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Guide to the New-York Historical Society Postcard Collection [graphic]
circa 1898-1965 (bulk, 1900-1950)
 PR 54

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Collection processed by Jennifer Lewis (2002) and Joseph Ditta (2018-2022).

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Container List

Series IV. Subjects, circa 1898-1965 (bulk, 1900-1950). 3.79 Linear feet (in 7 boxes)


Cards are filed alphabetically by subject.

Container 1     Title Date
Box: 89 Activities & Occupations
Box: 89 Advertising

Scope and Contents

Theatrical Advertising

Box: 89 American Art
Box: 89 American History

Scope and Contents

Patriotic – Flags, seals, etc.

Box: 89 Comic
Box: 99 Correspondence

Scope and Contents

Postcards mailed to individuals or families, kept together for their informational content.

BIRCH family (Carthage, Ohio) [17 cards], 1905-1909

BRADLEY family (Ossining, New York) [6 cards], 1907-1924
Includes one card from Elizaeth Bradley, of Ossining, addressed to Edith A. Ferguson, of Eldred, Sullivan County, New York.

HEGNER family (Valley Stream, New York) [16 cards], 1955-1961
A number of cards are addressed in care of "Alden Delicatessen." The Hegners are possible relatives of the Johnson and Mulholland families, which see.

HYATT family (Milford, Connecticut) [29 cards], 1905-1912

JOHNSON family ([South?] Ozone Park, New York) [8 cards], 1949-1957
The Johnsons are possible relatives of the Hegner and Mulholland families, which see.

LONG family (Framingham, Ashland, and Braintree, Massachusetts) [6 cards], 1905-1946

MC ARTHUR family (Carthage and Cincinnati, Ohio) [3 cards], 1905-1912

MIXELL family (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) [2 cards], 1913, undated

MULHOLLAND family (Richmond Hill and [South?] Ozone Park, New York) [16 cards], 1941-1960
The Mulhollands are possible relatives of the Hegner and Johnson families, which see.

PIPHER family (East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) [6 cards], 1912-1914

TEETS family (East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) [11 cards], 1905-1909

VAN NOSTRAND family (Port Washington, New York) [15 cards], 1906-1913

Box: 90-91 Holidays

Scope and Contents Note

July Fourth
New Year
St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day
Washington's Birthday
General Greetings

Box: 91 Portraits | A

Scope and Contents

Adams, John
Adams, John Quincy
Adargo, Everett
Alden, John and Priscilla
Allen, Ethan
Allen, Viola
Amherst, Sir Jeffery
Anthony, Susan B.
Arnold, Benedict (Arnold's Marker, Freeman Farm)
Arthur, Chester A.
Audubon, John James

Box: 91 Portraits | B

Scope and Contents

Barber, John Warner
Bartlett, Joseph W., with sons Arthur and Walter
Barton, Dr. William P. C.
Batchelor, J.
Beach, Mrs. H.H.A.
Beecher, Henry Ward
Benson, Egbert
Berry, Martha
Bias, Clifford
Bolton, Reginald Pelham, with wife and sister
Bours, John
Bowling, Mildred
Brewster, Ada and Flora
Bristol, Rev. F.M.
Brown, John
Bryant, William Cullen
Buchanan, James
Buck, Dudley
Buckland, William
Buckminster, Rev. Joseph Stevens
Burnside, Col. A.E.
Burr, Aaron

Box: 91 Portraits | C

Scope and Contents

Carl, William C.
Carson, Christopher (Kit Carson)
Chadwick, George W.
Champagnat, Marcellin
Champlain, Samuel De
Chaplin, Charles
Clark, Mrs. Ted (walked from New York to San Francisco)
Clay, Henry
Clinton, De Witt
Cody, William F. (Buffalo Bill)
Columbus, Christopher
Comiskey, Charles A.
Coolidge, Calvin
Coolidge, Mrs.
Coolidge, Victoria Moor (mother of the president)
Cooper, James Fenimore
Cooper, Mrs. William (Elizabeth Fenimore)
Copley, John Singleton
Corcoran, William Wilson
Cormack, Rennie (singer of "Navajo Rag")
Crane, Rev. Caroline Bartlett (pencil portrait)
Crapo, Henry H., with Josiah W. Begole
Custer, George Armstrong

Box: 91 Portraits | D

Scope and Contents

Davis, Jessie Bartlett
Dearborn, Henry
De Groot, Adelaide Milton
de Koven, Reginald
Dempsey, Jack
Dewey, George, Admiral
Dewey, Thomas E., Governor of New York and family, with Governor Earl Warren of California and family
Dietschman, Franzl
Durant, Henry Fowle

Box: 91 Portraits | E

Scope and Contents

Eames, Emma
Earp, Wyatt
Embury, Philip
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Emmett, Daniel D.

