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"Homeward Bound: Trading Buckets for Bus Tickets: The Northbound Highway Home"
Thursday, October 13, 1983
"A Wretched Reality of Life in the Fields"
Wednesday, October 12, 1983
"Half a Day Nets $1.50 and 'Supper'"
Tuesday, October 11, 1983
"Slim Pickin': Taken for a Ride, Sold 'Like Cattle'"
Monday, October 10, 1983
"The Long, Hot Wait for Pickin' Work"
Sunday, October 9, 1983
"Louisiana Labor Camps Supply 'Warm Bodies' The Oil Business Needs; Laborers Often Earn Little Beyond Debt to a Camp; Life at a Halfway House; Some Citizens Defend System""
Thursday, June 23, 1983
"The Day Laborer's Toil Is Hard, Pay Minimal, Security Nonexistent; In Houston, the Jobless Fill Labor Pools That Retake Part of Each Day's Wage; The System at Krash Cabin"
Wednesday, June 22, 1983
More "Undercover Student" letters
Friday, March 18, 1983
Thursday, March 17, 1983
Thursday, March 17, 1983
Thursday, March 17, 1983
The mail brings in more 'Undercover Student' letters
Wednesday, March 16, 1983
Tuesday, March 15, 1983
Reaction swift on 'undercover student' series - from obscenities and insights to hoorays
Monday, March 14, 1983
Friday, March 11, 1983
EHS drugs bountiful if you know right person
Thursday, March 10, 1983
Undercover stories
Thursday, March 10, 1983
Class lectures take back seat to filmstrips - and horseplay
Wednesday, March 9, 1983
Reporter gets an education in paperwork
Tuesday, March 8, 1983
Tuesday, January 18, 1983
A Special Report on Arizona's Corrections System
Sunday, August 8, 1982
Sometimes the only difference between an ex-con and a security guard is a uniform.
Saturday, May 1, 1982
The Buildup Men Are Trying to Sucker the Marks with a Little Help from the Patch.
Sunday, November 1, 1981
Thursday, January 1, 1981