Dancing for Merce: with Choreographer Neil Greenberg

Mondays with Merce: The Legacy continues with guest Neil Greenberg. Choreographer Neil Greenberg was a member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company from 1979-1986. Here he talks about seeing the company for the first time; about dancing for Merce; and about Merce's influence on his own life and work as a choreographer. See MwM interview excerpts of Merce himself, talking about being a dancer who becomes a choreographer, and the challenges of choreography, and see Greenberg in his own choreography and in archival footage of Cunningham's "Channels/Inserts" and "Coast Zone. This MwM also includes recent film of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in rehearsal and performance, including excerpts from "Sounddance" and "Nearly Ninety;" beautiful new film of MCDC in the Memorial Event at the Park Avenue Armory; and Neil performing at the Memorial. Enlarge your own understanding of Merce's work through Neil's perceptions, and see some marvelous dancing!

("As Time Goes By" lyric by Herman Hupfeld)

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