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Container List

Container 1     Title Date
Box: 1 BOX 1:

Scope and Content Note


Box focuses on organizations and activities which SLAM! participated in and worked with. The contents are mostly fliers and brief literature. Many of the files include only one item referencing an event or affiliated organization. The files are in careful alphabetical order and are clearly labeled; however there does not appear to be a chronological order.

1 Institute for Anarchist Studies

2 All-African People's Revolutionary Party

3 Allianza Dominicana

4 Chicago Alzheimer's Association (appears to be unopened letter containing seals or address labels)

5 ACLU-NY (NY-CLU)-focusing on Civil Rights, Matthew Shepherd, and NYPD attacks

6 AFL-CIO Organizing Institute

7 Amnesty International

8 Anarchist Panther

9 Anthony Baez Foundation

10 ARA (Anti-Racist Action)

11 ASIAN (Santa Barbara, CA) (Asian Sisters (and Brothers for) Ideas in Action Now)

12 Asian-American Left Forum

13 Asian American Arts Alliance: Asian American Film Festival, Asian American Writers' Workshop

14 Asians for Mumia: Yu Kikumura

15 Asian Pacific Islander Force (San Francisco) Newsletter (possibly produced by a group called Asian Pacific Islanders for Community Empowerment, publishing group not clear)

16 Asian Revolution Circle

17 Association for Union Democracy: Union Democracy Review (New York City)

18 Audre Lorde Project

19 AWOL Hip Hop Magazine

20 Big Red Media

21 Black August

22 Black Liberation Army (Message to the Movement)

23 Black Classic Press (catalog)

24 Black Masks

25 Black Panther Collective

26 Black Radical Congress

27 BLU Magazine

28 Brecht Forum

29 The Brotherhood

30 The Central Labor Council (Queens College)

31 CCO (The Center for Campus Organizing): Infusion

32 Center for Constitutional Rights

33 Chiapas Media Project (Chicago)

34 CSWA (Chinese Staff and Workers Association)

35 Christian Right

36 Citizen Soldier

37 CCNY Pan-African Student Association

38 City-Wide Coalition to Remove Giuliani

39 Chicago Misc. (Miscellaneous)

40 Collision Course (San Francisco Video Resource)

41 Columbia Media Project

42 Color Lines

43 Committee (1998 San Francisco)

44 CAAAV (Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence)

45 Committee for Workers' Self-Defense

46 Committee to End the Marion Lockdown (Chicago)

47 CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)

48 Community Service Society of New York

49 Community Voices Heard

50 CHHANGE (Conscious Hip Hop Activism Necessary (for Global Change and) Empowerment

51 Corporations Attack

52 Critical Resistance (San Francisco Resource)

53 December 12th Movement

54 Democracy Teach-In

55 Democratic Socialists of America

56 Drum Queenz

57 DOA: Stolen Legacy: Daughters of Africa

58 DuBois-Bunche Center for Public Policy

59 Earth Driver

60 East Timor Action Network

61 El Puente

62 Estacion Libre

63 Families with a Future (San Francisco, CA)

64 Fight Back (Minn./Wis./Chicago)

65 Filipino Workers' Center

66 FIST: Forever in Struggle Together

67 Free Burma

68 Free Nigeria Movement

69 Freedom Socialists

70 Gabriela Network

71 Global Exchange (San Francisco)

72 Hispanic Young People's Alternative

73 Hong Kong CIC (Christian Industrial Committee)

74 Housing and Tenant

75 Howard Event/Groups

76 Immigrant/Sweat Shops

77 Prisons for Profit

78 Independent Progressive Politics Network

79 Indy Media Center

80 Infact. Boston

81 Institute for Multiracial Justice (San Francisco)

82 IAC (International Action Center)

83 ISO (frowning smile face) International Socialist Organization

84 Jericho Movement

85 John Brown 2000

86 Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

87 Just Act

88 Kensington Welfare Rights Union

89 Korea Exposure and Education Program (KEEP)

Box: 2 BOX 2:

Scope and Content Note


Contains non-archival binders and materials related to political concerns of SLAM, mostly (notably Mumia). Also has some grant proposals and other SLAM organizational paperwork. Newspapers are included and reference SLAM's activities.

1 Binder

MUMIA: Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

2 Binder

MUMIA: Youth Task Force

3 Loose

SLAM Literature/Flyers

Media Contacts

4 North Star Fund

letter/application for funding

5 SLAM Stuff

minutes, grant proposals, other paperwork


Newspaper, Sept .2002 #5

7 War At Home

8 Mumia Abu Jamal Publications

Briefing paper on the Case of Mumia Abu Jamal

Justice for Mumia

Voice of the Voiceless: the Case of Mumia Abu Jamal

Resource Book on the Case of Mumia Abu Jamal

Fighting for Justice: The Case of Mumia Abu Jamal

9 Hunter Envoy 1997-1998

10 Hunter Envoy 1998-1999

11 Hunter Envoy 1999-2000

12 Hunter Envoy 2000-2001

13 Hunter Envoy 2001-2002

14 Hunter Envoy 2002-2003

15 Loose

Fighting For Our lives (pamphlet)

16 Binder

Mumia Abu Jamal (pamphlets): How to Promote Cause

17 Binder


List/history of funders/backers

Box: 3 BOX 3:

Scope and Content Note


1 Unlabeled folder

Disorderly Control

Unlabeled folder [1960s anti-war material]

Loose paper [CUNY student organization material]

Unlabeled folder [Anti-capitalism pamphlets]

2 Security Training '02

3 Paper Analysis

4 Loose paper [Political education workshop]

5 Unlabeled folder

Outreach Faxes for Soul Signups

Outreach Faxes for Soul Training

USG Officers

Summer School Registration

Soul/Islam Letter

Soul Summer

Soulslam Contact List

Letter to Summer Participants

6 Unlabeled folder [Activism 101 materials]

Packet for Students

Research + Messaging

Outreach Workshop: Activism 101 May 2001

Evaluation Activism 101 May 20001 Contact Work

Completed Evaluations Activism 101 May 2001

7 Unlabeled folder [Activism 101 materials]

Letters to Professors/Activism 101

Action Plan: Student Activism 101

Introduction to Student Activism 101 May 2001


Workshop Info

SLAM! SRC Media Action Collective

SLAM! Video Action Collective

Media Contact Lists

8 Unlabeled binder [Fall 2001 curriculum]

9 Organizing #3 Member Development

10 Completed Eval. Struggle of CUNY

11 Org. 101 #9 Race, Class, Gender + Sexuality

12 Org. 101 #3 Member Development

13 Org. 101 #4 Leadership Development

14 Org. 101 #5 Building Orgs

15 Org. 101 #1 Intro to Organizing

16 Rev. 101 White Supremacist

17 Org. 101 #9 Race, Class + Gender

18 Organizing 101 #8 Tactics

19 Org. 101 #7 Campaign Dev.

20 Org. #6 Power Analysis

21 Afghanistan History/Training 2001

22 Direct Action Stuff

23 Revolutionary Process

24 Revolution + Counter Rev. Strategy

25 Worksheet Capitalism Session #1

26 Diagram Session #1 Capitalism

27 Worksheet: Capitalism Session #1 Wage Exploit.

28 Soul Political Education Framework

29 SLAM's Heterosexism Training Readings

30 Unlabeled folder

Proposal for a SLAM! Documentary

Mass Lie + Cobra [?]

