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Collection processed by Peter Meyer Filardo

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 Edited by Bonnie Gordon in 2014 to reflect the incorporation of nonprint materials and for compliance with DACS and Tamiment Required Elements for Archival Description. Edited by Nicole Greenhouse for DACS and updated administrative information 2015

Container List

Series XII: Unprocessed

Container 1     Title Date
Box: 3 Records: Michael Harrington Correspondence
1971-May 1979
Box: 4 Records: Michael Harrington Correspondence
Jun 1979-May 1982
Box: 5 Records: Michael Harrington Correspondence, Jun 1982-Jan 1987; General Correspondence, Jul 1979-Jun 1979
Box: 6 Records: General Correspondence, Jul 1979-Jan 1983; "General Correspondence" with State and Local Chapters, 1972-1973 (Enumerated in note below)

Scope and Content Note

General Correspondence: Long Island, 1973-1974

General Correspondence: Minnesota, 1974-1975

General Correspondence: Mississippi, 1974

General Correspondence: Montana, 1974

General Correspondence: New Hampshire, 1972-1975

General Correspondence: New Jersey, 1974-1975

General Correspondence: New Mexico, 1973-1974

General Correspondence: New York City, 1973-1976 (two folders)

Meeting Notes: New York City, 1973-1975

General Correspondence: New York Local DSOC Steering Committee Minutes, 1973

General Correspondence: New York State, 1971-1975 (four folders)

General Correspondence: North Carolina, 1973-1975

General Correspondence: Ohio, 1973-1975 (three folders)

