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Guide to the Lewis L. Delafield, Eugene D. Hawkins and Affiliated Attorneys Records
circa 1856-1921 (bulk, 1880s-1910)
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Collection processed by Larry Weimer

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Container List

Series II. Boxes labeled LLD (Louis L. Delafield), circa 1858-1909

Scope and Contents

The series holds the content of boxes with an original label of "LLD." It is possible that these papers were so labeled because Lewis Delafield II handled the matters, rather than one of his partners, but many of the documents date from the years of Delafield II's partnership with Eugene Hawkins and Robert Sturgis and many of the documents are on the firms' stationery.

The subseries opens with a set of 12 volumes of case diaries for the date range 1858-1905 for both Lewis Livingston Delafields (I and II). It is possible that some of the earlier files in the series pertain to the legal work of Delafield I, but most is certainly Delafield II. Extensively represented here is legal work for various Delafield family members, as well as affilated families, such as the Wyeths and Primes.

Other notable matters in this series include: several packets of investigations by Delafield into the solvency of insurance companies seeking to do business in New York State; various claims against the Manhattan Railway Company and Metropolitan Railroad Company; and Delafield's files in relation various reform and bar association matters. Certain matters appear in this series that have many more documents in other series; these include Delafield's work as counsel to Sailors' Snug Harbor in the City of New York and the case of Sarah May Le Brantz v. William G. Conklin, the executor of the will of Sarah Ann Waters.


The series opens with the set of 12 volumes of case diaries, then turns to the work files, which are the bulk of the content. These documents were originally held in about 60 boxes labeled as LLD, with each label also indicating a number or numbers ranging from 48 to 171, with gaps. Each number represented a packet or packets (the same number was frequently used on multiple packets of documents) in the original box. The container list retains this sequence.

The LLD boxes are somewhat better organized than the D-L boxes in subseries I.A. Rather than one large bundle per box tied together and holding multiple matters, the LLD boxes tended to have each individual matter set off more clearly, tied in ribbon or in envelopes. For example, at the extreme, LLD packet 132 related to 49 matters, but the boundaries of each is well defined within a numbered envelope.

As with Subseries I.A., the deteriorated original boxes were all discarded and the contents of each were transferred to plastic enclosures, which were placed in archival record cartons.

Container 1     Title Date
Offsite-Box: 164 LLD Legal Case Diaries

Scope and Contents

First of two cartons with Delafield I and II's case diaries. This box holds 5 of the 8 volumes. In addition to Delafields, members of the Livingston family are represented most frequently here, especially Robert J. (1811-1891) and his wife Louisa M. (1810-1883).

Offsite-Box: 165 LLD Legal Case Diaries

Scope and Contents

Second of two cartons with Delafield I and II's case diaries. This box holds 3 of the 8 volumes. In these later years, the Livingston family largely disappears from the cases. Delafields continue and Prime family appears (LLD II's wife's family). Some cases documented in the collection appear in these volumes, including those concerning the Shipmans and Sailor's Snug Harbor.

Offsite-Box: 37 LLD Packets 48, 49, 50, 51

Scope and Contents

Packet 48) Rachel Lenox Kennedy will, printed material only, ca. 1897.

Packet 49) Ethel Thomas v. Harry K. Thaw, ca. 1903-06.

Packet 50) Matter of Susan Dickie as supposed lunatic, stenographer's transcripts, ca. 1878.

Packet 51) New York Steam Company v. Foundation Company, ca. 1907.

circa 1878-1907
Offsite-Box: 37 LLD Packets 52, 54, 64, 68

Scope and Contents

Packet 52) Opinion as to Thomas W. Ludlow dock title, Westchester County/Yonkers, ca. 1887.

Packet 54) Holds 3 matters: 1) New York City election matters (i.e. separate elections legislation), 1880s. 2) Account of Charlotte W. Prime as general guardian of Charlotte Hoffman Wyeth, a minor, ca. 1885. 3) Account of Maturin L. Delafield as executor of will of Joseph Delafield, ca. 1886.

Packet 64) People of the State of New York ex el Richard W.G. Welling v. Alexander Meakin et al as Commissioners of Excise, ca. 1890. (This packet was found in a D&L box but was moved here by the N-YHS archivist because it is clearly an LLD matter, as he is Welling's attorney, and the material predates the existence of the D&L firm by about 10 years).