Intercession Training '02

Organizing Tools for SLAM!

SLAM! Agendas

Outreach Training Stuff

31 Accounting Reports

32 Unlabeled folder

Budget-Salaries-Summer 1999

Unlabeled folder [CUNY admission policy]

Journal/Publication Center 2002

SRC Evaluation Fall 2002-Sp. 2003

SLAM! P.E. [Political Education]

Imperialism 101

Masked Racism

33 Revolution 101 Reading List

34 Readings

35 Rev. 101 Complete Curriculum

36 Loose paper [Student resource center]

37 Unlabeled folder [Article: "Elements of a Successful Camera/Documentary Training Message"]

38 Media Training

39 Computer Training Info

40 DV/Video Resources

41 Street Theatre/Workshops

Box: 4 BOX 4:

Scope and Content Note


This box contains many folders of literature used for "political education," where members read academic articles and discussed these topics at regular meetings. There are also several groupings of newspapers produced by organizations SLAM! worked with or Hunter College. There are also some programs and literature for causes SLAM! supported, but these tend to be much more in-depth, such as conference agendas. Additionally, there are a couple folders containing literature and a collection of emails related to the literature or cause the literature discusses. These materials tend to be clearly associated with the 1990's, but there are a few from the early 2000's.


2 Roisin McAliskey Press Packet

3 CUNY-wide Open Admissions

4 WE-DO: Women's Environment Development Organization

5 UN Commission on Status of Women

6 Committee to Protect Journalists/International Press Freedom Awards

7 A Citizen's Guide to the WTO/Anarchist Panthers emails on this subject

8 Chiapas (Mexican)/Anarchist Panthers emails on this subject

9 Anarchist Panthers/Estacion Libre emails on this subject

10 Violence Against Women: subfolder on Genital Mutilation

11 Sweatshops

12 Welfare Reform

13 Reproductive Freedom

14 Amnesty International

15 CCO (Center for Campus Organizing) Organizing Packets

16 Deep Dish TV (TV/education in prisons)

17 Police Brutality--NYC (resistance guide)

18 Police Brutality--National

19 Misc. Resouces (press releases, minutes, forms, info, applications—mostly seemed to be SLAM! Specific, but this was their title)

20 Attraction/Sexuality (this folder is all academic articles, appears to be part of their "political education" effort to educate their members)

21 Newspapers from the 1990s (Love and Rage, Infusion, Hunter Envoy)

22 SLAM! Spring Action Camp (fliers protesting war—appears to be Iraq?)

23 Workshops 2003

24 Autonomy, Solidarity and Revolutionary Dual Power; Central Europeanism Extra-Electoralism (articles)

25 Afrikan National Ujamaa--Intelligence Gathering Program

26 Brecht Drum Newsletter

27 Body Image/Sexuality (articles)

28 Black Panther Collective Newsletters

29 Homosexuality (Listing of Events and Resources produced by an organization/resource center based in NYC)

Box: 5 BOX 5:

Scope and Content Note


Box contains non-archival binders and materials related to workshops and programming put on by SLAM for various topics of interest.

1 Strategic planning

Workshop: empty


Misc: empty

Completed evaluation: empty

2 White Supremacy

Workshop outlines


misc: empty

completed evaluation

loose documents

loose correspondence

3 Minutes SLAM composition book

4 Rally Security/Marshall Training



Loose: NYCPD Disorder Control Guidelines

Miscellaneous: empty

Completed Evaluations: empty

5 Reform & Revolution



Miscellaneous: empty

Completed Evaluations: empty

6 Safety & Security

Workshop: empty



Completed Evaluations: empty

7 Sexuality

Workshop: empty



Completed Evaluations: empty

8 The State



Miscellaneous: empty

Completed Evaluations: empty

9 Membership Development

Workshop: empty


Miscellaneous: empty

Completed Evaluations: empty

10 Organization Development

Workshop: empty


Miscellaneous: empty

Completed Evaluations: empty

11 Our Histories



Miscellaneous: empty

Completed Evaluations: empty

12 Palestine

Workshop: empty


Miscellaneous some articles on history of conflict

Completed Evaluations empty

13 Patriarchy

Workshop: empty



Completed Evaluations: empty

14 Power Analysis

Workshop: empty


Miscellaneous: empty

Completed Evaluations: empty

Leadership Development

Workshop: empty


Miscellaneous essay on leadership

Completed Evaluations: empty

15 Media

Workshop: empty



Completed Evaluations: empty

16 Medical Training

Workshop: empty



Completed Evaluations: empty

17 Imperialism




Completed Evaluations: empty

18 Introduction to Organization/Role of Organizer

Workshop: empty



Completed Evaluations

Loose flyer

19 Building People's Power: Race/Class in Organizing



Miscellaneous: empty

Completed Evaluations: empty

20 Capitalism


Handouts: empty

Miscellaneous flyers, definition sheet, exercises

Completed Evaluations

Loose outline of workshop

Capitalism: empty

Loose Capitalism Materialism Exercise

21 Loose:

Pamphlet on Civil Disobedience

Flyers/Safety Pamphlet

Notes on how to speak effectively

22 Unnamed

On Marxism essay on Marxism

23 SLAM strategic planning retreat January 2002 folder with outline and reading material

24 Unnamed Articles on LGBT

25 SLAM strategic planning retreat January 2002 outline and articles

26 SLAM strategic planning retreat January 2002 articles

27 Unnamed Red

Loose handout

unnamed "Cost of Privilege, White supremacy & struggle for national liberation and socialism

Worksheet: Male Supremacy Session 3

Worksheet: Patriarchy Session 3

Soul Lesson Plan #5: State and Revolution lesson outline

Worksheet: The State Session 5

Worksheet: Mao on Mass Line, Revolutionary Leadership, Applying Mass Line Session 6

Worksheet: Moving from Resistance to Revolutionary Leadership; Revolution Struggle

28 Loose

April 16-19 2003 Action Camp (flyers)

Box: 6 BOX 6:

Scope and Content Note


This box is largely composed of readings and materials for political education meetings. There are also several pamphlets relating to civil rights and photographic material, which may document injuries received while protesting the war in Iraq. There are also training materials for how to organize and materials to help members develop skills as organizers.

1) Invisible Government "A Prisoner"

2 WE Magazine articles on Asian American Image (not clear what WE stands for)

3) How and Why Police Spy on the Justice Movement (article)

4) Soul Workshop Manual 1999

5) Rock Bottom by James Forman (pamphlet)

6) Political Tool-Box for the Black Revolutionary (pamphlet)

7) Maintaining in Babylon by SNCC (pamphlet)

8) Leading, Strategizing, and Teaching in the Black Power Movement (pamphlet)

9) Lest We Forget by Black Liberation Army (pamphlet)

10 Nationalism, Colonialism, and the United State: 1 minute to 12-- A Forum Sponsored by the Liberation Committee for Africa

11 Unlabeled, film and negatives depicting body parts, which appear to have bruises but the color photos have faded somewhat. NY Times headlines about Iraq are photographed, often held up next to the images of the bruises.