General Correspondence: Oklahoma, 1973-1974

General Correspondence: Tennessee, 1975

1972-Jan 1983
Box: 7 Records: About half the box contains Youth Section correspondence, 1976-1982; there are files from the 1979 convention in Houston; four thick files labeled "non-correspondence" contain national office administrative records, including circular letters, minutes and reports, and a few untitled typescripts, possibly by Harrington, and miscellaneous files, including "Tom Kahn and S.D. Criticism of DSOC Nuclear Policy," and "Dechartering of Miami Local
Box: 8 Records: Michael Harrington Writings and Travel / Speaking Engagements Correspondence; Miscellaneous Administrative Records and Subject Files. Includes Harrington typescripts: "Two Cheers for the 80s" and "Defining and Defending the Public Interest" and a few untitled Harrington typescripts
Box: 9 Records: Includes Minutes (national-level), 1979 Convention (Houston), five thick files "Biographical Information on Members"; two thick files from the 1981 Search Committee (for a National Director); files on various committee, projects and topics, including one thick file on Democratic Agenda (DSA's initiative within the Democratic Party)
Box: 10 Records: About half the box contains folders labeled "non-correspondence" which contain administrative records, mostly from 1980-1981 (circulars, corespondence, reports, contact lists, printed ephemera, some concerned with the allied Institute for Democratic Socialism); there is also one small folder of Harrington correspondence (1981), and two folders, titled, respectively, "Harrington-Robert Bleiberg Debate (1977), and "Harrington, DSOC and the Social Democrats"
Box: 11 Records: General Correspondence (National Office)
May 1978-Jan 1988
Box: 11A Records: Youth Section Correspondence
Feb 1977-Jan 1988
Box: 12 Records: People's Power Project (Public, other energy program), 1975-76; Chapter files, mostly laphabetical by City, including publications, 1977-79; one thick file of New American Movement reports, 1977-78.
Box: 12A Records: Democratic Agenda, 1976-80
Box: 12B Records: Democratic Agenda, 1975-76
Box: 12C1 Records: Key List Mailings, 1973-78; National Office Committee Minutes, 1979; Natioal Board Minutes, May 1979; DSOC direrctory and questionnaires, 1978-79 (one file).
Box: 12C2 Records: Conventions: 1975, 1977; National Executive Committee, 1979; Institute for Socialist Organizers, June 1975; Conference, Jan 1976.
Box: 12 Records: National Board, 1973-80, including 1973 elections; Feminist Commission, 1978-79; Internal Discussion (1 thick file, 1976); Ad[vertising] Council
Box: 12E Records: Convention, 1981, including discussion of merger with NAM; bulk of box pertains to Democratic Party, its 1980 convention, and Edward Kennedy's campaign for the presidential nomination
Box: 12 Records: bulk of box pertains to Democratic Agenda, 1977-78, and related topical files'; several files of genral correspondence, 1976-1979
Box: 12G Records: Democratic Agenda - Democratic Party, 1976
Box: 13 Records: DSOC Local and Regional Files - Alabama -- New York
Box: 13A Records: Other Organizations and Publications Files (labor and left), Topical Files, mostly beginning with the letters I---T, several like files beginning with the letter A.
Box: 13B Records: About one-third of the box consists of untitled folders of National Office materials, including circulars, correspondence, position papers and reports, much concerned with activity within the Democratic Party, including Democratic Agenda; the remainder of the box consists of files on organizations arranged alphabetically, American--Committee, including a thick file on Breira: A Project of Concern in Diaspora-Israeli Relations.
Box: 14 Records: The first third of the box consists of files on organizations, arranged alphabetically, Congress--Indians; several miscellaneous files relating to New York City area issues; with the last half of the box containing files on college and university chapters, the majority in New York State, but also including schools in Texas through Virginia and several other schools.
Box: 15 Records: Includes several thick files from the formative years, 1972-93, including material from Socialist Party-Democratic Socialist Federation, Social Democrats, USA (and response to Harrington's resignation therefrom); several thick files of early DSOC administrative records, 1974-- , with some writings, possibly by Harrington; DSOC State level organization files for states beginning with "A"; a file containing contact information for key people for chapters around the country; and several organizational and topical files, the latter chiefly relating to economic issues, such as full employment,
