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Collection processed by Michael V. D'Ambrosio and Daniel Michelson, Jun 2011

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Fleischman, Harry
Source - dnr: Fleischman, Harry
Title: Harry Fleischman Papers
Dates [inclusive]: 1929-1994
Abstract: Harry Fleischman was a lifelong labor and socialist activist. His activities in the Socialist Party included serving as National Chairman of the Red Falcons, regional director of the Indiana-Illinois Socialist Party, and campaign manager for Norman Thomas's presidential campaigns in 1944 and 1948. These experiences informed his book, Norman Thomas: A Biography, published by W.W. Norton in 1964. Fleischman also worked as the labor and political editor of the Voice of America, as the director of labor and race relations at the American Jewish Committee, and was a board member of the Workers Defense League. This collection contains correspondence, typescripts, testimony, transcripts, scrapbooks, memos, photographs and research files. The research files pertain to Fleischman's Norman Thomas biography and to an uncompleted film project on Thomas.
Quantity: 38 Linear Feet in 39 records cartons, and 5 oversize folders.
Location: Materials stored offsite and advance notice is required for use. Please contact tamiment.wagner@nyu.edu at least two business days prior to research visit.
Language: Materials are in English
Call Phrase: TAM.115

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Historical/Biographical Note

Harry Fleischman, a lifelong labor and socialist activist, was born in 1914 and as a teenager joined the Washington Heights "circle" of the Young People's Socialist League. His activities in the Socialist Party included serving as National Chairman of the Red Falcons (1936), regional director of the Indiana-Illinois Socialist Party (1942-1950), and campaign manager for Norman Thomas's presidential campaigns in 1944 and 1948. These experiences informed his book, Norman Thomas: A Biography, published by W.W. Norton in 1964.

He worked as labor and political editor of the Voice of America (1951-53), becoming an authority on Soviet slave labor. As director of labor and race relations at the American Jewish Committee (1953-1979), he wrote the syndicated column "Let's Be Human", distributed to over 2,300 union, Black, ethnic, and religious groups.

In the 1970s, Fleischman served as executive director of the National Alliance for Safer Cities, a community crime prevention and criminal justice reform coalition of over 50 national organizations.

Long concerned with full employment and job equality, he conducted a survey of fair contract compliance in 1968 which led to New York Mayor John Lindsay's Executive Order 71, to promote affirmative action for fair employment by city contractors. He was a board member of the Workers Defense League, a nonprofit worker advocacy organization, starting in 1963 and was the chair from 1981 until shortly before his death in 2004.

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Scope and Content Note

This collection contains correspondence, typescripts, testimony, transcripts, scrapbooks, memos, photographs and research files. The research files pertain to Fleischman's Norman Thomas biography and to an uncompleted film project on Thomas. From another uncompleted book project, there are transcripts of interviews with socialists. There is also material pertaining to the celebration of Norman Thomas's 80th birthday, various materials pertaining to Fleischman's socialist activities, including a sketch of "Didn't we have fun" for a reunion of the Young People's Socialist League, and memos to area directors of the AJC. Over seven hundred photographs document Harry Fleischman, Norman Thomas and their respective families.


Series I has not been arranged by an archivist. Series II is arranged in alphabetical order.

The collections is arranged into tewo series:

Series I: Inventory, 1905-1994

Series II: Photographs and Ephemera, 1905-1989

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Access Points

Subject Names

  • Thomas, Norman, 1884-1968
  • Fleischman, Harry

Document Type

  • Interviews.
  • Pamphlets.
  • Correspondence.
  • Typescripts.
  • Scrapbooks.
  • Transcripts.
  • Testimonies.
  • Clippings files.
  • Memorandums.

Subject Organizations

  • American Jewish Committee
  • Young People's Socialist League
  • National Alliance for Safer Cities
  • Workers' Defense League
  • Socialist Party (U.S.)
  • Voice of America (Organization)

Subject Topics

  • Working class -x Education -- United States.
  • Socialism -- United States.
  • Labor movement -- United States.

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Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

Materials are open without restrictions.

Conditions Governing Use

Copyright (or related rights to publicity and privacy) for materials in this collection, created by Harry Fleischman was not transferred to New York University. Permission to use materials must be secured from the copyright holder.

