food handling

Sara Mojtehedzadeh
Brendan Kennedy
Amina Diaby died last year in an accident inside one of the GTA’s largest industrial bakeries where, the company says, worker safety is its highest concern. The 23-year-old was one of thousands of Ontarians who have turned to temporary employment agencies to find jobs that often come with low pay and little training for sometimes dangerous work. The Star’s Sara Mojtehedzadeh went undercover for a month at the factory where Diaby worked.
Paul Steiger
Paul Steiger submits Tony Horwitz's "Nine to Nowhere," "Class Struggle" and "Getting Nowhere" for consideration for the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on national affairs.
Ed Sayres
Ed Sayres discusses the "Ag-Gag" bills that will put a stop to undercover exposes of animal abuse or food safety issues.
Diane Sawyer
Original Broadcast of the Food Lion segment on ABC's Prime Time Live, November 5, 1992.
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