Box: 15A Records: Includes a file on the State of California, and files on states Oklahoma--Wyoming; these files chiefly contain correspondence with / from the national office, and the most frequent correspondent is Jack Clark, with some correspondence of Harrington also present. Note that this box is only 0.5 linear ft.
ca. 1974-ca. 1979
Box: 16 Records: Includes State and Chapter files, including local newsletters, Pennsylvania--Tennessee; several California chapters' files; two files of minutes: one from the Dec, 1987 Executive Committee, the other from the May 1988 National Executive Committee; miscellaneous national administrative files, and two files from the Youth Section
Box: 17 Records: Chiefly contains files of various NY State Chapters, including publications, from the 1980s; one thick file of national administrative materials ca. 1984; several files on the Local Development Func, 1991-1993
Box: 17A Records: Includes one thick file of Carl Shier correspondence, 1972-74; State chapters' files from the majority of letters in the alphabet, 1973-75; one file from the founding period of 1972-73 contining materials from DSOC's predecessor organizations; a file of undated ballots for National Board membership; and several Local Development project files, 1991-92.
Bulk, 1972-1975Bulk, 1972-1975 1972-1992
Box: 18 Records: The bulk of the box consists of State chapters' files from Iowa--Montana, including local publications, 1984-1988; a file on an October, 1981 meeting on national priorities; and several files on the Local Development project, early 1990s.
Box: 18A Records: State chapter files, Oregon--Wyoming, early-mid 1980s; several files of minutes of the National Organizing/Executive Com mittee[s]; a file from a Young Socialist Executive Committee meeting, 1990; Local Development Fund Files; a think file of administrative materials from 1981, including some Harrington circular letters; several DSA Commission files, including Anti-Racism, from 1994
Box: 19 Records: Incomplete National administrative records, including Executive Committee minutes, 1980s-early 1990s; several files on the periodical Socialist Forum; and several Local Development project files.
Box: 20 Records: DSOC national administrative files, ca. 1976-81, including several files of meeting minutes, a Newsletter of the Democratic Left Search Committee file, Personnel and Management Commitee, circulars and reports, surveys of locals; in addition there are several files for California chapters, for cities beginning with the letter "S", from the latter 1980s.
Box: 20A Records: Minutes of the variously titled National Executive Committee, 1978-1992; one thick files "DSOC/DL" containing a computer printout of what may be a combined membership/subscriber list from 1980; and one file containing an address to the National Board of DSA by Michael Harrington, February, 1983.
Box: 21 Records: Chapter files from New York--Texas, mid-late 1980s, including newsletters; several thick files of miscellaneous materials, most printed ephemera or periodicals of other organizations.
ca. 1979-ca. 1988
Box: 21A Records: Regional and local bulletins, 1973-75 (2 files); Chapter files, 1980s, for states from California--Pennsylvania, including publications; severl thick files of miscellaneous materials, some administrative, most printed ephemera and publications of other organizations
1973-ca. 1988
Box: 22 Records: Two bound volumes of handwritten National Office Committee minutes, 1973-74; National Executive Committee minutes, 1985-88; one thick file on the New York Labor Forum, 1976; one folder with a letter to MH from John Kenneth Galbraith, Jul 1, 1975; and several topical files
Box: 23 Records: About half the box consists of National Executive Committee minutes, 1985-88; two thick files from 1978-79 containing correspondence, much pertaining to the Newsletter of the Democratic Left; a thick envelope containing hundreds of membership cards (undated); and miscellaneous printed ephemera.
Box: 23A Records: Minutes, 1984-90 from the variously titled National Executive Committee and the National Board - included are various reports; there are also several files of materials received from the Democratic Party.