Packet 68) Annie R. Prime will, 1888. The packet also holds seemingly unrelated documents re: George A. Dingman v. John Mehrtens, ca 1886.

circa 1885-1890
Offsite-Box: 122 LLD Packets 52, 55, 56, 57, 59, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68

Scope and Contents

(These LLD packets were found in an original box that was incorrectly labeled as Robert Sturgis cases and were redesignated to this LLD series by the processing archivist. Although the archivist corrected a few such obvious errors during the 2022 rehousing, other original misfilings likely remain to some degree.)

Packet 52) Estate of John Delafield; estate of John Barber Church; French spoliation claims, ca 1885-86.

Packet 55) Holds 4 matters: 1) Charlotte H. Delafield, draft will & testament, 1886. 2) Annie R. Prime, draft will & testament, 1888. 3) Harriet B. Delafield, draft will & testament, 1884. 4) Lewis L. Delafield (trustee under will of Susan M. Parish) v. Wallace Delafield, ca. 1884.

Packet 56) Mutual Union Telegraph Company agreement with Alexander Muirhead et al, 1881.

Packet 57) Holds 2 matters: 1) Emily P. Delafield re: estate of Lewis L. Delafield, ca. 1884. 2) Greenwood Cemetery: Delafield and Parish vaults.

Packet 59) Lewis L. Delafield, last will & testament, 1883.

Packet 64) Annie R. Prime (general guardian) v. Charlotte H. Prime, ca. 1886-88.

Packet 65) Ezra Martin Black, last will & testament, 1892.

Packet 66) Henry Prime v. Nathaniel Prime, ca. 1886.

Packet 67) Edgar J. Shipman (guardian of Richard D. Shipman, infant) v. Richard D. Shipman, ca. 1893.

Packet 68) 2 matters: 1) Leonard J. Wyeth Jr, last will & testament, 1903. 2) John C. Jay v. Mary Rutherford Jay, ca. 1893.

circa 1881-1893
Offsite-Box: 37 LLD Packets 69, 70, 71, 74

Scope and Contents

Packet 69) 4 matters: 1)Eliza Shipman will, 1892. 2) Marie C. Smith will, 1892. 3) Opinion for Hyde and Jackson as to power of foreign business corporation to condemn lands by eminent domain proceedings in state of Kansas, ca. 1892. 4) Opinion re: Constitutional Convention for New York State, printed matter published by the City Reform Club, 1890s.

Packet 70) Louise Alley Wyeth estate, ca. 1893.

Packet 71) Settlement of accounts of executor Edgar J. Shipman for estate of Harriet C. Shipman, and also Edgar's accounts as guardian of Richard D. Shipman (infant), ca. 1887-1889.

Packet 74) Account of Annie R. Prme as guardian of Charlotte H. Prime (infant), ca. 1888.

circa 1887-1893
Offsite-Box: 38 LLD Packets 77, 79, 81, 83

Scope and Contents

Packet 77) J.H. Myers, opinion on American Ballot Machine Company, re: voting methods, ca. 1894.

Packet 79) Elizabeth H. Merchant v. Stephen L. Merchant et al, re: estate of Frederick H. Wolcott, ca. 1895.

Packet 81) John D. Crimmins v. John J. Amory et al, ca. 1896.

Packet 83) Accounts of Edgar J. Shipman as guardian of Richard H. Shipman (infant), ca. 1895.

circa 1894-1896
Offsite-Box: 38 LLD Packets 85, 87, 89, 91, 92

Scope and Contents

Packet 85) Francis J. Kennett v. George B. Hopkins and Harry L. Terry (LLD is referee), ca. 1896.

Packet 87) Frederick Prime will and codicils, 1880.

Packet 89) Benjamin H. Irving (executor) v. Jane R. Irving et al re: Mary Irving estate, ca. 1897.

Packet 91) Nathalie E. Baylies v. Schuyler Van Cortlandt Hamilton et al and Alexandra Schuyler Hamilton, printed material only, 1898.

