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Guide to the Lewis L. Delafield, Eugene D. Hawkins and Affiliated Attorneys Records
circa 1856-1921 (bulk, 1880s-1910)
 MS 157

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Container List

Series V. Contents of boxes with various labeling, 1850s-1921 (bulk, 1880s-1910)


The series includes the content of about 60 boxes that had a variety of miscellaneous labelings, ambiguous labels, misleading labels, incomplete labels, or no labels. Consequently, there is no particular arrangement to this series. The container list is presented simply as an inventory of the content of each N-YHS record carton. Where original boxes were retained, that is noted. As with the other series, content of boxes not retained were transfered to plastic enclosures; content from various boxes was not mixed together in any one plastic enclosure.

Scope and Contents

As with Series IV, this series holds content that represents all of the lawyers in the collection. Many of the files relate to the law office administration of Delafield and Longfellow, as well as personal papers of Bejamin Gould and of Longfellow, such as those concerning his property in Roque Bluffs, Maine. A notable document is the letterpress copybook of Dexter Hawkins for 1856-58. There is substantial documentation for a breach of contract matter: Samuel R. Smith v. Frank E. Anderson. Additional documents are found for matters seen in other series, including Trustees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor in the City of New York; Sarah May Le Brantz v. William G. Conklin; Wilhelm Pickhardt; securities matters; and more.

Container 1     Title Date
Offsite-Box: 101 N-YHS Box 101

Scope and Contents

This box holds various matters:

* Joseph J. Cunneely et al v. New York Elevated Railroad Company and Manhattan Railway Company, ca. 1901.

* City of New York v. Marion S. Sturgis, ca. 1905-07. Also Marion Sturgis v. Fifth Avenue Coach Company.

* Matilda W. White v. Cortlandt F. Bishop, trustees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor in the City of New York, et al, ca. 1903.

* Herman B. Inches will, 1900.

* Eustis L. Hopkins (executor of Albert G. Hyde estate, and trustee for Helen M. Valentine) v. Seymour J. Hyde, et al, ca. 1904.

Offsite-Box: 116 N-YHS Box 116

Scope and Contents

* Marion Sturgis v. Fifth Avenue Coach Company, ca. 1904.

* Settlement of accounts of Edwin B. Meeks, administrator of Joseph W. Meeks estate, Suffolk County, ca. 1906-08.

* Wilding Blackburn v. Solomon W. Johnson as president of American News Company, ca. 1903-04 (Caleb Burbank, attorney)

circa 1903-1908
Offsite-Box: 120 N-YHS Box 120

Scope and Contents

Mostly Robert Sturgis matters:

* Settlement of accounts of W.R. & T.G. Patten, executors of Thomas Patten and administrators of will of Jane Adelaide Woodruff, ca. 1896.

* Michael Greenberg v. Esther D. Greenberg, ca. 1898.

* Application of Lilian Oliver Shiff and Eva Madeline Shiff (infants undr 14) to sell real estate, ca. 1899.

* Lucy Chauncey will, ca. 1899.

* William Austin matter, ca. 1899.

* Joseph D. Livingston v. Joseph J. Byers.

* Edmund Menard v. W.D. Willis et al, ca. 1910.

circa 1896-1910
Offsite-Box: 121 N-YHS Box 121

Scope and Contents

* John Galt Smith will and estate matters, including re: his wife Elizabeth Shipley Smith, executrix and guardian of George Kennedy Smith, ca. 1892-1902.

* Fussell Ice Cream Company v. Eugene A. Furber and Emma Furber, ca. 1895, and other actions by Fussell against others.

* Charles Stone v. Edward H. Horner, ca. 1890-91.

* Morris C. Mengis v. Robert H. Bohm, ca. 1894.

* Oscar M. Draper v. Albert Eddy, ca. 1897.

* Trustees of the Peabody Education Fund v. Charles H. Jenkins et al, ca. 1894.

* Ida S. Park v. Peterson Company, ca. 1898.

* Jennie Carr v. Jane Seville, ca. 1880s.

* Union Trust Company of New York v. Hamilton Park Company et al, ca. 1898.

* Trustees of the Sailors Snug Harbor in the City of New York v. Samuel I. Hyman et al.

* Joy, Langdon & Company matter, ca. 1909-10.

