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Guide to the Lynne Sagalyn Research Files for "Power at Ground Zero"
 MS 3128

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Container List

Series XI. Digital Files, 1970s-2016. 18 Gigabytes (2,743 digital files)

Scope and Contents

The series primarily includes digital files of primary documents, such as Board minutes, contracts, and presentations, compiled by Lynne Sagalyn during her research for "Power at Ground Zero." The series also includes chronologies, logs, and other research work product of Sagalyn and her assistants.


The series is arranged in two subseries as organized by Sagalyn:


Subseries XI.B. Work Product Files (200 files)

Subseries XI.A. SAGALYN_PAGZ-PRIMARY-MATERIALS, 1970s-2016. 18 Gigabytes (2,543 digital files)

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes 2,543 digital files, primarily in PDF and Word format, of primary research documents compiled by Lynne Sagalyn. Documents includes Board minutes of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (Port Authority, or PANYNJ), Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, and others; Board resolutions; contracts; memoranda of understanding (MOU); requests for proposal (RFPs); Freedom of Information (FOI) requests; fact sheets; proposals; reports; presentations (including PDFs of PowerPoint slides); bond offering documents; financial statements; environmental impact statements; and more. The files include some image (JPEG, TIFF), web page (HTML), and video formats (BUP, VOB, and MOV). The series also includes some logs, lists, summaries and other work product prepared by Sagalyn and her research assistants, usually in Excel (XLS and XLSX) or Word (DOC and DOCX) format.

The subseries title "SAGALYN_PAGZ-PRIMARY-MATERIALS" is the overall title given the digital content by Sagalyn. The container list below includes the titles of the first level of folder organization within that digital content, again as named and organized by Sagalyn. A note is included for each folder indicating the number of files and summarizing its overall content as perceived by the processing archivist. Date ranges are provided, but are all approximate. A more specific sense of the content can be seen by referring to the collection level scope note, which includes a partial list of primary sources as provided by Sagalyn. A full manifest of the individual files comprising the series is available from the reference librarian on request.


The files are in their original folders and with file/folder names as transmitted to N-YHS by Lynne Sagalyn.

Container 1     Title Date
Digital File: MS3128 0-LS-WorkProduct_LISTS_OF_PRIMARY_DOCUMENTS

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 11 files of Sagalyn work product in Word format, specifically lists of primary documents consulted for the following topics (as taken from the document file names): 130 Liberty; Deals; LMDC-Planning; Memorial-Memorial Museum; NYC; Other; Section 106; Silverstein; Transportation; WTC-PANYNJ. The documents listed date from 1993-2013, though the digital files were last modified in 2016.

Digital File: MS3128 911Memorial-Foundation

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 116 files, primarily in PDF format, with a few Word and Excel files, that are organized among many subfolders. These subfolders include World Trade Center Memorial Foundation Board minutes and related documents from 2005-15 (56 files); press releases from 2005-11 (27 files); financial statements, Form 990, and related documents from 2003-13 (16 files); and 17 other files of various documents from 2004-13 including among others, Museum Planning Conversation Series Reports, agreements, and memoranda.

Digital File: MS3128 Civics

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 54 files primarily in PDF format, with a few Word and Excel files, and one web page (HTML) and one RTF format. These are documents created by or that relate to various civic organizations, and the documents are organized within subfolders for each organization. The organizations represented are: Alliance for Downtown New York, 2000-15 (16 files, including 5 files of statistical data compiled by Sagalyn); Civic Alliance, 2002-04 (6 files); LCAN [Labor Community Advocacy Network], 2002 (1 file); MAS [Municipal Art Society], 2002-03 (4 files); NYNV [New York New Visions], 2002-05 (17 files); Partnership for NYC [New York City Partnership and Chamber of Commerce], 2001 (1 file); [Rebuild Our Town Downtown], 2003 (2 files); and RPA [Regional Plan Association], 2002-03 (4 files). There is also one subfolder of Other (1 file for Architectural League, 2003) and Civics-Combined (2 files authored by multiple organizations, 2002 and 2009).