Packet 92) Richard D. Shipman (infant) by Lewis L. Delafield, (guardian) v. Albert Delafield et al, ca. 1898.

circa 1880-1898
Offsite-Box: 39 LLD Packets 93, 94, 95

Scope and Contents

Packet 93) Holds 2 matters: 1) Henry C. Eno and William P. Eno as executors of Amos R. Eno estate v. Amos F. Eno, et al, and related matters, ca. 1898. 2) Settlement of account of Albert Delafield, administrator for estate of Susan P. Delafield, ca. 1898.

Packet 94) Holds 2 matters: 1) Settlement of account of executors of Harriet B. Delafield estate, ca. 1897. 2) Albert Delafield et al as executor of estate of Richard Delafield v. Edgar J. Shipman et al, ca. 1895.

Packet 95) Petition of Theodore E. Hancock (New York State Attorney General) to bring action to annul the Charter of the City Gas Company of New York, ca. 1898; and related petition of Francis B. Thurber and William McCarroll to Hancock.

circa 1895-1898
Offsite-Box: 39 LLD Packets 97, 100, 101, 103, 104

Scope and Contents

Packet 97) Lucy W. Rollins will, 1899.

Packet 100) Arbitration between Luther D. Garrett and London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Company, ca. 1904.

Packet 101) Application of Amalia Martinez Ybor de Garcia Velez for order directing the New York City Chamberlain to pay over monies, ca. 1901.

Packet 103) Holds 3 matters: 1) Richard D. Shipman will, ca 1900. 2) Eva Wyeth will, ca. 1901. 3) Alfred J. Cipriant estate.

Packet 104) Holds 4 matters: 1) Howard Duffield will, ca. 1901. 2) Luther D. Garrett and London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Company matter, ca. 1900. 3) Application of Edgar J. Shipman as guardian for an order authorizing sale of stock, ca. 1901. 4) L.D. Garrett Company agreements with Traders Fire Insurance Company, ca. 1900.

circa 1899-1904
Offsite-Box: 39 LLD Packets 105, 106

Scope and Contents

Packet 105) Holds 3 matters: 1) Marion Sturgis will. 2) Richard D. Shipman v. Albert Delafield. 3) Russell Sturgis estate. All ca. 1899-1900.

Packet 106) James B. Colgate et al v. Augusta B. Greene, ca. 1900.

circa 1899-1900
Offsite-Box: 40 LLD Packets 107, 108, 109, 110, 111

Scope and Contents

Packet 107) Holds 2 matters: 1) Annie R. Prime as guardian of Charlotte H. Prime v. Markus Guttman, et al re: mortgage foreclosure, ca. 1897. Other papers in this packet too: E.H. Rollins & Sons (corporation) v. Trowbridge, MacDonald & Niver Company, et al, ca 1899; and Emily P. Delafield agreements with Adelheit and Frederick Neimeir, ca. 1886. 2) Mercantile Trust Company and Allen Zollars (trustee) v. Findlay, Fort Wayne & Western Railway Company, US District Court, Northern District of Ohio, ca. 1902.

Packet 108) Emma Gray Hamilton will, ca. 1902.

Packet 109) Holds 3 matters: 1) George Kennedy Smith will, ca. 1899. 2)People on the complaint of Thomas J. Maguire v. Robert McLellan, ca. 1902. 3) Agreement between Margaret O.F. Bronson with Thomas E. Jevons re: Huntington, LI title, ca. 1901.

Packet 110) Nathan Ries to Leslie Coffman mortgage, ca. 1907.

Packet 111) Documents re: increase of capital stock for the Century Bank of New York, ca. 1907. Also includes related documents for the Corn Exchange Bank.

Packet 115) Henry W. Rosenbaum v. Isaac L. Rice et al, ca. 1901.

circa 1897-1907
Offsite-Box: 40 LLD Packet 117 (and 101)

Scope and Contents

Packet 117) Matthew Byrnes estate re: application of United States Mortgage & Trust Company to sell real estate from the Byrnes estate, ca. 1901. The box with packet 117 also held a second packet numbered 101 that relates to 117 and so was left here.

Offsite-Box: 41 LLD Packet 121

Scope and Contents

Holds 3 matters:

1) Settlement of account of John Fiske re: Mary Fiske Stoughton, an incompetent person, ca. 1900.

