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Container List

Series III: Disc 03

Container 1 Container 2 Container 3 Title Date
Box: 1 Cd : 3 Track : 1 Communism and Religion


FILE/SERIALS, 100-403529 (515pp), Sections 1-3, #1 - #unrecorded, 7/21/53 - 4/1/60 -- 100-403529 (566pp), Sections 4-5, #110 - #210, 3/29/60 - 6/21/61 -- 100-403529 (530pp), Sections 6-7, #211 - #307, 6/25/61 - 11/30/61 -- 100-403529 (496pp), Sections 8-9, #211 - #307, 6/25/61 - 11/30/61 -- 100-403529 (609pp), Sections 10-12, #396 - #552, 6/29/62 - 10/8/76

Serial #212 is Hoover 7/5/61 comment stating "no substantial penetration in religious institutions".

Serial #230 is copy of 7/61 article by Louis Cassels in The Episcopalian (pp 19-20) which was reprinted in many other religious publications: "What About Communism in Our Churches?"

Serial #237 is Kent Courtney's Tax Fax #31, Communist Infiltration in Religion"

Serial #241 contains quotes from Hoover 6/61 article in "Crusader". He stated that "overwhelming majority of our clergymen are today wholly loyal to our nation and are working valiantly to protect our freedoms."

Serial #247 is National Council of Churches pamphlet, "The Truth" – in reply to NCC extreme right critics. Has background info on J.B. Matthews, Carl McIntire, Myers Lowman and Edgar Bundy.

Pages released: 609+496+530+566+515 = 2716pp

Box: 1 Cd : 3 Track : 2 Department Committee on Security Witnesses aka Ex-Communists as Witnesses


100-418105 (516pp), Sections 1 and 2 plus 3 EBF's released 7/28/10, #1 - #86 (329pp), 2/21/55 - 10/6/55

And EBF 12 = 127pp, Brief on Ex-Communists as Witnesses -- EBF 57 = 41pp, Smith Act Trials -- EBF 166 = 23pp CPUSA Attacks on Government Witnesses – Paul Crouch

Sections 3-4-5 (618pp), #87 - #217, 10/6/55 - 11/6/58

Equivalent files: NYC 100-26864 -- NYC 100-81752 -- Los Angeles 100-53645

Bureau airtel to NYC 1/10/57 "contains information concerning the Departmental Committee on Security Witnesses, which committee was set up within the Department of Justice to review information bearing on the credibility and reliability of potential witnesses prior to their use in Communist proceedings and to determine is they should be so utilized as witnesses."

File discusses such FBI/INS/Dept of Justice informants as Louis F. Budenz, Paul Crouch, Matt Cvetic, Benjamin Gitlow, Manning Johnson, Harvey Matusow, Leonard Patterson, Herbert Philbrick

Pages released: 618+516 = 1134

Box: 1 Cd : 3 Track : 3 FBI Monograph: Purge Victims of the CPUSA, 73 pp.
Box: 1 Cd : 3 Track : 4 Schwarz, Frederick Charles aka Fred Schwarz; 565-66-7730; b: 01-15-13; d: 01-24-09; Christian Anti-Communism Crusade


HQ 100-402036, Sections 1-4, #x - #110, 3/2/52 - 5/21/76

Equivalent field files: Dallas 100-0-5350, Dallas 105-39465, Los Angeles 100-43854, Minneapolis 100-10828, Seattle 100-0-36730, SFO 100-40407, WFO 100-39465

Pages released: 736

Box: 1 Cd : 3 Track : 5 Skousen, Willard Cleon aka W. Cleon Skousen (Salt Lake City UT)


67-69602, #1 - #349, 8/8/35 - 9/26/74 -- 94-47468, #1 - #105, 11/8/54 - 8/24/72

566-42-0744; b: 01-20-13 (Raymond, Alberta, Canada); d: 01-09-06

Complete report re: Skousen based upon his FBI files at:

Cleon Skousen served the FBI for 16 years (1935-1951). In 1951 he was asked to join the faculty of Brigham Young University. He headed the Student Alumni organization. In 1956 he was asked to serve as Chief of Police of Salt Lake City. During his 4 year service, he also wrote his national best seller, "The Naked Communist." He also was the editor of the police magazine, "Law And Order."

In 1960 he left the police force and began speaking tours around the country often under auspices of Fred Schwarz's Christian Anti-Communism Crusade. He also ran for the Republican nomination for Governor of Utah.

In 1967, Dr. Skousen returned to BYU as a professor in the Religion Department. He taught classes on The Book of Mormon, The Old Testament, and early LDS Church History. He continued that assignment until his retirement in 1978.