Preferred Citation

Identification of item, date; Harry Fleischman Papers; TAM 115; box number; folder number; Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, New York University.

Separated Materials

Approximately two hundred and seventy political buttons were separated to the Tamiment/Wagner Button Collection (BUTTONS 001).

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Donated by Harry Fleischman, 1990. The accession numbers associated with this gift are 1990.017, 1990.018, NPA 1997.014, and NPA 2000.230.

Additional materials were found in repository; provenance is unknown. The accession numbers associated with these materials are 1990.019, 2005.004, and 2014.030.

Processing Information

Photographs separated from this collection during processing were established as a separate collection, the Harry Fleischman Photographs (PHOTOS 153). In 2014, the photograph collection was reincorporated into the Harry Fleischman Papers (TAM 115). These materials can be found in Series II: Photographs and Ephemera.

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Container List

Series I: Inventory, 1905-1994

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 1 Correspondence, Handwritten Letters, Fliers, Newspaper Articles and Clippings, Paper Drafts, Royalty Receipts and Payments, Newspapers, United Farm Workers Organizing Committee, United States Information Agency, Pamphlets and Newsletters, Union Democracy, Labor Education, Civil Liberties, Negro History, Civil Liberties, Religion and Labor, MMCCD Materials, Interview Materials, Journals
Box: 2 Newspaper Article, Clippings, and Photocopies, Correspondence, Mailings, Newsletters and Journals
Box: 3 Reels: American Jewish Committee, Consultations on Social Impact of Economic Distress, Journal and Pamphlets: League for Industrial Democracy, World Labour Today, Newspapers, Newspaper Articles and Clippings, Leaflets and Fliers
Box: 4 Journals and Pamphlets: Record of Progress in Civil Rights, Consultations on the Social Impact of Economic Distress, American Jewish Committee, American Arbitration Association, Arbitration Newsletters, Let's Be Human -- Correspondence, Administrative Files, Columns, Correspondence re: Commercial Arbitration Tribunal, Photocopies of Invoices and Checks, American Arbitration Association Files, Recruitment and Training Program, Newspaper Articles and Clippings
Box: 5 Correspondence and Donations: Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union, Socialist Party News Articles and Statements, Pamphlets, IDS Correspondence and Handwritten Letters, Pamphlets -- Communist, Socialist, RAND press, Jewish Labor Newsletters, Francis Heisler Files, American Jewish Committee Policy and Statements, On the Left publications, Let's Be Human Materials, National Labor Service & Press Associates, Radio Materials
Box: 6 Newspaper Articles, Newsletters, Fliers, Pamphlets: Seminar on Manpower Policy and Program, Labor and Poverty, Labor and Negroes, Communism Newspaper Articles and Clippings, Correspondence with State Organizations, Labor TV Workshop, Race Hate vs. Unions Materials, New Left Publications, Slave Labor, Shop Stewards: Teaching Guides, Unions and White Collar Workers, Right to Work Laws, Women
Box: 7 Correspondence, Fliers, Newsletters, Articles, Newspaper Clippings, Organization Material, Pamphlets, Statements and Reports: Labor Education, Films, Violence, We Humans, Labor Publicity, Labor History, Draft Writings and Papers, Emergence of Democratic Practices Affecting Negroes in Labor Unions -- An Annotated Bibliography, Speech Drafts, and Handwritten Letters
Box: 8 Harry Fleischman Correspondence with Organizations: Adult Education Assn., American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Department, Center for Research and Education in American Liberties, Civil Rights Information Services, Committee of Conscience Against Apartheid, CRS & CSD Joint Staff Meeting, Committee on Racial Equality, Debs Foundations, Democratic Socialist Organization, Lawyers Constitutional Defense, National Social Welfare Assembly, Scholarship, Education, and Defense Fund for Racial Equality, Songs with a Labor Flavor (Scripts)
Box: 9 Memoranda to Area Directors, DAC Committee on Shaping Safer Cities, Southern Interagency Conference, Southern Regional Council, Students for a Democratic Society, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, League for Industrial Democracy, Norman Thomas 80th Birthday Celebration
Box: 10 Let's Be Human: Newsletters and Correspondence, American Jewish Committee Memoranda, Pamphlets, Fliers, Publications,
