene D. Hawkins, as substituted trustee, for authority to sell certain real estate, notably 5 West 34th Street, New York City. This is a personal legal matter re: Sophia Hawkins (mother) and Dexter Hawkins estate, ca. 1860s-1901.

#138) Matter of Sailors' Snug Harbor negotiations with John Wanamaker for lease of property in New York City, 1900-1901, 1909-10. Also a few Snug Harbor documents re: properties (ca. 1909) and Lewis L. Delafield's analysis of Captain Randall's will (1899).

circa 1860s-1910
Offsite-Box: 143 Pigeonhole boxes #139, 142, 143, 144, 149, 157

Scope and Contents

#139) City of New York v. Emily P. Delafield, 1908-09 (only a few documents).

#142) Eugene Hawkins personal: Application by Sophia T. Hawkins for reduction of assessed value of 62 East 67th Street, ca. 1904. Some documents also re: 5 West 34th Street (Sophia), ca. 1899, and 51 East 67th Street (Eugene), ca. 1903.

#143) Settlement of account of Jennie P. Childs as guardian of Paulding Fosdick (infant), ca. 1902.

#144) Application of Louise Hartshorne Leeds for property tax refund, Nassau County, ca. 1906. Petition to have Mary Hopkins adjudged bankrupt, U.S. District Court, Southern Dist of New York, ca. 1899.

#149) Jennie T. Hagen (executor of Gertrude P. Winston estate) v. Sweetser, Pembrook & Company, William N. Kremer, et al, ca. 1907-10.

#157) Settlement of account of Alida Jacques (executrix of William S. Jacques estate), Kings County, ca. 1895-1904. There are also some documents re: matter of solvency of National Surety Company, 1907.

circa 1895-1910
Offsite-Box: 144 Pigeonhole boxes #159, 160, 163, 164, 170, 172

Scope and Contents

#159) Settlement of account of Elizabeth J. Dana and Fifth Avenue Trust Company (administrators of Anderson Carroll Dana estate), ca. 1907-08.

#160) Application of Samuel Levin for citizenship (only a few documents), ca. 1908.

#163) Max Blumenthal v. The W.H. Purcell Company, ca. 1897, re: failure to pay for delivery of bushels of malt to the Bavarian Star Brewing Company.

#164) Last wills & testaments of George W. Perkins and Evalina B. Perkins, 1909.

#170) Ida B. Forbes (administratrix of Joseph H. Batty estate) v. American Museum of Natural History, ca. 1907-08, in re: 1902-06 agreements with Batty to collect birds and mammals in Central America.

#172) Claim of Louise Van Winklee on Henry Marquand & Co., ca. 1902, re: payment on bond.

circa 1897-1909
Offsite-Box: 145 Pigeonhole boxes #179, 187, 189, 195, 200, 204

Scope and Contents

#179) Deed of trust between Louise Hartshorne Leeds and William Jay Schieffelin, William H. Holtzclaw re: creating a fund in support of the Utica Mississippi Normal & Industrial Institute [African-American schooling], ca. 1909.

#187) Charles P. Curtiss v. Sweetser, Pembrook & Company, George H. Franklin, et al, ca. 1907-10.

#189) William J. Hart and George W. Plunkitt v. Morris K. Jessup (as president of the American Museum of Natural History), ca. 1907.

#195) Trustees of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Mott Haven v. Interborough Rapid Transit Commission and Manhattan Railway Company, ca. 1906, 1909. Agreements between Horace Hamilton Brashier, Nellie Barber (Salvage) Brashier and New York Security & Trust Company, including a marriage settlement, ca. 1903.

#200) 2 print matter items: tariff legislation and a clipping.

#204) Sarah Lincoln v. Sweetser, Pembrook & Company, George W. Perkins, George H. Franklin, et al, ca. 1907-10.

circa 1903-1910
Offsite-Box: 146 Pigeonhole boxes #205, 208, 211, 214, 215, 217

Scope and Contents

#205) Trustees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor in the City of New York v. George Sutherland, ca. 1907-09.

#208) Theresa Klauber v. Manhattan Railway Company and Metropolitan Elevated Railroad Company, ca. 1898-1902.

#211) Henry L. Kreusler v. Willet Realty Company et al, ca. 1906.

#214) James B. Ludlow v. Annie Ludlow Winters and others, and Edgar J. Shipman (administrator of Julietta Truslow estate), Westchester County, ca. 1895-1908.

