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Guide to the Jack Gutzeit Amateur Radio Operator Records
1940s-2001 (bulk, 1970s-1990s)
 PR 418

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Collection processed by Larry Weimer

This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on November 22, 2021
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Container List

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Offsite-Box: 1 Box : 1A QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes 1AO - 9Z4 (International)
Offsite-Box: 1 Box : 1B QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes A - DL7 (International)
Offsite-Box: 1 Box : 1C QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes DL8 - FY7 (International)
Offsite-Box: 1 Box : 1D QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes G - HA (International)
Offsite-Box: 2 Box : 2A QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes HB9 - JA0 (International)
Offsite-Box: 2 Box : 2B QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes JD1 - OK3 (International)
Offsite-Box: 2 Box : 2C QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes OA - SX (International)
Offsite-Box: 2 Box : 2D QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes OK3 - UA2 (International)
Offsite-Box: 3 Box : 3A QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes UA3 - UZ6 (International)
Offsite-Box: 3 Box : 3B QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes V2A - YU1 (International)
Offsite-Box: 3 Box : 3C QSL cards. Amateur radio prefixes YU2 - ZZ6 (International) and U.S. Territories, Etc.

Scope and Contents

Includes Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories, and other U.S. presence overseas (e.g., Antartica, Guantanamo Bay, Okinawa).

Offsite-Box: 3 Box : 3C QSL cards. Gutzeit operating offshore with other licenses (1 of 2)

Scope and Contents

Includes Gutzeit operating with license 8P6CQ, Barbados, Feb. 1981 (US contacts).

Offsite-Box: 3 Box : 3D QSL cards. Gutzeit operating offshore with other licenses (2 of 2)

Scope and Contents

Includes 8P6CQ, Barbados, Feb 1981 (international contacts); ZF2FU,Caymans, Feb 1982, US and international contacts; J6LJG, St. Lucia, Feb 1984, US and international contacts; and C6ARD, Bahamas, Feb 1987, US and international contacts.

Offsite-Box: 4 Box : 4A, 4B QSL cards from the United States
Offsite-Box: 6 Folder : 1-2 Additional QSL cards, international and United States (2 folders)

Scope and Contents

Holds additional cards received in late 2021.

Offsite-Box: 5 Volume : 1-4 Amateur radio operator logs

Scope and Contents

4 binders of logs. One log includes some correspondence related to Gutzeit's participation with the CQ DX Awards Committee, 1978-80.

Offsite-Box: 4 Volume : 1 Amateur radio operator log & scrapbook

Scope and Contents

Binder that includes a log for 1994-January 1996. The second half of the binder is a scrapbook with: various covers of CQ Magazine (1984-1995); various clippings, some with photos of Gutzeit (1980s); photocopies of Gutzeit's amateur radio station license from the FCC, with assigned call letters W2LZX (issued March 13, 1939); various prefix and other lists; OWLS Membership List; LIDXA roster of full and honorary members (1994); Constitution and by-laws for the North Jersey DX Association (1990) and rosters, membership recruiting procedure, and other documents for that organization; American Radio Relay League documents, such as field representative nomination rules and DX Century Club rules and honor roll (all 1990s).

Offsite-Box: 4 Amateur radio operator log
1996-1999, 2001
Offsite-Box: 4 Gutzeit's logs while operating under other licenses

Scope and Contents

Includes 4 spiral logbooks for Gutzeit's transmissions as 8P6CQ, ZF2FU, J6LJG, and C6ARD. The log for J6LJG was used earlier by Gutzeit, with one page logging calls of January 1955.

1955, 1980s
Offsite-Box: 6 Folder : 4 Gutzeit's log "while engaged in portable & mobile operation"
Offsite-Box: 4 List of amateur radio prefixes

Scope and Contents

Annotated, likely to show those prefixes that Gutzeit connected with and that have QSL cards in the collection. Attached is a donor-supplied count of the cards by broad category.

Offsite-Box: 4 Gutzeit biographical note and personal QSL cards

Scope and Contents

Includes Gutzeit's original QSL card (with his Carroll Street, Brooklyn address), his later card with his Flushing, Queens address, and his cards for his St. Lucia and Bahamas call letters. Also includes a biographical sketch of Gutzeit provided by the donor.

circa 1939-1980s
Offsite-Box: 6 Folder : 5 "W2LZX"

Scope and Contents

Booklet of images of collaged QSL cards from the Gutzeit collection, compiled by his niece, Mindy Belloff, 2007, who wrote a foreword and added comments at points. Booklet numbered #8.

Offsite-Box: 6 Folder : 6 Certificates

Scope and Contents

Certificates recognizing Gutzeit's achievement in contacting all 6 recognized continental areas of the world.

1975, 1986
Offsite-Box: 6 Folder : 3 Photographs

Scope and Contents

Photos of various radio operators

Offsite-Box: 6 Folder : 7 Miscellaneous print matter

Scope and Contents

Holds one issue of "The DX'ers magazine" (issue #589, Jan. 2, 1984); "The Radio Amateur's World Map"; tearsheet of article "Das Anti-Radar" (1978, in German); CQ stationery (envelope).

1978, 1984, undated