Digital File: MS3128 Editorials

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 293 files, almost all of which are in Word format, with a very few PDFs. The folder includes Sagalyn's caution that these editorial digital files are not complete in that many editorials are in paper hard copy form only in the collection. The files are organized in subfolders by publication; these are: Crain's, 2001-10 (10 files); DN [Daily News], 2001-10 (143 files); Newsday, 2010 (2 files); NYO [New York Observer], 2002-06 (5 files); NYP [New York Post], 2002-10 (33 files); NYS [New York Sun], 2002-10 (20 files); NYT [New York Times], 2001-10 (59 files); and WSJ [Wall Street Journal], 2005-10 (6 files). There is also a subfolder Editorials Freedom Tower that includes pieces from various publications on this topic, 2003-09 (8 files).

Digital File: MS3128 Event-Materials

Scope and Contents

This folder includes documents, principally transcripts in Word and PDF format, related to television shows, films, conferences, and other media events. A subfolder, Cornell WTC Rebuilding Events, includes video files from two conferences held at Cornell University on August 1, 2011 and on March 8, 2012. There is also a transcript of the conference Learning From Lower Manhattan at which the architects Michael Arad, Santiago Calatrava and Daniel Libeskind were interviewed by Leonard Lopate (2004). A subfolder, Media Events Transcripts, includes transcripts for the documentary film 16 Acres (2012), three PBS shows (2002-04, 2012), eleven Charlie Rose Show interviews (2004-11); and one each from 60 Minutes (2010) and Channel 13/WNET (2002). A subfolder holds the images in both JPEG and TIFF formats used in the New York Times Magazine in its article of September 8, 2002 on rebuilding the World Trade Center.

Digital File: MS3128 Families

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 7 files in Word, PDF and web page (HTML) formats. There are five documents related to the Twin Towers Alliance organization (2010-11); a letter signed by family members to Christopher O. Ward of the Port Authority (2008); and the court decision In the Matter of Coalition of 9/11 Families, Inc., Anthony Gardner, Bruce Decell, Jacky Lynch, Bill Doyle, Louise Lopresti and Sally Regenhard, Petitioners, against Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, and the Port Authority Of New York and New Jersey, and Bernadette Castro, as Commissioner of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Respondents (2006).

Digital File: MS3128 Federal Government

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 150 files, mostly in PDF format, with some Word, text (TXT), PowerPoint (PPT), and web page (HTML) formats. These relate to the federal government's involvement in the recovery and rebuilding effort at the site, especially the involvement of the Federal Transit Administration (abbreviated in the file names as FTA) and the FTA's Lower Manhattan Recovery Office (abbreviated in the file names as LMRO), which are represented with 137 documents in the subfolder, US-DOT-FTA. These documents include the monthly monitoring reports to the LMRO from the Port Authority, 2004-14 (117 files); agreements and memoranda of understanding (MOU), primarily between the FTA and Port Authority, 2002-12 (8 files); reports on the Fulton Street Station, 2011-13 (3 files); and other reports and presentations, 2000-2010 (9 files). There are also subfolders for the US-Congress with hearings testimony and staff and research reports, 2002-06 (8 files); US-FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] with the World Trade Center Building Performance Study Report (1 file); and US-GAO [General Accounting Office] with management and financial assessments, 2003-13 (4 files).

Digital File: MS3128 FOI-Requests_WTC-Matters

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 174 files, mostly in PDF format, with some Word, movie (MOV), and an Excel spreadsheet of Sagalyn's log of her Freedom of Information (FOI)requests. The documents include FOI requests submitted by Sagalyn and others, responses received, and any documents provided in response. The bulk (162) of these files relate to FOI requests submitted to the Port Authority (PANYNJ). Documents provided by PANYNJ here include, among many others, the final environmental impact statement for the permanent WTC PATH Terminal (2005), agreements, Board minutes, requests for proposals (RFPs), certifications, and more. In addition to the Port Authority, there are subfolders for Sagalyn's FOI requests to the FTA [Federal Transit Administration] (1 file), LMDC [Lower Manhattan Development Corporation] (4 files), and NYC [the city's local government] (6 files).

Digital File: MS3128 Goldman-Sachs-episode

Scope and Contents

This folder includes SEC filings and a press release (4 files) in Word and web page (HTML) format related to Goldman Sachs plan to build a headquarters in Battery Park City.