In 1972 Dr. Skousen organized a non-profit educational foundation, named "The Freemen Institute." Later changed to "The National Center for Constitutional Studies" .

His many books and recordings include subjects from raising boys to principles of good government, to prophetic history.

10/24/35 = EOD FBI as a messenger -- 12/35 = at the beginning of December he became a Clerk -- 08/37 = he became Night Supervisor in the Communications Section -- 2/16/39 = he became Chief of the Communications Section -- 6/40 = LLB degree from George Washington University –WDC -- 6/17/40 = he became an FBI Special Agent on June 17, 1940 at an annual salary of $3200 -- 6/17/40 – 8/3/40 = Special Agent training -- 8/4/40 = Omaha field office -- 12/15/40 = Kansas City field office -- 04/04/41 = Administrative Division, FBI HQ -- 6/25/41 = Records and Communications Division, FBI HQ -- 06/05/45 = Los Angeles field office -- 10/5/51 = retired from FBI -- 10/51 – 06/56 = Executive Assistant to President of Brigham Young University as Director of Public Services and Assistant Professor of Speech -- 6/56 – 3/60 = SLC Chief of Police but fired by Mayor J. Bracken Lee -- 1960 = American Security Council field representative -- 1964 = Joined Birch Society's Speakers Bureau -- 1965 = Editor of Law and Order magazine (national police journal) -- 1967 = Returned to BYU – Professor of Religion -- 1972 = Skousen organized a non-profit educational foundation, named "The Freemen Institute." Later changed to "The National Center for Constitutional Studies" (NCCS)

07/77 = President of Board of Trustees for Liberty Analysis Committee USA (Provo UT) with newsletter edited by Skousen entitled "Behind The Scenes in Washington". [Volume 1, #5 = 7/77 about Panama Canal "giveaway" and Dr. Carroll Quigley; 7/78 = on Trilateral Commission and "Three Kinds of Communism Advancing Rapidly In The World".]

The 3 kinds of communism per Skousen (pages 4-5)

1. "International Communism which is the Soviet and Red Chinese goal of the world-wide Communism under a single dictatorship."

2. "National Communism which is the one-country variety such as we have in eastern Europe and which the parties in France, Italy and England are pushing toward.

3. "Democratic Communism which is a one-world dictatorship over humanity but with democratic processes being used to give it the assemblance (sic) of people participation. Even the Soviet Union has tried to create this illusion of people participation in their monolithic Communist dictatorship. In the West this kind of dictatorship over people and property is often referred to as Democratic Socialism.

"Everything we read from the CFR and the Trilateral Commission…would definitely suggest that they are working for a world communal or socialist order of the so-called 'democratic' type. The people have already demonstrated that they have practically no confidence in the people when it comes to solving their own problems. They are determined to use compulsion on a world-wide scale in order to 'force the people to do what is good for them.' Meanwhile, they cater to international Communism in both Russia and China with policies of détente, billion dollar loans, and generous trade policies which could be a serious threat to the security of the U.S. and the free West in the not too distant future."

Notes From Various Files Pertaining to Skousen:

10/27/61 = WC Sullivan personnel file (serial unrecorded) contains memo from Sullivan to Belmont regarding two professors who contacted Sullivan on 10/25/61 to discuss Sullivan's lectures regarding communism around the country. Page 2-3 of memo reports: "[Name deleted] did mention to me former FBI Agent Cleon Skousen and said he thought that this person was doing the FBI considerable harm by his utterances. He said that Skousen tries to create the impression that he is an outstanding authority on communism, precisely because he was in the FBI and for that reason should be accepted and supported in his positions, because of his FBI connections in the past. I assured [name deleted] that Mr. Skousen had absolutely no connection with us whatsoever at this time, and that neither he nor any other former Agent should be regarded as an authority on communism merely because at one time he had worked for the FBI."

Skousen appearances at anti-communism schools include:

10/59 = CACC – Indianapolis (with Richard Arens, Fred Schlafly, Herb Philbrick, Fred Schwarz) -- 3/15/60 – 3/19/60 = San Mateo CA (with Philbrick, Schwarz, Arens, William E. Mayer (HI), W.P. Strube, Joost Sluis) -- 2/27/61 = Greater Phoenix School of Anti-Communism (with Philbrick, Schwarz, Capt. E. Richard Barnes (USN, ret.) -- 3/14/61 – 3/18/61 = Tyler TX "Tyler Freedom Forum" -- 5/22, 5/29, 6/5, 6/12, 1961 = Salt Lake City as Greater Salt Lake Anti-Communist Seminar (with Charles E. Woolery (military intelligence), Albert Wedemeyer, Frank Meyer) -- 7/25/61 = Greater Long Beach Forum and CACC – Long Beach CA -- 8/14/61 – Long Beach CA with Rousselot, William J. Teague) -- 8/28 - 9/1/61 = Southern California School of Anti-Communism at Los Angeles Sports Arena (with Dr. Edward Teller, Cong. Walter Judd, James D. Colbert, Herbert Philbrick, Fred Schwarz, Sen. Thomas J. Dodd) 15,700 people attended.

