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Eva Gay's Glance at the Girls Who Work in the Laundries; Some of the Work is Terrible and the Pay is Generally Low; Girls Acknowledge the Work is Surely Breaking Their Health; More of the Crusade, with Some of the Natural Consequences
Sunday, April 15, 1888
Edward R. Phelps, the Owner of the Legislature, Again in Albany
Wednesday, April 11, 1888
Eva Gay's Visit to the Girl Workers in Minneapolis Shirt Factories; Some of the Dark, Dank and Disagreeable Shops of the Shirt Workers; Girls Must Furnish Their Own Machines, as Well as the Sewing Materials; Starvation Wages for Hard Work--Girls Terrorized by Their Taskmasters.
Sunday, April 8, 1888
King Phelps of the Lobby Leaves Albany for the South; The Atmosphere Where "The World" Circulated Was Too Hot for Him; Assemblyman Crosby Calls for an Investigation of the Lobby; But His Resolutions Are Referred Because of Protests
Friday, April 6, 1888
"Ed" Phelps's Absurd Explanations About That Agreement to Bribe; He Was Trying to Catch 'Nellie Bly' All the Time; Why, Oh! Why, Then, Did He Give Written Memoranda and Hang About the St. James Hotel?; Talk of a Legislative Investigation; Why Not a Grand Jury Indictment In This County? Comments in This City and Albany
Monday, April 2, 1888
Surprise That Even a Women Could Trick the Lobby King
Monday, April 2, 1888
Eva Gay's Trip Through Bag and Mattress Factories of Minneapolis; Sewing Mid Clouds of Dust--Hardships Hand in Hand With Small Wages; Employers Who Provide Necessary Conveniences and Others Who Do Not; Girls Compelled to "Stand for Their Health" -- Mattress Works Employes
Sunday, April 1, 1888
Edward R. Phelps Caught in a Neatly Laid Trap; Nellie Bly's Interesting Experience in Albany; How the Lobby King Contracts to Kill Bills for Cash; Dealing with Legislators as with Purchasable Chattels; Phelps Furnishes 'The World' with a List of Assembly Commissioners Who Are Bribable; His Agreement to Kill Assembly Bill No. 191 for $5,000; Afterwards Concludes to Take Less; The Check to Be Made Out to His Side Partner, J.W. Chesbrough; "I Have Control of the House and Can Pass or Kill Any Bill"; A Revelation of Baseness that Should Fill the State with Indignation; The Watch Here
Sunday, April 1, 1888
The Strange and Awful Experience of a Certain Mr. Gray
Sunday, March 25, 1888
She Wears a Scant Costume; Marches with the Amazons
Sunday, March 4, 1888
How the New York Central Transports Emigrant Passengers; What a "World" Reporter Saw While Disguised as a Swede; On the Way to Castle Garden - Challenged by the Watch - An "Emigrant" Ticket to Buffalo - The Passenger Pool Octopus - Sale of Ticket and Division of Spoils - Evasion of the Interstate Commerce Laws - Families Separated by Pool Agents - Scenes in Old Citadel - The Test of a Disguise - A Clever Stratagem - On the Barge - Packed in Cars in a Freight Shed - Touching Sights on an Immigrant Train - The Missing Passenger at Debbs Ferry
Sunday, March 4, 1888
Nellie Bly's Visit to an Institution for Unfortunate Women; A Wicked Girl's Chances for Reformation — How Poor Creatures Abuse a Noble Charity-Matron Burr's Experiences — The Girl Who Befriended an Unlucky Cat — The Toboggan Slide of Sin
Sunday, February 12, 1888
Nellie Bly in Short Gauze Skirts Kicks at a Mark
Sunday, December 18, 1887
An Adventurous Woman Goes Out Asking Alms in the Street; She Borrows Some Old Clothes; Sneaks Out of the House and Faces the World; Sixty-three Cents for a Half Day's Toil; Not a Very Hard Business; Men Didn't Contribute but Women Were Victims
Sunday, December 11, 1887
Nellie Bly's Strange Experience at a Noted Matrimonial Agency
Sunday, December 4, 1887
Nellie Bly Tells How It Feels to Be a White Slave; She Tries Her Hand at Making Paper Boxes; Difficulty in Getting a Job; Most Work Two Weeks for Nothing; After One Learns the Trade It Is Hard to Earn a Living; A Fair Picture of the Work
Sunday, November 27, 1887
Very Little Romance and Much Work the Rule Among Them
Sunday, November 20, 1887
Incrustation of Tube in Intubation; Insane Asylum Management; Society Notes
Tuesday, November 15, 1887
Hundreds and Hundreds of Little Ones Given Away Yearly; Met the Petted Darlings of the Rich, But the Infants Born to Shame; These Are the Ones That Are Given to Alien Hand; Regular Traffic in New-Born Babes; A Money-Making Trade in Humanity 'th
Sunday, November 6, 1887
The Grand Jury Reports on Abuses at Blackwell's Island Asylum; Its Eyes Opened by THE WORLD's Account of the Horrors of the Place - Condemning the Junior Physicians and the Nurses as Incompetent - Recommending the Employment of Female Doctors
Thursday, November 3, 1887
Nellie Bly's Strange Experiences at Two Employment Agencies
Sunday, October 30, 1887