2005, 2007
Digital File: MS3128 Historic-Preservation

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 25 files, all in PDF format, related to compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). These include the Historic Resources Reports prepared by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC), 2004-12 (13 files); Section 106 Process documents, including final and draft programmatic agreements, determination of national register eligibility, and other related documents, 2004-06 (10 files); and transcripts of public hearings on the draft scope of the generic environmental impact statement, 2003 (2 files).

Digital File: MS3128 Liberty-Bonds

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 34 files, all in PDF format except for one Word format, concerning bonds issued by the New York Liberty Development Corporation. These documents include offering statements and preliminary statements ("red herrings"), rating agency credit reports, redacted applications for liberty bond funding obtained under Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests, transcripts of public hearings on bond issuance, and other related documents.

Digital File: MS3128 Litigation

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 8 files, mostly in PDF format, with some Word and web page (HTML) formats concerning lawsuits resulting from 9/11 and subsequent redevelopment. Four of the files are court filings and press articles related to a lawsuit brought by the Coalition of 9/11 Families against the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (2006); three files relate to litigation over insurance coverage (2003); and one concerns preservation of 45-51 Park Place (2010).

Digital File: MS3128 LMDC [Lower Manhattan Development Corporation]

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 484 files, mostly in PDF format, but with a sizable number of files in other formats, including web page (HTML), JPEG, TIFF, text (TXT & RTF), Excel, and PowerPoint (PPT). These files are organized in the following 16 subfolders:

* Cultural-Component (23 files), 2002-11, includes newspaper articles, fact sheets, press releases and other documents related to the inclusion of performance and other cultural features into the redeveloped site. The International Freedom Center, Joyce Theatre's International Center for Dance, and other initiatives are included.

* Deutsche-Bank-Building (21 files), 2004-09, includes news articles, public presentations, statements, and other documents related to the deconstruction of this building, also known as 130 Liberty Street, and the fire that occurred there in 2007.

* Environment-Impact-Statements (108 files), 2003-04, includes the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS), the draft scope and related public presentations and hearings, and the Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (FGEIS).

* Master-Plan-Design1 (43 files), 2002, includes the request for proposal for design consultancy services and related documents; images (JPEG and TIFF formats) for the design of the Memorial Park, Plaza, and other features; the Preliminary Urban Design Study; and press releases announcing the six teams to participate in the design study.

* Master-Plan-Design2 (5 files), 2002-03, includes requests for proposals for in-house consultants, innovative designs for the World Trade Center site, and related documents.

* Memorial-Design-Process (17 files), 2002-06, includes design competition guidelines, transcripts of the meetings of the competition jury and the All-Advisory Council and the Families Advisory Council; "public dialogue" reports; mission statements; request for proposals for Associate Architect; presentations; and related documents.

* Advisory-Councils_Meeting-Minutes (50 files), 2002-11, includes meeting summaries of the Families Advisory Council (34 files), Memorial Center Advisory Committee (6 files), Residential Grant Advisory Council (1 file), and joint meetings of advisory councils (9 files).

* Board-Meeting-Minutes-and-Notes (113 files), 2001-15, for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, organized chronologically.

* ConstructionCommandCenter (8 files), 2006-10, includes reports prepared by the LMCCC, including risk assessments and a report to Community Board 1, and documents about the LMCCC, including a Mayor's Office Executive Order and a LMDC Audit Committee report.

* GPP-documents [General Project Plan] (9 files), 2003-07, includes the plan, amendments, and related documents.

* People-and-Councils (5 files), circa 2003, includes a few biographical notes, lists of advisory council members and Sagalyn work product of LMDC Board meeting attendance.

* PressReleases_PublicNotices (14 files), 2002-08, includes list of all LMDC's press releases for 2001-11 with a few press releases from LMDC and joint LMDC-Port Authority releases.

* Reports-Studies (29 files), 2002-14, includes LMDC newsletters, public dialogue reports, audits, third party reports concerning LMDC projects, LMDC planning and other reports on the WTC site, progress reports, and other related documents.

* RFPs (13 files), 2002-04, includes those for studies, consulting services, cultural institutions, lawyers, and others, with a Sagalyn work product listing RFPs issued in 2002-03.

* Speeches_Testimony (23 files), 2002-12, includes statements by Governor Pataki; Louis Tomson and Kevin Rampe, LMDC Presidents; Avi Schick and John Whitehead, LMDC Chairmen; and Alex Garvin, LMDC Vice-President for Planning, Design & Development.