* And a few other matters, all Caleb Burbank cases.

circa 1880s-1910
Offsite-Box: 122 N-YHS Box 122

Scope and Contents

Delafield & Longfellow matters: Various Indiana matters concerning Elkhart Electric Company, Home Electric Light & Power Company, Elkhart Paper Company, etc. The bankers Thompson, Tenney & Crawford are also involved with these. Circa 1900-03. Also re: Chicago & Alton Equipment Association and railroad equipment bonds, ca. 1904-06.

circa 1900-1906
Offsite-Box: 127 N-YHS Box 127

Scope and Contents

This entire box holds Sarah May Le Brantz v. William G. Conklin (executor of Sarah Ann Waters estate), et al, and the related, earlier matter re: Sarah Ann Waters (alleged incompetent person) v. William G. Conklin, ca. 1902-09. This continues into the following box 128.

circa 1902-1909
Offsite-Box: 128 N-YHS Box 128

Scope and Contents

Much of this box continues, from above box 127, Sarah May Le Brantz v. William G. Conklin (executor of Sarah Ann Waters estate), et al, and the related, earlier matter re: Sarah Ann Waters (alleged incompetent person) v. William G. Conklin, ca. 1902-09.

The box also holds:

* Auto-Electric Company matters, ca. 1900.

* Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway Company matters, ca. 1893.

* Title abstract documents to John Wentworth re: 150 East 38th Street, ca. 1897.

* Nathalie P. Nachtel v. Henri Nachtel and United States Trust Company, ca. 1897.

* Delafield & Longfellow office bills, 1906-08.

* Also, various other matters, each with few documents.

circa 1893-1909
Offsite-Box: 129 N-YHS Box 129

Scope and Contents

This box holds:

* The content of an original box labeled "D-L dead transfer storage." The bulk of the documents relate to Charles F. Goepel v. Robinson Machine Company, D&L were attorneys for the company, ca. 1906-10. There are also a few miscellaneous things, some personal, some Delafield family, ca. 1890s.

* Print matter re: Charles E. Pearsall & Son v. Edwin Gould, ca. 1908.

* Henry Seton estate documents, particularly with respect to claims by executrix Annie M. Seton et al re: the Commissioner of Docks acquisition of Piers 16 and 17 on the East River. Other names involved are Thomas Jevons, and James P. Lee (executor of William Seton estate), ca. 1904-09.

circa 1890s-1910
Offsite-Box: 130 N-YHS Box 130

Scope and Contents

This box holds documents on three matters:

* Property acquisition by Frederick Longfellow and his wife, Julia L.D. Longfellow, in Roque Bluffs, Maine, and related matters, ca. 1902-07.

* Frederick Delafield matter: Worcester & Connecticut Eastern Railway Company matters, especially re: debt securities. Several other railways appear in the documents, among them Peoples Tramway Company, Worcester & Webster Street Railway Company, Webster & Dudley Street Railway Company, etc; ca. 1899-1903.

* The third matter is a mass of unorganized documents, but much seems to relate to acquisition of property in Kentucky and Virginia. There is original correspondence and other documents from the 1850s. Later documents to the 1890s involve Frederick Delafield's acquisition.

circa 1850s-1907
Offsite-Box: 131 N-YHS Box 131

Scope and Contents

This box holds 6 original "pigeonhole" size boxes with the following content:

1) Innovation Trunk Company (313 West 15th St, New York) matters, Frederick Longfellow involved, ca. 1900-04.

2) This appears to be almost all papers of Philip Keyes Walcott, ca. 1902-03. Bulk appears personal, but maybe a few legal matters. There are just a couple of Waters estate-related documents here.

3) Thomas J. McTighe v. John V. Smith, ca. 1898-99. John V. Smith v. Edward M. McGillin and Mary B. O'Neill, ca. 1898.

4) Akron Water Works Co. bond matter, ca. 1899-1903. Also a packet of Sturgis documents: Isaac L. Kip (trustee for Adelaide B. Harris) v. Charles H. Lindsley et al, ca. 1897.

5) Delafield & Longfellow office paid bills for 1900.

6) Delafield & Longfellow office paid bills for 1903.

circa 1897-1904
Offsite-Box: 132 N-YHS Box 132

Scope and Contents

This box holds 6 original "pigeonhole" size boxes with the following content:

1) Delafield & Longfellow office paid bills for 1904.

2) Delafield & Longfellow office paid bills for 1905.

3) Carbon copies of Delafield & Longfellow invoices for legal services rendered (shows detail of activities by case), 1905.

