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“Doctors’ ‘Treatments’ Keep Fraud Alive”
Thursday, February 21, 1980
“These Chiropractors Are Master Hands . . . at Juggling the Facts on Injuries"
Wednesday, February 20, 1980
“The Accident Mills—Clinics Processing Cheats by the Thousands"
Tuesday, February 19, 1980
“Our Own Phony Patient Is Hospitalized and Discovers the Hospital Is a Mirage"
Monday, February 18, 1980
“A Hospital for Greedy"
Sunday, February 17, 1980
“Chasers Converge on Accident Scene”
Friday, February 15, 1980
“Lawyers’ Swindling Sidekicks”
Thursday, February 14, 1980
“Accidents Too Good to Leave to Lawyers”
Thursday, February 14, 1980
“How Superswindling Pays: Just a Little Nets a Lot If Accident Case Is ‘Perfect’”
Tuesday, February 12, 1980
“Legal Advice? Theirs Is Fraud: Five Who Traffic in Automobile-Accident Cases”
Monday, February 11, 1980
"They're getting away with $3 billion a year -- and all you drivers pay"
Sunday, February 10, 1980
Wednesday, January 2, 1980
"Work Ethic Alive Amidst Poverty: They'd Rather Collect Weeds Than Welfare"
Thursday, December 6, 1979
"Wage Enforcers Overwhelmed by Complaints"
Thursday, December 6, 1979
"Beverly Worrell Has Done Battle 38 Years for Nation's Underpaid"
Thursday, December 6, 1979
"Ice Toters, Ministore Clerks: Over 40 Years, A Corporation's Pattern of Underpaying Workers"
Wednesday, December 5, 1979
"Munford: Minimum Wage a Tragic Thing"
Wednesday, December 5, 1979
"Motels, Gas Stations: Motel Maid's Wages Fall Into Crevice in the Law"
Tuesday, December 4, 1979
"Some 'Surprised . . . I Pay $2.50'"
Tuesday, December 4, 1979
"Unique Deductions Push Pay Below U.S. Minimum"
Tuesday, December 4, 1979
"No Golden Eggs in Georgia's Chicken Sheds: Whole Families Labor On Poultry Farms to Earn Paycheck of a Single Workman""
Monday, December 3, 1979
"Endless Debt Haunts Turpentiners"
Sunday, December 2, 1979
"Naval Stores Ages-Old, but Few Like Living in the Past"
Sunday, December 2, 1979
"The Turpentine Men: Hard Woods Toil for Little Pay"
Saturday, December 1, 1979
"For Many Americans, Work Pays Off in Poverty"
Saturday, December 1, 1979
"Junior Sears: A Man Born to Turpentine"
Saturday, December 1, 1979
"L.D. Davis: 'Boss Had The Pencil'"
Saturday, December 1, 1979
"Jim Palmer: He Recalls Bad Days in the Woods"
Saturday, December 1, 1979
Thursday, September 20, 1979
"The Sun-Times tavern series exposed city-wide corruption - but raised questions about press ethics. Here, the reporters who wrote the series describe how, and why, their newspaper started pouring shots in the Windy City."
Saturday, September 1, 1979
Saturday, September 1, 1979
Responses of two members of the Pulitzer Board
Saturday, September 1, 1979
Metro Hospital - Place of Little Hope
Sunday, August 12, 1979
The Rites of Spring and the Cries of Foul
Friday, April 20, 1979
Abortion Profiteers - Background
Sunday, December 3, 1978
Abortion Profiteers - Analysis
Saturday, December 2, 1978