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Anas Aremeyaw Anas
"Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has broken dozens of stories of corruption and organized crime all over Ghana -- without ever revealing his identity. In this talk (in which his face remains hidden) Anas shows grisly footage from some of his investigations and demonstrates the importance of facing injustice."
Anas Aremeyaw Anas
Anas Aremeyaw Anas goes undercover in this documentary exposing the gold industry and how it results in death of miners, child labor, destruction of farmlands and adding to water pollution.
Daniel Grote
The Times of London led an undercover investigation into the contractors employed at Lloyds Banks' payment protection insurance unit to expose the corruption within it.
Just the latest in a long series of indecencies.
Matthew Vadum
A reaction story summarizing the events taken place at ACORN when reporters went undercover to start up a house for prostitution.
In a CALL7 investigation it was revealed that three Pinnacol Assurance board members went on a company trip to oversee company employees where they apparently cost Pinnacol tens of thousands of dollars.
Heidi Hemmat
Fox31's investigative team went undercover to expose dentists who have previously had their licenses revoked or suspended, who have put their patients at risk using dirty needles, abusing substances and prescribing fraudulent drugs.
Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan interviews Mads Brügger about his documentary "The Ambassador" where he poses as a blood-diamond mining "kingpin" to expose how easy it is to smuggle gems out of a country.
Staff Chanted 'Chelsea Scum' Before Stealing Man's Coffin, Making Racist Remarks and Cruel Jokes in TV Expose
Nikki Murfit
A reporter went undercover working for Gillman Funeral Services to expose the derogatory and disgraceful actions employees displayed while working, in his new documentary.
A Chinese undercover reporter has documented his experiences working at Foxconn's Tai Yuan factory, presumably the production of the 'iPhone 5'
Charlie Osborne
A Chinese journalist went undercover as an iPhone assembler at a factory for ten days to expose the horrible working and living conditions.
Reporter Hoang Khuong was convicted for the usage of investigative reporting, after writing two stories that were for the purpose of a public service announcement, exposing illegal actions between a traffic offender and a policeman.
Lucy Morgan
The undercover investigation "Operation CUP" was conducted by two sheriffs.
Jan Glidewell
Jeff Testerman
Dan LeDuc
Sheriff John M. Short's indictment caused an uproar amongst his friends and backers.
Lucy Morgan
A study was done to examine the way Sheriff John M. Short runs his department. The study is now forcing him to change his ways.
Lucy Morgan
Sheriff John M. Short gives special treatment to the people he likes.
Lucy Morgan
Lucy Morgan reveals that many Pasco County Sheriff employees did not disclose important personal information when hired.
Lucy Morgan
Jack Reed
Sheriff John M. Short gets heated during a phone interview when asked about "Operation CUP."
Lucy Morgan
Pasco County's sheriff's department used young girls in a drug investigation.
Pasco deputy did not reveal arrest record
Lucy Morgan
Lucy Morgan reveals more questionable acts from the Pasco County Sheriff's department.
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