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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Kutschera, Chris, 1938-2017
Title: Chris Kutschera Ephemera Collection
Dates [inclusive]: 1936-2011
Dates [bulk]: Bulk, 1970-2005
Abstract: The Chris Kutschera ephemera collection contains books, pamphlets, brochures, postcards, maps, and other emphemera acquired by Kutschera during his time as a journalist covering the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and the USSR. Much of the collection is made up of travel-related materials: maps, guidebooks, and exhibition catalogues.
Quantity: 2.5 Linear Feet in 2 records cartons, 1 document case, 2 oversize folders
Call Phrase: AD.MC.010

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Biographical note

Chris Kutschera was the pseudonym used by French journalist Paul Maubec (1938-2017), and his wife, the photographer Edith Maubec. An independent journalist, Kutschera covered the Eritrean struggle for independence, the oil industry in the Arabian Peninsula, and other topics from the Middle East, but was best known for his writings about the Kurdish people. His best known publications included "Le Mouvement National Kurde (Flammarion, 1979), "Le Défi kurde ou le Rêve Fou de l'indépendance" (Bayard Editions, 1997), and "Le Kurdistan, Guide Littéraire (Editions Favre, 1998), "Le Livre noir de Saddam Hussein" (Oh ! Éditions, 2005), and "La Longue Marche des Kurdes: 40 ans de reportage au Kurdistan" (JePublie, 2011), among other titles. [Source: Wikipedia, "Chris Kutschera,", accessed 5 April 2020].

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Scope and contents

The collection consists of published works and ephemera acquired by Chris Kutschera during his professional and personal travels and assignments. The collection contains three series. Series I contains the publications, those items with published dates and produced more formally, while Series II is made up of the ephemera and Series III is maps, the majority of which are for tourist purposes. The scope and themes of both series are similar. Nearly all of the items focus on North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the USSR. A large portion are travel literature: guidebooks, maps, postcards, tourist brochures, historical pamphlets. Some of the items are more academic (journals and books) and focus on the history and cultures of the region. Others are government produced: annual reports, propaganda, commemorative postcards and stamps. Particular areas of focus are the Kurdish political movements inside Iraq and ephemera related to Iraqi Kurds in general, items connected to the Iran-Iraq War, and items pertaining to the Gulf. The items are in a variety of languages, but mostly French and English, with a smaller portion in Arabic, Kurdish, and Farsi. The bulk of the items are from the late 1970s to the late 1990s-early 2000s.


The collection is arranged in three series. Series I contains dated works with a more formal publication history, mostly books, journals, magazines. The works are arranged alphabetically by title, with one folder corresponding to one work. Series II contains ephemera, undated works, and items with a less formal or discernible publication history, mostly brochures, postcards, booklets. The series is broken down into folder labeled with places or country names, arranged alphabetically by country name. Each folder then contains the items corresponding to it; this geographic placement is thematic and not based on where the item was created--for example, an exhibition on Eritrea held in France is placed in the Eritra folder. Those items which cannot be associated thematically with a particular country or region have been placed in a General Ephemera folder. Within each folder (or series of folders, in the case of larger subsections like Kurdistan or USSR) the items, if dated, are arranged in reverse chronological order, from newest to oldest, with undated items after the oldest dated item. Series III contains larger and more official maps, many of which also contain tourist information. They are organized into folders alphabetically by country and depending on the number of maps for a particular country; within the folder they are alphabetical by country and then in reverse chronological order for maps of the same country.

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Access Points

Document Type

  • Resource guides to travel

Subject Topics

  • Kurds--Iraq.
  • Middle East--Description and travel.
  • Arabian Peninsula--Description and travel.
  • Caucasus--Description and travel.
  • Asia, Central--Description and travel.
  • Turkey--Description and travel.

Subject Places

  • Kurdistan
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan

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Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

The collection is open for research use onsite. For more information contact

Conditions Governing Use

The collection is subject to all relevant copyright laws. For more information, contact

Preferred citation

Published citatations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Chris Kutschera Ephemera Collection; MC 010; box number; folder number; Archives and Special Collections; New York University Abu Dhabi Library.

