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 Updated by Aki Snyder to include unprocessed audiocassettes Updated by Aki Snyder to include 76 78 RPM record discs and 15 phono discs that were treated for mold by New York University's Barbara Goldsmith Preservation and Conservation Department.  Updated by Aki Snyder to include 19 empty LP sleeves   , March 2022 , August 2022 , August 2022

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Series II: 33 1/3 RPM Records, circa 1951-1999. 752 sound discs

Scope and Contents

Series II continues to document recorded Irish music from the demise of the 78 through the ascendance of the CD in the 1990s.Series II is particularly strong in documenting the renewed interest in folk and traditional music in the 1970s and 1980s. The majority of Series II consists of traditional instrumental and vocal music released on such Irish labels as Mulligan, Claddagh, Tara and Outlet and on American labels, Shanachie and Green Linnet, many of which have not to date been reissued on CD. The series also contains many Irish-language recordings on the Gael-linn label.

Container 1     Title Date
Disk: XA33 485 Abbey Tavern Singers, Abbey Tavern Singers on Tour (Spin RGS 3011)
Disk: XA33 1 Ac Donnca, Sean, An Aile Bain (Claddagh CC 9)
Disk: XA33 80 Aengus, Aengus (Tara 2001)
Disk: XA33 7 Altan, Horse with a Heart (Green Linnet SIF 1095)
Disk: XA33 225 Anderson, Alistair, Concertina Workshop, Traditional Music on the English Concertina (Topic/Free Reed 12TFRS501)
Disk: XA33 655 Anderson, Alistair, Corby Crag (Topic 12TS371)
Disk: XA33 677 Anderson, Alistair, Anthony and Carole Robb, Colin Ross and Jim Hall, Cut and Dry Dolly, A Favorite Collection of Tunes with Variations Adaoted for the Northumberland Small Pipes, Violin, Flute and Concertina (Topic 12TS278)
Disk: XA33 489 Anderson, Tom, Aly Bain, Trevor Hunter and Davie Tulloch, Silver Bow, Shetland Folk Fiddling Vol. 1 (Topic 12TS281)
Disk: XA33 717 Anderson, Tom, Aly Bain, Willie Johnson and Violet Tulloch, Shetland Folk Fiddling Vol 2 (Topic 12TS379)
Disk: XA33 436 Anderson, Virgil, …On the Tennessee Line (County 777)
Disk: XA33 277 Andrews, William and Liam Walsh, Classics of Irish Piping, Volume 2 (Topic 12T62)
Disk: XA33 435 Applejack with Bob McQuillen, Applejack, Contra Dance Music New England Style (Green Linnet SIF 1028)
Disk: XA33 226 Ar Log, Ar Log II (Sain Dingle's DIN 310)
Disk: XA33 93 Ard Ri Ceili Band, Dublin Dance Date (Request SRLP 10071)
Disk: XA33 386 Armagh Pipers' Club, Song of the Chanter (Outlet SOLP 1028)
Disk: XA33 477 Armstrong, Frankie, Songs and Ballads (Topic 12TS273)
Disk: XA33 52 Artist not listed, SH - 29014 (Shanachie 29014)
Disk: XA33 100 Artist not listed, R.6014 A/B Test Pressing (Label not listed R 6014)
Disk: XA33 101 Artist not listed, R0228 A/B Test Pressing (Wakefield R0228)
Disk: XA33 102 Artist not listed, R-0228 A/B 44827 (Rounder R0228)
Disk: XA33 676 Artist not listed, Famous Marches (Pontiac PLP-509-A)
Disk: XA33 191 Assaroe Ceili Band, Sean Maguire, McCusker Brothers Ceili Band, Best of Irish Dance Music (Blarney Castle BC-509)
Disk: XA33 674 Austrian Symphony Orchestra, Victor Herbert Highlights (Remington RLP-149-34-A)
Disk: XA33 91 Ballinamore and Eugene Leddy's Ceili Bands, Ceili Bands of Ireland (Avoca 33-AV-130)
Disk: XA33 401 Barde, Barde [Red lettering] (Les Disques Direction DLP 10, 006)
Disk: XA33 187 Barry, Margaret, Songs of an Irish Tinker Lady (Riverside 12-602)
Disk: XA33 22 Barry, Margaret and Michael Gorman, Her Mantle So Green (Topic 12T123)
Disk: XA33 227 Battlefield Band, Battlefield Band (Topic 12TS313)
Disk: XA33 228 Battlefield Band, At the Front (Topic 12TS381)
Disk: XA33 657 Battlefield Band, Story So Far… (Flying Fish FF 274)
Disk: XA33 400 Beaudoin Family, Famille Beaudoin (Philo 2022)
Disk: XA33 556 Bell, Derek, Carolan's Receipt (Claddagh CC 18)
Disk: XA33 543 Bergin, Mary, Feadoga Stain (Shanachie 79006)
Disk: XA33 67 Bill Shepherd Singers, Irish Sing-Along (Decca DL 74053)
Disk: XA33 352 Blake, Norman, Nashville Blues (Rounder Rounder0188)
Disk: XA33 304 Blarney, More Blarney (Blarney 82-001)
Disk: XA33 380 Blarney, Blarney (Blarney 810101)
Disk: XA33 609 Blarney Folk, In the Sound of Ireland (London SW 99489)
Disk: XA33 614 Blarney Folk, Let Those Irish Brown Eyes Smile at Me Babe! (London SW 99512)
Disk: XA33 715 Blended Scotch, Glasgow Lullaby (Kailyard KR-711)
Disk: XA33 406 Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Ideal Music for All the Year Round (Topic 12T319)
Disk: XA33 407 Bob Smith's Ideal Band, Better Than an Orchestra (Topic 12T320)
Disk: XA33 306 Boomtown Rats, Fine Art of Surfacing (Mulligan LUN 038)
Disk: XA33 612 Boston Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, We're Irish Still (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CSRV 2696)
Disk: XA33 467 Bothy Band, After Hours (Green Linnet SIF 3016)
Disk: XA33 468 Bothy Band, Best of the Bothy Band (Green Linnet SIF 3001)
Disk: XA33 469 Bothy Band, Out of the Wind Into the Sun (Mulligan LUN 013)
Disk: XA33 529 Bothy Band, Old Hag You Have Killed Me (Mulligan LUN 007)
Disk: XA33 399 Bottine Souriante, Traversee de l"Atlantique (Green Linnet SIF 3043)
Disk: XA33 652 Bottine Souriante, Bottine Souriante III, Chic and Swell (Green Linnet SIF 3042)
Disk: XA33 626 Bowe, John and Mary Conroy, John Bowe, Chromatic Button Accordion (Inchecronin INC 7417)
Disk: XA33 111 Boys of the Lough, In the Tradition (Flying Fish FF 263)
Disk: XA33 116 Boys of the Lough, Boys of the Lough (Trailer LER 2086)
Disk: XA33 462 Boys of the Lough, Lochaber No More (Philo 1031)
Disk: XA33 470 Boys of the Lough, Piper's Broken Finger (Philo 1042)
Disk: XA33 471 Boys of the Lough, Piper's Broken Finger (Transatlantic TRA 333) Alternate cover
Disk: XA33 472 Boys of the Lough, Boys of the Lough (Philo 1026)
Disk: XA33 712 Brady, Paul, Welcome Here Kind Stranger (Mulligan LUN 024)
Disk: XA33 39 Brady, Willie, Shamrocks and Leprechauns (Avoca 33-AV-158)
Disk: XA33 44 Brady, Willie, St Patrick's Day Greetings from… (Avoca 33-AV-142)
Disk: XA33 48 Brady, Willie, If You're Irish! (Avoca 33-AV-151)
Disk: XA33 103 Brady, Willie, Songs from Erin's Green Shore (Avoca 33-AV-115)
Disk: XA33 124 Brady, Willie, Irish Evening with Willie Brady (Avoca 33-AV-135)
Disk: XA33 367 Brady, Willie, Songs of Stephen Foster (Avoca 33-AVG-2002)
Disk: XA33 610 Brady, Willie, Willie Brady Memorial Album, Ireland's Beloved Ballad Singer (Avoca 33-ST-164)
Disk: XA33 611 Brady, Willie, Irish Humorous Songs (Avoca 33-AV-131)
Disk: XA33 190 Brennon, Florrie, Florrie Brennan Sings Sean McCarthy (EMI (Ireland) Ltd. STAL(I) 1031)
Disk: XA33 92 Brian Boru Ceili Band, Ceili Time in Ireland (Emerald SW 99510)
Disk: XA33 229 Brightwell, Jumbo, Jumbo Brightwell, Songs from Eel's Foot, Traditional Songs and Ballads from Suffolk (Topic 12TS261)
Disk: XA33 454 Brogue, Trilogy (Bradco M2735)
Disk: XA33 455 Brogue, Alive Alive-O (Bradco NR13107)
Disk: XA33 117 Broken String Band, Cow that Ate the Piper (Living Traditional Records LTR 01)
Disk: XA33 95 Brophy Bros. Ceili Band, If You're Irish…Then Dance to the (Starlite 12)
Disk: XA33 647 Browne, Louis, From the Isle of the Quiet Man (Rego R-24, 000)
Disk: XA33 398 Bruneau, Philippe, Philippe Bruneau (Philo 2003)
Disk: XA33 629 Burke, Joe, Joe Burke (Outlet OLP 1015)