2) Various documents concerning matter re: investigation of ballots under Section 114 of New York Election Law, ca. 1905-06 re: William Travers Jerome candidacy for Attorney General. Includes The People of the State of New York on the relation of William Randolph Hearst v. Board of County Canvassers of New York County re: void and protested ballots in the 1st and 6th assembly districts.

3) Adaline E. Anderson et al v. Willam H. Maxwell (superintendent of city schools) et al, ca. 1904.

circa 1900-1906
Offsite-Box: 41 LLD Packet 122

Scope and Contents

Holds one matter: City of Ironwood [Michigan] v. William E. Coffin and Walter Stanton (partners), Malcolm Baxter Jr and Charles L. Hyde and Charles H. Jackson; and Thomas P. Wickes (receiver) re: dispute over municipal bonds, ca. 1903.

circa 1903
Offsite-Box: 41 LLD Packet 123

Scope and Contents

4 packets numbered 123:

1) Title abstract of Charles Sooysmith to property between 109th and 110th streets, mortgaged to guardian Eliza(?) J. Shipman, ca. 1899.

2) Application of William J. Goldey for writ of mandamus issued to William H. Maxwell (city schools superintendent) to place Goldey's name on eligibility list as principal of male schools, ca. 1901; and related People of the State of New York ex rel William J. Goldey v. William H. Maxwell

4) Mercantile Trust Company (trustee) v. John W. Haddock et al, ca. 1905.

circa 1899-1905
Offsite-Box: 42 LLD Packet 124

Scope and Contents

5 packets numbered 124:

1) Morris K. Jesup v. Francis C. Travers et al, Richmond County, re: Beauty Isle Land Company, ca. 1904.

2) Application of the Kingsbridge Railway Company for the appointment of commissioners, ca. 1901.

3) Thomas Ewing Jr et al v. Sprague Electric Company, Westchester County, ca. 1906.

4) Charles Metcalfe v. Vincent P. Travers et al, Richmond County, ca. 1905.

5) Marie Dehais v. Etienne Sagnol, Tilly Sagnol, and Joseph Laemmle, ca. 1897.

circa 1897-1906
Offsite-Box: 42 LLD Packet 125

Scope and Contents

3 packets numbered 125:

1) People of the State of New York on the relation of John S. Sprague v. William H. Maxwell (city superintendent of schools), ca. 1903.

2) Mary S. Van Winkle v. Elizabeth N. Van Winkle, Alexandra S. Hamilton, et al, ca. 1901-03.

3) Uvalde Asphalt Paving Company v. New York City, ca. 1903.

circa 1901-1903
Offsite-Box: 42 LLD Packet 126

Scope and Contents

2 packets numbered 126:

1) Roger F. Sturgis and Mildred Sturgis (wife) v. Charles I. Sturgis et al, ca. 1901.

2) Gilbert W. Speir and Edmund L. Balies, executors of Robert Ray Hamilton estate v. Schuyler Van Cortlandt Hamilton et al, ca. 1901.

circa 1901
Offsite-Box: 62 LLD Packet 128

Scope and Contents

Holds 4 packets numbered 128:

1) James R. O'Beirne for himself and other bondholders v. Spencer S. Bullis et al re: Allegheny & Kinzua Railroad Company, ca. 1905.

2) Charles D. Leverich et al v. Matilda R.L. Bradford (administratrix of Matilda D. Leverich estate), et al, ca. 1903.

3) Edgar J. Shipman v. Francis J. Schnugg, ca. 1899.

4) Estate of John Markham matter.

Also there are various loose papers. Matters include: William G. McRea v. The Mutual Bank, ca. 1901; George Ahrens v. Cornelia Ahrens et al, ca. 1901; Trustees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor v. Henry E. Ficken, ca. 1901; deed from Rufus Delafield to Nathaniel Prime and Edward Prime Jr, 1873; and some miscellaneous documents.

circa 1873-1905
Offsite-Box: 43 LLD Packet 129

Scope and Contents

4 packets numbered 129:

1) Amalia Kahn v. Manhattan Railway Company and Metropolitan Elevated Railroad Company, ca. 1901.

2) Lawrence R. Jerome v. Lovell H. Jerome et al and Daniel Nason (executor), ca. 1899; and related matter against William Travers Jerome.

3) Simson Wolf v. Manhattan Railway Company and Metropolitan Elevated Ralroad Company, ca. 1890.