* Timelines (3 files), 2003-04, includes graphic representations of LMDC's 3 and 10-year project timelines.

Digital File: MS3128 MTA [Metropolitan Transit Authority]

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 10 files in PDF, Word, and text (RTF) format, primarily related to the Fulton Street Station (2002-10), including portions of the draft and final environmental impact statement for the station, the programmatic agreement, a record of decision (ROD), and related documents. The folder also holds a few other MTA-related documents (circa 2013), including a report on transportation strategies, ridership statistics, and a City Budget Office report on MTA tax and fee revenues.

Digital File: MS3128 NYC [New York City]

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 77 files in PDF and Word format of reports and other documents generated by city government entities. These include the Police Department (8 files), 2012-13, World Trade Center campus security plans; City Council's Committee on Lower Manhattan Redevelopment, or "LMRC" (39 files), 2006-11, briefing papers, hearing transcripts and testimony; Comptroller's Office (2 files), 2001-02, impact reports; Department of City Planning (2 files), 2004, response to the General Project Plan; Economic Development Corporation (1 file), 2010, business incentives guide; Independent Budget Office (11 files), 2001-13, fiscal briefs and other reports; Law Department (4 files), 2007, declarations of restrictive covenants; Mayor's Office (8 files), 2002-14, memos and financial and other plans; and general financial documents (2 files) from the Department of finance and Office of Management and Budget.

Digital File: MS3128 NYS [New York State]

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 10 files in PDF and Word format of documents generated by state entities, including include Governor Pataki, the State Assembly and Senate, State Comptroller, and Department of Transportation (DOT). Documents include press releases, legislative bills, budgets, reports, and other documents.

Digital File: MS3128 PANYNJ [Port Authority of New York & New Jersey]

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 723 files in primarily PDF format, with some Word, Excel, PowerPoint (PPT), text (RTF & TXT), web page (HTML), JPEG, and PNG formats. These files are organized in the following 10 subfolders:

* Arbitration-Rulings (2 files), 2008-10, includes the decisions in arbitrations between the PANYNJ and Silverstein Properties regarding World Trade Center sites 2, 3 and 4.

* Board-Meeting-MInutes_Materials (359 files), 1984-2015, includes documents related to meetings of the full PANYNJ Board and its various subcommittees including those on Operations and the World Trade Center. These documents include minutes; resolutions, such as those concerning the Downtown Restoration Program; presentations to the Board and subcommittees; FOI responses; some Sagalyn summaries and other work product; and related documents. The bulk of the minutes date from 2001 and later but some minutes extend back to 1984.

* Capital_Plans (2 files), 2012-14.

* Documents (239 files), which includes a wide variety of resources, at least some of which can also be found in other digital folders. These files are subdivided as Bond-Offering-Documents, 2009-11 (3 files); SPI_TowerFinancing-Conflict [Silverstein Properties], 2009-14 (8 files); files obtained by Sagalyn through her FOI requests or those of others, 2002-15 (103 files); Legal-Documents, 2007-09 (2 files); Project-Responsibilities [organization], 2008 (2 files); Reports-WTC, 1993-2012 (24 files), with audit and progress reports, among others; WTC-Privatization-Studies, 1981-2007 (20 files); WTC_RPQ_RFPs, 2002-06 (6 files); Third-Party-Reports, 2009-12 (2 files); WTC-ContractAgreements, 2001-13 (26 files), with Legends Owo for the observation deck, with Silverstein Properties, and with others; WTC-Vehicle-Security-Center, 2005-07 (5 files); WTC_Some-stakeholder-letters, 2007-10 (2 files); and WTC_TransportationHUB, 2003-14 (36 files), with Section 106/historic preservation plans and reports, Oculus review, and other documents.

* FactSheets (8 files), 2010-12

* Financials (49 files), 1979-2015, with PANYNJ annual reports for this entire date range, budgets, and other financial statements.

* Governance_Reform (50 files), 1970s-2016, with news articles on expense abuses, presentations, and governance documents.

* Presentations (5 files), 2011-12.

* PressReleases (6 files), 2006-12.

* Speeches_Testimony (3 files), 2007-09, by Executive Directors Anthony E. Shorris and Christopher O. Ward.