Box: 24 Records: National Board, 1987-92
Box: 24A Records: Chicago Red Squad Files on the New American Movement, 1971-74
Box: 25 Records: The bulk of the material is from the 1987 convention, with a few files from the 1985 convention; a thick file of administrative material titled "Jimmy Higgins"; miscellaneous printed ephemera
ca. 1981-1987
Box: 26 Records: Mostly 1991 convention; also several files on 1983 and 1984 "Conferences"; two files on the Youth Section (1980, 83); several topical files
Box: 27 Records: Youth Secton files, 1981-85; also several files of publications and printed ephemera
Box: 27A1 Records: Socialist International, 1976-80; Bylaws, 1989; Labor Commission, 1991
Box: 27A2 Records: Socialist International, 1972, 1979, 1983
1972, 1979, 1983
Box: 28 Records: Youth Section Winter Conferences, 1987-90; YS Keylist Mailings, 1980-81; Othe YS materials; Several National Board/Executive Committe meetings, latter 1980s; several folders of loose miscellaneous administrative records and ephemera, including a small amount of Harrington correspondence
Box: 29 Records: Youth Section, 1980-88: chapter, charters, minutes, reports, publications, including Days of Decision, job search for national director; One file "Past Speaking Dates [Harrington]", including MH correspondence.
Box: 29A Records: Various administrative records and topical files, 1980-88, including 1980 leadership retreat; Youth Section records, 1980s, including search for national director, and several issues of Days of Decision; file on Billy Bragg tour, 1988, file on University in Society Project, 1986; note: last box in CS aisle 27
Box: 30 Records: Records: About half the box is devoted to student activism (peace, against cuts in funding for educational and social programs, e.g. Student Alliance for an Immediate Freeze); one file on Harrington speaking engagements, invitations, etc., but little or no letters by MN; one thick file on anti-apartheid activity; various administrative records, including detailed handwritten notes for an undated national conference note: first box in CS aisle 13; note: 57th box
Box: 30A Records: various DSOC records, 1979-84, including staff meetings notes, staff search file, mailing lists; issues of the Discussion Bulletin and  Socialist Forum; the remainin quarter of the box contains NAM  Discussion Bulletins, and a file of various administrative materials.
Box: 31 Records: DSOC Youth Section, principally conference materials, 1979-83.
Box: 32 Records: about half the box concerns the 1989 Convention; Youth Section records, 1979-83, including correspondence, Office Committe, and conferences comprise the rest of the box, along with several issues of Socialist Forum.
Box: 32A Records: New American Movement, 1970s-early 1980s, including conventions, locals, publications and reports, and one file of DSA 1989 Convention minutes.
Box: 33 Records: Youth Section Executive Committee minutes, 1989; Key Lists; one thick file on North Shore (NY) chapter of Mobilization for Survival
Box: 33A Records: Correspondence, 1979; Topical and activities files, 1980s; some Youth Section records
Box: 34 Records: Socialist International and DSOC, including correspondence, with the SI and its constitutent members, some of which is Michael Harrington's, and various reports, position papers, etc.
Box: 34A Records: about half the box consists of 1983 Convention (Detroit) materials; New Directions caucus; some materials on joint DSOC/NAM letterhead; various administrative records as recent as 1992; several files of materials accumulated or created by Saul Wellman, former Communist active in Washington DC / Maryland chapters.
Box: 35 Records: New American Movement, 1970s: chapters, mailings, conferences, reports from organizers
Box: 35A Records: Conventions, 1980, 1983, 1985; NAM convention, 1978; one file, DOSC/Left Unity, 1978-80
Box: 36 Records: New American Movement, 1977-82: topical and activity files, with some administrative files; contains circulars, correspondence, reports, publications, etc.
Box: 37 Records: DSOC/DSA, NAM: DSA 1983 convention; DSOC minutes--nat'l Board, National Interim Committee, 1981-82; includes discussion of merger with NAM; also various topical files and adminsitive materials, including reports; NAM: discussion of, and conflict over merger with DSOC
Bulk, 1979-1982Bulk, 1979-1982 19762-1986, bulk 1979-1982
