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Wednesday, December 7, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Reception of Returned Laborers by their Tribes; The First Attempt to Recruit"
Tuesday, December 6, 1892
"Our Representative on a Recruiting Schooner; Natives Homeward Bound; The Voyage to the Solomon Islands"
Monday, December 5, 1892
"Special Investigation by The Argus; A Representative on a Recruiting Schooner"
Saturday, December 3, 1892
"Further Details of the Slaver 'Mont Serrat’s' Expedition to the Gilbert Islands; A Probable Explanation of the Disaster That Befell the “Black-Birder” Tahiti; The Strange Story of the Pirate Jergerson Rivaling the Adventures of Robinson Crusoe; A Native Execution Described"
Sunday, October 16, 1892
Inside History of the Slaving Cruise of the "Blackbird" Steamer Montserrat; An "Examiner" Reporter Ships on the Slaver and Exposes an Infamous Trade; A Hideous Traffic Conducted Under the "legitimate" Plea of Supplying Laborers by Contract; Ignorant Gilbert Islanders Lured From Their Homes To Die In Fever-Infected Plantation
Saturday, October 15, 1892
Kit's Gossip and Chit Chat: Tramps With the London Genius
Saturday, April 16, 1892
Kit's Gossip and Chit Chat: Tramps With the London Genius
Saturday, April 2, 1892
Kit's Gossip and Chit Chat: Tramps With the London Genius
Saturday, March 26, 1892
Kit's Gossip and Chit Chat: Tramps With the London Genius
Saturday, March 19, 1892
Kit's Gossip and Chit Chat: Tramps With the London Genius
Saturday, March 12, 1892
H. H. Leavitt Believed to have Perished with the Passengers
Tuesday, December 1, 1891
She had nearly 300 slaves on board; They were being taken to Mexico to work at starvation wages; All supposed to be lost
Monday, November 30, 1891
"A Brig with 300 Gilbert Islanders in her hold near San Francisco"
Tuesday, September 8, 1891
A Young Woman's Nervy Exploit for the Sunday World; The Poor Who Befriend the Poor
Sunday, March 16, 1890
How a Young Woman Finally Became a Chorus Girl; Discharged after One Week
Sunday, March 16, 1890
What a Young Lady Experienced on the Adriatic - Wretched Food and Quarters
Sunday, March 16, 1890
The Story of a Woman Clerk in the Pension Office; Like a "Grown-Up" Schoolroom
Sunday, March 16, 1890
"Sample of the Civilization of the Nineteenth Century. Brutality of Public Servants. 'The Examiner's' Annie Laurie in the Receiving Hospital."
Sunday, January 19, 1890
A Perfect Army of Wiseacres Come to Her Relief; Queer Ways to Cure That Headache; Her Experience with the Seven Distinguished New York Physicians Interested Everybody All Over the Country-Medicine Enough Received to Stock a Drug Store
Sunday, November 10, 1889
"Dyspepsia" Says Dr. Francis Delafield, of No. 12 West 32d Street; "Malaria" Says Dr. Meyer: "All Stomach Trouble," Says Dr. McNutt; "Shattered Nerves," "Defective Eyes" "Neralgia" &c.; And the Doctors Were All Given the Same and Absolutely Truthful Symptoms; An Extraodinary Variety of Prescriptions Written by These Seven Reputable New York Physicians; The Adage that DOctors Disagree Illustrated in a Somewhat Startling Way; What Can Medical Science Say to This? An Article of Peculiar Interest to Everybody
Sunday, October 27, 1889
An Innocent Child Sold Into Slavery for Ten Dollars; The Appalling Traffic in Human Flesh in New York; Heartless Mothers and Grasping Midwives Who Barter Helpless Children for Money; Shocking Indifference of the Slave-Dealers as to What Becomes of the LIttle Ones-No Questions Asked; A Visit to the Midwife Who Sold the Bogus Hamilton Baby; Startling Facts Which Will Appeal to Every Loving Mother in the Land
Sunday, October 6, 1889
She Inspects the Tightly Laced Young Cadets at Their Military Maneuvers
Sunday, June 9, 1889
Nellie Bly Exposes One of the Secrets of a Diamond Shop; Loaning Money Without a License to Actresses and Rich Women
Sunday, May 12, 1889
"Nellie Bly Makes a Test of the Private Spy Nuisance"
Sunday, April 28, 1889
Nellie Bly Exposes a Fraud in Worthless Washing Machines
Sunday, March 31, 1889
Clean Little Cot Beds and Motherly Nurses for the Children
Sunday, March 10, 1889
"She Has Herself Arrested to Gain Entrance to a Station-House"
Sunday, February 24, 1889
Nellie Bly Tells of the Frolics and Breeziness After Midnight
Sunday, February 10, 1889