Disk: XA33 632 Burke, Joe, Tailor's Choice (Green Linnet SIF 1045)
Disk: XA33 633 Burke, Joe, Joe Burke, Traditional Music of Ireland (Shaskeen OS-361)
Disk: XA33 631 Burke, Joe and Charlie Lennon, Joe Burke with Charlie Lennon, Traditional Music of Ireland (Green Linnet SIF 1048)
Disk: XA33 630 Burke, Joe and Sean McGuire, Sean McGuire and Joe Burke (Outlet SOLP 1014)
Disk: XA33 627 Burke, Joe, Andy McGann and Felix Dolan, Tribute to Michael Coleman (Shaskeen OS 360)
Disk: XA33 628 Burke, Joe, Andy McGann and Felix Dolan, Funny Reel (Shanachie 29102)
Disk: XA33 230 Burke, Joe, Terry Corcoran and Michael Cooney, Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part (Green Linnet SIF 1069)
Disk: XA33 331 Burke, Kevin, Sweeney's Dream (Folkways FW8876)
Disk: XA33 337 Burke, Kevin, If the Cap Fits (Green Linnet SIF3009)
Disk: XA33 711 Burke, Kevin, Up Close (Green Linnet SIF1052)
Disk: XA33 65 Burke, Kevin and Jackie Daly, Eavesdropper (Mulligan SIF 3002)
Disk: XA33 71 Burke, Kevin and Micheal O Domhnaill, Portland (Green Linnet SIF 1041)
Disk: XA33 72 Burke, Kevin and Micheal O Domhnaill, Promenade (Mulligan LUN 028)
Disk: XA33 158 Butcher, Eddie, I Once Was a Daysman (Free Reed FRR 003)
Disk: XA33 108 Buttons and Bows, Buttons and Bows (Green Linnet SIF 1051)
Disk: XA33 456 Buttons and Bows, Buttons and Bows (Green Linnet )
Disk: XA33 16 Byrne, Packie and Bonnie Shaljean, Half Door (Dingle's DIN 302)
Disk: XA33 742 Cahill, Eddie Ah! Surely (Shanachie 29014)
Disk: XA33 231 Cameron Men, Cameron Men, Classic Scots Fiddle Recordings from the Thirties (Topic 12T321)
Disk: XA33 634 Cann, Bob, West Country Melodeon (Topic 12TS275)
Disk: XA33 94 Cannon, Sean, Erin the Green (Ogham BLB 5004)
Disk: XA33 336 Canny, Paddy and P.J.Hayes, All Ireland Champions-Violin (Shamrock Souvenir Harp10)
Disk: XA33 466 Capercaille, Crosswinds (Green Linnet )
Disk: XA33 63 Carignan, Jean, French Canadian Fiddle Songs (Legacy LEG 120)
Disk: XA33 90 Carrig, Carrig (Carrig CAR 001)
Disk: XA33 377 Carrig River, Shades of MacMurrough (Polydor 2908 007)
Disk: XA33 69 Carroll, Liz, Liz Carroll (Green Linnet SIF 1092)
Disk: XA33 330 Carroll, Liz accompanied by Marty Fahey, Friend Indeed (Shanachie 29013)
Disk: XA33 329 Carroll, Liz and Tommy Maguire, Kiss Me Kate (Shanachie 29010)
Disk: XA33 232 Carthy, Martin and Dave Swarbrick, But Two Came By (Topic 12TS343)
Disk: XA33 233 Carthy, Martin and Dave Swarbrick, Prince Heathen (Topic 12TS344)
Disk: XA33 234 Carthy, Martin and Dave Swarbrick, Byker Hill (Topic 12TS342)
Disk: XA33 235 Carthy, Martin and Dave Swarbrick, Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick (Topic 12TS340)
Disk: XA33 546 Carty, Paddy and Mick O'Connor, Paddy Carty, Mick Connor Playing Reels and Some Jigs in the Galway Manner (Shanachie 1974)
Disk: XA33 301 Casey, Bobby, Taking Flight (Mulligan LUN 018)
Disk: XA33 463 Casterbridge Union, Casterbridge Union (C.B.U. SAAB-1171)
Disk: XA33 155 Caswell Carnaham, New Leaves On an Old Tree (Kicking Mule KM-313)
Disk: XA33 276 Celtic Thunder, Celtic Thunder (Green Linnet SIF 1029)
Disk: XA33 312 Ceoltoiri Cualann , Reacaireacht an Riadaigh (Gael-linn CEF 010)
Disk: XA33 96 Cherish the Ladies, Irish Women Musicians in America (Shanachie 79053)
Disk: XA33 668 Cherish the Ladies, Irish Women Musicians in America (Shanachie 79053)
Disk: XA33 684 Cherish the Ladies, Father and Daughters (Shanachie Records Corp. 79054)
Disk: XA33 449 Chieftains, Bonaparte's Retreat (Island ILPS-9432)
Disk: XA33 451 Chieftains, Chieftains 3 (Island ILPS 9379)
Disk: XA33 452 Chieftains, Chieftains 4 (Island ILPS 9380)
Disk: XA33 453 Chieftains, Chieftains 5 (Island ILPS-9334)
Disk: XA33 457 Chieftains, Cotton-Eyed Joe, The Chieftains 10 (Shanachie 79019)
Disk: XA33 464 Chieftains, Chieftains Live! (Claddagh CC21)
Disk: XA33 465 Chieftains, Chieftains (Island ILPS 9364)
Disk: XA33 236 Chisolm, Angus, Early Recordings of Angus Chisolm (Shanachie 14001)
Disk: XA33 19 Cinnamond, Robert, You Rambling Boys of Pleasure (Topic 12T269)
Disk: XA33 197 Clairseach, Ann's Harp ( )
Disk: XA33 3 Clancy Brothers, Christmas (Columbia CS 9876)
Disk: XA33 441 Clancy Brothers, Flowers in the Valley (Columbia CS 9932)
Disk: XA33 13 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Sing of the Sea (Columbia CS 9658)
Disk: XA33 15 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (Columbia CL 1648)
Disk: XA33 316 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Boys Won't Leave the Girls Alone (Columbia CS8709)
Disk: XA33 440 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Home Boys Home (Columbia 9608)
Disk: XA33 473 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Best of the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (Tradition S-2050)
Disk: XA33 522 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Bold Fenian Men (Columbia CS 9805)
Disk: XA33 524 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Irish Songs of Rebellion (Tradition 2070)
Disk: XA33 576 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Isn't It Grand Boys (Columbia CS 9277)
Disk: XA33 678 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Spontaneous Performance Recording! (Columbia CL 1648)
Disk: XA33 700 Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem (Tradition TLP1042)
Disk: XA33 54 Clancy, Willie, Minstrel from Clare (Topic 12T175)
Disk: XA33 4 Clannad, Clannad 2 (Gael-linn CEF 041)
Disk: XA33 5 Clannad, Dulaman (Gael-linn CEF 058)
Disk: XA33 681 Clannad, Clannad in Concert (Oghm Records BLB 5001)
Disk: XA33 695 Clarke, Eddie, Sean Corcoran, Maeve Donnelly and Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill, Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh (Innisfree/Green Linnet SIF 1004)
Disk: XA33 162 Cleary, Nora, Ollie Conway, Siney Crotty and Mick Flynn, Lambs on the Green Hills, Songs from the County Clare (Topic 12TS369)
Disk: XA33 366 Cleveland, Sara, Ballads and Songs of the Upper Hudson Valley (Folk-Legacy FSA-33)
Disk: XA33 740 Cleveland, Sara (Philo Records 1020)
Disk: XA33 598 Cliffird, John and Julia , Humours of Lisheen, Music from Sliabh Luachra - Vol.3 (Topic 12TS311)
Disk: XA33 353 Clifford, Billy, Irish Traditional Flute Solos and Band Music form Kerry and Tipperary (Topic 12TS312)
Disk: XA33 355 Clifford, John, Julia Clifford and Billy Clifford, Star of Munster Trio (Topic 12TS310)
Disk: XA33 395 Clutha, Bonnie Mill Dams (Topic 12TS330)
Disk: XA33 685 Coen, Fr. Charles, Father Charlie (Green Linnet SIF 1021)
Disk: XA33 74 Coen, Jack and Fr. Charlie, Branch Line [No Jacket] (Topic 12TS337)
Disk: XA33 25 Coleman, Michael, Irish Jigs and Reels (Coral CRL 57369)
Disk: XA33 300 Coleman, Michael, Legacy of Michael Coleman (Shanachie 33002)
Disk: XA33 701 Coleman. Michael, Classic Recordings of Michael Coleman, Masterpieces by the Greatest Irish Fiddler of Our Time (Shanachie 33006)
Disk: XA33 422 Collins, Earl, That's Earl (Briar SBR 4204)
Disk: XA33 6 Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, From the Homes of Ireland - 1973 Tour (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CL 8)
Disk: XA33 134 Connolly, Seamus, Here and There (Green Linnet SIF 1098)
Disk: XA33 150 Conway, Brian and Tony DeMarco with Caesar Pacifici, Apple in Winter (Green Linnet SIF 1035)
Disk: XA33 62 Cormier, Joe, Dances Down Home (Rounder 7004)
Disk: XA33 394 Corries, Strings and Things (Fiesta FLPS 1832)