4) Carbon copies of Delafield & Longfellow invoices for legal services rendered (shows detail of activities by case), 1906.

5) Bills paid by Delafield & Longfellow attributed to the various matters they worked on, well-organized by case (was not surveyed for date range, but likely early 1900s).

6) Box labeled as "Miscellaneous" holds various Delafield & Longfellow office administration documents: status of pending cases, office profit & loss statement, memos for follow-up action (e.g., to Walcott), list municipal bond status, etc.; ca. 1899-1909.

circa 1899-1909
Offsite-Box: 133 N-YHS Box 133

Scope and Contents

This box holds 6 original "pigeonhole" size boxes with the following content in each:

1) Mostly incoming correspondence on what appears to be largely administrative matters (e.g., bills transmitted, offers of services, etc.), ca. 1903-04. There is also one packet of documents on a Sturgis matter re: an affidavit in the matter of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, ca. 1892.

2) Incoming correspondence on administrative matters (e.g., transmittals, etc), 1905. Also a Delafield, Gould, & Longfellow bank account book, 1898-1901.

3) Receipts to Delafield & Longfellow acknowledging receipt of papers in various matters, ca. 1897-1909.

4) Box labeled as "estate of Ben'j A. Gould" relates to various attorney Gould Jr personal matters, though it is an unorganized mass and so is unclear. The estate referred to is the father (1824-1896), not the attorney (died 1900). Documents circa 1890s-1902.

5 & 6) Statements, invoices, receipts and the like for Benjamin Gould's personal transactions, ca. 1896-1899.

Offsite-Box: 134 N-YHS Box 134

Scope and Contents

This box holds 5 original "pigeonhole" size boxes with the following content in each:

1) "Rough list of books in the library of Dr. B.A. Gould, January 1897" (it is a very long list). One letter transmitting payment for purchase of stock in Invention Development Company, 1900. Some correspondence re: Herminia Burns of London and the low prospect of success in a recovery case, 1900.

2) Benjamin Gould's bills, invoices, etc, 1898-99.

3) Stationery, cards, etc. for Delafield & Gould and Delafield, Gould & Longfellow. Also a marketing pamphlet for the new Fahys Building (29 and 31 Liberty Street and 54 Maiden Lane) where they had offices. 1895-1898

4) Bills to Frederick Longfellow for personal transactions, 1905-06.

5) Index cards, organized by day, with schedule of appointments for each day, ca. 1905-06.

circa 1895-1906
Offsite-Box: 150 N-YHS Box 150

Scope and Contents

* New York Central and Hudson River Company v. Emma F. DuBarry, et al re: property condemnation along Mott Avenue at East 144th Street (Bronx), ca. 1906.

* Documents related to claims by various parties against the firm of Price, McCormick & Co., ca. 1900-01. Bank books of Harriet Dyer Price, Harriet E. Dyer, and Eugene D. Hawkins, each with very few entries, 1900.

* National Cooperage Company bankruptcy matter, New Jersey district court, ca. 1904.

* Documents re: Emile B. and Maud A. Pickhardt, ca. 1907, principally concerning dispute over property in Buchanan County, Virginia.

circa 1900-1907
Offsite-Box: 151 N-YHS Box 151

Scope and Contents

The carton holds two flat boxes:

1) Wilhelm Pickhardt matters (patents, correspondence, etc), ca. 1879-1900.

2) Print matter: Bender's lawyer's diary and directory (4) for the years 1905-08 used by Delafield & Longfellow; these hold mostly printed information with some handwritten calendar entries. Checkbook for Hawkins & Delafield for January-June 1906.

circa 1879-1908
Offsite-Box: 152 N-YHS Box 152

Scope and Contents

The carton holds two flat boxes:

1) People of the State of New York v. George W. Perkins, ca. 1906-07, re: New York Life Insurance officer charged with forgery. Charles H. Unverzagt v. Frank P. Bennett & Company, ca. 1905, and Unverzagt v. New York Herald Company, ca. 1905-06, re: libel. Documents re: American Museum of Natural History acquisition of the John Collins Warren collection, 1906.

2) People of the State of New York v. George W. Perkins, ca 1906-07 re: New York Life Insurance officer charged with forgery. Sarah May Le Brantz v. William G. Conklin (executor of Sarah Ann Waters estate), American Female Guardian Society and Home for the Friendless of New York City, et al, ca. 1902-08.

circa 1902-1908
Offsite-Box: 153 N-YHS Box 153

Scope and Contents

1) Columbus Gas, Light and Coke Company corporate matters and agreements, ca. 1907.

