Chicago Tribune Task Force

John Davies
See excerpt.
Cook County Public Health chief blames nursing home licensing system for the conditions of Chicago area nursing homes.
John Elmer
See Excerpt.
The mayor of Chicago introduces changes in the City Nursing Home Code to improve the city's nursing homes.
Philip Warden
The U.S. Senate decides to hold public hearings on nursing home abuses in Chicago, after The Tribune's expose.
William Jones
Philip Caputo
The Tribune's Task Force reports that despite repeated health code and safety violations, Chicago area nursing homes seem to have no problem getting their licenses renewed.
Nursing Homes
Seven letters to the editor by Chicago Tribune readers about the paper's nursing home investigation.
A report on the reaction of the Metropolitan Chicago Nursing Home Association, directed by Rabbi Yampol, to The Tribune's nursing home investigation.
An editorial by The Chicago Tribune denouncing the conditions of Chicago's nursing homes, where the elderly are routinely neglected and mistreated.
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