Disk: XA33 523 Crehan Family, Green Hills of Clare (EMI Aran ISLE 3003)
Disk: XA33 721 Cronin, Johnny and Joe Burke, Cronin and Burke (Shanachie 29005)
Disk: XA33 196 Cronin, Paddy, Rakish Paddy (Fiddler FRLP-002)
Disk: XA33 314 Cronin, Paddy, Kerry's Own (Outlet OAS 3002)
Disk: XA33 648 Cronin, Timmy, Irish Accordion (Avoca 33-AV-111)
Disk: XA33 237 Crosby, Bing, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (MCA MCA-519)
Disk: XA33 166 Crowley, Jimmy, Boys of Fair Hill (Mulligan LUN 014)
Disk: XA33 520 Crowley, Jimmy and Stoker's Lodge, Camp House Ballads (Mulligan LUN 031)
Disk: XA33 127 Cunningham, John, Fair Warning (Green Linnet SIF 1047)
Disk: XA33 393 Cunningham, John and Phil, Against the Storm (Shanachie 79017)
Disk: XA33 165 Cunningham, Larry with the Mighty Avons, Larry Cunningham Sings Country and Irish (MFP MFP 50042)
Disk: XA33 391 Cunningham, Phil, Airs and Graces (Green Linnet SIF 3032)
Disk: XA33 374 Cutty, Gordon, Grand Old Fashioned Dance (Free Reed FRR006)
Disk: XA33 517 Dab Hand, High Rock and Low Glen (Celtic Music CM 025)
Disk: XA33 638 Dalglish, Malcolm and Grey Larsen, Banish Misfortune (June Appal JA 016)
Disk: XA33 586 Dalglish, Malcolm, Grey Larsen and Pete Sutherland, Metamora (Sugar Hill SH/PS1131-A)
Disk: XA33 600 Daly, Jackie, Jackie Daly, Music from Sliabh Luachra - Vol.6 (Topic 12TS358)
Disk: XA33 171 Daly, Jackie and Seamus Creagh , Jackie Daly, Seamus Creagh (Gael-linn CEF.057)
Disk: XA33 683 Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band, Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band (Topic 12TS366)
Disk: XA33 238 Day, Dennis, My Wild Irish Rose (RCA Camden CAL-939)
Disk: XA33 533 Day, Dennis, America's Favorite Irish Tenor (Glendale GLS 6021)
Disk: XA33 577 De Danann, Best of De Danann (Shanachie 79047)
Disk: XA33 578 De Danann, De Danann (Polydor 2904 005)
Disk: XA33 579 De Danann, Ballroom (Green Linnet SIF 3040)
Disk: XA33 696 De Danann, Selected Jigs Reels & Songs (Decca SKLR 5287)
Disk: XA33 55 De Danann, Star Spangled Molly (Shanachie 79018)
Disk: XA33 445 Devilish Merry, Ghost of His Former Self (Wildebeest WB-002)
Disk: XA33 743 Doherty, Johnny, Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, (Central Remedial Clinic CL-10)
Disk: XA33 129 Doherty, John, John Doherty (Gael-linn CEF 072/073) Two discs
Disk: XA33 596 Doherty, Johnny, Johnny Doherty (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann )
Disk: XA33 450 Donegal Weavers, Work of the Weavers (Donegal Weavers DW-8801)
Disk: XA33 534 Doody, Denis, Kerry Music (Mulligan LUN 019)
Disk: XA33 327 Dooley, Maisie, Irish Ballads (Dominion LP-1260)
Disk: XA33 544 Doonan, John, At the Feis (Topic 12TS368)
Disk: XA33 686 Doran, Felix, Felix Doran, The Last of the Travelling Pipers (Topic 12T288)
Disk: XA33 333 Douglas, Mike, You Don't Have to Be Irish (Epic LN24179)
Disk: XA33 169 Doyle, Danny, Highwayman (Granuaile GRLP 001)
Disk: XA33 195 Doyle, Danny, Raised on Songs and Stories (Release RRL 8010)
Disk: XA33 269 Doyle, Jimmie and Dan O'Leary, Jimmie Doyle and Dan O'Leary, Traditional Music form the Kingdom of Kerry (Shanachie 29007)
Disk: XA33 390 Dransfield, Barry, Bowin' and Scrapin' (Topic 12TS386)
Disk: XA33 199 Dransfield, Robin and Barry, Popular to Contrary Belief (Free Reed FRR 018)
Disk: XA33 656 Droney, Chris, Flowing Tide (Topic/Free Reed 12TFRS503)
Disk: XA33 346 Dublin Bay Pirates, To Ireland I Did Fly (Tara 1006)
Disk: XA33 446 Dublin City Ramblers, Guinness Record of Irish Ballads (Dolphin DOLB 7010)
Disk: XA33 77 Dubliners, 25 Years Celebration (Stylus SMR 3071) Two discs
Disk: XA33 198 Dubliners, Ballads on Tap… (EMI Aran ISLE 3002)
Disk: XA33 430 Dubliners, Best of the Dubliners (Tradition 2119)
Disk: XA33 431 Dubliners, Dubliners in Concert (Transatlantic TRA 124)
Disk: XA33 49 Duddy, Neil, Irish Bagpipe Tunes (Folkways FG 3551)
Disk: XA33 206 Duignan, Packie and Seamus Horan, Music from County Leitrim (Topic 12TS339)
Disk: XA33 201 Dunne, Pecker, Introducing the Pecker (Emerald Gem GES 1152)
Disk: XA33 2 Dunne, Veronica, Eric Hinds and Havelock Nelson, Around the Ring of Kerry (EMI STAL 6012)
Disk: XA33 216 Eamonn Ceannt Ceili Band, Introducing the…Eamonn Ceannt Ceili Band (Avoca 33-AV-119)
Disk: XA33 104 Ed Sullivan Orchestra and Chorus, Songs of Ireland (Columbia CS 9599)
Disk: XA33 86 Egan, Seamus, Traditional Music of Ireland (Shanachie 29020)
Disk: XA33 748 Ennis, Seamus, Forty Years of Irish Piping (Green Linnet SIF 1000)
Disk: XA33 295 Ennis, Seamus, Irish Pipe and Tin Whistle Songs (Olympic 6129)
Disk: XA33 404 Evans, Meredydd, Welsh Folk Songs (Folkways FW6835)
Disk: XA33 36 Farina, Mimi, Solo (Philo 1102)
Disk: XA33 27 Faulkner, John, Kind Providence (Green Linnet SIF 1064)
Disk: XA33 140 Feis Eireann, Feis Eireann, Singers and Dancers from Ireland (Monitor MF 461)
Disk: XA33 519 Ferrel, Frank and Bertram Levy, Sageflower Suite ( LF001)
Disk: XA33 164 Ferrel, Frank with Gilles Losier, Down East, Out West (Voyager VRLP-329)
Disk: XA33 283 Finton Lalor Pipe Band of Dublin, Irish Bagpipes (Avoca 33-AV-144)
Disk: XA33 170 Fisher, Archie, Will Ye Gang, Love (Topic 12TS277)
Disk: XA33 405 Fitzgerald, Winston Scotty, Canada's Outstanding Scottish Fiddler (London CX 17)
Disk: XA33 429 Five Hand Reel, 5 Hand Reel (Robber RUB 019)
Disk: XA33 570 Flanagan Brothers, Irish Delight (Topic 12T365)
Disk: XA33 240 Flowers and Frolics, Bees on Horseback, English Country Dance Music and Music-Hall Songs (Free Reed FRR 016)
Disk: XA33 85 Flying Cloud, Traditional Music from Ireland, England, and Scotland (Adelphi AD 1029)
Disk: XA33 428 Flying Cloud, Flying Cloud (Adelphi AD 1029)
Disk: XA33 669 Four Rythmaires, While Strolling through the Park; Has Your MotherAnymore Like You; Shine on Harvest Moon [33 1/3} (Tops L945-A)
Disk: XA33 345 Frank Gilligan's Killarney Ceili Band, Kerry Dances (London TW91242)
Disk: XA33 751 Freedom Fighters, Irish Rebel Songs (Allegro ALL 859)
Disk: XA33 359 Freemen, On the One Road (Emerald GEM1050)
Disk: XA33 144 Fry, Albert, Tiar I dTir Conaill (Tor Ceirnin TC-CF-01)
Disk: XA33 294 Furey, Finbar and Eddie, Hornpipes, Airs and Reels, Irish Pipe Music (Nonesuch H-72059)
Disk: XA33 447 Fureys and Davey Arthur, Green Fields of France (Banshee BAN 1001)
Disk: XA33 8 Gallagher, Bridie, In the Heart of Donegal (London SW 99528)
Disk: XA33 11 Gallagher, Colm, New Songs (Merry Sunshine MS-3)
Disk: XA33 305 Gallagher, Colm, Molly Malone's Alive Alive 'O with Colm Gallagher (Merry Sunshine MS 4)
Disk: XA33 215 Gallowglass Ceili Band, Wearin' of the Green (Fiesta FLPS 1614)
Disk: XA33 156 Garbutt, Vin, King Gooden (Trailer LER 2102)
Disk: XA33 183 Garbutt, Vin, Eston California (Topic VIN 1)
Disk: XA33 402 Garbutt, Vin, Tossin' a Wobbler (Topic 12TS385)
Disk: XA33 145 Gaughan, Dick, Coppers and Brass (Topic 12TS315)
Disk: XA33 392 Gaughan, Dick, No More Forever (Trailer LER 2072)
Disk: XA33 12 Gaughan, Dick and Andy Irvine, Parallel Lines (Green Linnet SIF 3201)
Disk: XA33 313 Gavin, Frankie and Alec Finn, Frankie Gavin and Alec Finn (Shanachie 29008)
Disk: XA33 271 Gillespie, Hugh, Hugh Gillespie (Topic 12T364)
Disk: XA33 133 Glackin, Paddy, Ceol ar an fhidil le Paddy Glackin (Gael-linn CEF 060)
Disk: XA33 264 Glackin, Paddy, Glackin, Ceol ar an Bhidil le Paddy Glackin (Gael-linn CEF 060)
Disk: XA33 528 Glackin, Paddy and Jolyon Jackson, Hidden Ground (Tara 2009)