Box: 38 Records: Key Lists, 1982-87; Michael Harrington engagements, 1985-87, i.e., speaking tours, mostly administrative correspondence and related materials, with little or no MH correspondence
Box: 39 Records: Michael Harrington speaking engagements, travell including datebooks, letters to MH, logistics and finances, 1983-89; the remaining third of the box contains National Interim Committee minutes and related documents, 1982-87.
Box: 40 Records: States and Chapters, Kentucky--New York; Youth Section files, including Executive Committee, National Office Committee, 1985-87, correspondence, and a 1982 conference; a thick file on anti-draft activity, mainly Committee Against Registration and the Draft; DSA 1983 convention ballots
Box: 41 Records: about half the box is devoted to the 1980 NYC Mobilization Against the Draft demonstration; some Executive Committee minutes, 1986-87; Staff Meetings, 1982; Key Lists; one thick file "Transitional Economic Program," Socialist International file with letters to Harrington, 1985-86, and from the same date span, a file of letters to Harrington marked "pending, hold"
Box: 42 Records: DSOC early years, 1972-75, resolutions, minutes, correspondence a folder of National Interim Committee biographies, circular letters: DSA 1986-87, circular letters (a few from Harrington), correspondence, minutes, reports, etc.; a few files on the New American Movement, mostly on its founding, 1972; a 1974 organizational perspective document by Bodgan Denitch.
Box: 43 Records: Audiotapes (36): including League for Industrial Democracy/Young Peoples Socialist League Christmas Conference, 1970 (approx 18 tapes); Labor Institute Conference, April 1968 (approx 11 tapes); N. Hill, Michael Harrington, six tapes, undated.
1968, 1970, undated
Box: 44 Records: about half the box is devoted to the 1980 Mobilization Against the Draft demonstration; much of the remainder consists of several files of what appear to be Mobilization for Survival records, including its Religious Task Force and Gay Task Force; also materials from a 1980 conference.
Box: 45 Records: Naational Executive Committee files, 1982-88; staff meeting notes; files on peace movement activity, including Pro-Lifers for Survival; Institute for Democratic Socialism (two thick files, ca. 1980-82)
Box: 46 Records: the bulk of the box is concerned with a DSA sponsored 1980 conference on Eurosocialism, and includes some Harrington correspondence, including a letter to Francois Mitterand (in French) in the "Keynoters" file; there are also several DSA Feminist Commission files; there are also several files on an early 1980s membership recruitment campaign
Box: 47 Records: Eurosocialism conference, including three-ring binder with conference materials, also, thank you letters, some from Harrington; 1978 event celebrating Harrington's 50th birthday; Debs-Thomas dinner, 1975; miscellaneous DSOC administrative materials
Box: 48 Records: bulk of box contains membership files, including questionnaires and a NYC membership map; a file on 1987 convention delegates; Esecutive Committee minutes, 1990-93; Newsletter files; topical and event files.
Box: 49 Records: Young Socialist Alliance; University activism; anti-racism activism; msicellaneous topical and administrative files
1977-ca. 1987
Box: 50 Records: Justice For All files, 1987 (anti-poverty, economic justice); 1981 dinner honoring Willy Brandt; peace and disarmament files; several Mobilization for Survival records files
ca. 1980-ca. 1987
Box: 51 Records: several Justice for All files; various administrative records, including some correspondence re Harrington speaking engagements; thick file of resumes for an unidentified position; topical files, most concerned with poverty, inequality, etc.
Box: 52 Records: about half of the box contains 1983 DSA internal documents from various policy discussions, retreats, etc.; one thick file of correspondence, 1983-84; correspondence with local DSOC organizations, 1976-79
Box: 53 Records: bulk of box is Justice for All files, including circular letters from Harrington, 1987; also National Executive Committee minutes, 1984; correspondence with local DSOC groups, 1979-80; Feminits Commission directory, undated; various topical and administrative files.
Box: 54 Records: bulk concerns 1985 convention, including membership and delegate information; one file of correspondence of Bill Spence (Youth Section), 1986; Feminist Commission file