Immediate source of acquisition

The collection was purchased from Chris Kutschera in 2015.

Processing Information

Processed by Samuel Ball, 2016; with updates by Brad Bauer, 2020.

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Container List

Publications, 1936-2011

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 1 Folder : 1 L'Afghanistan: Otage de l'Histoire. Jean-Pierre Clerc (Toulouse: Éditions Milan, 2002)
Box: 1 Folder : 2 Asie Centrale Soviétique. Hervé Beaumont (Paris: Éditions Marcus, 1988)
Box: 1 Folder : 3 Aux Emirats du Golfe. Denise Basdevant (Paris: Hachette, 1976)
Box: 1 Folder : 4 Bakou: guide touristique. Emile Agaïev (Moscow: Editions Radouga, 1987)
Box: 1 Folder : 5 La Documentation photographique No. 7008: Le Proche-Orient au XXe siècle. Nadine Picaudou (Paris: La Documentation Française, 1991)
Box: 1 Folder : 6 La Documentation photographique No. 7019: Les Croisés en Orient. Georges Tate (Paris: La Documentation Française, 1993).
Box: 1 Folder : 7 "Les Emirats Du Golfe Persique" in La Peninsule Arabique (1968).
Box: 1 Folder : 8 Guide de Terre Sainte. 3rd ed. P. Barnabé Meistermann (Paris: Éditions Franciscaines, 1936)
Box: 1 Folder : 9 L'Iran Aujourd'hui. 2nd ed. Jean Hureau (Paris: Editions Jeune Afrique, 1975)
Box: 1 Folder : 10 Iraq: A Tourist Guidebook (Baghdad: Tourism and Summer Resorts Administration, 1966).
Box: 1 Folder : 11 Istanbul: Guide Littéraire. Gérard-Georges Lemaire, editor (Lausanne: Editions Favre, 1997).
Box: 1 Folder : 12 Istanbul: Petit Guide a Travers Les Monuments Byzantins Et Turcs. Semavi Eyice (Istanbul: Istanbul Matbaasi, 1955)
Box: 1 Folder : 13 Le Kurdistan: Guide Littéraire. Chris Kutschera, editor (Lausanne: Editions Favre, 1998).
Box: 1 Folder : 14 Kuwait Pocket Guide 2001. 16th ed. Manae Obaid Al-Durae (Safat, Kuwait: Kuwait Publishing House, 2001)
Box: 1 Folder : 15 Mirror of War: A Pictorial Report on the Iraqi Regime Aggressions Against Iran (Tehran: International Conference on Aggressions by the Iraqi Regime Against Iran, 1981).
Box: 1 Folder : 16 The Oil & Gas Year: Kurdistan Region of Iraq, 2009. Rupert Smith, editor (Neuilly-Seine: Wildcat Publishing Inc., 2009)
Box: 1 Folder : 17 The Oil & Gas Year: Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 2011. Rupert Smith, editor (Neuilly-Seine: Wildcat Publishing Inc., 2011)
Box: 1 Folder : 18 Oman '83. Ministère de l'Information (Muscat: Oman Newspaper House, 1983)
Box: 1 Folder : 19 Oman '85. Ministère de l'Information (Muscat: Ministère de l'Information, 1985)
Box: 2 Folder : 1 Oman 1986. Ministry of Information (Muscat: Oman Newspaper House, 1986)
Box: 2 Folder : 2 Petite Planète: Soudan. Simone Dumoulin, (Paris: Éditions du Seuil, 1979)
Box: 2 Folder : 3 Petite Planète: Syrie. Anne-Marie Perrin-Naffakh (Paris: Éditions du Seuil, 1979)
Box: 2 Folder : 4 Qal'at Sem'an--Qalb Lozé et leurs environs, 3rd ed. Soubhi Saouaf (Aleppo: Guide des Visiteurs, 1967)
Box: 2 Folder : 5 Riyadh: History and Guide, William A. Rugh (Dammam: Al-Mutawa Press, 1969)
Box: 2 Folder : 6 Sites et Monuments Antiques aux alentours d'Alep, Soubhi Saouaf (Aleppo: Guide de Visiteurs, 1955)
Box: 2 Folder : 7 Tachkent: Guide, V. Tiourikov (Moscow: Editions Radouga, 1983)
Box: 2 Folder : 8 World of Information: Business Guide to Bahrain, Longman (Harlow, UK: Longman, 1985)
Box: 2 Folder : 9 World of Information: Business Guide to Saudi Arabia, 2nd ed. (Harlow, UK: Longman, 1986)