4) Settlement of accounts of Benigno Santos Suarez et al as executor of estate of Antonia Carrio de Sancho, ca. 1899.

circa 1890-1901
Offsite-Box: 43 LLD Packet 131

Scope and Contents

6 packets numbered 131:

1) Emily P. Delafield lease to Herman Schaus of 475 5th Ave, ca 1905.

2) Committee of Bar Association's report of Surrogate's practice, ca. 1899.

3) John B. Pine (trustee) v. Elizabeth Meyer et al, ca. 1899.

4) Paul S. Bolger title to 17 and 19 Fairfield Place, Yonkers, Westchester County, ca. 1902-04.

5) Charles Schekeler re: attempt to be eligible for teaching position, ca. 1903.

6) Alvin H. Peckham lease to Schuyler Hamilton Jr, ca. 1903.

circa 1899-1905
Offsite-Box: 43 LLD Packet 132

Scope and Contents

49 packets numbered 132. Most of these are single envelopes with few documents in them. Several of these are matters concerning members of the Delafield and Prime families. Packets with more documents are:

1) NYC Interborough Railroad Company matter re: Riverdale property (agreement with John Kelvey and other matters), ca. 1903.

2) Kemble property at Fort Lee, ca. 1902.

3) Fanny Adele La Forge (a/k/a Frances Adele Brittain) will, ca. 1906.

4) Annie S. Solger re: title of 42 Sunnyside Drive, Yonkers.

circa 1902-1906
Offsite-Box: 44 LLD Packet 133

Scope and Contents

Entire packet concerns "An Act to provide for the erection of a Court House in the County of New York and authorizing the acquisition of a site therefor"; plus related amendments, etc, 1903-04.

circa 1903-1904
Offsite-Box: 44 LLD Packet 134

Scope and Contents

4 matters:

1) Florence Thayer Smith v. Arthur L.J. Smith, re: claim for support and education of their child Loughton Thayer Smith, ca. 1903.

2) Hawkins & Delafield v. Marx, ca. 1893, with documents re: Lipman estate, ca. 1896.

3) Elizabeth Kirby matter, ca. 1897.

4) Harriet Abbott agreement with Catherine Anne Cuyler Abbott, ca. 1897.

circa 1896-1903
Offsite-Box: 44 LLD Packet 135

Scope and Contents

Holds many matters with only a few documents each. The two most heavily documented matters are:

1) Tallmadge Delafield v. Edgar S. Van Winkle, ca. 1875.

2) Frank A.K. Boland matter, ca. 1909.

Smaller sets of documents include, perhaps among others:

* William B. Astor to Laura A. Delano et al (deed of trust), 1865.

* Judiciary Committee of the Bar Association, ca. 1907 matters. Statement of LLD of his judicial campaign expense, 1906.

* Wendel estate re: Elevated Railroad station on 6th Ave at 37th Street.

* A.C. Dana re: lease, 1906.

* Emily P. Delafield re: sale to William E. Dodge, ca. 1892.

* Delafield property in New Orleans.

* Helene Fitter and John Laue v. Edward Moroney et al.

* Joy, Langdon & Company partnership agreement.

* Franklin B. Lord and Lucius H. Beers (trustees for Laura A. Delano) v. Henry J. McGuckin et al, re: estate of Julius Lipman, ca. 1900.

* Ruth Mackey title re: 57 East 120th Street.

* Andrew J. Smith v. American Museum of Natural History, ca. 1903.

* Arthur C. Train re: judgeship, ca. 1907.

* Carolyn Archer Dana will, 1907.

* Elizabeth Jarvis Dana will, 1907.

* Anne S. Delafield will, 1907.

* Howard Duffield will, 1907.

* Mary Kihm will, 1909.