#215) Trustees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor in the City of New York v. Charles Jackson, action #1, ca. 1909.

#217) Trustees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor in the City of New York v. Charles Jackson and Dumont Clarke (executors of William B. Dinsmore estate), action #2, ca. 1909.

circa 1895-1909
Offsite-Box: 147 Pigeonhole boxes #220, 222, 226, 234, 236, 237

Scope and Contents

#220) Trustees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor in the City of New York v. Theodore Wolters and William Ulmer Brewery, ca. 1908-09.

#222) Jeanne Symen (whose professional name or title is "La Juanita") v. Kester Bial and Company, U.S. District Court, Southern Dist of New York, ca. 1894-1900.

#226) Application of majority of directors of the Bavarian Star Brewing Company for a voluntary dissolution, ca. 1897-98, and related matters concerning the Colonial Brewery, Fox Brothers & Co., and Max Blumenthal.

#234) Emily P. Delafield (died 1909) will and estate matters (mother of Frederick P. and Lewis L. Delafield.

#236) Earl A. Smith (administrator of Andrew J. Smith estate) v. American Museum of Natural History, Otsego County, re: suit over injury, ca. 1902-07.

#237) Smith v. Charles A. Baldwin, re: business contract dispute, ca. 1899.

circa 1894-1909
Offsite-Box: 148 Pigeonhole boxes #238, 239, 243, 245, 247, 248

Scope and Contents

#238) Frederic R. Coudert (trustee substituted for Louise Pelletier) v. Caroline Huerstel et al, ca. 1895-1901. Samuel T. Hubbard et al v. Edmond Huerstel, ca. 1899.

#239) A few letters re: the Unitarian Association and the Church of the Messiah apparently re: rapid transit construction/blasting along Park Avenue, ca. 1901.

#243) John J. McDermott (receiver of property of Abraham Rosenthal) v. Charles Rosenthal and Abraham Rosenthal. Also, McDermott v. Clara Rosenthal and other related matters. Ca. 1908-09.

#245) Robert J. McKean v. William F. Johnston (executor of James McKean estate), ca. 1902-03.

#247) John Delafield estate matters (Richard Delafield, administrator), ca. 1899-1902. Also has copies of some documents re: John Barker Church estate.

#248) King Bridge Company v. Amsterdam Construction Company and Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland, ca. 1900-02.

circa 1895-1909
Offsite-Box: 149 Pigeonhole boxes #249, 250, 253, 256, 257, 259

Scope and Contents

#249) Various matters, several related in some way: William H. Daily and Pacific Coast Smelting and Refining Company v. Christopher Furness, John F. Hately, Frank P. Deering, and The Copper King, Ltd; Copper King Ltd bankruptcy; Crocker-Woolworth National Bank of San Francisco v. William H. Daily, Pacific Coast Smelting and Refining Company, Edward K. Jones, Washington Gregg, et al, all California courts, ca. 1903-06. Also: Printed copy of will of Nathaniel P. Bailey, 1891; and Maria Tillou Kemble v. Leon Durand Bonnet, ca. 1908.

#250) Elizabeth Duval Littell v. Leon Durand Bonnet, re: Bonnet bankruptcy, ca. 1908-09.

#253) Charles Byers v. Theodore H. Price, William G. McCormick, Ralph M. Stuart Wortley, Berhard J. Harrison and George Crocker et al (firm of Price, McCormick & Co.). Also suits by Samuel T. Davis Jr. and by Mark Harris v. Price, McCormick & Co. All ca. 1897-1901.

#256) Mrs. Anna E. Marks v. Germania Savings Bank and related subpoena issued by Caleb Burbank as a Commissioner to take depositions, ca. 1898-1901.

#257) Settlement of account of Isaac S. Mack, administrator of Eleonora Mack estate, ca. 1903.

#259) A very few documents re: estate of J.J. Moore re: application to reduce property valuation, Queens County.

circa 1891-1909
Offsite-Box: 150 Pigeonhole boxes #268, 272

Scope and Contents

#268) Holds only 1 document: a legal analysis "The right to the use of a family name by a person not a member of that family" by W.H.G., 1908.

#272) Application of Jennie P. Childs as administratrix of Charles B. Fosdick estate for damage award in connection with the opening of Webster Avenue from Mosholu Parkway to Bronx River Road, ca. 1900-02.

circa 1900-1908

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