hidden cameras

This investigative two part series used hidden cameras to reveal what the downtown Minneapolis foot patrol unit really did while working. The series received several awards including the duPont-Columbia in 1995.
Consumers Duped Into Buying Dangerous Cars from Russian Mob
Chris Halsne
Chris Halsne went undercover with a hidden camera to expose how business is done with the Russian mob.
Collaborative Efforts Nabs Promoters of Child Porn
Dave Savini
WTVJ-Miami and WMAQ-Chicago joined forces to go undercover and expose child predators.
California Clinics Use Homeless to File False Claims
Joel Grover
Joel Grover investigated and exposed many illegal medical clinics in California.
A local Chicago investigative reporter uses shoe-leather techniques and digital tools to uncover health and safety violations and be sure the news is widely spread
Dave Savini
Investigative reporter Dave Savini videotaped a grocery store illegally transporting goods.
Good Morning America follows the story on Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport's lack of security.
Lisa Fletcher
KNXV-TV Phoenix reporter Lisa Fletcher and her staff went undercover at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to expose the lack of security within the airport.
David Savini
Savini led a six-part hidden camera series into security conditions at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, which won a DuPont award in 2008.
James O'Keefe's Predecessors, Their Stings, and Their Ethics
Joel Meares
Joel Meares revisits with CJR's take on some of the best known undercover stings of recent decades: The Chicago Sun-Times Mirage tavern expose, NBC Dateline's To Catch A Predator, Ken Silverstein's Turkmenistan sting, James O'Keefe's ACORN and Planned Parenthood exposes, Carmelo Abbate's gay priests of Rome on film, shuttered slaughterhouses, and Food Lion.
Russ Baker
PrimeTime Live's use of hidden cameras is discussed.
Russ Baker
ABC's "PrimeTime Live" has violated state privacy laws and has been assessed $1,000,000 for its use of hidden cameras.
Bob Steele
Former television reporter and executive producer explains how "truth" is no longer a journalists strongest defense.
Allen Maraynes
Allen Maraynes explains why hidden cameras are not always necessary in getting a good story.
Robert Lissit
Robert Lissit explains when a hidden camera story conflicts with the right of privacy.
Mark Effron
Mark Effron defends the use of hidden cameras, claiming they are valuable tools when journalists use them properly.
Mark Sableman
Legal review between reporter Sandra Woodstein and her station's outside media counsel, Dudly Kibosh.
Kathleen K. Olson
Kathleen K. Olson highlights certain court cases that concern the complexity of undercover reporting and the use of hidden cameras across the country.
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