exposing fraud

Undercover anthropologist, Nancy Scheper-Hughes exposed a global human organ trafficking business that had been operating for over a decade.
Lindsey Reiser
Investigative reporter Lindsey Reiser goes undercover to expose certain yerberias in Arizona that are illegal distributors of contraceptives.
Consumers Duped Into Buying Dangerous Cars from Russian Mob
Chris Halsne
Chris Halsne went undercover with a hidden camera to expose how business is done with the Russian mob.
David Jackson
David Jackson investigates the legitimacy of the Christian Children's Fund.
Mike Dorning
The Chicago Tribune sponsors a young boy, Pierre Richard, through Childreach, who is getting the backlash from the fraudulent acts of the organization.
Mike Dorning
Mike Dorning reveals that the child sponsorship organization, Childreach, uses fake names for the potential sponsored children.
Mike Dorning
Mike Dorning investigates the accomplishments of child sponsorship groups, if there is any.
California Clinics Use Homeless to File False Claims
Joel Grover
Joel Grover investigated and exposed many illegal medical clinics in California.
Lisa Anderson
Save the Children responds to The Chicago Tribune's allegations about their organization.
Hugh Dellios
Lisa Anderson
The Chicago Tribune sponsored two children in Africa to investigate to workings of organizations such as Save the Children.
Hugh Dellios
Lisa Anderson
Thank you letters were being sent from sponsored children years after they had passed away.
Lisa Anderson
The Tribune researched more about the sponsors who had been sending money for dead children.
Charity's Probe Finds Sponsors Funded at Least 24 Dead Children
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson reveals more myths about child sponsorship organizations.
Miracle Merchants Series
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson reveals that child sponsorship is a fraud.
Ellen Warren
A Sun-Times' correspondent in Washington reports that Illinois' Department of Public Health fraudulently received over 1 million dollars in Medicaid reimbursements for abortions.
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