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Sunday, October 1, 1961
Frightened Youngsters Put In With Depraved
Friday, March 24, 1961
Ward Miseries Are Worse for Women
Thursday, March 23, 1961
Entering Hospital Easier Than Exit
Wednesday, March 22, 1961
In Ward 33 Only Delusion is Bearable
Tuesday, March 21, 1961
Outside World Helps Lessen Boredom
Monday, March 20, 1961
Crowds Turn Visiting Hour Into Bedlam
Saturday, March 18, 1961
Ward 51 - Nightmare Of Violence
Friday, March 17, 1961
Approves Trussell Probe of Conditions in Mental Ward
Friday, March 17, 1961
Heads Team of Experts
Friday, March 17, 1961
Inmates sleep on floor, mutter, stare into corner
Thursday, March 16, 1961
Thursday, March 16, 1961
Scared children, depraved men, jammed in wards; reporter reveals overcrowding and inadequate staff
Wednesday, March 15, 1961
Wednesday, March 15, 1961
Friday, November 25, 1960
Thursday, September 1, 1960
'Out of Wedlock' - Blight On Our Welfare System
Saturday, June 25, 1960
Values at Issue in Quest For More Welfare Billions
Friday, June 24, 1960
Advisers' Plan Would Add Billions to Welfare Costs
Thursday, June 23, 1960
Some Ways to Lighten The Burdens of Welfare
Wednesday, June 22, 1960
Welfare Not a Bonanza For Those Truly in Need
Tuesday, June 21, 1960
Worried About the Rent? It's More Than $7 Million
Monday, June 20, 1960
Medical Costs Are Major Factors In Our Ailing Welfare System
Saturday, June 18, 1960
Major Welfare Problem Is Hiring, Keeping Staff
Friday, June 17, 1960
Welfare Fraud Carries Only Minimum of Risk
Thursday, June 16, 1960
Welfare Records Stained With the Blot of Cheating
Wednesday, June 15, 1960
Some Malingerers Take Long Rides on Relief
Tuesday, June 14, 1960
Storm Center of Relief: Dependent Children's Aid
Monday, June 13, 1960
Families Shirk Legal Duty To Take Care of Their Own
Saturday, June 11, 1960
Relief Workers Caught in a Jungle of Red Tape
Friday, June 10, 1960
Many Families on Relief Permanent Public Wards
Thursday, June 9, 1960
Staff Stretched Too Thin, Welfare Poorly Policed
Wednesday, June 8, 1960
Penetrating Look at Costs, Cases Yielded by News' 6-month Study
Tuesday, June 7, 1960
Miguel is Trapped in Slum Jungle
Monday, July 6, 1959
City Aids Admit Blight Is Gaining
Thursday, July 2, 1959
Lack of Inspection Brings Squalor
Wednesday, July 1, 1959
Tenant Rights Lost in Ignorance
Tuesday, June 30, 1959
Tenant Rights Lost in Ignorance
Tuesday, June 30, 1959
At the End of the Road - Welfare
Monday, June 29, 1959
Bugs Reign in Squalor
Saturday, June 27, 1959
'We Ain't Alive, Just Hangin' On'
Friday, June 26, 1959
Tenants Battle to Survive in Lower East Side's 'Korea'
Thursday, June 25, 1959
Frankly, We're Shocked Too!
Wednesday, June 24, 1959