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Latin America: General Information (20 pamphlets)

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Against Imperialist Aggressions and Intervention in Central America and the Caribbean. Continental Conference for Peace and Sovereignty in Central America and the Caribbean, Managua, Nicaragua.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 An Analysis of Our AFL-CIO Role in Latin America or Under the Covers with the CIA. AFL-CIO, San Jose, CA (2 copies).
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Castro, Fidel. The Road to Revolution in Latin America. Pioneer Publishers, New York, NY.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Conference of the Communist Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean. Political Editions, Cuba.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 de Haas, J. Anton. Building our Fences in Latin America. Oxford University Press, New York, NY.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Dolgov, Vladimir. Central America: A Storm Zone. Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, Moscow.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Frank, Andre Gunder. The Development of Underdevelopment. New England Free Press, Boston, MA.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Harvest of Anger: Agro-imperialism in Mexico's Northwest. North American Congress in Latin America, New York, NY.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Horner, John. Labour's Struggle in Latin America. Research Press Publications, London.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Latin America: For Economic Independnece, Against Fascism and Neo-Fascism. Information Centre of the World Peace Council, Helsinki, Finland.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Latin America in the Struggle Against Imperialism for national independence, democracy, people's welfare, peace and socialism. New Outlook Publishers, New York, NY (2 copies).
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Montes, Luis. Bananas: The Fruit Empire of Wall Street. International Pamphlets, New York, NY.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Nearing, Scott. Cuba and Latin America: Eye-Witness Report on the Continental Congress for Solidarity with Cuba. New Century Publishers, New York, NY.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Raushenbush, Joan. Look at Latin America. The Foreign Policy Association, New York, NY.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 The Fifth Annual National Conference of the Catholic Inter-American Cooperation Program. CICOP, St. Louis, MO.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Thunder. People's Progressive Party of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana.
Box: 67 Folder : 5 Toledano, Vicente Lombardo. What does the C.T.A.L. mean? Latin American Federation of Labor, Mexico (2 copies).

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