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Ephemera, 1974-2006

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 2 Folder : 10 Algeria

Scope and Contents

1. "Youcef: La Legende du Septieme Dormant," postcard, promoting the film, c. 1993.
2. "Collection-Passion-Dation L'Algerie de Philippe Zoummeroff, Musée de la Poste," exhibition guide, 1989.

Box: 2 Folder : 11 Eritrea

Scope and Contents

1. "Massawa et la Mer Rouge: catalogue de l'exposition," exhibition guide, 2003.

Box: 2 Folder : 12 France

Scope and Contents

1. "Sous les pieds des femmes: un film de Rachida Krim," press release w/ handwritten notes, 1997.
2. "17e Festival international de films de femmes de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne," festival screening schedule, 1995.
3. "17e Festival international de films de femmes de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne," festival guide, 1995.
4. "17e Festival des 3 Continents: 21-28 Novembre 1995 Nantes," festival guide, 1995.
5. Cycle le cinéma arabe de la tolérance, La Sept," screening guide, 1974.

1995-1997, undated
Box: 2 Folder : 13 General Ephemera

Scope and Contents

1. "For a homeland free from prisoners of consciouness: Arab Organization for Human Rights," postcard, unknown.

Box: 2 Folder : 14 Iran

Scope and Contents

1. "Tazieh, Festival d'automne à Paris, 22 Septembre - 5 Octobre 2000," festival guide, 2000.
2. "Iran-Iraq War postcards," 39 postcards with case, c. 1993.
3. "Urman-e-Takht postcards," 12 postcards with case, unknown.

2000, undated
Box: 2 Folder : 15 Iraq

Scope and Contents

1. "Atlas of Kirkuk: Historical, Administration, Natural, Human resource, Polticial, Economical," booklet, 2006.

Box: 2 Folder : 16 Israel

Scope and Contents

1. "Floor of 6th century Armenian mosaic, Chapel of St. Polyeucte, near Damascus Gate, Jerusalem," postcard, unknown.
2. "Mar Saba Monastery," postcard, unknown.
3. "Monastery of Saint Sabba, The Hermitage and Tomb of Saint John Damascene," postcard, (2 copies).
4. "Monastery of Saint Sabba, The Refectory," postcard, unknown.

Box: 2 Folder : 17 Kurdistan - 1

Scope and Contents

1. "Painter Rostam Aghala," booklet w/ Kutschera interview page inserted, 2004.
2. "Beyond our dreams: a film by Hiner Saleem," press release, c. 2000, (2 copies).
3. "Set of postal stamps designed and printed in Iraqi Kurdistan region: Kurdistan Regional Government Council of Ministers" collection of stamps, 1999.
4. "Agenda février 1999: Les rendez-vous culturels de la Fnac Montparnasse," program schedule, 1999.
5. "Rostam Ahle Exhibition Sulaymany Museum," exhibition pamphlet, 1998.
6. "Kurdistan In the Shadow of History (European Premiere): Impressions Gallery: York," exhibition guide, 1998.
7. "Beko: un film de Nizamettin Ariç," press release, 1997.
8. "Kurdistan in the Shadow of History," exhibition guide, 1996, (3 copies).
9. "Kurds in Crisis: Christ Kutschera," article w/ attached note, 1995.

