METS Page Turner with Search

This application evolved from METSFramesSX.xsl, incorporating a frames-based page turner with search functionality using XPATH.


The demo file displays a photograph album containing 77 photographs, each with two jpgs, a thumbnail and a service file, from the New-York Historical Society's collections. The xml-encoded METS document was extracted using a Perl:DBI application from a database following NYU's zeroDB schema.

Two stylesheets are involved, one for page-turning and one for search. There is accommodation for a Boolean "and" in the keyword input, and search has been made case-insensitive through a handful of XSLT string manipulation tricks. At present, keywords are matched against any metadata which appears in a text node: note, title, identifier, object type or creator. Another search mechanism can easily be created to match against metadata found in attributes: date, dimensions, role.

Clicking on a link to an image file in the right hand panel will display the image in the viewer panel on the left. To return to the TOC or clear the viewer, click the appropriate link above to reload the page.

The Files

Page-turning stylesheet: FrameSearch01.xsl
Search stylesheet: return.xsl
Sample METS document: Test.xml


This application has been designed for collections with item level description. It can now accommodate descriptive metadata from the dc, gdm and moa2 namespaces. Feel free to create your own keys against other descriptive or administrative extensions

This servlet-based viewer has been written for deployment with Saxon. Because it requires the use of keys, should you rewrite it to work with XT, be sure to use the latest avatar (20020426a).

Since XSLT template matching is case-sensitive, when you replace extant values in the stylesheet with your own values pay special attention to casing in attributes', elements' and name-spaces' Q-Names.

These files are distributed "as is" and without promise of support. Questions/suggestions may however be directed to Eric Stedfeld, NYU Digital Library Team.

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