2) Primarily Indiana & Michigan Electric Company corporate matters. Other power companies here as well: Buchanan Company; South Bend Electric Company; St. Joseph & Elkhart Power Company. Ca. 1904.

3) Stock certificate book for the Blevney Mill Manufacturing Company (a few certificates assigned), 1885.

4) Long Island City General Improvement Bonds issuance, ca. 1894-95.

5) Burbank will matter, ca. 1904.

circa 1885-1907
Offsite-Box: 154 N-YHS Box 154

Scope and Contents

1) Documents re: various railways: Webster & Dudley Street Railway Company, Worcester and Webster Street Railway Company, People's Tramway Company, Sanderson and Porter Company, and Worcester and Connecticut Eastern Railway Company, ca. 1893-1902.

2) City of Ironwood v. William E. Coffin, Walter Stanton, and Thomas P. Wickes (receiver for firm of Coffin & Stanton), ca. 1894-1903.

3) George C. Coffin (executor of Elizabeth F. Cooke estate) v. John R. Platt, ca. 1902. 1 document re: Simon Doctor v. William A. Darling, ca. 1889.

circa 1889-1903
Offsite-Box: 155 N-YHS Box 155

Scope and Contents

1) Charles D. Axman v. Frank P. Bennett & Company, ca. 1908-09.

2) Telegrams and other records re: London Mining Company bonds, 1880s. D.H. Gillespie estate land sales and related, ca. 1886. John W. Mitchell v. John Weber et al, ca. 1899. George Quackenbush v. Elizabeth Horton Quackenbush, 1880s. Francis A. Dugro (committee for Susan K. Vandewater, an incompetent person) v. Mary A. Vandewater (executrix of Mary Ann Vandewater estate), ca. 1897. Will of Henry Chauncey, 1899.

3) Various matters re: Pahud F. Thompson, Charles H. Tenney and Harden L. Crawford (firm of Thompson, Tenney, & Crawford). Much seems to relate to railway financing, including Hampshire Traction Company and others. Some agreements between firm and Charles S. Fairchild and New York Security & Trust Company, ca. 1901-04. Firm dissolved July 1904.

circa 1880s-1909
Offsite-Box: 156 N-YHS Box 156

Scope and Contents

The carton holds two flat boxes:

1) Flat box filled with many miscellaneous matters, one-off documents, and unattributable notes. Some Burbank estate documents here, but only a few. Many municipal, water, etc. bond certificates. Some title abstracts. Ca. 1890s-1909

2) Flat box with several title abstracts, all in Manhattan: Bertha Wolkenberg (8th Street at Avenue B); Dora Schneer (99th Street at 3rd Avenue); Charles Brendon (51st Street at Madison Avenue); James C. Colgate (57th Street at 5th Avenue); Lewis M. Norwood (100 East 81st Street); Hermann Queller (1st Avenue at 112th St); Zax K. Berlin (17th Street at 11th Avenue); George L. Felt (51 Cliff Street at Beekman Street); Moses K. Wallach (77th Street at 2nd Avenue); Mary A. Tuttle (corner of 15th Street and 9th Avenue); all ca. 1905. Several small checkbooks, most, perhaps all related to Caleb Burbank, 1890s. Printed petition for rehearing in Newcomb v. Burbank case.

circa 1890s-1905
Offsite-Box: 157 N-YHS Box 157

Scope and Contents

* Acadia Canal Company documents, including 12 photographs on boards; 2 copies of "The Crowley Signal" of October 6, 1900, #32 (Acadia Parish, Louisiana); stock register (no entries); stock certificates book (none issued); minutes; correspondence; etc., ca. 1900-02.

* New Jersey Briquetting Company documents: Checkbook, record of repairs due to fire at Washington Street, Brooklyn, and other expenditures, ca. 1905-06.

* Letterpress copybook of Dexter Hawkins, ca. 1856-58. Tattered, but with a substantial number of pages remaining.

* Charles E. Pearsall & Son v. Edwin Gould, Westchester County, re: complaint about dredging, dock and other repairs (includes several photographs on boards of the location), ca. 1903-07.