Box: 2 Folder : 18 Kurdistan - 2

Scope and Contents

1. "Kurdish Information Center," brochure, unknown.
2. "Halabja Genocide Without Punishment," 32 postcards and case, unknown.
3. "KDP/atrocities/Kurdish cause," 10 postcards spiral bound, unknown.
4. "KDP/atrocities/Kurdish cause," 14 prints of the cards in the spiral bound booklet collection, some duplicates, unknown.
5. "Sur les chemins kurdes," postcard, unknown.
6. "KDP/Halabja," 4 illustrations printed on cards, photo paper, unknown.
7. "An example of Baath's Socialism and Democracy in Kurdistan or Iraq," large card illustration, unknown.

Box: 2 Folder : 19 Kuwait

Scope and Contents

1. "State of Kuwait Ministry of Planning Central Statistical Office: 1992 Statistical Review," booklet, 1992.
2. "UNIKOM Deployment as of October 1991," map, 1991.

Box: 2 Folder : 20 Oman

Scope and Contents

1. "Apex Publishing: The Sultanate of Oman Today," booklet, 1986.
2. "Sultanat d'Oman: Histoire et Archeologie: Ministère de l'Information et de la Culture," booklet, unknown.

1986, undated
Box: 2 Folder : 21 Sudan

Scope and Contents

1. "Insitut du Monde Arabe: Soudan Royaumes sur le Nil: 5 février-21 août 1997," exhibition guide, 1997.

Box: 2 Folder : 22 Syria

Scope and Contents

1. "Institut Du Monde Arabe: Syrie Mémoire et Civilisation: 14 septembre 1993 - 28 février 1994," exhibition guide, 1993.
2. "Lady Sukayna Tomb, Damascus," postcard, unknown.
3. "The Juqmukiah Madrassa, Damascus," postcard, unknown.

1993, undated
Box: 3 Folder : 1 Turkey

Scope and Contents

1. "Centre Georges Pompidou: Le cinéma turc: 17 avril - 22 juillet: 18 septembre - 14 octobre 1996," screening guide, 1996.
2. "10th International Istanbul Film Festival: 16 March - 31 March 1991," festival guide, 1991.
3. "Turkey-Iran-Iraq border region," copy of part of map, unknown.
4. "Ministère du Tourisme de la République de Turquie: Turquie: Ankara et la région de l'Anatolie centrale," tourist promotional guide, unknown.

1991-1996, undated
Box: 3 Folder : 2 United Arab Emirates

Scope and Contents

1. "Emirate of Abu Dhabi," map with folding cover, unknown.
2. "Telephone Index from Nihal Hotel, Abu Dhabi," card with telephone directoy and phone instructions, unknown.
3. "Sharjah Tourist Centre: Sharjah: Gateway to the UAE," tourism promotion booklet, unknown.

1974-1979, undated
Box: 3 Folder : 3 USSR - 1

Scope and Contents

1. "Intourist: U.S.S.R. Voyages Organisés," booklet with pricing tables, 1989.
2. "Boukhara," 12 postcards with case, 1979.
3. "Intourist: Mary," booklet, unknown.
4. "Intourist: Centres touristiques de l'U.S.S.R.," booklet, unknown.
5. "The Guide Baku," booklet, unknown.
6. "Intourist: Visit Soviet Turkmenia," pamphlet, unknown.
7. "Intourist: Avec Intourist en Asie Centrale et au Kazakhstan," brochure, unknown.
8. "Intourist: Visitez la Lituanie Soviétique!," brochure, unknown.
9. "Intourist: L'Asie Centrale Et Le Kazakhstan," brochure, unknown, 2 copies.
10. "Intourist: Découvrez l'Ouzbékistan soviétique," brochure, unknown, 2 copies.

1979-1989, undated
Box: 3 Folder : 4 USSR - 2

Scope and Contents

1. "Intourist: Individual Travel in the U.S.S.R," booklet, 1988.
2. "Tashkent, 12 postcards with case, 1980.
3. "Khiva," 12 postcards with case, 1979.
4. "Samarkand," 12 postcards with case, 1978.
5. "Intourist: Découvrez la Géorgie Soviétique," booklet, unknown.

