METS Tools from the NYU Digital Library Team

The METS schema is a standard for encoding the descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata of digital objects, expressed using the XML schema language of the World Wide Web Consortium. The standard is maintained in the Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress, and is being developed as an initiative of the Digital Library Federation.

This site serves as a repository for the NYU Digital Library Team's METS implementation development projects. At present a modest handful of XSLT-based page-turner and search implementations are freely available for use on an "as is" basis. In the pipeline are a java-based SMIL viewer, a java-based application and a perl-based application to extract a METS file from a database using NYU's zeroDB schema.

For more information on METS visit the official site hosted by the Library of Congress.

The Tools

XSLT- and Java-based METS from Multiple Collections

XSLT-based METS2SMIL Viewer

XSLT-based METS Page-turners -- Frameless and Frame-based

XSLT-based METS Page-turner with Search

METS text extension schema

Documentation for METS text extension schema

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