Box: 11 Correspondence, Personnel Files, Organizing Materials, Memoranda, Surveys and Questionaires, Newsletters, Newspaper Articles and Clippings, Press Coverage, Special Supplements, Handwritten Notes, Fair Employment Contract Compliance Program, CLUW Hearing, Statements and Reports, United Steelworkers of America, Labor, Discrimination in the North and South, Unions and Civil Liberties
Box: 12 Correspondence, Contributions and Balances, Newspaper Articles and Clippings, Pamphlets, Statements, Monthly Reports, Handwritten Letters, Mailings, Leaflets, Memoranda and Garda Bowman Individual Files: League for Industrial Democracy, Workers Defense League and Apprenticeship Program, Race-Hate Project, Is White Racism a Problem? Speakers' Grab Bag, United States National Student Association
Box: 13 Newspapers and Newspaper Articles, Pamphlets, Correspondence, Handwritten Notes and Letters, Journals, Statements, Reports, Draft Articles, Organization Agendas, Fliers and Leaflets, Advisory Committee Files, Newsletters, Let's Be Human
Box: 14 Correspondence, Mailings, Budget Meetings and Minutes, Financial Reports and Agenda, Newspapers, Newspaper Clippings and Photocopies, Newsletters, Personal Letters, Magazines, Reports and Drafts
Box: 15 Mailings, Personal Letters, Handwritten Notes, Correspondence, Newspapers and Newspaper Clippings, Reports, Drafts, Notecards, Meeting Minutes, Agenda, and Meeting Materials, Pamphlets and Fliers, Course Materials
Box: 16 Newspapers, Newspaper Articles and Clippings, Correspondence, Drafts, NT Materials, Chapter Drafts, Letter to Staff and Outlines
Box: 17 Magazines, Correspondence, Newsletters, Handwritten Notes, Contributions, Financial Information, Mailings, Newspapers, Newspaper Articles and Clippings, Surveys and Questionaires, Bulletins, Petitions, Calendars
Box: 18 Bills, Newsletters, Fliers, Agreements, Correspondence, Newspaper Articles, Pamphlets, Black-Jewish Relations Column, Ruth Blumrosen Files, Statements, Reports, and Drafts, Leaflets, Handwritten Notes
Box: 19 Newsletters, Society for the Study of Social Problems Meeting Materials, Correspondence, Mailings, Handwritten Notes, Invoices, Newspaper Clippings, Brochures, Resource Guides for Strategy Planning, Reports, Oral History Interview, Paper Donation Files, National Board Meeting Materials, WDL
Box: 20 Organizing Committee Mailing Information, Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings and Photocopies -- Full Production of Authority Act, Newsletters, Handwritten Notes: Michigan DSOC, Democratic Left, Democratic Agenda, National Health Insurance Bond, Postcards and Mailing Materials (Addresses), Economics and Urban Conditions, NAACP Booklet, Judah Drob Writings, Labor Law Reform Mailers, AFL-CIO News
Box: 21 Democratic Socialists of America Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings re: Wall Street and Economy (1987), Labor Voice Newsletter, Democratic Socialists of America Convention, New York Friends Group, Inc. Correspondence, Meeting Materials, Invoice, and Mailings, Draft Newsletters and Articles, Political Selection Newsletter, Action Newsletter, Agenda, Fliers, and Organizing Material for the Democratic Socialists of America, Correspondence and Reports from New York Department of Labor, Work in American Institutions, The Yankee Radical Newsletter
Box: 22 Letters and Correspondences re: Meetings and Bibliography, Labor Pamphlets, Photos, Potomac Institute Correspondence, Along Freedom Road draft, Collection of Miscellaneous Quotations and Aphorisms, Binders containing Newspaper Clippings of Labor Activity
Box: 23 Paul R. Porter Manuscript, Michael Harrington Speech at the Norman Thomas Centennial Commemoration (1984), Union Contribution Lists, Newspaper Clippings on Central America, Invoices, Correspondence re: Norman Thomas and Documentary Film, American Film Festival Material and Booklets, New York Teacher Association Material, Minutes of Norman Thomas Committee Meeting, Hunger Action Coalition, Sembra Newspapers, Proposed Farmworker Field Sanitation Proposal, Pamphlets and Church Materials, Workers' Defense League Files
Box: 24 Manuscript Research: Chapter 2 - 21, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence, and Handwritten Letters re: Union and Reaction, Civil Liberties, Negroes & Socialism, LID Pamphlets, World War and Post-War, McCarthy Era, Middle East
Box: 25 Socialist International Congress Materials, Correspondence with NAACP, Meeting Agendas, Tax Exemption for WDL, Veterans Assistance Program Reports, Handwritten Notes from interviews, Project Grant Applications, Lincoln Center Agreement, Groupauto Insurance Company Booklets, New York Agenda -- Short-Term Compensation, Interview with Andrew Gilmartin and Harry Fleischman, Newspaper Articles from "In Struggle", Fliers for events and demonstrations, Workers' Defense League Pamphlets, Fliers, and Correspondence, UAW Pamphlets and Correspondence