1856-1858, circa 1900-1907
Offsite-Box: 158 N-YHS Box 158

Scope and Contents

* Sarah May Le Brantz v. William G. Conklin (executor of Sarah Ann Waters estate), American Female Guardian Society and Home for the Friendless of New York City, et al, ca. 1902-08.

* James C. Colgate et al v. United States Leather Company et al, New Jersey court, ca. 1905-09.

circa 1902-1909
Offsite-Box: 159 N-YHS Box 159

Scope and Contents

This carton holds 6 pigeonhole boxes associated with Frederick P. Delafield. Three of these boxes are labeled to indicate they hold "miscellaneous briefs and precedents." Two of these miscellaneous boxes seem to hold mostly a mix of notes, several related to New York City railroad/railway companies. One box holds an orderly stack of one-off documents concerning the following matters, all circa 1890s:

* Edward Kilpatrick v. Amanda F. Lauterbach; * Joshua L. Baily, et al v. Lewis M. Hornthal et al; * Jane Hawkins v. Brooklyn Elevated Railroad Company & Union Elevated Railroad Company; * Hugo Jaeckel v. American Credit Indemnity Company of New York; * Henry Frederick Harris v. Union Elevated Railroad Company; * Bliss v. Hornthal; * Agreement between Third Avenue Railroad Company and Love Electric Traction Company (1895); * Isaac Stern et al v. Charles L. Bucki; * R. Baring Gould v. John A. Rutherford; * Mayor of New York et al v. Harlem Bridge, Morrisania and Fordham Railway Company; * James H. Hummel v. Isaac Stern et al; * Joshua L. Bailey et al v. Lewis M Hornthal et al; * Cecilia Z. Blumenthal agreement with Walter V. Blumenthal; * Andrew O'Neill v. Third Avenue Railroad Company; * George S. Kip v. Herman Goldman et al; * Bernard Flood v. Brooklyn Elevated Railroad Company & Union Elevated Railroad Company; * People of the State of New York v. Anthony Lopard; * Bloch Company v. New York Bowery Fire Insurance Company; * "Memorandum as to constitutionality of a law providing for bi-partisan Police Board" (unattributed); * Emma Bandman v. Isidor Wormser et al; * John Hogg et al v. Albert Weis et al; * Mary Eisler v. Eighth Avenue Railroad Company et al; * John Gray v. Brooklyn Elevated Railroad Company; * Max Ernst v. American Credit Indemnity Company of New York; * Vinnie L. Ackerman v. Third Avenue Railroad Company; * Thomas D. Hooper v. Lewis G. Tewksbury; * "Memorandum on the construction of the will of George Wicke."

The other three pigeonhole boxes hold mostly personal Frederick Delafield matters, including correspondence and agreements, 1900-05, and several small calendar notebooks recording his appointments, 1904.

circa 1890s-1905
Offsite-Box: 160 N-YHS Box 160

Scope and Contents

This carton holds 3 pigeonhole boxes and print matter:

Box 1) Papers re: a ranch owned by Frederick Delafield's mother, Emily, in California (appears to be in Napa Valley), 1890s-ca. 1900.

Box 2) Receipted invoices paid for Frederick Delafield personal expenses, 1904. Also various documents re: the Sarah Ann Waters estate / William G. Conklin matter, 1902-03.

Box 3) Benjamin Gould matters re: City Club of New York membership and other club administration, ca. 1898-99.

The print matter in the carton all relates to the New York City school system, 1898-99. Documents include: Manhattan and Bronx School Board By-laws, rules, and regulations (1898); Manhattan/Bronx Board of Education meetings (1899); Manhattan/Bronx Board of School Superintendents and School Board meetings (1899); and print matter re: various suits brought against the city schools by Magnus Gross of the New York City Teachers Association and by the Brooklyn Teachers Association, et al, ca. 1899.

Offsite-Box: 161 N-YHS Box 161

Scope and Contents

This carton holds 5 pigeonhole boxes:

Box 1 and 2) Documents re: Allentown, Pennsylvania sewer franchise and specifically the East End Sewer Company, ca. 1900. Papers are those of a different lawyer from the rest of the collection, Walter A. Rosenbaum, with offices at 29 Liberty Street.

Box 3) Papers re: various proposed timber and coal land deals, ca 1900. These also involved Walter A. Rosenbaum, and his partner working out of a Washington DC office, Eugene Carusi. It is not clear if the papers relate to possible clients or to potential investments for Rosenbaum and Carusi.