1978-1988, undated
Box: 3 Folder : 5 USSR - 3

Scope and Contents

1. "Muslims of the Soviet Emare - a Guide: Bibliography," photocopied book section with attached letter, 1990.
2. "Cyrillic Text," exhibition guide/catalogue, 1989.
3. "Intourist: Sur les Traces de la Grande Route de la Soie," travel brouchures, 1988, (2 copies).
4. "Turkmenian Jewellery," 16 postcards with case, 1985.

Box: 3 Folder : 6 Yemen

Scope and Contents

1. "Sanaa--A District," postcard, unknown.

Box: 3 Folder : 7 Yugoslavia

Scope and Contents

"Kosovo: Jugoslavija," tourist promotion booklet/guide, unknown.


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Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Map-case: 2 Drawer : E Algeria, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kurdistan

Scope and Contents

1. "Algérie avec plans d'Alger et d'Oran," GEOprojects, date unknown.
2. "Republic of Azerbaijan," Republic of Azerbaijan State Geodesy and Cartography Committee, 1992.
3. "Jordan: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with city plans of Amman (including Queen Alia International Airport), Aqaba, Jerash and Petra," GEOprojects, date unknown.
4. "Map of Kurdistan Region," Kurdistan Region Government Ministry of Tourism, 2007.

Map-case: 2 Drawer : E Oman, Sudan, USSR, Yemen, Yugoslavia

Scope and Contents

1. "Sultanate of Oman," Bartholomew Maps, 1985.
2. "The Oxford Map of Sudan: the Democratic Republic of Sudan with city maps of Khartoum and Omdurman," GEOprojects, 1980.
3. "Moscou: Plan des transports urbains," Direction Générale de Géodésie et de Cartographie, 1988.
4. "City Map of Sana," Survey Authority Sana--Ministry of Education, 1982.
5. "Jugoslavija: Kosovo-Kosova," Tourist Association of Kosovo, date unknown.

Map-case: 2 Drawer : E Syria, Turkey, UAE

Scope and Contents

1. "Syrie: La Carte Touristique des Routes avec Les Plans de Damas et Alep," Ministère du Tourisme, 2001.
2. "Syria," Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Economy Directorate of Tourism, date unknown.
3. "Turkey Road Map 1979," Ministry of Tourism and Information, 1979.
4. "City Map: Istanbul," publisher unknown, date unknown.
6. "General Lay-Out All Fields In D.P.C. Area," Dubai Petroleum Company, 1979, 2 copies.
7. "United Arab Emirates: Boundary modifications under UAE/SAUDI agreement of 21.8.1974 are not shown on this 1973 edition map," Ministry of Cabinet Affairs Centre for Documentation and Research, 1974.

Map-case: 2 Drawer : E Iran

Scope and Contents

1. "Guide Map of Isfahan," Ministry of Islamic Guidance General Office of Islamic Guidance of Esfahan Office of Tourism--Sahab Geographic & Drafting Institute, 1985.
2. "Guide Map of Isfahan," Ministry of Information and Tourism--The ECHO of Iran, 1974, 2 copies.
3. "Iran Highway Map," Ministry of Roads Planing and Programming Division, 1973.
4. "Iran Highway Map," Ministry of Roads Planing and Programming Division, 1970.
5. "Carte Touristique de Teheran," Iran National Tourist Organization--The ECHO of Iran, date unknown, 3 copies.
6. "La carte touristique de la Républiqe Islamique de l'Iran," Ministère de l'Orientation Islamique, date unknown.
7. "Road Map of Iran [with maps of Shiraz, Isfahan, Persepolis, and Tehran]," publisher unknown, date unknown.
8. "Stadt-Führer Von Tehran," Iran National Tourist Organization--The ECHO of Iran, date unknown.

Map-case: 2 Drawer : E Iraq

Scope and Contents

1. "Iraq Tourist Map," Summer Resorts and Tourism Administration, 1976.
2. "The Archaeological Map of Iraq," Directorate General of Antiquities--Survey Press, 1967.
3. "Irak-Iran," Freytag-Berndt, date unknown.
4. "Iraq Tourist Map," Summer Resorts and Tourism Service, date unknown.

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