12) Sheet with organizing terminology, unlabeled

13) Priorities for the media committee of SLAM! (also not in a folder)

14) Soul: School of Unity and Liberation

15) The Struggle at CUNY: Open Admissions and Civil Rights

16 Questions and Readings on Theories: Marxism, Malcolm X (part of political education)

17) Soul Training: School Unity Training for Trainers Manual

18) On Campus: (big accordion folder with subfolders):

19 Namalia (color newsletter, articles about protests and fact sheets on minorities)

20 Events (outreach, guides and forms for events/protests)

21 Political Education (also a big accordion folder): readings on issues and theories, workshops, quotes, poetry, community organizing, attendance sheets, campaign organizing, fair tax/campaign organizers, police brutality, memorandum of understanding

22 "How to Smell Bullshit" (political education reading with a similar title, this is the actual title on the folder)

23 Political Education (activisim on the death penalty, state, communities)

24 Student Resource Center Voucher Record 1999-2000 (these are expense records and accounts)

Box: 7 BOX 7:

Scope and Content Note


1) SLAM '04' Leftover Retreat Stuff

2) Loose paper [Publications (Village Voice, NYC government, activist groups)]

3) HC Against Cuts 2002

4) SLAM! Proposals 2001-2002

5) SLAM Planning Retreat

6) Pello's Retreat Folder

7) SLAM Program

8) Unlabeled folder [CUNY budget cuts]

9) Unlabeled folder [CUNY budget cuts]

10) Unlabeled folder [History of leftism]

11) Unlabeled folder [SLAM organizing pamphlet]

12) USG Constitution

13) Student Loans

14) Aspect Foundation

15) Insurance [Allstate pamphlet]

16) Strategic Planning [empty]

17) Fly Emails

18) Unlabeled folder [CUNY admissions policy]

19) Unlabeled folder [SLAM pamphlet]

20) Unlabeled folder [9/11 survivor story]

21) Unlabeled folder [Brief history of SLAM]

22) Unlabeled folder [First issue of SLAM newsletter]

23) Unlabeled folder [Z Magazine]

24) Unlabeled folder [Anti-Iraq War pamphlet]

25) Loose papers [Brief history of SLAM]

26) SLAM Class Rap 2001: [sample]

27) Diagrams Role of the Organizer Organizing 101

28) SLAM Work + Evaluation Spring 2002

29) Original Flyers for Election (Finished Copy)

30) Petition + Database 2003

31) Unlabeled folder [E-mail lists for chapter liaisons]

32) HCARW-Petition

33) Student Resource Center Event Information (Completed)

34) P.E./Training [Political Education] Sp. 2003

35) HCAWR 2001-2002

36) Third World Within

37) Parliamentary Procedure Stuff

38) SLAM Strategic Planning Retreat January 2002

39) Capitalism 2002

40) Emails Events

41) Panel Symposium

42) Tap and CUNY Stuff

43) Orientation for New Members

44) Consensus Process

45) NY Health

46) Media/Editing Projects

47) SLAM Woman 2001-2002

48) Newsletter 2002

49) Kaplan Stuff

50) Headz Up [Photoshop]

51) Blank Evaluations [workshop]

52) SLAM Retreat 2002

53) Viking Order [publisher]

54) Hunter Endowment

55) Political Education and Training

56) Working Group [contacts]

57) Unseen Shadows Talent Showcase Participation Form

58) Letter to Nefertiti [correspondence]

59) Sat. [Saturday] School Sign In April 6 2002

60) Publications Styles

61) Class Rap April 30th 2002

62) Professional Staff Congress of CUNY: [budget 2003]

63) Researching Materials [funding how-to]

64) Computer Video Equipment

65) E-mails

66) Notes [events]

67) SLAM Bylaws

68) SLAM Brochure [empty]

69) Campaign 2003

70) Unlabeled folder [petition, Lil Davenport]

71) Hiring Stuff 2002 [interview]

72) Interviews Feb 27 Feb 28

73) SLAM Statement Against War

74) SLAM Open House Flyer

75) SLAM Training Organizing=How-to Outreaching

76) daspace [?] Emails [empty]

77) SLAM What We Stand For [empty]

78) Unlabeled Folder [Marxism and war article]

79) Budget General Spring 2000 [empty]

80) Budget Salaries Summer 2000

81) Budget Salaries Fall 1999

82) Budget General Fall 1999

83) Budget CA [College Association] Special

84) Budgets [2000]

85) POC Caucus/DA [Direct Action] Coalition

86) Hunter Coalition Against War and Racism

87) Hostos Protest

88) Unlabeled folder [Anti-Haitian sentiment among Dominicans]

89) Unlabeled folder [Budget request form 2000]

90) College Association Regulations

91) Encumbered Funds

92) Unlabeled folder [E-mail list, Spanish language materials]

Box: 8 BOX 8:

Scope and Content Note


This box contains more of the administrative material used by SLAM! including notes about planning, strategies, and public relations material. There are several folders of SLAM! retreat material, and there is also information relating to organizers and "trainers" who appear to be some sort of organizational leaders. The bulk of the box is still fliers, newspapers and political education materials. This box also has several books, negatives, and a CD-R which allegedly holds poster information.

1) Double Exposed Negatives on the Middle East (unlabeled)

2) Retreat Summer 2002

3) Designs (fliers)

4) Fall Semester" (fliers)

5) USG Caucus of E-Board (Outline/Agenda)

6) Headz Up WG (events listing)

7 Fliers (prisons, STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement))

8) Loose: Newspapers, Black Panthers

9) Libertad: Youth Action for Glbal Justice

10) Loose: Stop Budget Cuts Fliers

11) Loose: Hunter Envoy

12) SLAM! Structure

13) School of Unity and Liberation S. I.