* Charlotte G. Wyeth will, 1906.

circa 1865-1909
Offsite-Box: 45 LLD Packet 136

Scope and Contents

Entire packet concerns the application of the Title Guaranty and Trust Company of Scranton, Pennsylvania to make and file a statement of its condition and an examination thereof as provided by Ch. 720 of the Laws of 1893, as amended, Erie County, ca. 1906-07, with financial statements, etc.

circa 1906-1907
Offsite-Box: 45 LLD Packet 137

Scope and Contents

This packet primarily holds loose documents related to miscellaneous matters. The documents include, among others, tax and water bill receipts on various properties, including in Riverdale, 1870-90s; property insurance policies; and small packets of bonds/mortgages and agreements, several of them related to the Delafields, 1880s-90s. The largest set of documents in this packet relate to a matter concerning subscribers to U.S. war bonds, ca. 1898.

circa 1870-1898
Offsite-Box: 45 LLD Packet 138

Scope and Contents

The entire packet concerns Georgiana G.R. Wendel (alleged incompetent) v. John G. Wendel and Rebecca A.D. Wendel (executors of John D. Wendel estate), Westchester and New York County, ca. 1900-08.

circa 1900-1908
Offsite-Box: 45 LLD Packet 139

Scope and Contents

Packet holds 5 principal matters:

1) Zax K. Berlin re: title to 349-351 East 17th Street, ca. 1901.

2) Innes v. Manhattan Railway Company and Connoly v. Manhattan Railway Company.

3) Title of Simon Jacobs to property on 9th Street at 2nd Ave, ca. 1900.

4) B. Aymar Sands and Samuel P. Blagden Jr v. Lawrence M. Kortright et al.

5) Title to Maurice Myers of 282 and 284 Stanton Street, New York City, ca. 1901.

The packet also holds miscellaneous property/title related papers, such as Jacob Schattman/100th Street, ca. 1902; and leasehold estate of David I. Seiffer at Sailor's Snug Harbor, ca. 1904.

circa 1900-1904
Offsite-Box: 46 LLD Packet 140

Scope and Contents

Entire packet concerns Charles L. Hyde and Charles H. Jackson v. City of Ironwood, Michigan, ca. 1894.

circa 1894
Offsite-Box: 46 LLD Packet 141

Scope and Contents

Packet holds 5 matters: 1) Malcolm Baxter Jr v. City of Ironwood, Michigan, ca. 1894. 2) Hampton Water Company matter, ca. 1890. 3) Frederick Prime will, 1875. 4) Augustus Van Cortlandt lease to Thomas B. Veeder. 5) William C. Dodge matter re: sewer at Riverdale.

circa 1875-1894
Offsite-Box: 46 LLD Packet 142

Scope and Contents

Packet holds 8 matters:

1) Thick packet of "miscellaneous matters of Emily P. Delafield," ca. 1901-06.

2) Thick packet re: Schuyler Hamilton estate matters, ca. 1903.

3) Alpine Club of Canada documents (slender packet, appears to relate to a personal, not legal, matter).

4) Matter of Robert H. Delafield with Pacific Packing & Navigation Company, ca. 1904.

5) Bella Butler v. George W. Perkins, ca. 1906.

6) Adelheit Niemeier re: property appraisals, ca. 1901.

7) John H. Pugh re: Sweetser estate, ca. 1900.

8) Bringhurst re: title at 145 West 73rd Street, ca. 1908.

circa 1900-1908
Offsite-Box: 47 LLD Packets 143, 144

Scope and Contents

Both of these packets concern the matter Maturin L. Delafield v. Clarence Delafield et al, re: dispute over estate property, ca. 1887-1889.

circa 1887-1889
Offsite-Box: 47 LLD Packet 145

Scope and Contents

The entire packet concerns Charles B. Fosdick et al (executors of Henry Delafield estate) v. Maturin L. Delafield et al, ca. 1887.

circa 1887
Offsite-Box: 48 LLD Packet 146

Scope and Contents

The entire packet concerns Charles B. Fosdick et al (executors of Henry Delafield estate) v. Maturin L. Delafield et al, ca. 1887.

circa 1887
Offsite-Box: 48 LLD Packet 147

Scope and Contents

The entire packet holds printed material only for Clinton G. Colgate v. Western Union Telegraph Company, US Circuit Court, Southern District of New York, re: patent, 1878; and Arthur M. Eastman v. Western Union Telegraph Company, defendant's testimony, US Circuit Court, Southern District of New York, 1876. Also, related to the cases, a "specimen of cables & gutta percha, 1879."

Offsite-Box: 48 LLD Packet 147a

Scope and Contents

Holds 2 matters:

1) Julia F. Baldwin (administrator of Susan Baldwin estate) v. Caroline E. Trowbridge et al, Chancery of New Jersey, ca. 1901.