Disk: XA33 175 Glackin, Paddy and Paddy Keenan, Doublin, Paddy and Paddy (Tara TARA-2007)
Disk: XA33 499 Go Lucky Four, Irish Capers (London SW 99466)
Disk: XA33 675 Goodman, Al, Victor Herbert Melodies (Columbia CL 6078)
Disk: XA33 673 Gorman, Michael and Willy Clancy, Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes (Folkways FW 6819 )
Disk: XA33 687 Graham, Davey, Duck Baker, Dave Evans and Dan Ar Bras , Irish Reels Jigs Hornpipes & Airs Arranged for the Guitar (Kicking Mule KM 157)
Disk: XA33 182 Graham, Len, Wind and Water (Topic 12TS334)
Disk: XA33 79 Greehy, Anne, Danny Boy and other Irish Favorites (Avoca 33-AV-137)
Disk: XA33 137 Greehy, Anne, My Own Dear Galway Bay (Avoca 33-ST-161)
Disk: XA33 208 Greehy, Anne with Jackie Roche, Ireland My Homeland (Avoca 33-AV-107)
Disk: XA33 580 Green Fields of America, Live in Concert (Green Linnet SIF 1096)
Disk: XA33 57 Green Grass Cloggers, Through the Ears (Rounder Rounder 0228)
Disk: XA33 266 Griffin, Vincent, Vincent Griffin, Traditional Fiddle Music from County Clare (Topic 12TS338)
Disk: XA33 636 Guard, Charles, Avenging and Bright (Shanachie 79014)
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Disk: XA33 83 Hayward, Richard with the Loyal Sons of William, Orange Sash (Fontana TFL 5069)
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Disk: XA33 154 Heaney, Joe, Joe Heaney (Philo 2004)
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Disk: XA33 211 Heaney, Joe and Gabe O'Sullivan, Joe and the Gabe, Songs and Music of Galway (Green Linnet SIF 1018)
Disk: XA33 410 Hebbert, Michael, Rampin' Cat (Free Reed FRR 009)
Disk: XA33 34 Henry, Noel, Peaceful Spot in Ireland (Rego REGO 002)
Disk: XA33 621 Hernon, P.J., P.J.Hernon (Gael-linn CEF.065)
Disk: XA33 147 Hickey, Billy and Ken Byrne , Two Irish Lads (Rego Irish Rego 003)
Disk: XA33 581 Highwoods String Band, Dance All Night (Rounder Rounder0045)
Disk: XA33 372 Highwoods Stringband, Fire on the Mountains (Rounder Rounder0023)
Disk: XA33 373 Highwoods Stringband, No. 3 Special (Rounder Rounder0071)
Disk: XA33 427 Hill 16, Hill 16 (Meadowlatk 101)
Disk: XA33 148 Hill, Noel and Tony Linnane, Noel Hill and Tony Linnane (Tara TARA 2006)
Disk: XA33 23 Hill, Noel and Tony McMahon, I gCnoc na Grai (Gael-linn CEF 114)
Disk: XA33 409 Hinchcliffe, Frank, In Sheffield Park (Topic 12TS308)
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Disk: XA33 241 Holmes, Joe and Len Graham, Chaste Muses Bards and Sages, Traditional Songs, Ballads, Lilts and Fiddle Tunes from the North of Ireland (Free Reed FR007)
Disk: XA33 376 Horslips, Unfortunate Cup of Tea! (Oats MOO 8)
Disk: XA33 46 Houl Yer Whisht, On Boyne's Red Shore [No Jacket] (Outlet OAS 3005)
Disk: XA33 426 House Band, Word of Mouth (Green Linnet SIF 3045)
Disk: XA33 425 How to Change a Flat Tire, Traditional Music of Ireland and Shetland (Front Hall FHR-018)
Disk: XA33 82 Imlach, Hamish, Murdered Ballads (Transatlantic XTRA 1131)
Disk: XA33 143 Irish Balladeers, We Don't Mind if We Do..! (Avoca 33-ST-177)
Disk: XA33 458 Irish Balladeers, Once Upon a Time (Avoca 33-ST-203)
Disk: XA33 562 Irish Balladeers, Molly Maguires (Avoca 33-ST-162)
Disk: XA33 718 Irish Breakdown, In Sunshine or in Shadow (Wren WSLP005)
Disk: XA33 725 Irish Connection, Roll of Honour (Phoenix Rising Records BP-3560-A)
Disk: XA33 115 Irish Country Four, Songs, Ballads and Instrumental Tunes from Ulster (Topic 12TS209)
Disk: XA33 649 Irish Festival Singers, Feis Eireann (Angel ANG-65025)
Disk: XA33 650 Irish Festival Singers, Ballads and Folk Songs (Angel ANG-65016)
Disk: XA33 461 Irish Ramblers, Patriot Game (Elektra EKS-7249)
Disk: XA33 179 Irish Tradition, Catchin' the Tune, Vol. 1 (A.Y. Productions 4440)
Disk: XA33 702 Irish Tradition, Corner House (Green Linnet SIF 1016)
Disk: XA33 749 Irish Tradition, Times We've Had (Green Linnet SIF 1063)
Disk: XA33 223 Irvine, Andy, Rainy Sundays…Windy Dreams (Tara TARA 3002)
Disk: XA33 325 Jack Barrett Ceili Band, Jackie Hearst International Ceili Band, The Liberty Boys, Walls of Limerick and Other Ceili Favourites (ABC-Paramount ABC-471)
Disk: XA33 482 Jock Tamson's Bairns, Jock Tamson's Bairns (Temple TP 002)
Disk: XA33 732 Johnstons, Anthology (Transatlantic MTRA 2012)
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Disk: XA33 734 Johnstons, Bitter Green (Transatlantic TRA 211)
Disk: XA33 733 Johnstons, Colours of the Dawn (Vanguard VSD 6572)
Disk: XA33 722 Johnstons, Give a Damn (Transatlantic TRA 184)
Disk: XA33 459 Johnstons, Streets of London (Sonas SOLP 1004)
Disk: XA33 731 Johnstons, Travelling People (Marble Arch MAL 808)
Disk: XA33 713 Joyce, Jimmy, You Don't Have to Be Irish (MCA MCA-174)
Disk: XA33 298 JSD Band, Travelling Days (Warner Brothers BS 2723)
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Disk: XA33 21 Keane, Dolores and John Faulkner, Broken Hearted I'll Wander (Mulligan LUN 033)
Disk: XA33 174 Keane, Dolores and John Faulkner, Sail Og Rua (Green Linnet SIF 3033)
Disk: XA33 561 Keane, Dolores, John Faulkner and Eamonn Curran, Farewell to Eirinn, Music and Songs of Emigration from Ireland to America (Green Linnet SIF 3003)
Disk: XA33 51 Keane, James, Roll Away the Reel World (Green Linnet SIF 1026)
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Disk: XA33 753 Kimmel, John, Virtuoso of the Irish Accordion (Folkways RF 112)
Disk: XA33 193 Kincora Ceili Band, Gardiner Traditional Trio, Belhavel Trio, Ceol Tire (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CL-12)
Disk: XA33 243 Kinnaird, Alison, Harp Key (Temple 011-TUS)
Disk: XA33 244 Kinnaird, Alison, Harper's Gallery (Temple TP003)
Disk: XA33 245 Kirkpatrick, John and Sue Harris, Among the Many Attractions at the Show Will Be a Really High Class Band (Topic 12TS295)
Disk: XA33 270 Knock-na-shee, Last Night's Fun (Shanachie 29017)
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Disk: XA33 615 Little Gaelic Singers, From Donegal to Galway Bay with the Little Gaelic Singers (Decca DL 8435)
Disk: XA33 484 Living Strings, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (RCA Camden CAS 859)
Disk: XA33 483 Living Voices, Living Voices Sing Irish Songs (RCA Camden CAS 665)
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Disk: XA33 167 Mac Donnchadha, Sean, Padraic O Cathain and Tomas O Neachtain , Grand Airs of Connemara (Topic 12TS177)
Disk: XA33 70 Mac Mathuna, Ciaran, Mo Cheol Thu (Gael-linn CEF 064)
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Disk: XA33 338 Mackenzie, Carl, "…And His Sound Is Cape Breton" (CLM WRC1-1548)
Disk: XA33 280 MacKenzie, Tom, Finally Tuned (Rooster 104)
Disk: XA33 212 MacMahon, Dolly, Dolly (Claddagh CC3)
Disk: XA33 248 MacNeill, Finlay, Fonn is Furan, A Tune and Welcome (Temple TP009)
Disk: XA33 10 Makem, Tommy, Lonesome Waters (Shanachie 52011)
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Disk: XA33 521 Makem, Tommy and Liam Clancy, Two For the Early Dew (Blackbird BLB 1007)
Disk: XA33 239 Malachy Doris and His Ceili Band with Peter Sherry, Dancin' Irishman (Fiesta FLPS 1558)
Disk: XA33 281 Malachy Doris Ceili Band and Pete Sherry, Irish Night Out (Major Minor MCP5056)
Disk: XA33 667 Martin Mulvihill School, Irish Music: The Living Tradition (Innisfree/Green Linnet SIF 1009)
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Disk: XA33 296 McAloon, Sean and John Rea, Drops of Brandy (Topic 12TS287)