14 Unlabeled red folder containing essay on CUNY Strikes "I don't Want to Be A Biscuit Babe"

15) SLAM! Retreat Folder January 2004

16) Ruckus Society

17) Racial Justice Day

18) October 22 Coalition (Police Brutality)

19 Prison Reform—includes notes covering folder on communities and general brainstorming for organization)

20) The Messenger—newspaper from the University of Harlem, loose, 3 copies

21) Independent Media Center of New York (newspaper)

22) "Mumia Misc."—includes articles on Mumia and Diallo

23 SLAM! Winter retreat 2004: "Time to Reclaim CUNY" (not clear if this is different from the January 2004 retreat), contents includes: "Education of Black Folk" (article), Open Admissions (article), giant poster-sized notepaper sheets with brainstorming notes

24) CUNY Spring Action Camp April 16-19, 2003—fliers, by-laws

25 Articles, unlabeled or loose: In the Ocupation of Palestine Open Admissions, Israel/Palestine Conflict, CUNY Admissions Information

26) Book—The Issue of Power by Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz

27) No War Budget SLAM! Campaign (loose)

28 Our Responsibilities and Our Tasks: 3 Month Strategy (this is SLAM!'s administrative material, loose)

29 Training for Trainer's Program Applications (loose, incl. donor John McCann's application)

30) Sexism 101 (political education, loose)

31) loose-fliers

32 Unlabeled file: SLAM! literature: Brief History of SLAM!, Verbal Warning Student Resource Center Correspondence (involving a staff member named Camille Adams who worked at and resigned from this place)

33 Unlabeled file: brainstorming sheets, by-laws, outreach/propaganda strategy, planning

34) Mumia article (loose)

35) Stolen Lives Project (killed by law enforcement)

36) STORM (see above for definition) fliers

37 Sparks Fly East ("women political prisoners"/"P.O.W." (prisoners of war) anthology)

38) SLAM! poster, etc. (this is the label on a CD-R in a jewel case)

39) Globalization in Our Front Yard (pamphlet)

40) The Other Israel (video)

Box: 9 BOX 9:

Scope and Content Note


Box contains non-archival binders and folders with material related to SLAM organizational and internal issues, press releases, media files, Mumia Abu-Jamal brochures, and information on Higher Education reform at the City University of New York. Inclusive Dates: 1989-2003. Bulk Dates: 2000-2003.

1 "Slam it Ain't so Hard for Me to Do It!"-c. Nov. 1999- March 2000-SLAM Correspondence, Minutes, Proposals

2 Media C.A.N.-c. 2000-2002-Information related to Press Lists, Press Releases/Media Advisories, Media Committees (contact info), Latest Faxes, Tools, and Events; R2K Media Stuff floppy disk; brochures; clippings, contact lists; benefit brochure; media information

3 SLAM Internal -c. 2002-Press Sign in sheet; committee retreat and magazine cut-out notes; training evaluation; New Member Recruitment Process; CUNY tuition hike material; Responsibilities and Tasks

4 (no title) [Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education Reform material]-c. 1994- 2001-Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education material (including CUNY, Mayor Giuiliani reforms, and the People's Coalition to Take Back Our Schools); meeting information; clippings; immunization information

5) (no title) [SLAM Documents and Retreat Work]-c. 2001-2002-See folder title

6 (no title) ["It's 5 Minutes to Midnight for Mumia" Brochure]-n.d.-See folder title

7) (no title) [Mumia Abu-Jamal brochures]-n.d.-See folder title

8) (no title) [Mumia Abu-Jamal brochures]-c. 2000-2001-See folder title

9) (no title) [Mumia Abu-Jamal brochures]-c. 2000-See folder title

10) Correspondence-c. 2003-Correspondence; essays; articles

11 2003 Anti-War, Anti-Cuts-c. 2002-2003-Brochures, articles, essays, and clippings related to anti-war and anti-budget cuts

12 CUNY Issues-c. 1992-2003-Brochures, articles, committee reports, essays related to CUNY Issues (including civil rights and admission standards)

13 (no title) [Higher Education Reform and Strike information] -c. 1989-2003-Essays; strike information; higher education notes

14 Struggle for CUNY-c. 1989-2003-Information on workshops, handouts, miscellaneous material, and evaluation information related to CUNY Reforms on Higher Education

Box: 10 BOX 10:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 10

*original folder title (as taken from folder) underlined

Abstract: The content in this box is presumably related to the "Little Red Study Group" conducted by SLAM!. Most folders contain Xeroxed copies of articles and book chapters related to a given topic of discussion. Some information about SLAM! fundraising and trade marking is included.

1) Communist 'Festo – book chapter Xerox, article Xerox (1998)

2) Wealth Fare – article Xerox

3) Workfare / Slave Labor – pamphlet (9/1996)

4) Commodities, Capital – book chapter Xerox (1977)

5) Political Economy Wkst. - worksheet

6) Political Economy Wkst. – answer key

7) Racism / Whiteness - empty

8) Scientific Socialism- article Xerox

9) Socialism / Solidarity – Solidarity pamphlets (Xerox), 1991-1997

10) The Site of Class – article Xerox

11 Race / Racism – article Xerox, Journal of Negro Education 1995, Rethinking Schools 1994

12) Lockdown USA – book chapter Xerox

13) State and Revolution – articles Xerox, book chapter Xerox

14 Malcolm X – website Xerox (Malcolm X Cultural Education Center 1992), book chapter Xerox

15) Mumia Curric. – proposed curriculum

16) Soul Manuals, Etc. – correspondence (Soul Project, Feb. 2000)

17) Soul/ Study Asses. – study group assessment (June 1999)

18 Little Red Study¬ – self assessments, meeting agenda June 1999, article/book chapter Xerox

19) Imperialism 101 – article Xerox

20) Women – Korea History – article Xerox

21) Black Feminism – meeting agenda Jan. 1997, article Xerox

22) Patriarchy pro & con – articles Xerox

23) Women's History – article Xerox

24) Asian Feminism – article Xerox

25 Nationalism, Little Red Study Group – agenda for discussion (Ap. 1999), article Xerox

26) Nationalism – article Xerox

27) Nationalism - article Xerox (Oct. 1981)

28) Nationalism – (same as folder 27)

29) Nationalism / Farrakhan – article Xerox

30) Lenin: On the Nat. Quest. – tract, article Xerox

31) The State – article Xerox

32) The State Wksht. – study group questionnaire (June 1999)

33) The State Lit. – article Xerox

34) The State / African Anarchism – article Xerox

35) The State / Anarchism - article Xerox

36) The State / Pol. Brot. First. Wkshop. - article Xerox

37) Feminist Theory - article Xerox

38) Heterosexism - article Xerox

39) Feminism - article Xerox

40 Nationalism Oppression. FRSO. - article Xerox, Paul Robeson centennial pamphlet (1998), Freedom Road pamphlet (1991)

41) New Glossary – Revolutionary Political Dictionary pamphlet Xerox

42) Civil Rights - article Xerox (1977)

43) Bla. - article Xerox, Black Liberation Army political statement

44) Bla. – pamphlet Xerox (black anarchism)

45) Bla. – pamphlet (Dhoruba Moore 1986), article Xerox

46) Bla. Shakur Assata – empty

47) Cointelpro - article Xerox, pamphlet

48) H. Rap Brown - article Xerox (Apr. 2000)

49) Chicano – pamphlets

50) Puerto Rico – pamphlet, article computer printout

51) Amilcar Cabral - article Xerox

52) Philippines - article Xerox

53) Asian Am. Timeline - article Xerox, historical timeline

54) Organization Lit. – pamphlet Xerox

55) Newleft - article Xerox

56 New Youth Movement – pamphlet (Progressive Student Network), article Xerox

57) Ethnic Studies - article Xerox, pamphlet

58) University factory - article Xerox

59) 20th Century Hist. Curric. –syllabus (spring 1995)

60) On Contradiction - article Xerox (with personal notes)

