"The Abandoned Generation" - Nat Caldwell - Nashville Tennessean



For the Nashville Tennessean in 1968, Nat Caldwell investigated Nashville's privately owned nursing homes in part by reporting above board and in part by posing as an elderly patient to spend a week at three of them.


Media History

The reporting was intended for these media types: Newspaper

Effects and Outcomes

The series brought an overwhelming response from readers, "the largest I have seen in thirty-six years as a reporter,' Caldwell wrote in a follow-up story. ONly two of the 162 letters he had received by two weeks after the series ran were "unqualifiedly unfavorable." Thirty-five years later, at Caldwell's induction into the Tennessee Hall of Fame, a press release mentioned the 1968 series on a very short list of the major achievements of his long and outstanding career. It also noted that the reporting ha led to the state licensing of such privately owned facilities.

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