Box: 91 Portraits | F

Scope and Contents

Faversham, William
Filmore, Millard
Fisher, Mrs. A.V.
Flanagan, Edward J. ("Father Flanagan")
Foote, Arthur
Fowler, Robert L., Jr.
Fraser, Simon (marker in Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N.Y., inscribed "HERE FRAZER FELL," 1777)
Fritchie, Barbara
Fulton, Robert

Box: 91 Portraits | Franklin, Benjamin
Box: 91 Portraits | G

Scope and Contents

Gallatin, Albert
Gallatin, Francis D.
Garfield, James A.
Gates, Erie Layton
George, Grace
Genet, Edmond Charles
Gill, Moses
Golde, Mrs. B.
Grant, Ulysses S.
Griffith, Clark C.

Box: 91 Portraits | H

Scope and Contents

Hamilton, Alexander
Hancock, John
Harding, Warren G.
Harris, Joel Chandler ("Uncle Remus")
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, Ed.
Harrison, William Henry
Hart, C.B.
Haynes, Rev. Lemuel
Henderson, R.B., T.F., W.M., and H.L.
Henderson, Pastor
Hershman, Martha
Hickok, James Butler (Wild Bill)
Hildreth, Clarence E.
Hooper, Polly
Houston, Sam
Hubbell, Carl
Hudson, Henry

Box: 91 Portraits | J

Scope and Contents

Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Rachel Donelson
Jackson, Thomas J. ("Stonewall Jackson")
Jefferson, Thomas
John, Augustus
Johnson, David Bancroft
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Johnson, Walter Perry
Johnson, Sir William
Jones, John Paul
Jumel, Eliza

Box: 91 Portraits | K

Scope and Contents

Keeler, Willie
Kelly, William G.
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, John F. and family
King, Henry Churchill
Koch, Frederick H.
Kosciuszko, Tadeusz Andrezej
Kubelik, Jan

Box: 91 Portraits | L

Scope and Contents

Lafayette, Marquis de
Lawrence, James
Lee, Davey
Lee, Robert E.
Lindbergh, Charles A.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Longworth, Alice Roosevelt
Longworth, Nicholas
Low, Juliette Gordon
Lowell, James Russell
Luther, Martin
Lynch, Thomas Jr.
Lyon, Mary

Box: 91 Portraits | Lincoln, Abraham
Box: 91 Portraits | M

Scope and Contents

MacDonald, Pirie
MacDowell, Edward
Madison, James
Marshall, John
McAllister, Paul
McClellan, George B.
McGraw, John J.
McKean, Thomas
McKenzie, Fayette Avery
McKinley, William
McNeill, John Charles
Monroe, James
Morton, Mrs. Perez
Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior

Box: 91 Portraits | N

Scope and Contents

Nazimova, Alla
Nesbit, Evelyn

Box: 91 Portraits | O

Scope and Contents

O'Connell, William Cardinal
O'Dell, Bill
O'Rourke, James H.
Outcault, Richard F.

Box: 91 Portraits | P

Scope and Contents

Paine, Thomas
Painter, Gamaliel
Parkhurst, Emmeline
Parker, Horatio
Parlow, Kathleen
Pemberton, John C.
Penn, William
Perry, Matthew C.
Pershing, John J.
Pierce, Franklin
Pinckney, Charles C.
Pisek, Vincent, Rev.
Pius XII
Poe, Edgar Allan
Polk, James K.
Potts, Loraine
Powell, Maud
Pruden [or Prudden], H.L.
Puccini, Giacomo

Box: 91 Portraits | Q

Scope and Contents

Quincy, Dorothy

Box: 91 Portraits | R

Scope and Contents

Randolph, John
Rauschenbusch, Walter
Revere, Paul
Riffle, Mable
Robertson, Forbes
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley

Box: 91 Portraits | Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Box: 91 Portraits | Roosevelt, Theodore

Scope and Contents

See also the lenticular print card of Theodore Roosevelt filed with the Unusual Postcards in box 95.When tilted it displays alternate images of Roosevelt and the White House.