61) Dialectics Plp. - article Xerox

62) Dialectics Wkst. – questionnaire (March 1999)

63) Massline – agenda for discussion (12/1998)

64) On Practice - article Xerox

65) Massline Wksht. – questionnaire

66) Ruckus Media – pamphlet, article Xerox

67) Conflict Resolution - article Xerox

68) Accountability: Midwest Academy - article Xerox

69 Radical Psychiatry – tract ("The Resistance" June 1968), article computer printout

70) Oppression - article Xerox

71) Organizing Packet - article Xerox

72 Fundraising – correspondence (Dec. 1994-July 1999), agenda for retreat (Aug. 1999, budget (no date)

73) Trademarking – booklet (US Patent & Trademark Office)

74) Asian Translation – list of translation agencies

75) Center for Campus Organizing Model – agenda (Sept. 1999)

76) CCO fact sheets – fact sheets

77) Media CCO – guide for campus alternative journalists

78) Misc. Lit. - article Xerox

79) Film Resistance – agenda & calendar for Films of Resistance series (no date)

80) Freedom Roads Lit. - article computer printout

Box: 11 BOX 11:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 11

*original folder title (as taken from folder) underlined

Abstract: The content in this box relates to strategic planning and logistics of the organization, the Activism 101 workshop (Apr. 2001), and the HSOP program.

1 LAM! Strategic Planning - minutes (Feb 2000-Aug 2001), by-laws, article / Xerox, programs, Sept. 2000 retreat agenda, list of 2000-2001 projects, S.T.O.R.M. constitution

2 Logistics for April 30, 2002 -correspondence, memorandum (Apr. 2002), City of New York Parks & Recreation Special Event Permit (#7148, Rally, Union Square)

3 Tech. Production Team Fall 2000 - School Organizing Program (HSOP) curriculum, student work -program calendar (Fall 2000), correspondence (Oct. 2000), College & High school organizing Program (article / Xerox, contact list)

4 Activism 101 Workshop (Apr. 2001) -brochure, calendar, handout, personal notes, lesson plan, correspondence

5 [Loose paper in hanging file] - correspondence (Dec., 1996- June 2000), articles / Xerox, pamphlet, personal essay (2000), subjects: sweatshops, corrections, campus democracy, patriot act, black nationalism

6 SLAM! – articles / Xerox (1999-2003), subject: student organization, CUNY, Pataki NYS budget

7 [loose paper] – article / Xerox (2001-2004), mission statement, correspondence (Apr. 2003), fact sheet, chapters/ Xerox, subject: Palestine, Iraq, Assata Shakur, African People's Socialist Party

Box: 12 BOX 12:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 12

Box contains non-archival binders, folders, and loose paper with material related to the Mumia Youth Task Force, organizational history, and brochures and clippings related to activism on several issues (such as Higher Education reform, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and police brutality.) Inclusive Dates: 1991-2003. Bulk Dates: 2000-2002.

1 Events Planning-2000-Mumia Youth Task Force- Lesson Plan and Attendance logs

2 Outreach Team, Fall 2000-c. 2000-2001-Mumia Youth Task force lesson plans, internship information, calendar, student information, attendance logs, evaluation materials, student essays; criminal injustice material; Mumia Abu-Jamal-related material

3 (No title or folder) [Brochures, Clippings, Fact Sheets]-1998-1999 (bulk of Clippings from June and July, 1999)-SLAM brochures on police brutality and by-laws; multiple copies of clippings on various topics such as Higher Education reform (including Mayor Giuliani proposal and Herman Badillo support for higher tuition)and CUNY limits on remedial students; multiple copies of Center for Economic and Social Rights facts sheets on Palestinian Refugees

4 Old Welcome Packet-[c. 1991-2002]-Organizational history; Timeline of SLAM activist events against CUNY 1969-2002; SLAM events list, September-October; Ronald B. McGuire essay on struggles at CUNY, 1991)

5 (no title) [Mumia Abu-Jamal material, SLAM Brochures and Event Timeline against CUNY]-c. 1999-2003-"Free Mumia" material; brochures (on police brutality and tuition hikes); Timeline of SLAM activist events against CUNY 1969-2002

6 (no title or folder) [Clippings]-c. 1998-2000-Photocopies of clippings on Education Reform, CUNY Remedial Student Reform, tuition hikes, and police brutality against protestors

7 (no title) [Miscellaneous Clippings and Articles]-c. 1998-2002-Photocopies of Clippings and Articles on various topics, including City College, African Liberation Day, Public Schools, Higher Education, Racism, Drug Money, Mumia Abu-Jamal protests and material, Anti-War, Islam, Black Panthers, Women's Rights, Tuition Hikes, Civil Liberties, Arab Nationalism, Police Brutality, Imperialism, and Will Villainova

8 Envoy Articles-December 4, 2001-February 5, 2002-The Envoy (Student Voice of Hunter College) Articles, Vol. 57, Nos. 6 and 7

9 (no title) [Clippings and CUNY Proposal]-1998-2000-New Admission Criteria proposal at CUNY and Clippings on Police Brutality and Higher Education Reform

Box: 13 BOX 13:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 13

Box contains non-archival binders, folders, and loose paper with material relating to the SLAM High School Organizing Program and Internship of 2000-2001, including technological information, program planning, and the binder of Sandra Barros, the Program Coordinator. Inclusive and Bulk Dates: 1999-2001.

1 Production Team, Fall 2000-2000-2001-The Ruckus Society material; SLAM High School Organizing Program and internship information, including curriculum, lesson plans, calendar, student information, attendance logs, and evaluation materials; Mumia Abu-Jamal-related material

2 Alex Zambelli-c. 2000-2001-Student binder; SLAM High School Organizing Program Tech Production internship material (including storyboard, camera shots, and technical information)

3 Louis Feliciano-[c. 2000-2001]-Student binder; SLAM High School Organizing Program Tech Production internship material (including storyboard, camera shots, and technical information)

4 (no title) [Sandra Barros's Student Internship Binder]-[c.2000-2001]-Material related to SLAM High School Organizing Program internship (including budgets, space reservation, correspondence, proposals, job descriptions, attendance forms, mission and vision, notes, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School and School for the Physical City portfolio)

5 Youth Rising-c. 1999-2000-SLAM High School Organizing Program Internship information (including curriculum, lesson plans, calendar, student information, attendance, evaluation forms, guidelines, and "miscellaneous forms"); Mumia Abu-Jamal clippings and material

6 Student Information, Fall 2000-2000-2001-SLAM High School Organizing Program Internship information (including calendar, attendance, and tech production lists)

7 Evaluations, Fall 2000-Spring 2001-2000-2001-SLAM High School Organizing Program internship information (including correspondence, tech production lists, program evaluations, student evaluations, and facilitator evaluations)

8 (no title) [Weekly Planner and SLAM High School Organizing Program planning]-1999-Weekly Planner; SLAM High School Organizing Program planning (including curriculum plans, operational expenses, and research report); Anarchist Panther brochure

9 Eric-[c. 2000-2001]-SLAM brochures on police brutality and by-laws; multiple copies of clippings on various topics, especially Higher Education reform (including Mayor Giuliani proposal and Herman Badillo support for higher tuition)and CUNY limits on remedial students; multiple copies of Center for Economic and Social Rights facts sheets on Palestinian Refugees

10 High School Organizing Committee-1999-SLAM High School Organizing Program planning (including contact lists, minutes, flyers and propaganda, action plans, organizing tools, research, and minutes)

11 (no title or folder) [SLAM High School Organizing Program planning]-2000-SLAM High School Organizing Program planning (including reports, correspondence, questionnaire, and lesson plans)

12 HSOP Political Education: Fall 99 Unit 2-1999-SLAM High School Organizing Program planning (including internship guidelines, and logs)

Box: 14 BOX 14:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 14

Box includes personal files of SLAM leaders (especially Sandra Barros and Peuo Tuy), including handwritten meeting minutes and to-do lists, organization proposals and beliefs, leaders' correspondence, materials for High School Organizing Program, and member contact information.