Box 4) Various Rosenbaum matters, all ca. 1900: Account of Dante del Papa; Estate of Andrew Lofsky; White Oak cross-tie deal; Cross-tie deal with George B. Hanford.

Box 5) Delafield & Longfellow miscellaneous legal analyses, print matter, etc re: Pennsylvania bond funding and related matters, ca. 1906-08.

circa 1900-1908
Offsite-Box: 162 N-YHS Box 162

Scope and Contents

First box of 2 holding a total of 12 large envelopes with documents concerning Samuel R. Smith v. Frank E. Anderson, ca. 1906-1909 (a few documents in this box go out to 1921). The lawsuit appears to be related to an alleged breach of contract over a sale of stock.

circa 1906-1921
Offsite-Box: 163 N-YHS Box 163

Scope and Contents

Second box of 2 holding a total of 12 large envelopes with documents concerning Samuel R. Smith v. Frank E. Anderson, ca. 1906-1909.

circa 1906-1909
Offsite-Box: 166 N-YHS Box 166

Scope and Contents

This carton holds print matter only:

* Various printed material associated with Robert Sturgis. The bulk (about 41 items) relates to the Nicaragua Canal, the Nicaragua Canal Construction Company, and the Maritime Canal Company of Nicaragua, circa 1887-99. These include pamphlets, article reprints, company information, and U.S. and foreign government bills, reports, decrees, etc. Sample items include a multi-lingual (including English) pamphlet from the 1889 Exposition Universalle de Paris; a Japanese language print of Captain Taylor's speech on the canal in Japan (1891); "Special Report" on the canal by Charles T. Harvey published by the Maritime Canal Company (1890); 1 item from Nicaragua in Spanish.

In addition to canal-related documents there are 2 items re: application of Southern Boulevard Railroad Company to construct the railroad on land of the deceased Paul Spofford (1891); People of New York State ex rel New York Electric Lines Company v. Rollin M. Squire (Commissioner of Public Works for New York City & County), 1891; Clearfield Creek Coal Company, Pennsylvania statement re: securities offering, 1893; Trenton Potteries Company v. Richard C. Olyphant, New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals, 1899; booklet "The Common Law" inscribed by author Charles P. Daly to Sturgis, 1894; and 3 items on general tax and corporate law in New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.

* Uncut pages for Notice of Appeal "in the matter of the general assignment of Price, McCormick & Co., for the benefit of creditors. Claim of George Crocker." Nov. 16, 1901.

* Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Company v. Josephine J.S. Wendel et al, ca. 1906-08.

circa 1887-1908
Offsite-Box: 167 N-YHS Box 167

Scope and Contents

The box holds printed material only:

1) Mary A. Humes v. Manhattan Railway Company and Metropolitan Elevated Railway Company, ca. 1897.

2) Samuel Fleischman v. Morris C. Mengis, ca. 1908.

3) Marion Sturgis v. Fifth Avenue Coach Company, ca. 1907.

4) Application of New York City to acquire real estate for construction of a terminal on the westerly or Manhattan end of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge, 1905.

5) Application of New York City to acquire land for public parks and parkways, in matter of petition of Philip M. Lydig for correction of Commissioner's report as to ownership of parcels 522, 523, 524 taken for Bronx Park, 1889.

Offsite-Box: 168 N-YHS Box 168

Scope and Contents

The box holds printed material only:

1) Edward H. Myers and Charles Neukirch v. Clinton P. Paine and Percy B. McLaren, 1896.

2) Elizabeth Shipley Smith (executrix of John Galt Smith estate) v. Florence Kennedy Smith et al, 1899.

3) Thomas P. Wickes v. Edward S. Hatch, Frank M. Clute, and J. Stuart Tompkins, and George C. Lay, ca. 1905.

4) City of Ironwood v. William E. Coffin et al and Thomas P. Wickes (receiver for firm of Coffin and Stanton), ca. 1894-1903.

5) People of the State of New York on the relation of George W. Perkins v. Joseph F. Moss, City Magistrate, and Edward Reardon, a Peace Officer, ca. 1906. This matter relates to charges that Perkins, as Chairman of New York Life Insurance Company's Finance Committee, facilitated improper payments to the Republican National Committee (Cornelius Bliss, Treasurer of the RNC) for the 1904 U.S. presidential campaign.

circa 1894-1905

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