Food Lion

David B. Smallman
After a seven-year legal battle, the court finally came to a ruling.
Walter Goodman
Walter Goodman argues if deceptive practices in journalism are ever justified.
Colman McCarthy
Colman McCarthy discusses journalists' deceptive methods of reporting.
Sandra Davidson
Sandra Davidson discusses the significance of numerous investigative reporting cases.
Sandra Davidson
Sandra Davidson discusses the significance of the Food Lion case.
Felicity Barringer
Journalists discuss the methods they use to get the best story.
Terry Tang
The use of deception is questioned once again regarding ABC's Food Lion expose.
Walter Goodman
The negative ramifications of using the method of undercover reporting are discussed. The Food Lion exposé is being used as an example.
Richard Huff
Undercover reporter, Geraldo Rivera, received praise in 1972 for exposing the conditions at the Willowbrook State School. But 20 years later, he may not have gotten the same response. Rivera responds to the Food Lion case.
A short report on the slowing down of Food Lion's expansion as a result of the tv report.
James O'Keefe's Predecessors, Their Stings, and Their Ethics
Joel Meares
Joel Meares revisits with CJR's take on some of the best known undercover stings of recent decades: The Chicago Sun-Times Mirage tavern expose, NBC Dateline's To Catch A Predator, Ken Silverstein's Turkmenistan sting, James O'Keefe's ACORN and Planned Parenthood exposes, Carmelo Abbate's gay priests of Rome on film, shuttered slaughterhouses, and Food Lion.
Lori Keeton
Lori Keeton examines the legal ramifications ABC received for "PrimeTime Live's" exposé of Food Lion and other cases.
John P. Borger
Legal information regarding undercover reporting.
Rather than attacking courts for unfavorable outcomes like the one in the Food Lion case, journalists should face up to their own shortcomings and be more careful in their reporting.
Marc Gunther
Marc Gunther argues that there is a limit of what media can and can not do, using ABC's Food Lion story as the main example.
Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson questions the credibility of using hidden cameras to get a story.
IRE Journal staff apologizes to ABC about an article that was published in their magazine written by Sandra Davidson.
Can Reporters Lie About Who They Are? The Food Lion Jury Says No.
Russ Baker
Russ Baker goes in depth about the controversial Food Lion exposé.
Charles Scheim
Charles Scheim explains the amount of scrutiny the media receives due to an intrusive form of journalism.
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