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Inside story of city's pro-life movement
Tuesday, November 28, 1978
The politics of abortion - a big business
Monday, November 27, 1978
Found: safe, compassionate care
Sunday, November 26, 1978
Hot line deceptions sell most abortions
Saturday, November 25, 1978
Counseling the patient: Buy this abortion
Friday, November 24, 1978
Pregnant or not, women given abortions
Wednesday, November 22, 1978
Infamous doctor is Detroit Connection
Tuesday, November 21, 1978
Big kickbacks to abortion mills (POOR SCAN - REDO)
Monday, November 20, 1978
12 dead after abortions in state's walk-in clinics
Sunday, November 19, 1978
Soft voices, hard sells - twin swindles
Friday, November 17, 1978
Nurse to aide: 'Fake that pulse!'
Thursday, November 16, 1978
Inside Pontiac Prison, Some Different Crimes are Committed
Thursday, November 16, 1978
Dr. Ming Kow Hah: Physician of pain
Wednesday, November 15, 1978
Wednesday, November 15, 1978
In the Dim Light of North Cell House are Reminders of Death and Destruction
Wednesday, November 15, 1978
The Abortion Lottery: Women take chances with 'tryout' doctors
Tuesday, November 14, 1978
Three Months After The Riot, Pontiac Prison is Still a Living Hell For Everyone In It...
Tuesday, November 14, 1978
Meet the Profiteers: Men who profit from women's pain
Monday, November 13, 1978
Making a Killing in Michigan Av. clinics
Sunday, November 12, 1978
Wednesday, November 1, 1978
At Rusk State Hospital, you're either a criminal or insane. Or both.
Sunday, October 1, 1978
Skid Row, Where the Good Things in Life Are a Fresh Bottle, a Soup Kitchen, and a Sunny Street Corner
Monday, May 1, 1978
Monday, March 13, 1978