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Guide to the Thomas F. De Voe Scrapbooks
circa 1720-1890 (bulk, 1850s-1880s)
 MS 3193

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Collection processed by Larry Weimer and Elise Winks

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Container List

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 9 Volume : SN-56 Markets

Scope and Contents

Includes, among others, articles about De Voe's book.

Offsite-Box: 11 Volume : SN-57 "Markets & Collections"

Scope and Contents

Relates especially to the beef/cattle market. Bulk is from 1854-1858.

1854-1858, 1860s
Offsite-Box: 18 Volume : SN-77 Markets

Scope and Contents

The volume holds clippings from 1854-1856. At the back of the volume is a manuscript list of notes on markets opened in New York City, 1836-1871.

1854-1856, 1870s?
Offsite-Box: 12 Volume : SN-55 New York Markets
Offsite-Box: 14 Volume : SN-71 New York City Markets
Offsite-Box: 15 Volume : SN-72 Extracts of articles on cattle, poultry, fish, etc. (manuscript )
Offsite-Box: 12 Volume : SN-63 [Philadelphia Markets]
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-17 Index. "Book G." [Obituaries, 1869-1873]
Offsite-Box: 12 Volume : SN-66 [Obituaries, New York City & Elsewhere. Index G]
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-29 Index. "Obituaries of Noted Persons, 1869-1878. 37"
Offsite-Box: 5 Volume : SN-13 "Obituaries of Noted Persons. Index No. 37"
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-18 Index. "Book P. Prominent Persons Obituaries, 1866-1868"
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-23 Index. "U" [Obituaries, 1878-1881]
Offsite-Box: 6 Volume : SN-21 Obituaries
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-20 Index. "Obituaries, 1881-1882. 26"
Offsite-Box: 7 Volume : SN-19 Obituaries

Scope and Contents

The bulk of this volume holds clippings about the assassination of President James Garfield.

Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-28 Index. "Obituaries, 1881-1883. 3"
Offsite-Box: 3 Volume : SN-27 "Obituaries from 1881-1883"
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-15 "Index to No. 39. Obituaries, 1884-1886"
Offsite-Box: 6 Volume : SN-22 Obituaries
Offsite-Box: 16 Volume : SN-75 Obituaries
Offsite-Box: 17 Volume : SN-74 Obituaries
Offsite-Box: 1 Volume : SN-10 [Military clippings. #19]
Offsite-Box: 10 Volume : SN-43 New York State Militia/National Guard

Scope and Contents

Includes, among other subjects, articles on yellow fever quarantine on Staten Island.

Offsite-Box: 10 Volume : SN-44 New York State Militia/National Guard

Scope and Contents

Primarily holds articles about the Civil War

Offsite-Box: 14 Volume : SN-70 New York State Militia/National Guard
Offsite-Box: 14 Volume : SN-69 Civil War

Scope and Contents

The clippings all date from the 1860s. There is one drawing of the Statue of Liberty, dated 1886.

1861-1863, 1886
Offsite-Box: 14 Volume : SN-49 Civil War

Scope and Contents

Principally about the Civil War and later reminiscences.

Offsite-Box: 11 Volume : SN-45 Civil War and New York City current events
1854, 1861-1870
Offsite-Box: 8 Volume : SN-39 [Military & Naval Clippings] & Theatre
Offsite-Box: 18 Volume : SN-79 "Index to Historical Incidents from Newspapers, 1696-1800"; "Index to Names of Persons from Newspapers, 1696-1800"

Scope and Contents

These appear to be alphabetical subject indexes to the chronology above (SN-67). There is a bound facsimile of this volume available at the reference desk.

Offsite-Box: 16 Volume : SN-67 "Historical Incidents from Newspapers I, 1696-1800" (manuscript)

Scope and Contents

The volume is a year by year chronology of events, in manuscript form, abstracted by De Voe from newspapers. There are letters related to the De Voe collection generally, attached to the back cover. There is a bound facsimile of this volume available at the reference desk.

Offsite-Box: 16 Volume : SN-68 "Historical Incidents from Newspapers II, 1800-1850" (manuscript)

Scope and Contents

This volume has the same general content as I (SN-67) above. This box also holds a related draft index for the years 1800-1810 prepared by N-YHS reference librarian Mariam Touba. There is a bound facsimile of this volume and a copy of Touba's index available at the reference desk.

Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-53 Index. "Miscellaneous scraps from 1720-1828. 100"
Offsite-Box: 4 Volume : SN-34 "Miscellaneous scraps, 1720-1828"

Scope and Contents

This volume holds original clippings. SN-53 may be an index to this volume.

Offsite-Box: 1 Volume : SN-1 to SN-9 "History of New York" (9 volumes)

Scope and Contents

These volumes hold clippings of compilations about New York City history by "DTV" (David T. Valentine). The original source of the clippings is not explicit, except for 1868-70, which are from Valentine's Manual of the Corporation of New York City; this is the likely source for most or all of the other clippings in these 9 volumes.

Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-31 Index. "Olden Time in New York. Bacon. T" [1-123]
Offsite-Box: 3 Volume : SN-30 "Cuttings. T" [Index T. New York in the Olden Time by J.B. Bacon. 1-123]
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-42 Index. "F" [Old New York, 1870-1875]
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-52 Old New York-related clippings
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-41 Index. "Old New York. 61"
Offsite-Box: 3 Volume : SN-33 [Old New York #7, 1871-1875]
Offsite-Box: 9 Volume : SN-32 New York City history
Offsite-Box: 15 Volume : SN-73 General clippings about New York

Scope and Contents

Holds clippings about catastrophes, current events, city development, etc.

Offsite-Box: 18 Volume : SN-78 General clippings about New York
Offsite-Box: 18 Volume : SN-76 General clippings about New York
Offsite-Box: 3 Volume : SN-14 General clippings about New York City
Offsite-Box: 1 Volume : SN-12 General clippings about New York City
Offsite-Box: 17 Volume : SN-64 General clippings about New York
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-40 "Index. Streets, Lanes, Roads, etc., Wharves & Piers. No. 43"
Offsite-Box: 4 Volume : SN-38 "New York City covering Manhattan Island, newspaper clippings, 1877-1890"
Offsite-Box: 6 Volume : SN-46 Miscellaneous, especially theatre/stage

Scope and Contents

Many pages of a cash journal from 1868-1869 are visible in this volume as, unlike other volumes, it was not entirely covered over with clippings.

1868-1869, 1881-1890
Offsite-Box: 8 Volume : SN-25 General clippings about New York
1851-1858, 1866-1870
Offsite-Box: 5 Volume : SN-11 "Andrew H. Green for Mayor; Trials of Prominent Persons; New York City"

Scope and Contents

The volume especially holds clippings about the Albert D. Richardson murder (1869) and the Henry Ward Beecher-Elizabeth Tilton matter (1870s). There is only a little about Andrew H. Green.

Offsite-Box: 13 Volume : SN-65 New York City and State Politics

Scope and Contents

Holds articles about Boss Tweed, Tammany Hall, city charter, legislation, etc.

Offsite-Box: 7 Volume : SN-16 Miscellaneous, especially politics

Scope and Contents

Holds clippings on Boss Tweed, Tammany Hall, Andrew Green, etc. Holds the lengthy reminiscences of the former New York mayor M.M. Noah.

Offsite-Box: 12 Volume : SN-62 Catastrophes

Scope and Contents

Articles about ship sinkings, fires, weather, murders, riots, etc.

Offsite-Box: 4 Volume : SN-47 [E. Strikes & Riots, 1877]
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-48 "United States. E" [Strikes & Riots, 1877]
Offsite-Box: 8 Volume : SN-24 [Catastrophes. 13]

Scope and Contents

The clippings' geographic range extends beyond New York.

Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-60 "J" [Churches & Ministers, 1874-1883]
Offsite-Box: 4 Volume : SN-37 Churches and other houses of religious worship, clergy
Offsite-Box: 12 Volume : SN-59 Churches and other houses of religious worship, and clergy

Scope and Contents

The clippings in the volume date from 1883-1890. Many pages were not covered in clippings and so the underlying content is readable. It presumably pertains to the firm S. Judd's Sons & Co., the name embossed on the volume's cover. Entries from 1863 and the 1870s concern the creditworthiness of various companies. For 1863, these are New York State companies; for the 1870s, companies elsewhere in the United States.

Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-36 Index. "O. Historical Items & Obituaries, etc., 1858-1874"
Offsite-Box: 4 Volume : SN-35 [Historical Items & Obituaries, etc., 1858-1874]
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-50 Index. "Personal in New York, 1875, 1879. 55"
1875, 1879
Offsite-Box: 3 Volume : SN-26 Various clippings about people and events

Scope and Contents

Holds obituaries and other articles about people, portraits of clergy, and various events. Geographic range goes beyond New York.

Offsite-Box: 4 Volume : SN-54 Clippings about current events
1854-1870, 1883-1889
Offsite-Box: 2 Volume : SN-51 Index. "71" [Brooklyn Newspapers]
Offsite-Box: 13 Volume : SN-80 Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

Holds articles about travel description, current events, speeches, international matters, etc.

Offsite-Box: 11 Volume : SN-58 Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

This volume was found on the shelves in 2022 with the De Voe scrapbooks, but it may not be one of his. The volume holds various articles, many concerning slavery and other topical matters. Many of the articles are signed "Sigma" and are from the Daily Evening Traveler. A table of contents is at the front. There appears to be an accession date of March 18, 1897, on the cover, which would include it among the many donations made that day by Daniel Parish.

Offsite-Box: 12 Volume : SN-61 Miscellaneous

Scope and Contents

Holds mostly clippings of the series "Letters from New York" signed by "Roscoe" to the "Editors of the Traveller" (i.e., Daily Evening Traveller of Boston). There are also clippings of reviews and other articles about R.G. Horton's "Life & Public Service of James Buchanan."

Offsite-Box: 19 Loose book spines

Scope and Contents

Several book spines with labels that had loose from the original volumes. These were found shelved separately after the collection had been boxed for storage and so were not (and perhaps cannot be) matched to the related volumes.