Box: 55 Records: 1980s files on black liberation, Native Americans, prisons and political prisoners; Hunter college NYC student activism file, 1989; files on other organizations, including the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee
ca. 1980-ca. 1989
Box: 56 Records: Executive Director Maxine Phillips correspondence, 1983-84; Democratic Agenda conference, 1979, Washington, DC; Democratic Left correspondence, and other DA materials; 1986 DSA office opening gala; miscellaneous topical files and administrative materials
Box: 57 Records: National Executive Committe, 1982-86; Religious Caucus, New Directions Caucus; Tribute to Moe Foner, 1981; files related to 1988 Democratic Party events; several state and local chapter files.
Box: 58 Records: Contains files, mostly 1980s, on international solidarity, pro-democracy struggles, e.g., Central America, East Timor, Northern Ireland, anti-Gulf War, and draft resistance, 1980.
Box: 59 Records: National Mobilization Against the Draft (March 22, 1980 demonstration); several anti-nuclear weapons files, 1978-79
Box: 60 Records: American Solidarity Movement (with labor, also voter registration, early 1980s); Feminist Commission, Structure Committee Report, 1982-83; Justice for All Campaign (anti-poverty, early 1980s); Poverty Conference Proposal, by Harrington, 1984; Poverty correspondence, Harrington, 1987; DSA renewal campaigns, 1982-83
Box: 61 Records: NYC DSA, including executive committee minutes, cadre lists, early 1980s; National Office Communications, 1979-80; Economic policy reports and comments thereon; Reproductive rights
Box: 62 Records: "Political Cases", some re government surveillance and rights of givernment employees; notable names include Ron Dellums, Jane Fonda, Black Panther Party, Peter Boehmer vs. Nixon; 1970s
Box: 63 Records: DSOC-DSA, DSA Youth section, 1982-88; a miscellany of administrative records and topical files; includes a folder of Central America correspondence with a few Harrington items; a number of the files are from the NYC DSA chapter
Box: 64 Records: Student Peace Mobilization Project folder, 1980-82, with some Harrington letters; International Union of Socialist Youth, early 1980s reports, etc.; Institute for Democratic Socialism Youth Conference, 1979; Youth Organizing Fund, 1979; DSA Summer Conference, 1983
Box: 65 Records: Youth Conference, 1982; Democratic Left Advisory Committee, 1984; various DSA committees: Restructuring, Finance; National Executive Committee, mid-1980s; Speaking Tours/Bureau 1990; clippngs on DSA and for Harrington, 1980s
Box: 66 Records: Rainbow Coalition, 1987-88; DSA Health Project, 1991-92; Women's March, 1992; Democratic Left; natioanl Offce: circulars, reports; Electoral Action Task Force; Speaking tours; Correspondence with New Democratic Party (Canada)
Box: 67 Records: DSOC meetings and conventions, 1973-76; Democratic Party work, including campaign to Make harrington a delegate to convention; "[Pete] Hammill/Harrington" folder (clippings); Socialist Scholars Conference, 1992; Sherri Levine Correspondence, 1987, Education Director' folder "Harrington, Government Spying On.
Box: 68 Records: DSOC letter 1970s-early 1980s topical files: peace, anti-nuclear, energy conservation, others; National Student Peace Day, 1984
ca. 1976-1984
Box: 69 Records: Youth Section, including correspondence, Jeremy Karpatkin, Nat'l Organizer; Chapter Repors; National Student Peace Day; New Jersey and NYC YS chapters; Central America
Box: 70 Records: One file of Harrington correspondence, 1987; Miwcellaneous topical and administrative files, 1980s
Box: 71 Records: Democratic Party Convention (1988) DSA activity; one file, DP 1984 convention
1984, 1988
Box: 72 Records: Youth Section, 1987, several files; bulk of box consists of reference material-- "white papers", reports, and some like DSA materials
Box: 73 Records: About half of the box is Youth Section materials from the latter 1980s, including the Hiring Ctte for a nat'l Director, 1987; YS conference, 1993; DSA: North Carolina meeting, 1988, some national office records, including correspondence of director Michael Lighty.
Box: 74 Records: DSA Conventions, 1995, 1997; "DSA Mission" folder; Chapter files (MD, Northern VA, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, etc.); Nationasl Executive Committee resolution, 1981-88; National Board Resolutions