23 folders (February 1999-January 2004)

1 "SLAM High School Organizing Program Fall 2000" (Oct-Nov 2000): High School Organizing Program [HSOP] minutes, budgets, lesson plans, Sandra Barros

2 HSOP 1999 cirriculum" (Sept-Dec 1999): student internship evaluations, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School [FLHFHS]

3 Untitled purple folder (May 2000-May 2001): Critical Resistance East conference, Mumia brochure, Security Council on Israel information, HSOP script

4 untitled black binder (April 1999-Feb 2000): Eastside SLAM internship, poetry, program calendar, chart of participants, lesson plans

5 untitled red binder (October 2000): HSOP, objectives, FLHFHS, program calendar

6 "Special Project" (Nov 1999-Jun 2000): meeting minutes, handwritten notes, proposals, completed questionnaires

7 Untitled purple folder (Aug 1999-Aug 2000): proposals, Direct Action Coalition, meeting plans, retreat plans, organization chart, drafts

8 untitled blue folder (c. Jan 2004): strategies, policies, articles about power

9 "Lanina's SLAM Work Journal" (c. Nov 2001-Jan 2002): meeting notes, to do lists

10 "SLAM Summer 2002" (Jun-Oct 2002): Peuo Tuy's spiral notebook of notes, agendas, lists

11 "Work Plan SLAM 2002" (Feb-Apr 2002): Peuo Tuy's spiral notebook of notes, ideas, speaking points, appointments

12 "Work Plan 2002-2003" (Sept 2002-Jan 2003): Peuo Tuy's spiral notebook of notes, schedules

13 "SLAM Notes Autum in the ghetto!" (Sept 2002-Apr 2003): Peuo Tuy's spiral notebook of notes, schedules, plans, goals

14 "Peuo Tuy Spring in the ghetto 2003" (Nov 2000-Mar 2001): Peuo Tuy's spiral notebook of notes, to do lists, member policies

15 "SLAM minutes Fall 2002 Spring 2003" (Oct 2002-Jan 2004): composition book of handwritten meeting minutes

16 "SLAM Peuo one-on-one evaluations feedback" (Jul 2001-Sept 2003): Peuo Tuy's notebook of evaluation notes, meeting notes, to do lists

17 "SLAM Notes: Mtgs/Minutes" (Aug 2001-Oct 2002): composition book of mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, notes, goals

18 stack of loose documents (Feb 1999-Jul 2002): retreat plans, minutes, emails, constitution, multiple copies of May 21, 2001 meeting minutes

19 "Program evaluation fall 2000-spring 2001" (Sept 1999-Oct 2000): strategy proposal, organization ideas, timelines, memos/emails

20 "Professionals for nonprofits" (Jul-Aug 2001): yellow memopad of meeting minutes, to do lists

21 "Follow-up calls" (Sept-Oct 2000): meeting minutes and agendas, brochure, emails, ideas

22 "Noel" (Oct 2000-Apr 2002): correspondence, goals, Mumia, meeting minutes

23 untitled folder: multiple copies of "SLAM sample CLASS rap", organization documents, retreat documents

Box: 15 BOX 15:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 15

Box includes personal files of SLAM leaders (especially Rachel LaForest and Kai Barrow), including grant and fundraising documents, meeting minutes, questionnaires, employment records for Valery Jean, brochures, and organization proposals and beliefs.

31 folders (March 1997-2003)

1 "North Star" (1998-Oct 2000): correspondence; Rachel LaForest; North Star Foundation annual fund reports, agreements, and newsletters; SLAM High School Organizing Program summary

2) "Membership": list of pros/cons, staff volunteer bios

3) "End the Occupation Free Palestine!": SLAM propaganda packet, fact sheets

4) "End the Occupation Free Palestine!": SLAM propaganda packet, fact sheets

5 "Employment Records" (Jun 1997-May 2001): Valery Jean, grant letters, Kai Barrow letter of resignation May 2001

6 "Funding Tips" (Feb 1999): pamphlet from fundraising seminar, journal reprints, committee documents, Major Donor program

7) "Internal Surveys" (c. 1999-2000): questionnaires (completed and blank)

8) "Funding Resources" (Jun 1998-Apr 1999): web printouts, brochures

9 "SASA's Retreat Folder" (1997-2003): retreat plans, Ashokan Campus, game ideas, puzzles

10 "Minutes HCAWR" (Jul-Dec 2001): composition book of notes, lists, rules, agendas

11 "Legal Material" (Jul 2000-Mar 2001): correspondence, Aspect Foundation, New York Foundation, Hazen Foundation, Active Element Foundation, Tides Foundation, brochure

12 "Funders Collaborative" (Feb-May 2001): North Star Foundation 2000 and 2001 annual reports

13 "Letters of Rec" (1999): correspondence, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, National Congress on Puerto Rican Rights

14) "SI" (c. Mar 2001): SLAM structure, bylaws, programs

15 "Minutes" (Mar 1997-Jul 2000): minutes, "old budgets", proposals, plans, programs, drafts, bylaws

16 "SLAM staff" (c. 2002-2003): brochures, floppy disk, correspondence, agenda, notes, minutes

17) "New Member Orientation": brochures, new student information

18) "Know Your Rights": article, legal information

19 "How to Run Meetings: Membership Development": meeting minutes, articles, legal notes

20) "SLAM Internal Proposal" (Jun 2002): proposals, structure, lists

21) "SLAM Proposals" (c. 2001): proposals

22 stack of loose documents (c. 2001): proposals, CUNY Citygroup, campaign proposals

23) "SLAM Internal Legal Services" (c. 1997): Ron MacGuire

24) "SLAM Internal Impeachment/Security Issues" (1998)

25) "Icebreakers": SLAM brochures, ice breakers

26) "SLAM Retreat '03" (c. 2003): retreat plans, documents

27) untitled folder (c. 1999): meeting minutes

28) stack of loose documents: articles, agendas, proposals

29) "SLAM Internal Minutes" (c. 2002): minutes

30) "Hiring Process": notes

31) "Hiring Committee": list, notes

Box: 16 BOX 16:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 16

*original folder title (as taken from folder) underlined

Abstract: The content in this box relates to SLAM! fundraising and organizational miscellanea (grant applications, media contacts, etc.).