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Disk: XA33 616 McCaffrey, Leo, Typical Irishman (Release BRL 4054)
Disk: XA33 583 McClatchy, Debby , Homemade Goodies (Philo 106)
Disk: XA33 584 McClatchy, Debby , Lady Luck (Innisfree/Green Linnet SIF1017)
Disk: XA33 545 McComiskey, Billy, Makin' the Rounds (Green Linnet SIF 1034)
Disk: XA33 548 McConnell, Cathal, On Lough Erne's Shore (Topic 12TS377)
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Disk: XA33 351 McCormack, John, Song O' My Heart (The John McCormack Assaciation of Greater Kansas City, Inc. )
Disk: XA33 481 McCormack, John, John McCormack Sings Irish Songs (RCA Camden CAS-407(e))
Disk: XA33 498 McCormack, John, John McCormack (Everest/Scala SC-820)
Disk: XA33 500 McCormack, John, John McCormack, Volume VI, Love Serenades (Everest/Scala SC-889)
Disk: XA33 501 McCormack, John, John McCormack (Everest/Scala 853)
Disk: XA33 503 McCormack, John, John McCormack, Volume V, Songs of Romance (Everest/Scala SC-882)
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Disk: XA33 505 McCormack, John, Recital (Rubini GV523)
Disk: XA33 506 McCormack, John, Irish Minstrel (RCA ARM1-4997)
Disk: XA33 507 McCormack, John, Sacred Music (RCA Camden CAL-635)
Disk: XA33 508 McCormack, John, True Redeemer of Bel Canto, Vol. V (Opal 833/4)
Disk: XA33 509 McCormack, John, Popular Songs and Irish Ballads (EMI EX 29 0007 3)
Disk: XA33 510 McCormack, John, Light of Other Days (Pearl GEMM 274/5)
Disk: XA33 511 McCormack, John, Voice for all Seasons, Vol. VI (Opal 841/2)
Disk: XA33 512 McCormack, John, John McCormack, Volume IV, Irish Songs (Everest/Scala SC-873)
Disk: XA33 513 McCormack, John, John McCormack Sings Arias and Art Songs (Arabesque 8105-2)
Disk: XA33 516 McCormack, John, John McCormack in Opera (Delta TQD 3009)
Disk: XA33 618 McCormack, John, Great John McCormack Sings Irish Songs and Traditional Melodies (Murray Hill S-4359) Five discs
Disk: XA33 514 McCormack, John and Enrico Caruso, Enrico Caruso, John McCormack (Egmont EGM 7015)
Disk: XA33 515 McCormack, John and Enrico Caruso, Antique (Hudson 225)
Disk: XA33 50 McCormick, John , John McCormick sings Panis Angelicus (Pearl GEMM 176 E)
Disk: XA33 285 McCullough, L. E., His Own Kind (Wildebeest WB008)
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Disk: XA33 585 McCutcheon, John, Wind That Shakes the Barley (June Appal JA014)
Disk: XA33 550 McDermott, Josie, Darby's Farewell (Topic 12TS325)
Disk: XA33 185 McDermott, Kevin and Ralph Richey, Music from the Works of James Joyce (Sunphone SP001)
Disk: XA33 720 McDonagh, Owen and the Bogside Men, Songs of Irish Civil Rights (Musidisc SM 3517)
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Disk: XA33 272 McGann, Andy and Paul Brady, Andy McGann and Paul Brady (Shanachie 29009)
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Disk: XA33 203 McGinley, Danny, In Our Time (Bunnan Bui Bui-001)
Disk: XA33 262 McGlinchey, Brendan, Music of a Champion (Silver Hill PSH100)
Disk: XA33 178 McGonigle, Mary, Memories of Ireland (MGD MGD 10178)
Disk: XA33 217 McGonigle, Mary, Going Back to Ireland (MGD MGD 10177)
Disk: XA33 692 McGreevy, Johnny and Seamus Cooley, McGreevy & Cooley (Philo PH 2005)
Disk: XA33 120 McGuire, Seamus and Manus, Humours of Lisadell (Folk-Legacy FSE 78)
Disk: XA33 274 McKenna, Joe and Antoinette, Farewell to Fine Weather (Shanachie 79043)
Disk: XA33 442 McKenna, Joe and Antoinette, At Home (Shanachie 29016)
Disk: XA33 689 McKenna, Joe and Antoinette, Joe and Antoinette McKenna, Traditional Music of Ireland -Irsih Pipes and Harp (Shanachie 29011)
Disk: XA33 623 McMahon, Tommy and Bernard O'Sullivan, Clare Concertinas (Topic/Free Reed 12TFRS502)
Disk: XA33 625 McMahon, Tony, Tony McMahon, Sean O Duibhir a'ghleanna, the Wounded Huzzar, an Buachaillin Bua agus Ceolta Eile (Gael-linn CEF 033)
Disk: XA33 710 McMahon, Tony, Tony McMahon (Gael-linn CEF 033)
Disk: XA33 328 McNulty Family, Irish Showboat (Coral CRL57368)
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Disk: XA33 202 McNulty, Pat, Pat McNulty, Uilleann Pipes (Silver Hill P.S.H. 103)
Disk: XA33 68 McPeake Family, Irish Traditional Folk Songs and Music (Topic 12T87)
Disk: XA33 249 McPeake Family, Irish to be Sure (Wind Mill WMD 151)
Disk: XA33 56 Men of No Property, This is Free Belfast (Paredon P1006)
Disk: XA33 279 Mickey Griffin's Shamrock Orchestra, Favorite Irish Dances (Colonial COL. LP-225)
Disk: XA33 388 Miller, Rodney and Randy, Castles in the Air (Fretless FR 119)
Disk: XA33 348 Mitchell, Pat, Uilleann Pipes (Topic 12TS294)
Disk: XA33 14 Molloy, Matt, Stony Steps (Green Linnet SIF 3041)
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Disk: XA33 559 Molloy, Matt and Sean Keane, Contentment is Wealth (Green Linnet SIF 1058)
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Disk: XA33 738 Molly Maguires, Irish Balladeers (Avoca 33-ST-162)
Disk: XA33 81 Moloney, Mick, Mick Moloney Test Pressing (Green Linnet )
Disk: XA33 99 Moloney, Mick, Mick Moloney Test Pressing (Green Linnet )
Disk: XA33 105 Moloney, Mick, There Were Roses Test Pressing (Green Linnet SIF 1057)
Disk: XA33 132 Moloney, Mick, Moloney Test Pressing (Label and catalog # not listed )
Disk: XA33 357 Moloney, Mick, We Have Met Together (Guinvarda GS-11.163)
Disk: XA33 606 Moloney, Mick, We Have Met Together [No disk] (Transatlantic TRA 263)
Disk: XA33 698 Moloney, Mick, Strings Attached (Green Linnet SIF 1027)
Disk: XA33 84 Moloney, Mick , There Were Roses [Test pressing] (Green Linnet SIF 1057)
Disk: XA33 87 Moloney, Mick and Eugene O'Donnell, Uncommon Bonds (Green Linnet SIF 1053)
Disk: XA33 693 Moloney, Mick and Eugene O'Donnell, Mick Moloney with Eugene O'Donnell (Green Linnet SIF 1010)
Disk: XA33 709 Moloney, Mick, Jimmy Keane, RobbieO'Connell and Liz Carroll, There Were Roses (Green Linnet SIF1057)
Disk: XA33 690 Moloney, O'Connell and Keane, Kilkelly (Green Linnet SIF1072)
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Disk: XA33 177 Moore, Barry, Treaty Stone (Mulligan LUN 022)
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Disk: XA33 213 Moore, Christy, Spirit of Freedom (WEA IR0840)
Disk: XA33 660 Moore, Christy, Ordinary Man (Green Linnet SIF 3301)
Disk: XA33 694 Moore, Christy, Ride On (WEA IR 0407)
Disk: XA33 707 Moore, Christy, Time Has Come (WEA 24-0150-1)
Disk: XA33 661 Moore, Christy, Donal Lunny and Jimmy Faulkner, Live in Dublin (Tara TARA 2005)
Disk: XA33 35 Morrissey, Ruthie, Sings the Irish Soldier Boy (Avoca 33-AV-127)
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Disk: XA33 59 Muintir Lewis, Weeds in the Garden (Tara 2003)
Disk: XA33 538 Mulcahy, Mick, Mick Mulcahy (Gael-linn CEF 050)
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Disk: XA33 594 Mulvihill, Tommy, Emerald Roots (Rego Irish 15000)
Disk: XA33 703 Mulvihill. Brendan, Flax in Bloom (Green Linnet SIF 1020)
Disk: XA33 343 Murphy, Dennis and Julia Clifford, Star Above the Garter (Claddagh CC5)
Disk: XA33 151 Murphy, Rose, Milltown Lass, Old Time Irish Fiddle and Accordion (Topic 12TS316)
Disk: XA33 642 Murray, Ruby, Irish (and Proud Of It) (Capitol ST 10327)
Disk: XA33 563 Na Fili, Chanter's Tune (Transatlantic TRA 353)
Disk: XA33 566 Na Fili, …A Kindly Welcome (Dolphin DOL. 1008)
Disk: XA33 29 Ni Dhomhnaill, Mairead, Ni Dhomhnaill, Mairead (Gael-linn CEF 055)
