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"Experiences of a Literary Woman as a Working Girl"
Monday, September 1, 1902
A Specialist in the Evolution of the Tramp
Sunday, February 11, 1900
Their Wails of Woe Must Often Be Veritable Works of Arts
Sunday, January 7, 1900
Thursday, June 15, 1899
Thursday, June 1, 1899
Thursday, March 9, 1899
Catherine King, After Much Tribulation, Gets a Position at Weber & Fields's; Such a Long Chase For Work; Though Snubbed by Some Managers, Others Were Kind and She Succeeded
Monday, August 8, 1898
Catherine King Works in a Big Mercantile House on Broadway; The Buyer and His Luncheons; Girls Must Have Fine Figures and Wear Garments So They Sell Readily
Wednesday, August 3, 1898
Catherine King Does Not Find Them to Be the Most Encouraging; The Women's Rebuffs Hurt; A Tip on Working Office Buildings, Despite Rules, but It Didn't Work for Sales
Monday, August 1, 1898
Catherine King Works in Stylish Modiste's as a Beginner; Little Pay for a Year's Work; Fixes Society Woman's Gown at Redfern's and Sews with the Tired Workers
Friday, July 29, 1898
Catherine King's Second Trial for a Place Was a Big Restaurant; Adjured Not to Loaf; She Learns How to Fill Mustard Pots and to Balance Big Tray of Dishes
Wednesday, July 27, 1898
Evening World Woman Reporter Seeks Work at Living Wages; Catherine King in Department Store; Treated Kindly by Everybody, but the Hours Are Long and Pay Small for Beginners
Tuesday, July 26, 1898
Mr. Garrett Departs from His Cheap Living for a Special Occasion.
Monday, July 25, 1898
Not a Cheerful Proposition, as Mr. Garrett's Story Goes on to Show Very Plainly.
Saturday, July 23, 1898
Mr. Garrett Goes on Showing How He Found It Possible but Often Very Painful; Gold Collar Button, 1 Meal; The Narrator Mends His Own Shoes -- Sells a Story, Good LUck, and Hears of a Sick Mother, Which is Grief.
Friday, July 22, 1898
Mr. Garrett's 4th Chapter on His Hard Experience in New York Living; He Does His Own Laundry; News from Papers Picked Up in the Parks -- Wisdom Gained from Accidents -- What He'll Tell To-Morrow"
Thursday, July 21, 1898
Mr. Garrett Continues the Thrilling True Story of His Fight for Food in New York; First Trip to a Pawnshop; Too Weak--Looking to Get a Job on a Ship--Students Respect his Cheap-Living Ideas
Wednesday, July 20, 1898
The Second Chapter of an Amazing True Tale of Existence in New York
Tuesday, July 19, 1898
Strange Experiences of Charles H. Garrett, Who Was Forced to Live in New York Cheaply; Nickel a Day for Three Months; A Wonderful Story of Local Life Simply told -- What the Unemployed May Have to Endure
Monday, July 18, 1898
Thursday, November 26, 1896
Tuesday, October 1, 1895
Conclusions from Personal Experience as an Amateur Tramp
Tuesday, October 1, 1895
Monday, April 1, 1895
Saturday, September 1, 1894
Nellie Bly Spends the Two Hottest Days of the Year in the Largest "Double Decker" in Town; 3,532 People in the Block; One Family Occupying Only Three Rooms Have Eight Boarders and Lodgers; Sleeping on the Fire-Escapes; No Scenes of Disturbance or DIsorder Among the Throngs of Over-Crowded Tenants; Strange Phases of Life in a Big City; An Interesting Chat with the Janitress of the Big Double-Decker Tenement House
Sunday, August 5, 1894
"She Visits Homes of Poverty in the 'Model Workingman's Town'"
Wednesday, July 11, 1894
Sunday, April 29, 1894
Sunday, April 22, 1894
Thursday, March 1, 1894
Thursday, February 1, 1894
The American Tramp Considered Geographically
Wednesday, November 1, 1893
Sunday, October 1, 1893
Dolores Marbourg Sells roses in the Streets-Lillian Russell Tells Her to Get Out of the Way, and Mr Oliver Sumner Teall Holds Her Hand.
Sunday, October 1, 1893
"The Past Year"
Saturday, December 31, 1892
"by The Times Correspondent; A Favourable Report"
Thursday, December 29, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Concluding Comments; Stringency of the Regulations; The Cost of a Kanaka"
Thursday, December 22, 1892
Thursday, December 22, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Return to Bundaberg; Safe Landing of the Boys"
Tuesday, December 20, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; A Full Ship; The Nineteenth 'Boy' Obtained"
Monday, December 19, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; In Missionary Precincts, Large Accession of Recruits"
Saturday, December 17, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Competition Between Labour Ships; Re-Victualling Necessary"
Friday, December 16, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; The Last of the 'Returns' Landed; Brisk Recruiting"
Thursday, December 15, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Re-engagement of Former Labourers; Two Women Accepted; Death of a Recruit"
Monday, December 12, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Death of a 'Return'; A Large Number of Recruits Obtained"
Saturday, December 10, 1892
Saturday, December 10, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Operations in Port Adam; Additional Recruits Obtained; Refusal of Recruits"
Friday, December 9, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; The Safeguards Against Deception; First Recruits"
Thursday, December 8, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner;The Natives Shy; Inspection by a Warship"
Wednesday, December 7, 1892