2) People ex rel Elizabeth C. Jay (landlord) v. William H. Bennett, et al (tenants) and Henry Dralle et al (under-tenants), ca. 1877-78.

circa 1877-1901
Offsite-Box: 62 LLD Packet 148

Scope and Contents

The entire bundle concerns the matter of accounts of Annie R. Prime as guardian of Charlotte H. Prime (infant), and related accounts of Francis T. Garretson as executor of Charlotte W. Prime estate, ca. 1892-1902.

circa 1892-1902
Offsite-Box: 48 LLD Packet 149

Scope and Contents

Holds 10 matters:

1) Robert Hare Delafield estate, ca. 1906.

2) Harriet Prime Gibbons estate.

3) Ella Willing Jackson will, ca. 1905.

4) Reginald Jevons estate, ca. 1908.

5) Receipt of Gouverneur Kemble for participation certificates of Knickerbocker Trust Company.

6) Henry La Forge will and related documents re: Elizabeth La Forge, ca. 1905.

7) David H. McAlpin will and related documents, including incorporation of McAlpin Realty Company, ca. 1907.

8) Margaret Walton Pellew will, ca. 1909.

9) Hannah Pizer re: title to 329 East 50th Street, ca. 1895.

10) Charlotte G. Wyeth will, ca. 1909.

circa 1895-1909
Offsite-Box: 49 LLD Packets 150, 150b

Scope and Contents

The bulk of these packets relate to various matters concerning Elizabeth Shipley Smith, especially re: the estate of John Galt Smith for which she is the trustee. These matters include Elizabeth Shipley Smith v. George Kennedy Smith, ca. 1908, and Smith v. Florence K. Williamson, ca. 1899. (A related set of documents from packet 152 was also placed in this box.) Packet 150 also includes documents re: amending the "Act relating to state charities," ca. 1900.

circa 1898-1908
Offsite-Box: 50 LLD Packets 151, 152, 155

Scope and Contents

Packet 151 holds the matter of justification as to solvency for the Metropolitan Surety Company, ca. 1906, and for the People's Surety Company of New York, ca. 1907. Packet 152 holds the same matter for the United Surety Company, ca. 1908. Packet 155 holds the same matter for the Bankers Surety Company, ca. 1906-07, and for the Aetna Indemnity Company, ca. 1906.

circa 1906-1908
Offsite-Box: 50 LLD Packet 153

Scope and Contents

Holds 3 matters:

1) Myer Hellman v. Stephen Farrelly (receiver for City Trust Safe Deposit & Surety Company of Philadelphia), ca. 1907.

2) Dennett Surpassing Coffee Company v. Alfred C. Hirsh, Walter A. Hirsh and Otto J. Lang, ca. 1903.

3) Eustis L. Hopkins re: Larchmont Roadhouse, ca. 1908.

Offsite-Box: 51 LLD Packets 154, 156, 157

Scope and Contents

Packet 154 holds two matters: 1) Justification as to solvency for the American Bonding Company of Baltimore, Maryland, ca. 1907; and 2) Catharine M. Forde v. New York City re: New York School Teachers Association matters; other plaintiffs in related matters are Magnus Gross and Anna I. Mathews, ca. 1899-1900.

Packet 156 holds 3 matters concerning justifications as to solvency for the Federal Union Surety Company of Indiana, ca. 1906; Empire State Surety Company of Brooklyn, NY, ca. 1907; and American Surety Company of New York, ca. 1906.

Packet 157 holds 2 matters concerning justifications as to solvency for the Illinois Surety Company, ca. 1906; and for the Massachusetts Bonding & Insurance Company, ca. 1908.

circa 1899-1908
Offsite-Box: 52 LLD Packet 158

Scope and Contents

The entire packet concerns the justification as to solvency for the National Surety Company, ca. 1906-07.

circa 1906-1907
Offsite-Box: 52 LLD Packet 159

Scope and Contents

Holds 5 matters:

1) Orchard Irrigation Company of Idaho matters, ca. 1892-94.

2) Peninsula Water Company matters, ca. 1894.

3) Toppan Manufacturing Company matters (other names here: Charles Toppan, DeWitt Smith, Henry Fletcher Godfrey, Edith Godfrey Hyde, etc., ca. 1895.

