exposing corruption

Undercover anthropologist, Nancy Scheper-Hughes exposed a global human organ trafficking business that had been operating for over a decade.
J.J. Kelley
Producer J.J. Kelley introduces a webseries, giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the special 'Battle for the Elephants,' exposing the brutal slaughter of elephants for the ivory trade.
Thousands of elephants die each year so that their tusks can be carved into religious objects. Can the slaughter be stopped?
Bryan Christy
National Geographic reporter Bryan Christy went undercover to expose the brutal slaughter of elephants for the ivory trade. This article precedes the new television series for National Geographic Television.
Stanley Kwenda
Clive Patterson
Anas Aremeyaw Anas
Two African journalists investigated to expose the financial corruption in Africa in this documentary.
Aborted 1,000s of Pregnancies While Having Unprotected Sex With The Girls
Anas Aremeyaw Anas
Dr. Joshua Drah, who operates an Abortion Clinic, was exposed by hidden cameras for foul practice in Ghana. He was found to be having unprotected sex with patients before preforming the operation with contaminated instruments.
Brian J. Buchanan
Legislation is working to ban undercover videotaping of livestock. They are trying to eliminate uproar within citizens and keep illegal and abusive matters within their companies.
Igal Avidan
Interview with German journalist, Thomas Kuban, who went undercover as a neo-Nazi for 15 years exposing their music scene through his book and movie, both titled, "Blood Must Flow: Undercover Among Nazis.”
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