Nellie Bly Exposes a Snare For Swindling Poor Women; A Contemptible Scheme to Rob Needy Girls Who Seek Employment; Heartless Women Who Promise to Find Work for Scarf-Makers and Lure Them Into Their Clutches; Demanding Pay for Instruction They Never Give, and, After Taking the Last Penny, Turning Them Out With No Effort to Secure Employment; Sad Stories of the Wretched Swindle from the Lips of Helpless Girls and Bereaved MothersthU
Sunday, February 3, 1889
They Tell Nellie Bly That Women Never Reform
Sunday, January 13, 1889
Saturday, January 5, 1889
"A Lady Physician Would Hold Men Accountable for Deeds of Immorality; Dr. Odelia Blinn Doubts Whether a Lying-In Hospital Would Bring About a Proper State of Things; The State Should Have Entire Control of The Numerous Medical and Charitable Institutions"
Saturday, January 5, 1889
"Dr. Frank Cary Says There Is Urgent Need for an Interstate Medical Law; Miss Willard Makes an Earnest Appeal for Co-Operation in Works Which Strive for Social Purity; Members of the Medical Profession Continue to Discuss Methods of Preventing Infanticide"
Friday, January 4, 1889
"Dr. De Wolf Says 'The Times' Has Begun the Grandest Moral Work of Modern Ages; He Believes Its Widespread Agitation of the Crime of Abortion Will Bring About Much Good; Dr. Edmond Andrews and Others Recommend Very Important Reforms in Medical Legislation"
Thursday, January 3, 1889
"Judge Hortch Gives His Ideas of the Moral and Legal Responsibility; And he with Dr. H.A. Johnson, Believes Good Will Come of 'The Times''s Crusade Against Infanticide; A Scathing Letter Directed at Preachers Too Cowardly to Speak Against the Great Crime"
Wednesday, January 2, 1889
Tuesday, January 1, 1889
"Dr. Justin Hayes Favors the Most Stringent Laws Against Abortionists; Arguments by Doctors and Laymen Bearing Upon the Moral, Judicial, and Medical Phases of the Evil; The Proposition to Found a Lying-In Hospital Approved; Many Diplomas Obtained Too Easily"
Tuesday, January 1, 1889
"Father Butler Says There Are Almost No Cases of Abortions Among Catholics; He Thinks the Protestant Church Too Lax in Its Teachings Against Social Sins and Crimes; Needed Reforms in Methods of Medical Education -- More Suggestions from Correspondents"
Monday, December 31, 1888
"Dr. Rauch Advises Strict Enforcement of Existing Laws Against the Abortionists; An Examining Board with Authority to Ignore Diplomas Would Be a Step Forward; Dr. Charles Adams Says that New Laws Are Needed as the State Board Is Powerless; Many Point Out a Radical Revision of Sexual Ethics as the Only Certain Moral Remedy; A Medical Paper Commends 'The Times''s Articles and Denounces the Dishonorable Practitioners"
Sunday, December 30, 1888
"Reputable Physicians Discuss the Infanticide Horror and How It May Be Stopped; Additional Power Should Be Given the State Board to Regulate Medical Practice; And All Physicians of Questionable Character Should Be Shut Out of the Profession; But the Real Remedy, It Is Agreed, Lies in a Higher Moral Education of the Young; Drs. B.N. Isham, Charles Gilman Smith, Truman W. Miller, John M. Owens, and Others On the Subject; Mrs. Julia Holmes Smith and Sarah Hackett Stevenson Express Their Views on Remedial Measures"
Saturday, December 29, 1888
"Dr. N.S. Davis Thinks Doctors Should Be Licensed Only After Three Years' Study; Then the State Board Should Debar from Practice Those Convicted of Abortion; Dr. I.N. Danforth Commends the Measures Advocated by Dr. Belfield as Remedial Means; Taking a Humane View of it Dr. H.T. Byford Thinks a Lying-In Hospital Ought to Be Founded; An Institution Modeled After the Great Hospital at Vienna Dr. Zelater Thinks the Best Plan; The Great Responsibility of Inconsiderate Husbands from a Women's Point of View; Female Solicitors of Abortion Cases Employed by a Number of City Physicians"
Friday, December 28, 1888
"Dr. W.T. Belfield Presents His Views on the Question 'What Will Come of It'?; He Thinks the Results Will be Great and Permanent if the License Law Is Changed; State Supervision of Medical Practice and Practitioners Is an Absolute Necessity; 'The Times' Crusade Will Have Been All in Vain If It Is Not Continued by Physicians; Remarks of the Girl Reporter on the Establishment of a Lying-In Hospital; The Chicago Medical Society Investigates the Charges Against Dr. Coey; Another Brutal Operation by Higgins-Reynolds Brings a Libel Suit-- Correspondence"