Box: 26 New American Movement Booklet, Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee Correspondence and Newsletters, The Defense Worker's Dilemma, Newspaper Clippings from Houston Chronicle re: Socialist Party, Mailing Lists, Calendars, and Newsletters, National Conference on Religion and Labor, Presentation Material for Labor Committee Statistics, Norman Thomas High School Program, Socialist International Congress, Newspaper: New Democrat, AFL-CIO Newsletters and Mailings, American Federation of Teachers Materials, Archive of Labor History and Urban Affairs Materials and Correspondence, Invoices and Budgetary Materials, Crime in Our Cities Manuscript, Workers' Defense League Correspondence
Box: 27 Newspaper Articles on the L.A. Riots, Correspondence re: Labor Day Editorial, Chess the Play, City Family Newsletter, Labor Investment, City Planning and Development, CLUW News, The Legislator, Coalition of Black Trade Unionist Correspondence, Interview with Harry Gilmartin, Socialist Affairs Magazine, Handwritten Notes and Letters re: Labor Developments, Travel Maps and Road Atlases, Photographs from Meetings, Legal Correspondence and Mailings, Office Memorandum
Box: 28 Long Island Progressive Coalition Statement of Purpose and Correspondence, Synergy Newsletters and Fliers, Contact Information: Phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses, Fliers and Newsletters, Energy and Electricity Pamphlets, Newspaper Clippings re: Workers' Congress, H. Fleischman Vacation Files, Biographical Sketch and Photos, Case Study on Anti-Semitism and Blacklash, Petty Cash Books: Donations and Mailings
Box: 29 Workers' Defense League Correspondence, General Telephone and Electronics Corps., Invoices, Unemployment Benefits and Advocacy Project Materials, Report of the Governor's Task Force on Agricultural Employment, Education and Labor, Newsletters and Agenda, Workforce Labor Pamphlets, Scab Labor Newspaper Clippings, Draft Reports for the National Commission for Employment Policy, Handwritten Notes on Donations and Meetings, Newspapers on Work Progress
Box: 30 Newsletters, Pamphlets, Fliers, and Newspapers re: All-White World of Children's Books, Apprenticeship Training in New York, Workers' Defense League, Beware the Day they Change Their Minds!, The Businessman and the Negro, Business and the Urban Crisis, Can Today's Unemployables Become Tomorrow's Salesman, Case Study of a Riot, Civil Rights Story, Creative Venture in Housing, Christian Science Monitory, The City and the Negros, Labor and Bias, The Continuing Crisis, Labor and Jews, Economic Development of Jews, Labor Leaders and Unions, Labor and International Affairs, Israel, Extremism, Housing Discrimination
Box: 31 Letter to the Editor: New York Times articles on H. Fleischman, Correspondence to the American Jewish Committee, United Automobile, Aircraft & Agricultural Implement Workers of America, Obituaries, National Alliance, Japanese American Materials and Fliers, New York Friends Group, Inc. Materials, Norman Thomas Files, Norman Thomas Centennial Committee, Manuscript and Article Excerpts re: Safer Cities, Labor and Civil Liberties Newsletters, Post War World Council Newsletter, Photographs, H. Fleischmann Personal Correspondence, Let's Be Human and Commonweal, Draft Material for Memoranda and Race Relations in America, Socialist Party Newspaper Clippings and Correspondence
Box: 32 Correspondence re: Biographies, Newspaper Clippings re: Public Employees, Potomac Institute Study, Contract Reports and Checklists, National Labor Society Material, Correspondence, and Mailings, Let's Be Human drafts and Civil Rights research, Newsletter of Historians of American Communism, the Labor Diplomacy of Oral History Project, The Trip to Pauly's Farm Draft and Correspondence, Report: Forced Labor in the Soviet Economy, Photographs, Newspaper Clippings re: Norman Thomas and Socialist Party, Labor Songs, Workers' Defense League Commemoration Dinner and Booklets, Newspaper Clippings re: Daniel Bell, Is Robert Welch a Secret Communist by Harry Fleischman, Report on David Barrett, Paul Porter Files
Box: 33 Jewish Labor Committee Correspondence, Justice Newspaper, Labor Press Associated Newsletter, Magazine Excerpts from the American Federationist, Correspondence on Soviet Anti-Semitism, UWUA Newspaper Clippings, Newspaper Clippings, Articles, and Magazines on the American Left and Norman Thomas, Norman Thomas 75th Birthday, Foreign Affairs Oral History Program: Interview with Morris Weisz, Socialist Party Pamphlets and Platform, Let's Be Human Files and Correspondence, Children and Youth Books, Who's Who of World Jewry, International Reports from the New York Times, Correspondence on Program Services, Play "Solidarity Forever" typescript, Reports and Journals on Poverty, Resource Room files and correspondence