4) Idaho Fruit Company matters, ca. 1894.

5) Charles L. Hyde v. Alfred H. Harrison, ca. 1890-93.

There are also a few miscellaneous loose papers.

circa 1890-1895
Offsite-Box: 52 LLD Packet 160

Scope and Contents

Holds 3 matters:

1) Bundle of "miscellaneous matters" concerning bankers Hyde & Jackson.

2) Helen Villard Bell v. Fanny Garrison Villard, the American Museum of Natural History, et al, Westchester County, ca. 1903.

3) Bowling Green Trust Company v. City Trust, Safe Deposit and Surety Company of Philadelphia, ca. 1905.

circa 1903-1905
Offsite-Box: 53 LLD Packet 161

Scope and Contents

Entire packet concerns the matter of the application of New York City to acquire real estate under Ch 712 of the Laws of 1901 for construction of a terminal on the westerly or Manhattan end of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge. Related matters here are Frances J. Storms and Alfred Storms v. Manhattan Railway Company and the New York Elevated Railroad Company. Other surnames involved in these matters are Johnston, Hanover, Schmidt, etc.; ca. 1903-05.

circa 1903-1905
Offsite-Box: 53 LLD Packets 163, 164

Scope and Contents

Both of these packets concern W. Irving Clark and Caroline L. Iselin (executors of Charlotte M. Goodridge estate) v. Frederick G. Goodridge, Charlotte G. Wyeth, et al, ca. 1906-1907.

circa 1906-1907
Offsite-Box: 54 LLD Packet 165

Scope and Contents

The entire packet continues the matter of W. Irving Clark and Caroline L. Iselin (executors of Charlotte M. Goodridge estate) v. Frederick G. Goodridge, Charlotte G. Wyeth, et al, ca. 1906-1907.

circa 1906-1907
Offsite-Box: 54 LLD Packet 166

Scope and Contents

4 matters:

1) Andrew Henri Hart v. William W. Miller et al, Kings County, ca. 1907. Other related matters here as well (Katharine Evans Mairs v. David Lewis Evans; agreement with Robert W. De Forest; deed for the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Bethlehem Church, etc.).

2) Matters concerning the Perry Hunt Holding Corporation, Willard W. Hunt, George Chapman, and the Gillette Sales Company, ca. 1907.

3) Willett G. Smith v. R. Dickinson Jewett, ca. 1907.

4) Lemuel D. Lilly v. John A McCall and George W. Perkins.

circa 1907
Offsite-Box: 54 LLD Packets 168, 168a

Scope and Contents

Both packets hold Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company v. Katharine Jackson, Josephine J.S. Wendel, Emil P. Birnbaum, Graton & Knight Manufacturing Company, and the Frasse Company, et al, ca. 1906.

circa 1906
Offsite-Box: 55 LLD Packets 169, 170

Scope and Contents

The entire packet 169 concerns New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company v. Susan F. Colgate et al, Westchester County, ca. 1907. Packet 170 holds two matters, one of which continues the NYC & HR Railroad v. Colgate matter. The second matter in 170 is Sarah May Le Brantz v. William G. Conklin (executor of Sarah Ann Waters estate) and American Female Guardian Society and Home for the Friendless of New York City, et al, ca. 1903.

circa 1903-1907
Offsite-Box: 55 LLD Packet 171

Scope and Contents

The packet holds several matters, one of which has extensive documentation: Robert E. Robinson v. New York, Westchester & Boston Railway Company, et al, ca. 1908. The other matters in this packet hold only a few documents each:

1) Redington v. Hartford, ca. 1907.

2) George W. Perkins re: Riverdale dock.

3) Susan B. Sturgis property lease re: 80 & 81 South Street.

4) Application of Oscar H. Vaupel to sell real estate from the estate of Frederick W. Fenner, a lunatic, ca. 1905.

5) Accounts of Grant Squires and George A. Wells, executors of Henry M. Wells estate, ca. 1908.

There are also a few other small miscellaneous matters.

circa 1905-1908
Offsite-Box: 62 LLD Packet 171

Scope and Contents

Printed material re: Robert E. Robinson v. New York, Westchester & Boston Railway Company, et al, ca. 1908.

circa 1908

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