Disk: XA33 141 Ni Dhomhnaill, Triona, Triona (Green Linnet SIF 3034)
Disk: XA33 142 Ni Dhomhnaill, Triona, Triona (Gael-linn CEF.043)
Disk: XA33 188 Ni Ghuairim, Sorcha, Sorcha ni Ghuairim Sings Traditional Irish Songs (Folkways FW6861)
Disk: XA33 40 Ni Mhaonaigh, Mairead and Frankie Kennedy, Ceol Aduaidh (Gael-linn CEF102)
Disk: XA33 290 Noonan, Paddy, Paddy Noonan Irish Party (Rego Irish R 20,000)
Disk: XA33 303 Noonan, Paddy, Musical Taste of Ireland (Peters International PLD 2063)
Disk: XA33 321 Noonan, Paddy, Live Irish Party at the Barleycorn (Ambassador TS-86)
Disk: XA33 293 Noonan, Paddy with Martin Mulhaire, Memories of Ireland Featuring Paddy Noonan and Martin Mulhaire (Request SRLP 10087)
Disk: XA33 617 Noonan. Paddy, Grand Irish Party (LSS Tifton T 60)
Disk: XA33 539 Novick, Billy and Guy Van Duser, New Pennywhistle Album (Innisfree/Green Linnet SIF 1013)
Disk: XA33 595 O Beaglaoich, Seamus agus Maire, Ciarraioch Mallaithe (Gael-linn CEFS037)
Disk: XA33 379 O Briain, Donncha, Donncha O Briain (Gael-linn CEF.083)
Disk: XA33 378 O Carra, Padraig agus Comhluadar, Abhan Trireach (Gael-linn CEF.059)
Disk: XA33 30 O Cathain, Darach, Darach O Cathain (Gael-linn CEF 040)
Disk: XA33 88 O Domhnallain, Tomas, Buntus Cainte: Lessons 1-60 (Gael-linn CT 5/6) Two discs
Disk: XA33 89 O Domhnallain, Tomas, Buntus Cainte: Lessons 61-130 (Gael-linn CT 7/8) Two discs
Disk: XA33 601 O Duibheannaigh, Aodh, Aodh O Duibheannaigh (Gael-linn CEF048)
Disk: XA33 157 O Riada, Sean, Our Musical Heritage (RTE FR 001/002/003) Three discs
Disk: XA33 645 O Riada, Sean, O Riada sa Gaiety le Sean O Se agus Ceoltoiri Cualann (Gael-linn CEF027)
Disk: XA33 646 O Riada, Sean, Mise Eire (Gael-linn CEF080)
Disk: XA33 130 O Se, Sean agus Ceoltoiri Cualann, O Riada sa Gaiety (Gael-linn CEF 027)
Disk: XA33 540 O'Brien, Paddy and Daithi Sproule, Stranger at the Gate (Green Linnet SIF 1091)
Disk: XA33 688 O'Brien, Thomas and Anne Greehy with Jackie Roche and His Orchestra, Irish Songs You Love (Avoca 33-AV-105)
Disk: XA33 613 O'Brien, Thomas and Ed Flaherty, Irish Tenors Sing Irish Favorites (Irish Musical Industries IMI-2503)
Disk: XA33 532 O'Connell, Robbie, Love of the Land (Green Linnet SIF 1097)
Disk: XA33 682 O'Connell, Robbie, Close to the Bone (Green Linnet SIF 1038)
Disk: XA33 541 O'Connor, Martin, Connachtman's Rambles (Mulligan LUN 027)
Disk: XA33 326 O'Dea, Michael, Danny Boy, Galway Bay, Rose of Tralee, Mother Macree and Other Itish Favourites (Rego Irish 17000)
Disk: XA33 139 O'Donnell, Al, Al O'Donnell (Trailer LER 2073)
Disk: XA33 263 O'Donnell, Eugene and James MacCafferty, Foggy Dew (Green Linnet SIF 1084)
Disk: XA33 608 O'Dowd, Barry and the Shamrock Singers, 20 Irish Party Songs (K-Tel NC 422)
Disk: XA33 76 O'Dowda, Brendan, World of Percy French (Columbia 1466)
Disk: XA33 250 O'Driscoll, Treasa with Micheal O Domhnaill, Farewell but Whenever, Love Songs of Ireland from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Centuries (Gael-linn CEF 088)
Disk: XA33 278 O'Flynn, Liam, Brendan Voyage (Tara Tara 3006)
Disk: XA33 604 O'Halloran Brothers, Men of the Island (Topic 12TS305)
Disk: XA33 28 O'Hara, Mary, Love Songs of Ireland (Beltona LBE 20)
Disk: XA33 138 O'Hara, Mary, Traditional Irish Folk Songs (Everest FS 344)
Disk: XA33 251 O'Hara, Mary, Songs of Erin (London LL 1572)
Disk: XA33 252 O'Hara, Mary, Songs of Ireland (Tradition TLP 1024)
Disk: XA33 564 Oisin, Bealoideas (Tara 2011)
Disk: XA33 591 Old Swan Band, No Reels (Free Reed FRR011)
Disk: XA33 152 O'Leary, Johnny, Music for the Set, Music from Sliabh Luachra Vol. 5 (Topic 12TS357)
Disk: XA33 565 Oriel, Songs and Tunes of South East Ulster (Eagran MD 0001)
Disk: XA33 602 Oro Damhnaigh, Oro Damhnaigh (Gael-linn CEF056)
Disk: XA33 603 Oskay, Billy and Micheal O Domhnaill, Nightnoise (Windham Hill WH-1031)
Disk: XA33 568 Ossian, Dove Across the Water (Iona IR 004)
Disk: XA33 747 Ostroushko, Peter, Sluz Duz Music (Rounder 0204)
Disk: XA33 597 O'Suilleabhain, Micheal, Micheal O'Suilleabhain (Gael-linn CEF046)
Disk: XA33 624 O'Sullivan, Bernard and Tommy McMahon, Bernard O'Sullivan, Tommy McMahon Play Irish Traditional Music of County Clare (Topic 12TFRS505)
Disk: XA33 97 O'Sullivan, Jerry, Jerry O'Sullivan Test pressing (Green Linnet )
Disk: XA33 218 O'Sullivan, Jerry, Jerry O'Sullivan, 1/22/87, Side B Test Pressing (Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs TC-E)
Disk: XA33 719 O'Toole, Knuckles and his Singin' Gang, Sing a Song with Knuckle's O'Toole (Grand Award G.A.240-S.D.)
Disk: XA33 302 Owens, Michael "Jesse", Across the Sea to Ireland (Rego Irish R-22000)
Disk: XA33 571 Patrick Street, Patrick Street (Green Linnet SIF 1071)
Disk: XA33 573 Patrick Street, No 2 (Green Linnet SIF 1088)
Disk: XA33 575 Pentangle, Cruel Sister (Transatlantic XTRA 1172)
Disk: XA33 60 Peoples, Tommy, Tommy Peoples (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CL 13)
Disk: XA33 344 Peoples, Tommy and Daithi Sproule, Iron Man (Shanachie 79044)
Disk: XA33 61 Peoples, Tommy and Paul Brady, High Part of the Road (Shanachie 29003)
Disk: XA33 128 Perkins, Jim, Itches in Me Britches (Finvarra FIN 365)
Disk: XA33 518 Planxty, Planxty Collection (Shanachie 79012)
Disk: XA33 526 Planxty, Planxty [Blue spotlight] (Polydor 2383 186)
Disk: XA33 527 Planxty, Planxty [Shanachie] (Shanachie 79009)
Disk: XA33 554 Planxty, After the Break (Tara 3001)
Disk: XA33 574 Planxty, Well Below the Valley (Polydor 2383 232)
Disk: XA33 714 Planxty, Cold Blow and the Rainy Night (Shanachie 79011)
Disk: XA33 125 Potter, A.J., Ceol Potter (Gael-linn CEF 034)
Disk: XA33 189 Primrose, Christine, Aite Mo Ghaoil (Temple TP006)
Disk: XA33 525 Privateer, Let the Waves Roll High (Privateer CT-4856)
Disk: XA33 666 Quinn Family, Music From the Glen (Glen Arm Records MG-100)
Disk: XA33 209 Quinn, Carmel, Arthur Godfrey Presents Carmel Quinn (Columbia CL 629)
Disk: XA33 210 Quinn, Carmel, Carmel Quinn's TV Party (Columbia CL 807)
Box: XA33 319 Quinn, Carmel, Ireland's Greatest Traditional Songs (Headline HLP503M)
Disk: XA33 323 Quinn, W and His Orchestra with the Jolly Tunesmiths and Kitty Hayes, Holiday in Ireland (Colonial COL-LP-168)
Disk: XA33 432 Rakish Paddy, Kick the Door In (World WRC 374)
Disk: XA33 746 Rasmussen, Jan Inge , rasmusikk (Musica MUPL 301)
Disk: XA33 433 Rare Air, Hard to Beat (Green Linnet SIF 1073)
Disk: XA33 309 Reavy, Ed, Ed Reavy (Rounder 6008)
Disk: XA33 75 Reck, Tommy, Stone in the Field (Green Linnet SIF 1008)
Disk: XA33 486 Redpath, Jean, Songs of Love, Lilt, Laughter (Elektra EKL-224)
Disk: XA33 487 Reid, Alan and Brian McNeill, Sidetracks (Topic 12TS417)
Disk: XA33 253 Reilly, John, Bonny Green Tree, Songs of an Irish Traveler (Topic 12T359)
Disk: XA33 434 Relativity, Gathering Pace (Green Linnet SIF 1076)
Disk: XA33 476 Relativity, Relativity (Green Linnet SIF 1059)
Disk: XA33 413 Renbourn, John, Maid in Bedlam (Shanachie 79004)
Disk: XA33 254 Reynolds, Paddy, Charlie Mulvihill, James Keane and Felix Dolan, Sweet and Traditional Music of Ireland (Rego Irish 1000)
Disk: XA33 542 Rice, Kay and Pat, Erin the Tear and the Smile (Request SRLP 8058)
Disk: XA33 635 Riley, Laurie and Bob McNally, Flowers of Edinburgh (Handcrafted HCR 102)
Disk: XA33 45 Roach, Hal, Write it Down (Rego 28000)
Disk: XA33 418 Robb, Ian, Ian Robb and Hang the Piper (Folk-Legacy FSI-71)