Box: 75 Records: 1995 convention; Structure Committee; National Political Committee, including minutes notebook; Organizing Manual; Local Sruvey returns, 1991; Reports and other writings, some annotated
Box: 76 Records: "Manuscript, New Yorker article (Harrington), 1987; National Political Committee, 1991-92, 1997; Assistant to Director Search, 1991; some international correspondence; Organizing Institute, 1993; National Youth organizer Dinah Leventhal's reports, 1990; various administrative and topical files
Box: 77 Records: Harrington writings: End of the Left? [1985], American Socialism, shorter writings; writings about MH, including Richard Flacks on Harrington and Tom Hayden; National Executive Committee Minutes 1985; Religion and Socialism Committee (about 1/3 box; Labor Day 1991; Democratic Left
Box: 78 Records: Youth Section, 1991-92; Campaign for Peace in the Middle East; dsanet, 1995; Democratic Left, 1989-91; DSA Winter Retreat, 1996
Box: 79 Records: Almost entirely Youth Section; American Student Mobilization; DSA leadership retreat, 1989, a few other DSA anad topical files, including Health Care
Box: 80 Records: Michael Harrington's death and memorial; one file of Harrington correspondence, 1988; Committees and Commissions, latter 1980s; Budget, 1989; "History--DSA/DSOC" [undated]; Robert Delson correspondence with DSA, 1990.
Box: 81 Records: Harrington Correspondence: receeived, 1988 (includes ltr from Bill Moyers asking him to appear on public television), sent, 1989, "Harrington Current" - speaking engagements, 1988-89; Clips about Harrington, 1982-89; one thick file of Harrington writings; file on Harrington's receipt of Debs-Thomas award
Bulk, 1988-1989Bulk, 1988-1989 1982-1989
Box: 82 Records: Articles by and clippings about Harrington; Death of Harrington, clippings and other materials; bibliography of Harrington's writings, 1946-74; Fundraising; some National Office Correspondence, 1990s; DSA constitution, discussions on, 1980s; Education Committee, 1991
Box: 83 Records: seven videocassettes about "Economic Insecurity"; five audiocassette binders [each holds 12 cassettes]: two Institute for Democratic Socialism conferences, focus is economics and politics; the other three binders are on various policy issues and appear to be tied to Democratic Party Conventions or congresses in the 1980s
Box: 83
Box: 84 Records: Financial and Budget, 1987-93; Director Michael Lighty speaking tour, 1992; Convention, 1993; "California State-Wide Org" file; Commissions: Environment, Anti-Racism; file on "Recruitment Video"; Religious Socialism correspondence (one file)
Box: 85 Records: One thick file, Socialist Internatnional correspondence, 1980-81; National Political Committee minutes [binders] 1997-98; Youth Section conferences, 1981-94; clippings on Harrington's death
Box: 86 Records: all Youth Section, 1987-95, including National Office Collective Minutees, 1993-95; Executive Committee minutes, 1986-90; Keylists, late 1980s; "Chapter Surveys, 1992", topical files, including Middle East, Apartheid
Box: 87 Records: all Youth Section, 1983-95. Includes, Keylists, conventions and conferences, correspondence, an organizing manual, a proposal to hire a California organizer, reports and political statements, a file on The Activist/Labor Activist
Box: 88 Records: DSA, including Executive Committee minutes, 1986-88; Harry Britt tour, 1983 (SF City Supervisor); files on speaking events for Manning Marable and Cornell West; Harrington Natioanl tour, 1982; Central America Speakers' Bureau, 1984; NYC DSA, 1979-86, including minutes, Labor Forum, 1991 convention
Box: 89 Records: DSA conventions, 1995, 1997; leadership retreats, early 1990s; correspondence, including emails; Youth Section, 1993-95: conference, 1994, correspondence, several chapter files
Box: 90 Records: DSA national conventions, 1993, 1995; Key Lists, 1993
Box: 91 Records: National Political Committee, 1992-98; NPC subcommittees; Convention, 1993; Keylists 1992-93
Box: 92 Records: National Political Committee and its Steering Committee, 1994-95; Issues of Religious Socialism, 1982-85.
Box: 93 Records: Feminist Commission, 1980-88; "Mission Retreat" 1997; National Politicall Committee, 1997 [incomplete]; committee and topical files, 1990s; Youth Section, 1996
Box: 94 Records: National Convention, 1995, Labor Committee, 1995; Topical files, 1995; "Old Chapter Info" file, 1993; Religion and Socialism Commission, 1993; Socialist Scholars Conference, 1994-96