9/22/61 - 9/23/61 = Americanism Seminar aka Let's Look At America – San Antonio TX Municipal Auditorium (with Cong. Donald L. Jackson, Dr. Gerhart Niemeyer of Notre Dame Univ.) -- 10/5/61 = Green Bay WI Project Alert (with Herbert Philbrick and W.P. Strube) -- 10/16/61 = California School of Anti-Communism at Hollywood Bowl (with Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, Cong. Walter Judd, Schwarz) -- 10/17/61 = San Marino CA High School Auditorium – sponsored by National Anti-Communist League -- 11/17 - 11/18/1961 = School of Anti-Communism and Freedom Forum – Redlands CA (with William H. Wheeler – HUAC, Adm. Felix B. Stump, Jose Norman, John Noble)

1/29/62 - 2/2/62 = Bay Region School of Anti-Communism – CACC – Oakland CA Auditorium (with Fred Schwarz, Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, Cong. Walter Judd, Dr. Tirzo del Junco, Dr. Joost Sluis, Herbert Philbrick, Dr. John Drakeford, Maj Gen. William F. Dean (USA, ret), James D. Colbert, Capt. E Richard Barnes (USN, ret).


1950 bk: Prophecy and Modern Times (3rd edition, Desert News Press, 150pp; first published in 1939) -- 1953 bk:  The Challenge of Our Times (Bookcraft Publishers, 167pp) -- 1953:  The First 2000 Years (Bookcraft, 401pp) -- 1954 pub:  Prophecy and Modern Times: A Series of Five Lectures (BYU, 10pp) -- 1958 bk:  The Naked Communist (1st edition = Ensign Publishing Co., 341pp; 11th edition, 1962, 408pp) -- 03/61 article in  Law and Order magazine, "Home Grown Subversion" -- 1962 pub:  What Is Left, What Is Right (18p) -- 1962 pub:  Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.: Man Behind The Scene in Washington (Ensign Publishing Co., 15pp) -- 1962 pub:  My Reply To Dr. Richard D. Poll and His Critique of the Naked Communist (Ensign Publishing Co, 26pp) -- 1963 pub:  The Communist Attack on the John Birch Society (12pp) -- 1964 bk:  The Third Thousand Years (Bookcraft, 704pp) -- 1966 bk:  The Fourth Thousand Years (Bookcraft, 846pp) -- 1966 pub:  The Communist Attack On U.S. Police (Ensign Publishing Co., 32pp) -- 1967 bk:  Fantastic Victory: Israel's Rendezvous With Destiny (Bookcraft, 298pp) -- 1970 bk:  The Naked Capitalist: A Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley's book, Tragedy and Hope (Deseret News Press, 144pp) -- 1972 pub:  The Constitution In The Tradition of our Founding Fathers (Freeman Institute, 7pp) -- 1981 bk:  The Five Thousand Year Leap: 28 Ideas That Changed The World (Freeman Institute, 337pp) -- 1985 bk:  Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution; Ensign Publishing, P.O. Box 298--Riverton, Utah 84065

Pages released: 1928

Box: 1 Cd : 3 Track : 6 Sokolsky, George Ephraim; 104-16-0933; b: 09-05-1893; d: 12-62


HQ 62-89885, Sections 1-4, #2 - #227, 6/24/30 - 3/11/74

On first name basis with Hoover [Edgar]

Mr. Sokolsky (NYC) was a conservative columnist for the New York Sun, New York Herald Tribune, Washington Times-Herald, and Hearst newspapers ["These Days" was column title = King Features Syndicate, Inc. which appeared in more than 300 newspapers] as well as a radio broadcaster for the National Association of Manufacturers. He was a personal friend of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy and Roy Cohn.

01/30 = Associate Editor, Far Eastern Review in Shanghai, China

2/9/55 = American Jewish League Against Communism. Inc. (220 W. 42nd St – NYC, founded 1948) issued press release dated 2/14/55 to announce its new officers elected at annual meeting on 2/9/55. Sokolsky named President, replacing Alfred Kohlberg.

11/8/55 = Featured speaker at FBI National Academy graduation exercises

4/56 = American Legion Convention in Miami passed resolution commending Sokolsky and others for their fight against communism in their writings and radio broadcasts.