Disk: XA33 255 Roberts, Bob, Songs from the Sailing Barges (Topic 12TS361)
Disk: XA33 340 Roche, Jackie, Irish Violin (Avoca 33-AV-106)
Disk: XA33 342 Roche, Jackie and His Iriish Minstrels, Let's Dance an Irish Set (Irish Musical Industries IMI-2501)
Disk: XA33 107 Roche, Jackie and His Irish Minstrels, Waltz Time in Ireland (Irish Musical Industries IMI 2502)
Disk: XA33 341 Roche, Jackie and Timmy Cronin, Irish Violin and Accordion (Avoca 33-AV-102)
Disk: XA33 318 Roper, Pat, From the Shannon to the Clyde (Rego R27000)
Disk: XA33 750 Rosselson, Leon, Word is Hugga Mugga Chugga Lugga Humbugga Boom Chit (Trailer LER 3015)
Disk: XA33 387 Rothfield, Jane and Allan Carr, There and Back (Temple TP011)
Disk: XA33 275 Rowsome, Leo, Leo Rowsome, Classics of Irish Piping, Volume 1 (Topic 12T259)
Disk: XA33 286 Rowsome, Leo, Ri na Bpiobairi (Claddagh CC1)
Disk: XA33 332 Rowsome, Leo, Classics of Irish Piping, Volume 3 (Topic 12T322)
Disk: XA33 417 Russell Family, Russell Family of Doolin, County Clare (Topic 12TS251)
Disk: XA33 308 Russell, Micho, Micho Russell, Traditional Country Music from County Clare (Free Reed FRR004)
Disk: XA33 403 Ryan, Joe and Eddie Clarke, Crossroads (Green Linnet SIF 1030)
Disk: XA33 385 Ryan, Sean and P.J. Maloney, Traditional Music of Ireland, Volume One (Avoca 33-AV-121)
Disk: XA33 416 Sands Family, First Day and the Second Day (Autogram Folk FLLP-501)
Disk: XA33 697 Sands, Tommy, Singing of the Times (Green Linnet SIF3044)
Disk: XA33 113 Scullion, Scullion (Mulligan LUN 037)
Disk: XA33 42 Sean O'Grady's Irish Musicians and Singers, Irish Favorites (Diplomat FS 303)
Disk: XA33 706 Shannon, Joe and Johhny McGreevy, Noonday Feast (Green Linnet SIF 1023)
Disk: XA33 424 Shaskeen, Shaskeen, Traditional Irish Music (Release BRL 4053)
Disk: XA33 444 Shaskeen, Back to the Glen (Harp HPE 643)
Disk: XA33 737 Sheila na Gig, Holy Well (Cailleach Records 9849)
Disk: XA33 552 Sherlock, Roger, Memories of Sligo (Inchecronin INC. 7419)
Disk: XA33 439 Sherman, John, Farewell to the Creeks (Walhalla Park WAL 010)
Disk: XA33 110 Si Kahn, Home (Flying Fish FF 207)
Disk: XA33 637 Sileas, Delighted with Harps (Green Linnet SIF 3039)
Disk: XA33 423 Silly Wizard, Caledonia's Hardy Sons (Shanachie 79015)
Disk: XA33 474 Silly Wizard, Live in America (Green Linnet SIF 3036)
Disk: XA33 475 Silly Wizard, Golden, Golden (Green Linnet SIF 3037)
Disk: XA33 599 Simpson, Martin, Leaves of Life (Shanachie 97008)
Disk: XA33 114 Skara Brae, Skara Brae (Gael-linn CEF 031)
Disk: XA33 490 Skinner, J. Scott, J Scott Skinner, The Strathspey King (Topic 12T280)
Disk: XA33 360 Sky, Patrick, Two Steps Forward - One Step Back (Leviathan SLIF-2000)
Disk: XA33 415 Smith, Betty, Songs Traditionally Sung in North Carolina (Folk-Legacy FSA-53)
Disk: XA33 495 Smith, Jasper, Minty and Phoebe Levy, Travelling Songster, An Anthology from Gypsy Singers (Topic 12TS304)
Disk: XA33 421 Smithsonian Social Orchestra and Quadrille Band, 19th Century American Ballroom Music (Nonesuch H-71313)
Disk: XA33 131 Sorrels, Rosalie, Rosalie Sorrels (Green Linnet SIF 1042)
Disk: XA33 358 Stanley, Pete and Roger Knowles, Banjo Bounce (Transatlantic XTRA1134)
Disk: XA33 492 Steeleye Span, Rocket Cottage (Chrysalis CHR1123)
Disk: XA33 664 Steeleye Span, Please to See the King (Big Tree Records BTS 2004)
Disk: XA33 659 Stewart, Andy M., By the Hush (Green Linnet SIF 3030)
Disk: XA33 658 Stewart, Andy M. and Manus Lunny, Dublin Lady (Green Linnet SIF 1083)
Disk: XA33 493 Stewart, Belle, Queen Among the Heather (Topic 12TS307)
Disk: XA33 547 Stewart, Davie, Davie Stewart (Topic 12T293)
Disk: XA33 396 Stivell, Alan, Un Dewezh 'Barzh 'Ger (Rounder 3062)
Disk: XA33 112 Stockton's Wing, Light in the Western Sky (Tara 3009)
Disk: XA33 361 Stockton's Wing, Take One (Revolving Records REVL2)
Disk: XA33 362 Stockton's Wing, Stockton's Wing (Tara 2004)
Disk: XA33 699 Stockton's Wing, Take A Chance (Tara 3004)
Disk: XA33 339 Swarbrick, Dave, Swarbrick (Transatlantic TRA337)
Disk: XA33 438 Sweeney's Men, Sweeney's Men (Transatlantic TRA SAM 37)
Disk: XA33 736 Sweeney's Men, Sweeney's Men (Transatlantic TRA 170)
Disk: XA33 118 Tannahill Weavers, Tannahill Weavers (Green Linnet SIF 3101)
Disk: XA33 363 Tannahill Weavers, Old Woman's Dance (Plant Life PLR010)
Disk: XA33 364 Tannahill Weavers, Tannahill Weavers IV (Green Linnet SIF3102)
Disk: XA33 551 Tansey, Seamus and Eddie Corcoran, Seamus Tansey with Eddie Corcoran, Masters of Irish Music (Leader LEA 2005)
Disk: XA33 66 Tara and Garrai Eoin II Ceili Bands, Irish Music: The Living Tradition Volume II (Green Linnet SIF 1022)
Disk: XA33 665 Teahan, Terry and Gene Kelly, Old Time Irish Music in America (Topic Records Ltd. 12TS352)
Disk: XA33 43 Thompson, Carol, Irish Harp Music (Musical Heritage Society 7021F)
Disk: XA33 289 Tinkers, Tinkers (PYE NPL 18180)
Disk: XA33 288 Tinker's Dam, Tinker's Dam (Tinker's Dam TD-001)
Disk: XA33 256 Tom Phaidin Tom, Tom Phaidin Tom (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CL-15)
Disk: XA33 287 Touchstone, New Land (Green Linnet SIF 1040)
Disk: XA33 365 Touchstone, Jealousy (Green Linnet SIF1050)
Disk: XA33 744 Traditional Irish Musicians Association, Ireland in America Irish Dance Music (Avoca 33-AV(ST)-166-B)
Disk: XA33 620 Trapezoid, Now and Then (Flying Fish FF 239)
Disk: XA33 109 Trimble, Gerald, First Flight (Green Linnet SIF 1043)
Disk: XA33 383 Trimble, Gerald, Heartland Messenger (Green Linnet SIF 1054)
Disk: XA33 496 Trimble, Gerald with John Cunningham and Brian Torff, Crosscurrents (Green Linnet SIF 1065)
Disk: XA33 384 Tulla Ceili Band, Sweetheart in the Spring (EMI ISLE 3004)
Disk: XA33 17 Tunney, Paddy, Stone Fiddle (Green Linnet SIF 1037)
Disk: XA33 37 Tunney, Paddy, Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow (Topic Records Ltd. 12TS264)
Disk: XA33 160 Tunney, Paddy, Irish Edge (Topic 12T165)
Disk: XA33 679 Tunney, Paddy, Wild Bees' Nest (Topic 12T139)
Disk: XA33 704 Tunney, Paddy, Flowery Vale (Topic 12TS289)
Disk: XA33 705 Tunney, Paddy, Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow (Topic 12TS264)
Disk: XA33 555 Vallely, Fintan, Traditional Irish Flute Music (Shanachie 29019)
Disk: XA33 414 Various artists, 3rd Annual Brandywine Mountain Music Convention (Heritage ARP-9693)
Disk: XA33 567 Various artists, 5th Irish Folk Festival (Intercord INT 180.046)
Disk: XA33 334 Various artists, 40 Shades of Green (London SW99531)
Disk: XA33 258 Various artists, 75 Mariposa Folk Festival (Mariposa Folk Festival M-75-001)
Disk: XA33 200 Various artists, 150 Songs, Jigs, Reels and Ballads of Ireland (Murray Hill 920344) Five discs
Disk: XA33 122 Various artists, 1977 Northwest Regional Folklife Festival (Voyager VRLP 101 S)
Disk: XA33 64 Various artists, 39th National Folk Festival (National Council for the Traditional Arts NCTA 77)
Disk: XA33 335 Various artists, Abbey Tavern, Howth, Dublin, Traditional Ballads (Abbey Tavern ATP102)
Disk: XA33 317 Various artists, Best of Irish Folk Music (Fiesta FLPS1811)
Disk: XA33 382 Various artists, Best of Irish Folk (One-Up OU 2180)
Disk: XA33 259 Various artists, Big Squeeze, Masters of the Celtic Accordion (Green Linnet SIF 1093)
Disk: XA33 53 Various artists, Breeze from Erin, Irish Folk Music on Wind Instruments (Topic 12T184)
Disk: XA33 680 Various artists, Bringing it All Back Home (BBC REF 844)