Box: 34 Workers' Defense League Newsletters, Norman Thomas Book, Research and Notes, New York Friends Group, Norman Thomas 80th Birthday, Norman Thomas Memorial Programs, Francis Biddle Award Dinner, Amnesty International Newsletter, The American Jewish Committee Correspondence, Opinion and Commentary Editorials for the Advance, Let's Be Human Newsletters, American Nurses' Association Correspondence, Japanese American Citizens League Honors Norman Thomas
Box: 35 Grant Application for "Norman Thomas: America's Conscience" Film and Norman Thomas Biographical Information and Press
early 1980s
Box: 36 Preparation for "Norman Thomas: America's Conscience" Documentary Film (Resumes, Correspondence, Budgets, and Information on Grant Proposals)
early 1980s
Box: 37 Workers Defense League Publication and Miscellaneous Harry Fleischman Correspondence
circa 1973-1983
Box: 37 Folder : 1 East Coast Teamworker Support Network, 1 of 5
Box: 37 Folder : 2 East Coast Farmworker Support Network, 2 of 5
Box: 37 Folder : 3 East Coast Farmworker Support Network, 3 of 5
1982 - 1983
Box: 37 Folder : 4 East Coast Farmworker Support Network, 4 of 5
January 1985-April 1985
Box: 37 Folder : 5 East Coast Farmworker Support Network, 5 of 5
May 1985-September 1985
Box: 37 Folder : 6 Fleischman, Harry-- ADW Interview Notes (Norman Thomas)
Box: 37 Folder : 7 Fleischman, Harry-- Biography
Box: 37 Folder : 8 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence:
Box: 37 Folder : 9 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC)/Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
Box: 37 Folder : 10 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: General
1968-1982, undated
Box: 37 Folder : 11 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: General
Box: 37 Folder : 12 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: General
Box: 37 Folder : 13 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: History of U.S. Socialism
Box: 37 Folder : 14 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Letters of Permission (Norman Thomas Book)
Box: 37 Folder : 15 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Norman Thomas
Box: 37 Folder : 16 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Norman Thomas
Box: 37 Folder : 17 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Norman Thomas
Box: 37 Folder : 18 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Norman Thomas
Box: 37 Folder : 19 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Norman Thomas
Box: 37 Folder : 20 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Norman Thomas
Box: 37 Folder : 21 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Norman Thomas Centenary
Box: 37 Folder : 22 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Proposed Norman Thomas Documentary "In Praise of Difference"
Box: 37 Folder : 23 Fleischman, Harry-- Correspondence: Victor Reuther
Box: 37 Folder : 24 Fleischman, Harry-- Writings
1951, 1977-1978, 1985
Box: 37 Folder : 25 Fleischman, Harry-- Writings: Norman Thomas
Box: 37 Folder : 26 Fleischman, Harry-- Writings: "On the Left"
Box: 37 Folder : 27 Fleischman, Harry- Writings: "On the Left"
Box: 37 Folder : 28 Fleischman, Harry-- United States Information Agency "History of Socialism" Broadcasts
1950, 1963
Box: 37 Folder : 28 Fleischman, Natalie
Box: 38 Folder : 1 New York Friends Group
Box: 38 Folder : 2 Norman Thomas Centennial
Box: 38 Folder : 3 Norman Thomas Film Project
Box: 38 Folder : 4 Norman Thomas Film Project
1982, 1984-1986
Box: 38 Folder : 5 Norman Thomas Fund
Box: 38 Folder : 6 Norman Thomas Fund
Box: 38 Folder : 7 Norman Thomas High School
undated, 1971-1976
Box: 38 Folder : 8 Norman Thomas High School
Box: 38 Folder : 9 Norman Thomas High School
Box: 38 Folder : 10 Norman Thomas High School
Box: 38 Folder : 11 Norman Thomas Stamp Campaign
Box: 38 Folder : 12 Norman Thomas Testimonial Luncheon
Box: 38 Folder : 13 Spain-- Human Rights and Solidarity
Box: 38 Folder : 14 Thomas, Norman-- Articles About
1937, 1956, 1958, 1960
Box: 38 Folder : 15 Thomas, Norman-- Clippings
Box: 38 Folder : 16 Thomas, Norman-- Clippings
Box: 38 Folder : 17 Thomas, Norman-- Clippings
Box: 38 Folder : 18 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 19 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 20 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 21 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 22 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 23 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 24 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 25 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 26 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
1951, 1954-1956
Box: 38 Folder : 27 Thomas, Norman-- Correspondence
Box: 38 Folder : 28 Thomas, Norman-- Dominican Republic (Free Elections)