Box: 95 Records: National Political Committee and Steering Committee, 1996-97 [incomplete]; Education Committee, 1993-94 [incomplete]; Billy Bragg, 1992; "Organizational Documents--Constitution and Merger Agreement, 1983; Commissions: Feminist, Riligion and Socialism, ohters, 1990s; Nurses Caucus Newsletter, 1993
1983, 1992-1997
Box: 96 Records: Periodicals" Not Far Enough, 1982-88 (Feminist Commission), Labor Voice, 1988 (Labor Commission), Our Struggle/Nuestra Lucha, 1988-89 (Latino, Afro-American and Anti-Racism Commissions), Religious Socialism, 1985-86; Local Literature Survey, 1998; National Political Committee, 1995 [incomplete]
Box: 97 Records: about half university chapters, no order, late 1980s; Convention, 1995; National Political Committee 1997 retreat; Think Tank project, 1996; Global Justice Task Force, 1994-95; Budget Committee, 1997
Box: 98 Records: New American Movement, 1974-80; Socialist Standard, 1987, Organize (DSA Activists), 1986-87, Nuestra Lucha, 1984-85; California local chapter files, 1980s;
Box: 99 Records: Computer Disks. 3.5 inch (>100), some labeled, ca. 1994-ca. 2000
ca. 1994-ca. 2000
Box: 100 Records: Computer discs, 3.5 inches (>100), 1990s
ca. 1994-ca. 1999
Box: 101 Records: Membership surveys, 1995-98; Health Activists Digest (DSA), Summer 1980s; Democratizing Education (NAM), 1981
1981-1982, 1995-1998
Box: 102 Records: Surveys and membership renewals, 1995
Box: 103 Records: Membership surveys, 1998; International Committee, one undated file; Youth Secton, minutes, 12/30/83;several issues of The Activist (YS), 1986
Box: 104 Records: Membership surveys, 1995; Youth Section, several files, 1985-86; Days of Decision, 1981-85
Box: 105 Records: Videocassettes-- DSA meetings, 1981-2001; also a few talks by Harrington, Barbara Ehrenreich
Box: 106 Records: Education Commssion, including retreat files, early 1990s; topical files, mostly economy, poverty, labor, containing circulars, reports, etc,; Several issue each of the Plant Closings Bulletin (1981), DSOC, and the  Third World Socialist, 1984 (Institute for Democratic Socialism
Box: 107 Records: Labor Commission, 1983-90; Hispanic Anti-Racism Commission, 1987; aobut half the box are chapter files, 1990s-2004, many from Pennsylvania, also NY and NJ
Box: 108 Records: Videocassettes of Harrington Talks, 1980s
Box: 109 Records: Three scrapbooks: Harrington photos, Justice for All campaign, 1987; Workers Party reports, 1940s; issues of Days of Decision, 1980s; about a dozen audiocassettes, 1980s, probably Harrington talks
Box: 110 Records: Conventions, 1991, 93, 99; Feminist Commission, 1991-92; National Political Committee, Steering Committee, 1994; Key Lists, 1994; Budget Committee, 1991; Correspondence, 1994 (including Member Correspondence)
Box: 111 Records: Political Committee, 9/97; Convention, 1997; National Office Committee, 1992-93; Housing Task Force, 1989; Organization Manual; Progressive Student Network, 1980s; Topical files containing circulars, reports, etc.
Box: 112 Records: Political Committee, 1994, 2004, Conventions, 1995-2005; Socialist International, 2001; Computer discs, 3x5, undated, unlabeled
Box: 112
Box: 113 Records: Videocassettes: Michael Harrington, New Directions, 1980s
Box: 114 Records: Audio (undated): Billy Bragg, Pete Seeger: Songs of Protest; Letter of Critical Endorsement to the 13th World Youth Festival, 1989; Youth Section: Key Lists, Chapters, Internatioanl Union of Socialist Youth, Young Women's Project; Faculty Mailing, 1993; Anti-War Work, 1991
Box: 115 Photographs: Washington DC Conference; Reproductive Freedom; Activist Individual; Civil Rights March, Boston; DSA/DSOC Conference, NAM; DSCO Board; Freeze March, New York City; U.S. Foreign Relations Policy; Mike and Barbara; Democratic Agenda; DSOC Convention; DSA/DSOC Local Action; Democracy; Democratic Agenda; Convention; DSA Youth Conference; Palme Reception; FRAMES; Solidarity Day; Eurosocialism; DSA Unity Convention; DSA Unity Convention; March on Washington; Democratic Agenda:; Staff/Office; Wimpy; Convention; File in Graphics/Photo Files; Chicago; Jeffrey D. Gold; 31/7 1/E’s Vol. 2; We Are Demo Soc w/A Vision; Art DC Millennium; Michael Harrington Event at Roseland for D.S.A.; Michael Harrington w/celebs; Socialism Past and Future; Michael Harrington; “Tribute Photographs”; “National Board ”; “Some scenes from the Youth Section”; International Union of Socialist Youth World Festival
circa 1975-1999

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