Disk: XA33 419 Various artists, Chamizal Border Folk Festival (Southwest Parks & Monuments ASSN., INC. )
Disk: XA33 224 Various artists, Chicago Irish Musicians (The Chicago Irish Musicians' Association 82-513)
Disk: XA33 420 Various artists, Clawhammer Banjo, Old Time Banjo and Fiddle Tunes (County 701)
Disk: XA33 322 Various artists, Dolphin Rebel (Dolphin DOLB7007)
Disk: XA33 412 Various artists, Early Country Music (Historical HLP-8002)
Disk: XA33 168 Various artists, Evening of Ballads and Blarney at Clontarf Castle (PYE NPL 18184)
Disk: XA33 572 Various artists, Farewell to Erin (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CL4)
Disk: XA33 221 Various artists, Feast of Irish Folk (Polydor LP 2475 605)
Disk: XA33 375 Various artists, Festival of American Fiddle Tunes (Voyager VRLP 326-S)
Disk: XA33 311 Various artists, Fhidil, Sraith I (Gael-linn CEF 068)
Disk: XA33 569 Various artists, Fleadh Ceoil '75 (Dolphin DOLM.5013)
Disk: XA33 371 Various artists, Fox Hollow 1972 Volume VII (Foh Hollow Festival RI 3856A)
Disk: XA33 257 Various artists, Good Time Music, National Folk Festival (Philo 1028)
Disk: XA33 369 Various artists, Great Acoustics (Philo PH-1101)
Disk: XA33 368 Various artists, Green Grow the Laurels (Topic 12TS285)
Disk: XA33 530 Various artists, Green Linnet Test Pressing - Side A (Green Linnet )
Disk: XA33 531 Various artists, Green Linnet Test Pressing - Side B (Green Linnet )
Disk: XA33 411 Various artists, Heather and Glen, Songs and Melodies of Highland and Lowland Scotland (Tradition TLP 1047)
Disk: XA33 639 Various artists, Happy Memories of Ireland (ABC-Paramount ABC-473)
Disk: XA33 558 Various artists, Home I Left Behind (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CL 9)
Disk: XA33 408 Various artists, Holey Ha'penny, Classic Recordings of Traditional Music from the North-East of England (Topic 12T283)
Disk: XA33 149 Various artists, Irish All Star Varieties, Vol. 2 (Avoca 33-AV-155)
Disk: XA33 291 Various artists, Irish All Star Varieties, Vol. 1 (Avoca 33-AV-124)
Disk: XA33 640 Various artists, Irish-American Dance Music and Songs, Early Recordings from the Late 1920's (Folklyric 9010)
Disk: XA33 670 Various artists, Irish Ballads (Varsity LP-6946)
Disk: XA33 560 Various artists, Irish Festival (Mulligan LUN 042)
Disk: XA33 24 Various artists, Irish Folk Night (London LL 3414)
Disk: XA33 754 Various artists, Irish Music in London Pubs (Folkways FG 3573)
Disk: XA33 671 Various artists, Irish Popular Dances (Folkways FP 18 A)
Disk: XA33 26 Various artists, Irish Road Show (Banshee LP-15)
Disk: XA33 727 Various artists, Irish Songs of Freedom (Outlet LP 7002)
Disk: XA33 622 Various artists, Irish Traditional Concertina Styles (Topic/Free Reed 12TFRS506)
Disk: XA33 9 Various artists, Irish Traditional Music from the East Coast of America (Rounder 6005)
Disk: XA33 643 Various artists, Irish Traditional Music from Chicago, Volume II (Rounder 6006)
Disk: XA33 437 Various artists, Irish Uprising 1916-1922 (Rego IL-1622)
Disk: XA33 672 Various artists, Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes (Folkways FW 6818)
Disk: XA33 582 Various artists, Just Something My Uncle Told Me (Rounder 141)
Disk: XA33 443 Various artists, Lark in the Clear Air, Irish Traditional Music Played On Small Instruments (Topic 12TS230)
Disk: XA33 163 Various artists, Lark in the Morning (Tradition TLP 1004)
Disk: XA33 662 Various artists, Library of Congress Banjo Collection (Rounder Records D237)
Disk: XA33 219 Various artists, Liffey Records (Liffey LF-1002)
Disk: XA33 752 Various artists, Light Through the Leaves (Rounder 6014)
Disk: XA33 723 Various artists, Live Recording in Long Kesh: Smash Internment and Injustice (R&O Records ROL 3002)
Disk: XA33 479 Various artists, Melodeon Greats (Topic 12T376)
Disk: XA33 587 Various artists, Mountain Music Played on the Autoharp (Folkway Records FA2365)
Disk: XA33 370 Various artists, Mountain Top (Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann CL 14)
Disk: XA33 207 Various artists, Music from French Newfoundland (Pigeon Inlet PIP 734)
Disk: XA33 557 Various artists, Na Ceirnini 78 (Gael-linn CEF 075)
Disk: XA33 588 Various artists, New England Contra Dance Music (Kicking Mule KM216)
Disk: XA33 644 Various artists, Northwest Regional Folklife Festival Volume II (Voyager VRLP 102-S)
Disk: XA33 653 Various artists, Off to California, Traditional Irish Music in San Francisco (Advent 3601)
Disk: XA33 260 Various artists, Old Bog Road and Favourite Ballads of Ireland (ABC-Paramount ABC-476)
Disk: XA33 589 Various artists, Old Originals, Volume One (Rounder Rounder0057)
Disk: XA33 590 Various artists, Old Originals, Volume Two (Rounder Rounder0058)
Disk: XA33 32 Various artists, Paddy in the Smoke (Topic 12T176)
Disk: XA33 347 Various artists, Piper's Rock (Mulligan LUN023)
Disk: XA33 605 Various artists, Rann na Feirste (Gael-linn CEF036)
Disk: XA33 320 Various artists with Jackie Roche and His Orchestra, Great Day for the Irish (Avoca 33-AV-129)
Disk: XA33 488 Various artists, Scottish Traditional Fiddle Music (Olympic 6151)
Disk: XA33 593 Various artists, Shaking Down the Acorns (Rounder Rounder0018)
Disk: XA33 220 Various artists, Sharing of the Green (Green Linnet SIF 101)
Disk: XA33 153 Various artists, Singing Men of Ulster (Innisfree/Green Linnet SIF 1005)
Disk: XA33 214 Various artists, Sligo Ceili, Irish Traditional Music from Outlet (Outlet SOLP 1022)
Disk: XA33 654 Various artists, Slogadh Naisiunta 78 (Gael-linn CEFS.066)
Disk: XA33 491 Various artists, Songs and Southern Breezes, Country Singers from Hampshire and Sussex (Topic 12T317)
Disk: XA33 73 Various artists, Songs of Cape Breton (Celtic CX 38)
Disk: XA33 172 Various artists, Songs of the Open Road, Gypsies, Travellers and Country Singers (Topic 12T253)
Disk: XA33 121 Various artists, St Patrick's Day in Dublin (Sonologue SL 106)
Disk: XA33 619 Various artists, Tennessee Strings (Rounder 1033)
Disk: XA33 204 Various artists, Tostal, Ireland at Home (Capitol T10124)
Disk: XA33 38 Various artists, Traditional Irish Star Time (Release IST4444)
Disk: XA33 58 Various artists, Traditional Music and Beyond (Green Linnet SIF 102)
Disk: XA33 460 Various artists, Traditional Music of Ireland, Volume 1: The Older Traditions of Connemara and Clare (Folkways FW 8781)
Disk: XA33 494 Various artists, Transatlantic, The Vintage Years, Volume 1 (Transatlantic MTRA2001)
Disk: XA33 607 Various artists, Way Down South in Dixie, Old Time Fiddle Band Music from Kentucky, Volume 3\ (Morning Star 45005)
Disk: XA33 708 Various artists, Wheels of the World, Classics of Irish Traditional Music (Shanachie 33001)
Disk: XA33 735 Vesey, John and Paul Brady, First Month of Spring (Shanachie 29006
Disk: XA33 282 Whelan, John and Eileen Ivers, Fresh Takes (Green Linnet SIF 1075)
Disk: XA33 497 Whistlebinkies, Whistlebinkies (Claddagh CC 22)
Disk: XA33 310 Wilson, Joemy, Carolan's Cup (Dargason DM-102)
Disk: XA33 728 Wolfetones, Let the People Sing (Dolphin Records DOL.1004
Disk: XA33 739 Wolfhound, Freedom Sons (Derry Records SDBL 501)
Disk: XA33 381 Woods, Gay and Terry, Tender Hooks (Mulligan LUN 020)
Disk: XA33 261 Wright, John and Catherine Perrier, John Wright and Catherine Perrier, Traditional Music of France, Ireland and England (Innisfree/Green Linnet SIF 1011)

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