7/14/59 Sokolsky column "The Supreme Court" rejected the notion circulated by some on extreme right that the Court was making "pro-Communist" decisions. "The problem then is not so simple. Decisions cannot be classified as 'pro-Red' or 'anti-Red'. The Constitution cannot be defined in such simple language. In times of great stress, it is probable that Justices, as well as legislators, will stress security more than civil rights; in times of peace, civil rights will be stressed more than security. It is the cold war that creates the confusion." [HQ 62-89885, #187]

3/3/61 = Received 1961 "National Award" from Young Americans For Freedom in field of journalism.

9/6/61 = J. Edgar Hoover to Sokolsky expresses "my sincere congratulations for your great column ["The Crackpots"] of September 5. It is time someone set the record straight by exposing these opportunists who capitalize on their former employment with this Bureau. Motivated by selfish ambition, they exploit the name and record of the FBI achieved through the years by the diligent effort and self-sacrifice of so many loyal men and women. My associates and I deeply appreciate your excellent treatment of this matter…"

In his column, Sokolsky observed: "Particularly offensive are some who call themselves former FBI agents, thus giving to themselves labels which provide the appearance of special knowledge…Naturally, it is an advantage to a man to have served in the FBI but like all organizations, it has men on top and men who never rise; it has men who are efficient and those who have to be let out because they do not make good. Employment by the FBI is not a permanent badge of efficiency, knowledge, or responsibility. When a fellow advertises himself as a former FBI agent, the proper inquiry should be, why former? The reason I emphasize this point is that there is an upsurge of conservatism in this country and there are many opportunists who jump on the conservative bandwagon and who claim special knowledge and special advantages." [HQ 62-89885, #209, 9/6/61 JEH to Sokolsky.]

3/14/62 = C.D. DeLoach to Mr. Mohr reported a phone call DeLoach received from Sokolsky on 3/12/62. Sokolsky mentioned that Fred Schwarz objected to comments which Sokolsky made about Schwarz in a column and Schwarz asked a businessman to contact Dick Berlin of the Hearst Corporation for purpose of having Sokolsky apologize. "George stated he told Berlin that he would refuse to apologize. He mentioned he had explained very carefully to Berlin that Schwartz (sic) is a professional anticommunist who is in the game strictly for money purposes. He stated he had also told Berlin that Dr. Schwartz was formerly a member of the Jewish faith but dishonored his faith and later became a Baptist and he, Sokolsky, did not trust Schwartz (sic). George also apparently reviewed with Berlin the fact that Dr. Schwartz and Pat Frawley of the Papermate Pen Company had given Rabbi Merritt approximately $12,500 in Los Angeles so that Merritt would compound the activities of the Los Angeles branch of the American Jewish League Against Communism with Dr. Schwartz's Christian Anticommunist (sic) Crusade. George stated that the very name of Schwartz's outfit (CACC) is an insult to the Jewish faith and, therefore, Merritt was being expelled from the American Jewish League Against Communism (Sokolsky's outfit). He also added that Merritt undoubtedly had appropriated some of the $12,500 for his own personal use." [HQ 62-89885, #216; 3/14/62 Cartha DeLoach to John Mohr].

6/27/62 = J. Edgar Hoover letter to Sokolsky commended his 6/26/62 column in Washington Post entitled "The Right Right" as "precise, straightforward thinking". Hoover wrote: "Today, there are too many self-styled experts on communism without valid credentials and without any access whatsoever to classified factual data regarding the inner workings of this conspiracy who have engaged in rumormongering and hurling false and wholly unsubstantiated allegations against people whose views differ from their own. Conscientious newspapermen are greatly reducing the danger that these people create, and my associates and I want to express our thanks for the cooperation you have rendered in this regard." [HQ 62-89885, #219; 6/27/62 JEH to Sokolsky]

12/61 Commentary magazine letter-to-editor by Sokolsky:

To the Editor:

In Alan F. Westin's article, "The John Birch Society," in your August issue, it is stated: "[Welch] indicates that it [the John Birch Society] has been endorsed by the American Jewish League Against Communism (a Jewish right-fundamentalist group)."

The American Jewish League Against Communism (of which I am Chairman of the Board, having previously been President) has never endorsed any organization. From its beginning, the League has held to the principle of going it alone and has had no affiliations and given no endorsements. Individual members do as they choose.

I do not know what Mr. Westin means by "right-fundamentalism." It is a contrived term that conveys no particular meaning. The American Jewish League Against Communism is opposed to Marxist-Leninist Communism in this country and views with distrust other countries which adopt this sociological and economic doctrine. Does not Mr. Westin take the same position? George E. Sokolsky Otis, Massachusetts

Pages released: 815

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