How Nellie Bly's Work Will Help the City's Insane; Her Stories of the Treatment of Patients on Blackwell's Island Induce the Board of Estimate and Apportionment to Grant More Money to the Charity Commissioners - The Mayor Warns Dr. McDonald
Friday, October 28, 1887
Behind the Bars in the State's Great Prison; Detailed Story of the Inside Workings of the Institution; The Dark Cell Described and the Weighing Machine Pictured; Some of the Once Prominent Men Who Are Temporarily Sojourning There; How Warden Brush and Principal Keeper Comnoughton Rule the Unruly; Punishment Tempered with Mercy; Good Food and Frequent Baths; Compulsory Eduation; Tobacco in the Cells; Most of the Inmates Once Went to Sunday School; Moral Training; What Hard Labor Means; Distinguished Prisoners; Ferdinand Ward; Jachnee; Buddensiek and Others; Modern Theories of Prison Discipline; Horror of the Slow-Passing Days; aD and
Sunday, October 23, 1887
Nellie Bly Contradicts a Recent Article in The Sun; She Gives Many Additional Facts About Her Remarkable Sojourn on Blackwell's Island; More Praise for Dr. Ingram; He Is the Right Man in the Right Place; The Other Doctors Heartless and Careless
Monday, October 17, 1887
Nellie Bly's Story Has ... Impression on Commissioners
Monday, October 17, 1887
II - "Nellie Bly's Experience in the Blackwell's Island Asylum; Continuation of the Story of Ten Days with Lunatics; How the City's Unfortunate Wards Are Fed and Treated; The Terrors of Cold Baths and Cruel, Unsympathetic Nurses; Attendants Who Harass and Abuse Patients and Laugh at Their Miseries"
Sunday, October 16, 1887
"Six Columns of Excuses, Apologies, Defenses—Somebody Ought to Have Found Out that the Plucky Representative of 'The World' Was Not Insance, of Course, but Nobody Is to Blame, as Usual."
Saturday, October 15, 1887
Nellie Bly Too Sharp for Island Doctors; Nine Days in Calico; The Sun Finishes Up Its Story of the 'Pretty Crazy Girl'
Friday, October 14, 1887
Nellie Bly Too Sharp for Island Doctors; Nine Days Life in Calico; The Sun Finishes Up Its Story of the "Pretty Crazy Girl"; Questioned, Prescribed for, Locked in a Bare Cell Every Night; Uniformed in Furniture Goods; Bathed by Alien Hands; Washed Regularly Without Her Own Hands After Every Meal of Coarse Food; Silly and Uncouth Companions in Whose Childish Pleasure She Did Not Join; Her Deception Successful; Incidents of Her Adventure and Official Accounts of It
Friday, October 14, 1887
The Widespread Interest Caused by "The World's" Publication; Her Sad Experience the Talk of the Town; Its Truthfulness Acknowledged at Bellevue; Nurses and Doctors Admit They Were Deceived; Warden O'Rourke's Sagacity; The Ambulance Surgeon Explains
Monday, October 10, 1887
The Mystery of the Unknown Insane Girl; Remarkable Story of the Successful Impersonation of Insanity; How Nellie Brown Deceived Judges, Reporters and Medical Experts; She Tells Her Story of How She Passed at Bellevue Hospital; Studying the Role of Insanity Before Her Mirror and Practicing It at the Temporary Home for Women; Arrested and Brought Before Judge Duffy; He Declares She is Some Mother's Darling and Resembles His Sister; Committed to the Care of the Physicians for the Insane at Bellevue; Experts Declare Her Demented; Harsh Treatment of the Insane at Bellevue; "Charity Patients Should Not Complain"; Vivid Pictures of Hospital Life; How Our Esteemed Contemporaries Have Followed a False Trail; Some Needed LIght Afforded Them; Chapters of Absorbing Interest in the Experience of a Feminine "Amateur Casual."
Sunday, October 9, 1887
Her Story as Told from Day to Day by the City Newspapers; From the Sun, Sunday, Sept 25, WHO IS THIS INSANE GIRL? She Is Pretty, Well Dressed and Speaks Spanish; She Wandered Into Matron Stenard's Home for Women and Asked for a Pistol to Protect Herself; Is Her Name Marina?
Sunday, October 9, 1887
Friday, October 7, 1887
She Tells a Little About Herself, but is a Mystery Yet
Wednesday, October 5, 1887
No One Claims the Pretty Crazy Girl at Bellevue
Monday, September 26, 1887
Bellevue Shelters a Girl of Whom Nothing Is Known
Monday, September 26, 1887
She Is Pretty, Well Dressed and Speaks Spanish; She Wandered into Matron Stenard's Home for Women and Asked for a Pistol to Protect Herself
Sunday, September 25, 1887
"The Domestic Service Question; A "Lady-Help"; To the the Editor of The Tribune"
Saturday, February 5, 1887
"Incredible Cruelty, The Manufacturer's Side; An Angel in Disguise"
Wednesday, February 2, 1887
"The Widow Maloney's Boarders"
Sunday, January 23, 1887
"Some Difficulties of an Employer Who Experimented"
Sunday, January 16, 1887
"Service and Criticism; An Offer Of Help; To the Editor of the Tribune"
Thursday, January 13, 1887
Undertaking a Nobel Cause; An Admirable Example; Woman's Work; To The Lady of the House
Friday, January 7, 1887
"Under the Bridge and Beyond"
Sunday, January 2, 1887