1 Fundraising – Aspect foundation, Active Element, North Star Fund, correspondence (2000-2001), letters of recommendation (1999-2000), Grant application (June 2000)

2 SLAM shit – agenda, correspondence (Oct. 2000), S.T.O.R.M. constitution, contact list

3) Fund For the City – Application (Aug. 2000)

4) Sample proposals – article / Xerox, correspondence (2000)

5) Contact Lists (2000-2001)

6) SGOU – contacts

7) [loose paper] –article / Xerox (Nov. 2000)

8 Media R2K Aug. 1 – media contacts, press releases, press advisories , media committee information, correspondence (2000), articles / Xerox

9 [loose paper] organizational chart, agenda (copy), periodical, miscellaneous copies

10) [no title] article / Xerox, subject: capitalism, imperialism

11) [loose] book (Sikhan), pamphlet, periodical, article / Xerox

12) [ no title] correspondence, brochure, civil liberties, prison reform, 2000

13) [no title] CUNY security, article / Xerox, 1996

14) [no title] newspaper clippings, CUNY higher education reform, 1998

15 [no title] 1997, open administration, articles, flyer (high school), police brutality

16 [no title] politics, CUNY information file, newspaper clipping, articles, brochure, 1994-1997

17 [loose papers] ESL & GED proposal, article/Xerox, meeting agenda 2000, Mumia, Agenda summer retreat (2000)

Box: 17 BOX 17:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 17

Abstract: The primary contents for the material in BOX 17 relates to administrative documents for the organization. Administrative documents consist mainly of meeting agendas and minutes as well as events and promotional material. There is also a significant amount of material related to Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Binder - Administrative documents (agendas, minutes, contacts, events, goals)

Loose items – Ephemera: Fliers and promotional materials

Folders –

1) Slam Sh*t (Administrative documents)

2) Administrative documents

3) Mumia Abu-Jamal Briefing Papers

4) Mumia Youth Task Force

Box: 18 BOX 18:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 18

Abstract: BOX 18 is consists of photocopied articles loose or organized in post-it labeled folders. The subjects of the articles relate to various social movements or activist concerns of the organizations such as welfare, higher education, prison, police, immigration, etc. Presumably these articles were used to follow current events and educate the members of the organization on matters of concern. A large portion of the articles related to CUNY administration issues.

Folders – Articles on:

1) Higher Education

2) Undocumented Student Tuition Hike and TAP cuts of 2002

3) Vouchers and privatization of schools

4) Higher Education

5) 1968 inner city riots

6) Imperialism

7) Democratic Socialist Movement

8) Articles on Student Movement in Mexico

9) US out of Viegues

10) Political Prisoners

11) Hunter Crime Reports

12) Teen Health Issues

13) National Coalition for Haitian Rights

14) TAP and Immigration Tuition information

15) Guide to Your Rights

16) Articles on Nationalism and Ruins of Communism

17) Immigrants under attack

18) Excerpts from George Pataki's budget

19) Governor Pataki's Budget

20) Chancellor Goldstein's 9/11 Speech

21) Ethical Crisis at CNN

22) Prisons

23) African Nationalism

24) Community Organizing

25) Open Admissions Documents

26) Mumia Legal Facts

27) CUNY Budgets

28) Articles on Fasting

29) Mumia Press Coverage

30) VFORJE – Reparations Information

31) Lefty/Communist Manifesto

Loose Articles –

32) Kai Articles

Women and War (2000)


RAPE – Date Rape (1997)

Sweatshops (1997)

Welfare Reform (1998)

33) Wage Gap

34) Higher Education – affordability

35) Black Panther Collective

36) Tupac Shakur – Political Repressim – Penalties

37) Dialls – Hip Hop

38) P.E. How to Built Coalitions Among People of Color

39) Mumio

40) Young Lords Party

41) PR in NY – Post WWII

42) PR independence movement in California

43) Mex- American –Chicano PR movements

44) Latinos in NY

45) The Case Against War

46) Latino Ethics Consciousness

47) "Los Bravos de la Politica" – Politics and Cubans in Miami

48) PR Independence

49) CUNY – Ron McGuire

50) Letter from Massata Shaker

51) Articles on Mumia

52) 2000 Elective – Imperialism

53) Latina Politics Article – Political Consciousness

54) Latina Women in Politics

55) Constructs on participation – the impact of structure and sexism

56) Political Resources

57) War on Drugs

58) September 11

59) Juvenile Detention in NYC

60) Guide to Your Rights

61) Assata – Black Panthers

62) AFL-CIO (2000)

63) Labor's CI-Twin (2000)


65) Palestine – Mideast

66) Hostos CC – Student Protests – Building Takeovers

67) Louima – Police Brutality – NYPD

68) No More Prisons – Who Goes to Prison – Human Rights of Political Prisoners

69) Badillo – CUNY – Bilingual Education

70) Teens Helping Each other

71) Prison Independence Complex

72) CUNY – Tuition Hikes – Budget Cuts

73) Unfair Trials

74) Army Recruitment

75) Diallo Case

76) Women – Islam

77) Race and Organizing

78) Columbia – Human Rights Violations

79) Palestine – Mideast

80) Reparations – 20 Acres and Mule – Slavery

81) Vieques – PR – US Navy

82) MidEast – US – Mideast

83) Tuition Hikes and Budget Cuts

84) Iraq

85) NYPIRG – 2003-04 Tuition Hike – Budget Cuts to CUNY – Higher Education

86) Women-s Reproduction Health

87) Remediation/Open Admission – CUNY – SLAM in News

88) Badillo – CUNY – Open Admission – CUNY – SLAM in News

89) PSC – CUNY – Open Admissions – SLAM in News

90) Che Guevara Bio

91) Political Prisoners

Box: 19 BOX 19:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 19

Abstract: The contents in BOX 19 consist mainly of photocopied articles further related to subjects of interest for the organization. A large portion of the labeled folders appear to be administrative documents such as signage for events and program material. There are also copies of newspapers and publications that issued articles related to SLAM or a related event.

Folders – Articles on:

1) Privatization in NYC Public Schools

2) Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

3) Badillo Election

4) Board of Education

5) Native American Studies

6) President RAAP

7) Immigration Tuition Hike

8) Prisons


10) Open Meeting Laws

11) F*ck Badillo

12) Standardized Testing

13) Poetry

14) Dialectics

15) Mumia Support

16) Police Brutality

17) Mumia

18) Kai Articles – Irish Woman Prisoner

19) Immigrant Tuition Hike

20) Prisons

21) Probation

22) TAP/Tuition Hike

23) Political Education

Folders – Administrative Documents:

24) Profiles of Board of Trustee members (CUNY)

25) CUNY History 60s-90s

26) Images

Defaced pictures of Mayor Giuliani

27) Signage

28) Information on Alternative to Detention and Alternatives to Incarceration

Various alternative programs

29) NY State Division for Youth

30) Andrew Glover Youth Program material

31) Adolescent Pathways

32) Juvenile

Information of Juvenile organizations

33) Group Homes

34) Badillo Folder

35) Press Releases from "CUNY Coalition for Open Admissions"

36) Bus Captains

Information for Bus Captains in charge of logistics for "No War on Iraq" campaign

37) Taco Bell Boycott

38) Board of Trustees

New Admissions Criteria

Operating Budget

1999-2000 Budget Request

39) Youth Rising Campaign

40) CUNY Activists Luncheon

41) Newspapers

Youth Outlook

Daily Challenge – Related to Diallo

Washington Times

"The Word" Real Journalism

Loose Articles –

42) Abner Louima's Courtcase

43) Fundraising Foundations

44) INS Tracking Students

45) Louima Case

46) Europe and the People without History (photocopy of a book?)