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Series II: Photographs and Ephemera, 1905-1989

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 39 Folder : 1 Badges, Pins
Box: 39 Folder : 2 Children
Box: 39 Folder : 3 East Coast Farmworker Support Network: Executive Board Meeting (Puerto Rico)
Jan 1989
Box: 39 Folder : 4 Eugene Debs: Portraits
1919, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 5 Harry Fleischman: Ephemera
Box: 39 Folder : 6 Harry Fleischman: Photo Album
Dec 6, 1964
Box: 39 Folder : 7 Harry Fleischman: Portraits
1955-1977, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 8 Labor Exhibits and Displays
Box: XOS003 Folder : 1 Miscellaneous Ephemera (Oversize)
Box: 39 Folder : 9 Miscellaneous Photographs
late 1930s - 1978
Box: 39 Folder : 10 Negatives
Box: 39 Folder : 11 Negatives [Poor Condition]
Box: 39 Folder : 12 Norman Thomas: Ephemera
1982-1983, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 13 Norman Thomas: Graphics
Box: XOS003 Folder : 2 Norman Thomas: Oversize Photographs (I)
Box: XOS003 Folder : 3 Norman Thomas: Oversize Photographs (II)
Box: 39 Folder : 14 Norman Thomas: Photo Album
Box: 39 Folder : 15 Norman Thomas: Photo Album "As A Young Man"
1905, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 16 Norman Thomas: Round-the-World Trip
Box: 39 Folder : 17 Norman Thomas: Round-the-World Trip (Postcards)
Box: 39 Folder : 18 Norman Thomas and Family (I)
1906-1981, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 19 Norman Thomas and Family (II)
1906-1981, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 20 Norman Thomas High School Celebration
Box: 39 Folder : 21 Norman Thomas High School Dedication
Box: OS008 Folder : 1 Norman Thomas High School Photo Album
Flat-file: 1 Drawer : 8 Oversize Photographs and Displays
Box: 39 Folder : 22 Portraits (Miscellaneous)
early 1940s-1954, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 23 Slides
Box: 39 Folder : 24 Stickers
Box: 39 Folder : 25 Unidentified Photo Album
Box: 39 Folder : 26 Unidentified Events
1960, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 27 United Press International Photos (Used)
1941-1965, undated
Box: 39 Folder : 28 Young People's Socialist League Armbands
Box: 39 Folder : 29 Workers: On the Job
Box: 39 Folder : 30 Workers: Striking
Box: 39 Folder : 31 Workers: Summer School

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