Box: 91 Portraits | S

Scope and Contents

Salisbury, Samuel
Salisbury, Stephen
Schermerhorn, Charles A.
Schley, Winfield Scott
Schumann-Heink, Ernestine
Schuyler, Philip
Schuyler, Catherine (Van Rensselaer), Mrs. Philip
Serra, Junipero
Skinner, Cornelia Otis
Sminck(?), Donald
Smith, Art ("Bird Boy")
Smith, John, Captain
Smith, Joseph
Spiering, Theodore
Stevens, John Frank
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Stimson, Margaret
Stockton, T.B.W., Colonel, with Admiral Thomas C. Hart
Stuyvesant, Petrus
Sunday, William M. ("Billy Sunday"; see also his tabernacle, filed under Manhattan | Churches & Synagogues (S), box 47)
Swinton, Hon. Mrs.

Box: 91 Portraits | T

Scope and Contents

Taft, William H.
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Zachary
Tennyson, Alfred
Thomson, Miss
Thomas, Isaiah
Tousey, John Euart and family
Turkington, Jennie
Turkington, Tom
Twain, Mark
Tyler, John

Box: 91 Portraits | U

Scope and Contents

Underwood, Herbert W., with Captain Mildred McAfee
Utter, George H.

Box: 91 Portraits | V

Scope and Contents

Van Buren, Martin
Van Rooy, Anton
Vincent, John H., with Lewis Miller
Vorhaus family

Box: 91 Portraits | W

Scope and Contents

Wall, Alexander J.
Ward, Richard
Warren, Lulu
Watson, Elkanah
Webster, Daniel
Wesley, John
Wheeler, Dora
Whistler, James A. McNeill
Whitman, Walt
Whittier, John Greenleaf
Whitmore, Floyd, Alice, and Irving
Whitmore, Virginia
Wilcox, Sarah
Willard, Frances E.
Wilson, Woodrow
Winslow, Edward
Wood, Henry J.
Wright, George
Wydler, Gustow(?)

Box: 91 Portraits | Washington, George & Martha
Box: 91 Portraits | Y

Scope and Contents

Yates, Mrs. Richard
Young, Brigham

Box: 91 Portraits | Z

Scope and Contents

Zaborowski (Zabriskie), Olbracht

Box: 92 Portraits | Unidentifed
Box: 92 Portraits | Groups
Box: 92 Portraits | African American
Box: 92 Portraits | Human curiosities

Scope and Contents

Bunker, Chang and Eng
Bushrich, Freida
Corbin, Myrtle
De Faiber, Ernestine
Fischer, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Gibb/Gibbs, Mary and Margaret
Hilton, Violet and Daisy
Kissell, Edward
Lentini, Francisco
Lionel, Lion-Faced Boy
McAskill, Angus, with Tom Thumb
Millie and Christine, Carolina Twins
O'Conner, Francis
Paucci, Baron
Paul and Rose, Elephant-Skinned Kids
Susie the Elephant-Skinned Girl
Thumb, Tom

Box: 92 Portraits | Military

Scope and Contents


Box: 92 Portraits | Native Americans
Box: 92 Portraits | Religious
Box: 92 Portraits | Royalty

Scope and Contents

Albert I, King of the Belgians
John, King of England
British Royal Family (George VI, Elizabeth II, etc.)

Box: 92 Sentimental
Box: 92-95 Transportation

Scope and Contents

Horse-drawn Vehicles
Mountain Railways

named, A-G
named, H-R
named, S-Z
groups of ships
unidentified ships

Trolley Cars

Box: 95 Unusual Postcards

Scope and Contents

Includes cards on leather, cards on birch bark, a card on a cross section of a tree, embroidered cards and cards on fabric (one with a portrait of Miss Edith Cavell), cat cards (with one that squeaks when squeezed), cards with feathers, cards that are drink coasters, embossed cards of New York City and State scenes, accordion-folder cards that pull open, and a lenticular print card (when tilted it displays alternate images of Theodore Roosevelt and the White House).

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