47) Crown Heights Riots

48) Iraq

49) Patriotic Act

50) White Supremacy

51) Open Admissions

52) Afghanistan

53) Health Care Crisis

54) Drug Wars

Loose Publications –

55) The Economist

56) North Star News

57) The Shield

58) News from Within

Box: 20 BOX 20:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 20

Abstract: The contents of this box include random administrative paperwork relating to events which SLAM either coordinated or participated in and a variety of materials from the organization's Youth Rising and High School Organizing Programs. The folders seem to relate to either specific events or specific people – in this case members of the SLAM! staff. The items date from 1998 to 2000.

Composition books for –

1) Norime Smith

2) Amanda Devecka-Rinear

Binder –

3) Media Activism: Spring 2000

4) Loose letter (in envelope) – From CR Youth Force to SLAM

Folders –

5) JJP

6) Ana

7) (unlabeled) – flyers and club registration print-outs

8) Taco Bell Boycott

0) HSOP (High School Organizaing Program)

10) Chants

11) People's Justice

12) (unlabeled) – flyers

13) Old events (fliers and diversity)

14) Painted Bride Art Center (promotional materials)

15) 2/10 Takeover (meeting minutes)

16) CR (Critical Resistance)

17) Housing

18) SG (Slam Group) Food and Shelter

19) (unlabeled) - flyers and SLAM propaganda

20) Elevtions

21) Legal Defense Project

22) S-page

23) Jericho '98

24) Aug 1 DC

25) Street Fair

26) SE: Iraq Campaign

27) Apr 30th

Box: 21 BOX 21:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 21

Abstract: This box in almost entirely composed of materials related to SLAM's High School Organizing Program (HSOP) and other high school and college outreach events. The items – including composition books containing the notes of high school students who participated in the HSOP – date from 2000 and 2001.

Composition books for –

1) Joel / Fannie Lou H.S. / Senior

2) Suzy Subways / it is right to rebel

3) Zeehan Faria / health professions and human service / 11th

4) Angela Demsak / proud to be a girl

Binders –

5) High School Organizing Program – administrative materials

6) High School Organizing Program w/ DVD – program overview

7) Administrative – containing minutes, contacts, fax covers, etc.

Loose pamphlets for –

8) SLAM College and High School Organizing Program

9) Youth Rising: Spring 2001

10) Mumia Youth Rising: Summer 2000

Folders –

11) Youth Rising Curriculum

12) Internship Guidelines: Fanny Lou

13) (School Structure) General Orientation: Fanny Lou

14) Job Descriptions (HSOP)

15) "The Truth" Performance – Tuesday, May 29th 2001

16) Community Organizing Papers – Sp '99

17) High School Organizing (notes)

18) Facilitator Evals – Fall 2000-Spring '01 (HSOP Evaluations)

19) Contacts: Names-n-numbers

20) (unlabeled) – registration lists

21) HSOP (administrative)

22) Creative writing – current

23) Youth Rising 2000, Spring

24) Final Assesment

25) Completed Contact Copies

26) Diallo, Amadou

Box: 22 BOX 22:

Scope and Content Note

BOX 22

Abstract: The bulk of the material in BOX 22 is related to the fall 2000 High School Organizing Program administered by SLAM. Other documents relate to the Youth Rising initiative and the Summer Youth Employment Program. Several folders are labeled with individual students names and contain personal material related to his/her participation in a various program.

Binders -

1) East Side Internships

SLAM High School Organizing Program 2000

Program surveys

2) War

Youth Rising: Taking Back Our Stolen Education

(1) Program, Media, Visuals, Propaganda, Outreach

3) Summer Youth Employment

Folders –

4) Student Work

5) Liam's Folder

6) Javier Gaston Greenburg

7) HSOP (High School Organizing Program) Forma

8) Youth Rising Evaluations 1999

9) HSOP Fall 1999 evaluations

10) Jane Yang Slam

11) Amy Cvevas

12) HSOP Assignments

13) Evaluations (Event Planning)

14) Outreach

Open Administration

15) Diallo Ferguson

16) ADCO

17) Evaluations

Fall 2000-Spring 2001

18) HSOP curriculum

19) Creative Writing 2001 (2)

20) Youth ministries

21) High School outreach

22) Curriculum

23) Tekoha Gordon

24) Angela Demsak

25) Cheng Liang

26) Jelisa

27) J. Serrano

28) PE Evaluations

29) Attendance logs

30) Youth Rising

31) Maria Soriano

32) Events Curriculum

33) Facilitator Job Descriptions

34) High School Interns

35) Language Portfolio Guideline

36) Summer Youth Employment

37) Maria Soiano

38) Journal Exercise

39) Political Education Curriculum

40) HSOP performance piece script

41) Fannie Lou High School

Loose Documents –

42) Construction paper leaves (creative writing exercise?)

43) Steering Committee




Box: 23 2015 Accretion BOX 23:

Scope and Content Note

This box consists of video recordings collected by SLAM!, including Seeing Red,  Raising a Rucus,  Falva in Ya Ear,  Mandela Free at Last,  Federal Appeal,  IFG Debate on Economic Globalization and the WTO,  Turning Tragedy into War,  Unintended Consequence,  Closing the Open Door: The Fight for a College Education,  Quilombo 110A, and  Every Child is Born a Poet, a Film by Jonathan Robinson.

Box: 24 2015 Accretion: BOX 24:

Scope and Content Note

This box consists of video recordings collected by SLAM!, including a recoding of attorneys discussing Mumia Abu Jamal's federal appeal, Bandit Queen, "Guess Who Pockets the Difference" video from Unite,  Shut Down the Control Units by the Committee to End the Marion Lockdown,  Through the Wire, a video concerning Harlan County,  Spirit of Crazy Horse,  Viva EU!, and  Manos a la Obra.

Box: 25 February 2016 Accretion BOX 25:

Scope and Content Note

This box consists of video recordings on VHS and DVD collected by SLAM!, including "A Day in the Life of an Activist," featuring a performance by Hector Rivera; Taking the Liberty Bell;  We Stand to Speak: Just Act by Youth Action for Global Justice; "Direct Action" training video; "Love Criminals" video piece; and media coverage of Patrick Dorismund's funeral.