Digital File: MS3128 Politicians_speeches

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 5 files in PDF, Word and web page (HTML) formats, 2001-06. These include speeches by Governor Pataki and Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg, with a list of links to statements by State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Digital File: MS3128 Private-Company-docs

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 9 files in PDF format, 2000-11, primarily annual reports and other financial information for Brookfield Properties, Vornado, and Westfield America.

Digital File: MS3128 SPI_Larry Silverstein

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 216 files in PDF, Word, JPEG, and TIFF formats, with a set of video files (BUP, IFO, & VOB), circa 2000-12. About 37 of the files concern the involvement of Larry Silverstein and Silverstein Properties in the World Trade Center site redevelopment planning generally. Those files include letters between Silverstein and the PANYNJ, a risk report on the WTC prepared for Silverstein Properties in 2000, agreements, public statements and testimony, presentations, news articles, and other related documents. The larger balance of files includes specific plans and images for 1 WTC (Freedom Tower), 2 WTC (200 Greenwich Street), 4 WTC (150 Greenwich), and 7 WTC (250 Greenwich). Those files include fact sheets and press kits about the buildings and the architects (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill/SOM, Foster and Partners, and Maki and Associates) and other design collaborators. Images include architectural elevations and other renderings, site plans, samples of other work by the architects, construction of the Freedom Tower, and other views.

circa 2000-2012
Digital File: MS3128 Third-Party-reports

Scope and Contents

This folder includes 58 files, mostly in PDF and Word format, with some text (RTF & TXT), PowerPoint (PPTX), web page (HTML), and Excel formats, 2000-15. The folder includes reports, analyses, articles, conference proceedings, and other pieces prepared by organizations or individuals other than the Port Authority, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, and others directly involved in the redevelopment. The reports are organized in subject-oriented sub-folders, including: 911-Impacts (10 files), with reports from New York Appraisal Institute, Citizens Housing and Planning Council (CHPC), Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER), and others; Design-Reports (3 files); Economic-Reports_Market-Data (35 files), especially related to real estate market data; and Transportation (5 files) and Other (5 files), with papers from the NYU-Wagner Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management and others.


Subseries XI.B. Work Product Files, 2003-2016. 48 Megabytes (200 digital files)

Scope and Contents

The subseries includes 200 digital files, almost entirely in Microsoft Excel and Word formats, of Lynne Sagalyn's "work product" developed during her and her assistants' research. These include chronologies; notes on press conferences, seminars, presentations, and other events; spreadsheets of calculations; notes on readings of annual reports, agreements, proposals, and other documents; questions, analyses, comparisons and other interpretative work guiding or stemming from the research; media logs; and other material.

There are about 29 chronologies in the subseries. These include a "master" chronology of about 113 pages that sketches the redevelopment effort from 2001-2013. Other chronologies center on particular aspects of the effort, such as those concerning Liberty Bonds and the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center. Similarly, about 12 media logs, including a "master" log, track research resources from print and other media sources.

A full manifest of the individual files comprising the series is available from the reference librarian on request.


The files are in their original folders and with file/folder names as transmitted to N-YHS by Lynne Sagalyn.

Container 1     Title Date
Digital File: MS3128 1_0_Chronologies (29 files)
Digital File: MS3128 2_0_Planning-and-Process (6 files)
Digital File: MS3128 3_0_Design_ArchCriticism (7 files)
Digital File: MS3128 4_0_Politics (1 file)
Digital File: MS3128 5_0_Delay_Construction (9 files)
Digital File: MS3128 6_0_Episode-and-Event-Notes (46 files)
Digital File: MS3128 7_0_Cultural_Program (3 files)
Digital File: MS3128 8_0_Memorial_Museum (11 files)
Digital File: MS3128 9_0_Transportation (8 files)
Digital File: MS3128 10_0_Rebuilding_Economics_Agreements_Negotiations (31 files)
Digital File: MS3128 11_0_Insurance (2 files)
Digital File: MS3128 12_0_Financing (4 files)
Digital File: MS3128 13_0_Press (5 files)
Digital File: MS3128 14_0_People_Firms (16 files)
Digital File: MS3128 15_0_Exhibits_and_Charts (7 files)
Digital File: MS3128 16_Media_Logs (12 files)

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