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Series XVI: The Marielitos, 1982

Scope and Content Note

Released in 1983, The Marielitos (  Los Marielitos) tells the story of Cubans who left the island from the port of Mariel in 1980. In the documentary, Estela Bravo interviews individuals living in Miami who were part of the Mariel boatlift two years after their arrival in the United States. She talks with them about their expectations for life in the United States and their experiences since their arrival.

Historical/Biographical Note

In the wake of an economic downturn in 1980, approximately 10,000 Cubans tried to leave Cuba and seek asylum in the Peruvian embassy. As a result, the Cuban government announced that anyone who wanted to leave the country could do so. In a joint agreement between the United States and Cuba, some 125,000 refugees left the Cuban port of Mariel bound for the United States in what came to be known as the Mariel Boatlift. Cubans who traveled to the US as part of the boatlift came to be known as Marielitos.

Estela Bravo's documentary about the boatlift, The Marielitos, won the International Organization of Journalists 1st Prize at the 1984 Leipzig Film Festival and a Patria Society Award at the Moscow Film Festival.

Container 1 Container 2   Title Date
Box: 57 Cassette : ref1297 (Videos) Los Marielitos

Scope and Contents

This video contains a complete version of the documentary Los Marielitos.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Original Format: Umatic. Duration: 00:59:00.

circa 1982
Box: 96 Dvd : ref1297 (Access dvd)
Reel: ref2169 Los Marielitos
Box: 61 Cassette : ref973 Los Marielitos, "Spanish, Cassette #24" - Possible full-length feature
circa 1982
Box: 45 Cassette : ref974 Los Marielitos, "English, Cassette #23 DV #5" Possible full-length feature
circa 1982
Box: 57 Cassette : ref1298 Los Marielitos, "Spanish, no subtitles" Possible full-length feature
circa 1982
Box: 5 Cassette : ref692 (Videos) Footage: Scenes of Camp Mosquito Marielitos

Historical/Biographical Note

El Mosquito was a holding area for Cubans waiting to join the Mariel boatlift.

circa 1982
Box: 83 Dvd : ref692 (Access dvd)
Box: 87 Cassette : ref566 (Videos) Footage - Families of rafters, Church World Service

Scope and Content Note

In this footage Estela Bravo interviews a number of individuals in Miami, beginning with one family awaiting a recently arrived relative from Cuba. They discuss their reasons for leaving Cuba and their lives in the United States. Bravo then interviews others who talk about leaving Cuba and being separated from their families. These interviews most likely occur at a Church World Service location.

A second portion of the video contains an interview with Alfredo Colon, a clinical social worker, at Jackson Memorial Medical Hospital. He discusses the medical services provided to the Cubans at his hospital. There are also background scenes at the hospital.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Original Format: Umatic. Duration: 00:48:00.

circa 1982
Box: 82 Dvd : ref566 (Access dvd [31142062723625])
Box: 87 Cassette : ref591 (Videos) Interview with Dominicans in New York City

Scope and Content Note

This is footage of an on-the-street interview of three Dominicans. Estela Bravo speaks with them, in Spanish, about various topics including the Reagan administration and the experience of the Spanish-speaking population in New York. They are very critical of Reagan and his policies, which they call "anti-Latin." They talk about the economic recession in the United States, lack of representation, lack of support for poor communities, and the difficulty of uniting Latin Americans in the United States because they come from so many different countries. They address other concerns, including the difficulty of organizing for more rights because they are too busy working at low wage jobs. Bravo asks their opinions about American policies on Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras. They also discuss how the United States addresses problems such as drug addiction and violence.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Original Format: Umatic. Duration: 00:21:21.

circa 1980s
Box: 82 Dvd : ref591 (Access dvd [31142062723625])

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