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Tuesday, June 16, 1970
Study Rates Services for Emergencies
Sunday, June 14, 1970
County Welfare Chief Orders Investigation
Thursday, June 11, 1970
State Cuts off Welfare Fees
Wednesday, June 10, 1970
Tuesday, June 9, 1970
Tuesday, June 9, 1970
"The Doctor Who Was Convicted of Murder - The Parents and the Little Girl Who Died"
Friday, November 1, 1963
"They Grasped False Hopes to Save the Child's Eye"
Friday, November 1, 1963
"An Agent Works Undercover to Get the Goods"
Friday, November 1, 1963
"A Quack is Caught after Taking $500,000 from 35,000 Patients"
Friday, November 1, 1963
"The Adversaries Refuse to Give Up"
Friday, November 1, 1963
"Experts Sound Off on Menace"
Friday, November 1, 1963
Saturday, June 1, 1963
"Show's First Expose for Intelligent People"
Wednesday, May 1, 1963
Thursday, November 30, 1961
Lack of Schooling Makes Him Easy Mark of Cheat
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Farm States Won't Help; Laborers are Gypped Everywhere They Go
Tuesday, October 17, 1961