"Bottled Dreams" - Dick J. Reavis - Dallas Observer

"Bottled Dreams" - Dick J. Reavis - Dallas Observer

A Tale of Street People

by: Dick J. Reavis | publication date: December 17, 1992 | Publication: Dallas Observer |

". . .It was mid-October, and I was spending my days at the main library, eyes peeled for a story to write while my mobility returned. My colleagues and editors has gone through ethical spasms about the need for me to tell the winos that I was reporting on the, but all of that was beside the point. Nobody had asked if I might be doing a job, and when I told people that I was a journalist in real life, they thought I was just telling a wino tale. I had become one of the crowd, because I looked the part. . ."

Dick J. Reavis goes undercover to report about how winos live and being homeless.

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