Thursday, December 27, 1888
"The Girl Reporter of 'The Times' Concludes Her Well-Told Story; In a Few Words She Sums Up Her Experiences and Draws Certain Conclusions; Dr. Cotton a Cross-Questioner of the Court-Room Stripe--Dr. Bush a Man You May Tie To; H.N. Sneall, M.D. Suggested a Plan That Would at Least Save Himself from Disgrace; Simpson, the Notorious, Suggested by Dr. Thilo and Dr. Korsell Would Do It If It Had to Be Done; Other Physicians Who Were Weak on Some Points and Strong on Others"
Wednesday, December 26, 1888
"The Crusade Upon the Abortionists Will Lead to Much-Needed Reform; Not Only in the Medical Profession but Among the People Who Patronize Malpractice; Moral Must Be Supplemented by Legal Force in Order to Obtain the Proper Results; A Lake View Woman Dies from the Effects of an Abortion Committed About Two Weeks Ago; The Girl Reporter Indulges in a Retrospective View of the Work She Has Done; Another Batch of Physicians Visited, One of Whom Was Ready to Commit the Crime; Some Many and Christian Men Among the Number --Their Kind Advice"
Tuesday, December 25, 1888
"The Crusade Upon Abortionists Will Lead to Much-Needed Reform; Not Only in the Medical Profession but Among the People Who Patronize Malpractice; Moral Must Be Supplemented by Legal Force in Order to Obtain the Proper Results; A Lake View Woman Dies from the Effects of an Abortion Committed About Two Weeks Ago; The Girl Reporter Indulges in a Retrospective View of the Work She Has Done; Another Batch of Physicians Visited, One of Whom was Ready to Commit the Crime; Some Manly and Christian Men Among the Number--Their Kind Advice"
Monday, December 24, 1888
"The Girl Reporter of 'The Times' Takes in a Batch of Physicians; Several of Them Prove to Be More than Willing to Commit Abortion; Some Ready and Anxious to Proceed with the Horrible Crime Without Any Delay; Prominent Physicians Who Have Not the Stamina to Stand Up for What They Know to Be Right; Among Them Drs. Knoll, Carr, Davis, Atwood, Tooker, and Sharpe; The Black List Rapidly Growing Larger--A Corrected Classification Up to Date; What 'The Times' Started Out to Do and What It Hopes to Accomplish Through This Inquiry; Letters Sustaining the Crusade Received from Nearly Every Reputable Physician in the City"
Sunday, December 23, 1888
"The Investigation Leads to the Unearthing of a Most Atrocious Crime; A Woman Compelled to Undergo a Brutal Operation at the Hands of Dr. Simpson; Dr. Peter Arndt Was Ready to Perform an Abortion for One Hundred Dollars; Drs. Ludlam and Hurst Pass Through Safely -- Dr. Lewis Puts Up Safeguards; More Testimonials--Dr. Gwynne, Dr. Belfield, and the Girl Reporter the Recipients; The Latter Presented with a Gold Pen by Students of the College of Dental Surgery; Record of Dr. Higgins Who Figures in This Exposure--A Ruffianly Career; The Inquiry Taking a Wider Range and the Interest Growing Stronger in All Directions"
Saturday, December 22, 1888
"Another Medical Man in the Employment of the City Falls by the Wayside; Coey is the Man and a Charitable View of His Case Does Not Make It Look Well; Dr. A.B. Bausman Was Eager to Perform the Atrocious Crime of Child-Murder Also; Physicians Who Passed Through the Ordeal with Credit to Their Profession; The Girl Reporter Proceeds to Scald Those Eminent Physicians Chamberlin and Hale; Another Presentation of Flowers to a Physician Who Proved Himself to Be Above Temptation; Testimonials and Indorsements from the Physicians of Chicago Continue to Pour in Upon 'The Times'"
Friday, December 21, 1888
"The Practice of Abortion Is Driving Honorable Medical Practitioners to the Rear; Young Physicians and Comparative Strangers Reaping a Rich Harvest; The Scandanavian Medical Society Adopts Vigorous Resolutions Approving the Inquiries; Dr. Hobart Lectures on 'The Times' Expose at the Chicago Homeopathic College; The Students Present Him and the Girl Reporter with Magnificent Floral Tributes; The Latter Continues Her Story and Brings Down Some More Game; What the Medical and Medico-Legal Societies Will Probably Do in the Premises; Letters of Indorsement from Some More of the Leading Physicians of Chicago and Elsewhere"D a
Thursday, December 20, 1888